Searching ‘CBD Oil Near Me?’ Here are Your BEST Options!

If you have ever considered trying CBD oil for the first time, you might have found some difficulty in actually trying to locate the very best place to get it.

The most likely thing you’ve tried to do is open up Google and type in “CBD Oil Near Me.” You probably hoped that this would shed some light on what you should buy, but instead you were bombarded with hundreds of different options, each of them promising that they are the very best CBD oil seller in the world.

So, how are you supposed to choose? What are the right options for you?

Let’s take a look at the very best options available for finding CBD oil near you, as well as some of the common mistakes that people make when trying to look for CBD oil.

Very First Thing: ‘CBD Oil Near Me’ – Don’t Run Afoul of Local Laws!

The first thing you need to consider about buying CBD oil near your location is that you don’t run afoul of your local laws. Considering how irritatingly stringent most local governments are regarding anything at all to do with marijuana, it is important that you don’t accidentally put yourself in jeopardy of being arrested for a single purchase of CBD oil.

CBD oil is, generally speaking, considered completely legal in the USA, as it is sold as a ‘food grade supplement’ rather than any kind of medicine. This is why you can actually find CBD oil being sold in health food stores, such as Holland & Barrett in the UK.

However, even though it is considered legal, there are still a few legal restrictions on the exact chemical content of any CBD oil you purchase. This is primarily tied to the THC content of CBD; most reputable brands of CBD oil make sure to keep their THC content as low as physically possible, but the issue is that different regions have different maximum levels of THC.

For example, CBD oil in the UK can only be considered a legal CBD product if it contains less than 0.2% THC, whereas at least half of the states in the USA will accept CBD oil with THC content below 0.4%.

This means that if you were living in the UK, you would not be able to import a great deal of different CBD oil brands without running the risk of being caught and charged with possession of cannabis.

So, make sure that any and all CBD oil brands that you find available in your local area conform to what your local government mandates as the maximum amount of THC. Being able to enjoy CBD oil is great, but being charged with possession of marijuana is not.

Make Sure What You Are Getting is Actually CBD Oil

As long as you are making sure your CBD oil doesn’t have too much THC, you should be fine, right? Well, there is one more thing you need to keep in mind before buying any CBD oil – whether or not it is actually CBD oil.

There is a recent trend in the CBD market to try and advertise what seems to be CBD oil but is actual fact something else. It looks like it could be CBD oil, as well as smelling and tasting like it, but it is something else entirely, although it is similar.

This other product that is so often mis-sold as CBD oil is actually just hemp seed oil. This is food oil that is extracted from the seeds of the hemp plants. While both hemp seed oil and CBD oil are derived from hemp plants, they are in no way similar.

Oil extracted from hemp seeds has no cannabinoid content when compared to the content in regular CBD oil, so hemp seed oil has no medicinal use with regard to trying to treat numerous medical conditions.

The thing you need to watch out for is that many retailers will advertise their hemp seed oil as a “CBD Product” or a “Hemp Product” with the aim of confusing you into thinking that it contains as much CBD as regular CBD oil.

Make sure that any CBD oil you buy is actually CBD, and not some hemp seed oil masquerading as a CBD oil. The best way to make sure the product you are getting is what it says it is is to only purchase CBD oil from reputable retailers that provide lab reports. This certificate of analysis assures you that the products you are buying actually do have CBD in them, as well as detailing their complete ingredient list, including any and all additional cannabinoids.

If the retailer seems sketchy to you and doesn’t offer lab reports, don’t buy from them.

However, all this advice only helps out so much – it is all well and good to know what to look out for and what to avoid, but it still doesn’t help you filter and find the very best CBD retailers available.

Here are some of the very best options for CBD oil, regardless of your area; these retailers are ones that can be trusted to actually be CBD oil, as well as only using responsible, ethical practices to obtain their hemp.

Best Options for CBD Oil Near You

#1 Pure Kana

Pure Kana is a brand that was one of the first to make serious leaps forward in the CBD industry, providing all manner of different CBD products for would-be CBD users. In a time when CBD was only just getting popular in the USA, Pure Kana offered CBD oils, CBD Tinctures, and even CBD edibles at surprisingly decent prices, making it incredibly easy for people curious to try CBD products to get their hands on some.

The only downside of Pure Kana is that they don’t typically offer any vape products, forcing you to rely on third-party retailers to fuel your vape habit. However, if you desperately want to be able to buy all of your CBD products from one place, including vape products, then there are a few other options available as well.

#2 Provacan

Provacan is a UK brand, meaning it is based in and operates primarily in Britain. While this might be discouraging, their products are actually available worldwide and easily shipped almost overnight.

Provacan is one of the very best brands of CBD oil available worldwide, offering not only incredible quality in their CBD products but also a surprising variety of different options.

They offer CBD oils, CBD vape liquids, and even a few CBD topical products, all of them clearly labeled and consistent in quality. Available in either 300 mg or 600 mg varieties, Provacan is easily the best CBD brand to buy from if you are looking for precise, exact quantities of CBD oil so as to try and medicate yourself.

By making everything incredibly clear, as well as sourcing their products from EU approved hemp and performing in-house testing, Provacan makes it really easy to know exactly what you are buying and what kind of effects it is going to have on your body.

#3 Premium Jane

Premium Jane is a California startup that quickly blossomed into one of the world leaders of CBD oil retail products. Although they also don’t stock any CBD vaping products, they have a massive quantity of different strengths, as well as a keen focus on product quality and lab reports.

Premium Jane’s products might look boring at first sight, but the thing is that they offer a massive boost in quality and customer service when compared to other brands. In a market where lies and deception are unfortunately a bit of a standard, it is wholesomely refreshing to find a brand like Premium Jane that exists to ensure you get exactly what you need to.

Additionally, Premium Jane works with the Oregon Hemp Pilot Research Program, sourcing all of their hemp from officially licensed, scientifically based hemp producers. This means that their products are 100% pure and CBD-rich, while also being of the absolute best quality possible.

Final Thoughts on Buying CBD Near You

When you first start searching for CBD oil in your area, it is easy to feel overwhelmed and confused; after all, the sheer quantity of choices makes it difficult actually to decide which products are worthwhile.

This isn’t helped by the sheer quantity of charlatans who aim to sell you hemp seed oil or any other kind of CBD oil-similar product. Thanks to the relatively unregulated nature of the CBD marketplace, it is really easy to find yourself tricked into buying the completely wrong thing.

Thankfully, there are a few brands that can be trusted with your money; in return, they will provide you with high-quality, decently priced CBD oil that is laboratory tested and ensured to actually give you CBD oil.

Even if you don’t like the brands discussed here, as long as you do your research and adequately investigate each and every CBD oil retailer than you find, you will eventually find one you like – as long as you are informed, you can’t be led astray.