Northern Lights Cannabis Strain (2018 Review)
June 14, 2018

Northern Lights Cannabis Strain (2018 Review)

Medical benefits, Facts and more…
MarijuanaBreak Staff / Updated on June 14, 2018

Northern Lights Marijuana Strain

When you first get the chance to witness the actual northern lights, this natural phenomena completely overwhelms you. It brings calm and peace to your body, as you stand there in awe that nature is capable of producing something so gorgeous and breathtaking.

The same can be said for the Northern Lights marijuana strain, which is an out of this world creation that literally derives from a plant. Northern Lights has become one of the most famous Indicas in the world, likely named for its peace and tranquility inducing effects, with few adverse reactions. Northern Lights cannabis is one worth trying, because it is packed full of healing medical benefits and is quintessential for an evening or nighttime smoke; during those moments when darkness hits and the northern lights ignite the sky, ready to be seen.

What Is the Northern Lights Cannabis Strain?

The origin of Northern Lights is often debated, some individuals claiming that this whimsical strain first made its roots in Seattle, Washington, but overall the general consensus is that this marijuana is Holland made, created by the famous Sensi Seeds some time after 1985.

Whoever developed this cannabis strain sure did a wonderful job, but with its genetic lineage, it could be expected that a full-bodied and bliss-inducing reefer would become the result. Bred by combining the genetics of two powerful landrace strains, Afghani indica and Thai sativa were matched together to birth Northern Lights. With a 90% indica and 10% sativa ratio, do not expect this cannabis strain to energize you or make you become hyper and focused. Heavily packed with THC that ranges anywhere from 15-22%, those who try this reefer will be left pleasantly high with only just a few hits needed to feel its effects.

Northern Lights has five popular phenotypes, which are all typically most popular amongst patients throughout the West Coast of America and Colorado, where this cannabis strain can be discovered in numerous dispensaries and pot shops.

Northern Lights Aroma, Flavor and Appearance

Northern Lights Macro

When many think of witnessing northern lights in nature, they probably often combine the fantasy with picturing themselves in a setting such as a forest in Scandinavia with plenty of thick foliage and trees. With this image in mind, it may seem rather fitting that the aroma of Northern Lights is woodsy and piney, feeling all too reminiscent of adventurous times spent in the woods or camping on days off.

The scent of the Northern Lights strain is pungent and immediately hits your nose, occupying whatever room it is in with the smell of dank ganja, but its flavor hits upon different notes. Upon first taste, the piney and earth-like flavor can be felt, but soon it blends into something a tad more dynamic. A sweet and candy-like flavor becomes extremely apparent, which makes for such a pleasant combination, especially for a smoke late at night. Occasionally, light hints of citrus can also be recognized by the taste buds, further adding to the complexity of this flavor profile.

Appearance wise, Northern Lights buds are densely packed, with thick and prominently displayed sugar leaves that protrude slightly outwards. They are a dark, olive green in color, often with streaks of purple and blue running through, feeling similar to the shades that can be seen when the actual northern lights come out to play. The pistils blend together effortlessly with the sugar leaves, with their brassy, yet deep orange shade. The water leaves are often a deeper shade of green, often presenting hints of deep blue on the tips.

Northern Lights Cannabis Strain Grow Info

Adding to the already numerous positive attributes of the Northern Lights strain, it is considerably easy to cultivate, proving a high resistance to diseases, pests, bugs, powdery mildew, mold and more. Likewise, it is simple to cultivate in either an indoor or outdoor environment and only grows in the medium range in height.

All these factors combined actually makes it one of the better possible cannabis strains to grow, especially if you are just starting out with marijuana cultivation and looking for a low maintenance but tasty ganja. When cultivating outdoors, it is important to have the correct conditions in which Northern Lights enjoys thriving. A warm, balmy, Mediterranean climate is ideal for cultivation, similar to the weather in California or Northern Africa. Indoors environments need to be temperature regulated, but Northern Lights grows well using either hydroponics or soil growth methods. An added benefit, the flowering period of this crop is short, at only 7-9 weeks, lower than most other cannabis strains, which means you’ll achieve the tasty cannabis you desire a little sooner than with most marijuana types.

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When cultivated outdoors, harvest falls around the middle of October, with outside yields typically ranging around 22 ounces per plant. Indoor yields are on average a bit smaller, at around 18 ounces per square meter. Regardless of the growing method, Northern Lights is a strain that can provide you with a simple growing experience, adequate yield, high resistance to diseases and short flowering period; all of these factors added together make Northern Lights one of the simplest available cannabis strains to grow.

Northern Lights Cannabis Effects


Northern Lights Marijuana Strain TopThis cannabis has dreamy and euphoric effects written all over it, often sending consumers into a blissful, altered reality, where they can be peacefully relaxed and physically lazy. Due to this full-bodied letting go, rather than consuming Northern Lights cannabis during the day, it is best to choose a time once the sun has already fallen to truly enjoy these potent indica qualities. Northern Lights cannabis is best taken later in the day, evening or even right before bed.

The Northern Lights strain has a real tendency to induce happiness and plenty of genuine smiling, with users sometimes reporting light psychoactive effects that essentially place a hazy glow over the world and cause life to appear more vibrant. The mind can sometimes become motivated to be creative or even introspective, but all of these effects will eventually fade into tiredness, causing the end results of Northern Lights to be sedation. After a long night of such body melting bliss, it will feel fulfilling to wake up lively and refreshed the next morning, because Northern Lights does not cause any next-day “hangover” like experiences.

Medical Cannabis Benefits of Northern Lights

Since the Northern Lights strain has such a powerful effect on the body side of the high, it may seem obvious that this cannabis is outstanding at helping to numb extreme pain, such as chronic pain, migraine headaches, arthritis and more. Additionally, lack of appetite and sleeplessness (insomnia) are brilliantly assisted by Northern Lights. For those who are experiencing a medical alignment that is more on the physical side, a higher dose of Northern Lights cannabis might be in order, so that its full effects can be presented for the most effective relief.

Consuming edibles, candies, live resin, concentrates, extracts and hash, are all ways of receiving a higher dose of marijuana with fewer efforts required. Patients suffering from mental conditions can also find grave relief with Northern Lights, especially those managing depression, anxiety and stress. This cannabis strain has a way of numbing down any negative thoughts and uplifting the positive ones, which is in part why it is so effective at this type of treatment, but a small to average dose is the wisest decision when facing this type of medical condition, for too large of a dose may cause unexpected paranoia, or heighten the anxiety and stress.

Possible Negative Side Effects of the Northern Lights Cannabis Strain

Due to its heavily indica genetics, Northern Lights does not tend to produce paranoia or increased anxiety, unless you are an individual that is prone to THC induced panic attacks and more. If this is the case, it would be best to stay away from any THC heavy strains, or just stick to microdosing. The most commonly reported adverse effects from the Northern Lights cannabis strain is the same as most marijuana strains; dry mouth (cotton mouth) and dry eyes. Dry mouth is easily manageable with just a little extra preparation. Be sure to drink plenty of hydrating fluids before, during and after your consumption of Northern Lights.

This increased water uptake will also prevent you from developing a headache or becoming dehydrated. Dry eyes are likewise easily solvable by keeping a bottle of moisturizing eyedrops on hand, which can be purchased inexpensively from your local drug store. All in all, Northern Lights has few negative side effects, which makes it a rather ideal cannabis strain for an immense variety of individuals and personalities.

Final Thoughts

We hope you have enjoyed reading this Northern Lights review, and that you not only found this article to be entertaining, but also educational and informative. It is important to remember that the consumption of marijuana is the sole responsibility of the user and discretion should always be taken.

  1. Dann Wilson

    For the most part I find my experience with Northern Lights to be much as described, with one significant difference. I have found that it gives me very vivid flashbacks, and makes my ability to remember specific events with great detail. This can be a good, or a very bad thing depending what I have on my mind.

  2. Francis Alvarado

    I love the candies. Would definitely recommend trying them. They’re tasty and a great way to get my dose

  3. Linda Henderson

    I am so in love with this strain, feels relaxed at night

  4. Dorothy Hodge

    I don’t really like this strain, could be better

  5. Jay

    Don’t get anything from this strain but paronoia and anxiety. Don’t understand what the hype is…

  6. Janet Burdge

    Anxiety is a terrible thing. Northern lights has worked wonders to help me.

  7. Connie Mortensen

    Northern lights is the best chronic pain reliever. Love it.

  8. Barbara Mize

    I have been suffering from extreme pain for a while but Northern light cannabis has really helped me. I’ve had a great reduction in pain and am feeling super strong.

  9. Mary Barnes

    Northern lights is truly a first class product to heal anxiety, love it

  10. Linda Johnson

    This strain absolutely amazing. Tons of healing power. Highly recommend. Thanks for the great review. Awesome site

  11. Norma McDonald

    Northern light is necessary for relieving stress. It really helped me to cope with it. Thank you.

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