Reviews on marijuana detox kits, drinks, and more.

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Quick Fix Review | All You Need to Know About Quick Fix

It has become common practice for companies to include drug testing as part of their recruitment process. It is an easy way to decide between the last few candidates, and learn a lot more about future employees than what can be revealed in an interview. Companies tend to use urine samples in order to carry […]

Magnum Detox Review | Everything You Could Want to Know About Magnum Detox

Drug tests are stressful under any circumstance. Even when you know that you are 100% toxin-free, nobody likes having the inner workings of their body examined. When you do have drugs in your system, the stress caused by drug tests reaches a whole new level. Especially when your job is potentially reliant on passing. The […]

UPass Synthetic Urine Review [2020 Review!]

Worried about passing an upcoming drug test at work? Depending on which type they administer, it can easily be bypassed. Although we can’t help you with hair follicle tests, a urine test is definitely something that can be faked. With the UPass synthetic urine test, you can pass a drug test easily with the help […]

Ultra Klean Brand Review | Products for Successful Drug Testing

Need to detox fast for an upcoming drug screening? Have no fear, because Ultra Klean has got you covered for all your cleansing needs. Ultra Klean is a company based out of Dublin, California, U.S.A. that has developed a line of products to help you detox as quickly as possible before an upcoming drug screening. […]

Nutra Cleanse Full Product Review

Nutra Cleanse Review: A Brief Overview With the popularity and legality of cannabis rising throughout the country, many people would like to take advantage of this newfound privilege. Unfortunately, many employers do not approve of its usage, despite the changing laws, and will still actively test their employees for THC and other substances. This is […]

PassYourTest Review

As the rate of popularity of cannabis and the legality of cannabis in many states rises, so does the number of searches for detox cleanses to help remove traces of cannabis from your body. Although cannabis is starting to become legal for recreational and medicinal use in many states, many workplaces still do not allow […]

Serious Monkey Business Brand Review

Let’s just say that you and your friends have enjoyed a weekend that beats anything depicted in The Hangover series of movies. But no one (hopefully) accidentally kidnaps a crime boss and puts them naked in the trunk of a car! You are feeling a bit rough but happy until you hear the dreaded news: […]

Stat Flush 5 Capsules Review [Tested]

In today’s world, drug tests are an ever-increasing feature of most workplaces. Despite the legality of marijuana for recreational and medicinal use in many states throughout the U.S., employers can still screen their employees for THC, amongst other substances. With all this increasing paranoia about being randomly selected for a drug test and having your […]