Where to Buy CBD Oil Near Me [2018 Update]

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MarijuanaBreak Staff / Updated on August 4, 2018

Where to buy cbd oil near me

Ever opened Google and written, “Where to buy CBD oil near me” or “CBD oil near me”?

If so, then this post is for you!

CBD oil sales shot through the roof in 2017, and 2018 is expected to end even better. Unfortunately, due to Federal and State laws, there’s a lot of misperception about who can and cannot buy CBD oil. So what is the solution?


Want to “Buy CBD Oil Near Me”? [Know the laws]

As of now, there are only 9 states (and Washington, D.C.) that permit the use of marijuana on a recreational level. This means that, depending on where you live, it may or may not be possible to just walk into a dispensary and ask for a bottle of fine quality CBD oil. Also, some of those 9 states (even though they are recreationally legal for weed) may actually require you to obtain a medical marijuana card or a physician’s recommendation for CBD oil. If this is the case, though, it’s really no biggy as getting an online recommendation is incredibly easy nowadays, and can usually be done in minutes..

Also, out of the 50 U.S states, 29 states permit in some way or another the use of medical weed, which includes cannabis CBD oil for specific treatments. So where is the problem? Qualifying for a medical card is the easy part, but the problem is going through long, tiring bureaucratic BS processes with the state’s Board of Health, to try to obtain one.

Good luck on that!

Even if you’ve managed to obtain one, most medical states – especially the harsh ones – have only a number of dispensaries open and they are often located in places that are extremely difficult to get to.

Hey! … and what about the rest of the 21 states that don’t even have the option to get CBD oil as a form of treatment? We are talking about millions of sick people who could potentially benefit from cannabis treatment. What about all those people who search “Where can I buy CBD oil near me?” on the internet.


Is there a “CBD Oil Near Me” solution?

Of course, this question depends on where you live, who you ask, and most importantly, what your expectations are.

Generally speaking cannabis and all related products are classed as a schedule 1 drug, meaning they are illegal at the federal level. However, specific states have passed laws permitting the use of marijuana and CBD oil, with each state having its own laws on qualifying conditions. This means that if you live in a medical state and suffer from a debilitating condition, then you likely can obtain CBD oil or even cannabis flower.

But what happens if you suffer from something that is not fatal, or isn’t included on your state’s list of qualifying conditions? For example, what if you suffer from anxiety or chronic pain? Well, you probably know the answer to that – it’s either move to California or Colorado (the weed capital of the world), or find an alternative.

Hemp CBD Oil is a relatively new buzz word, but for some people it is proving to be no less effective than Cannabis CBD oil for a number of medical conditions. Furthermore, if extracted correctly from industrial hemp, under Federal Law (specifically, the 2014 U.S. Farm Bill), it can be shipped to people in all 50 states.

What’s the Difference Between Hemp and Cannabis CBD Oil?

CBD oil has become the general term used when referring to these different oils, but while they derive from the same plant, they are actually quite different. Cannabis CBD oil sometimes contains high quantities of THC (between 5%-10% or even higher), while hemp CBD oil usually contains less than 2% THC. Industrial hemp, on the other hand, contains even less THC (under 0.3%), and therefore can be sold, bought, consumed and shipped legally in some U.S. states.

So in regard to hemp CBD oil I bet you are thinking, “it’s less effective.” Well, let’s put a few things into perspective. First, it is certainly not going to blow you away and give you a buzzin’ high. In fact, it’s widely known that hemp-based CBD oil produces no psychoactive response whatsoever. Furthermore, it isn’t going to cure cancer, or “cure” any disease for that matter. It may, however, help with mild conditions such as pain, anxiety, and arthritis – if dosed correctly, in consultation with your doctor. Similar to most things in life, it is a matter of what works best for you; there are currently hundreds of CBD Oil brands on the market, and what might work for one person, might not work at all for another. The question is finding what works for you and if you do find it, it just might change your life around from head to toe.

Now comes the interesting part: the answer to how to buy CBD oil near me. A few top brands (which used to be sold only in medical dispensaries) have developed online processes which allow you to view their products and purchase CBD oil right from home, whether it be CBD cannabis oil or CBD Hemp oil. Also, many of these companies are now delivering packages to people’s doorsteps, in all 50 states.

However, given the largely unregulated nature of the cannabis industry at present, you’ve got to be EXTREMELY cautious when considering where to buy CBD oil, as there is no shortage of bogus companies out there that are producing useless, dangerous, and potentially even toxic “CBD” products.

5 Crucial things to watch out before you go and buy CBD oil online

In order to make sure the CBD oil you choose is effective, reliable, and most importantly SAFE, here are a few different things you might want to look out for before settling on any specific product or brand:

  1. The company uses a 3rd party lab to test its CBD oil products
  2. The company has no problem sharing lab results
  3. The extraction method is CO2
  4. Crops are free of chemical fertilizers, herbicides, and pesticides
  5. Companies have good customer support and are willing to give a money-back guarantee

The Quality of CBD Oil Near Me

Taking the above information into consideration, there are certainly several brands and manufacturers out there that are making wonderful CBD products both in terms of safety and therapeutic effectiveness.

Ultimately, the quality of any CBD oil comes down to the extraction process that’s used, and how well the concentrate is produced and finalized. Here’s the thing, though: like we mentioned earlier, products from the Cannabis ruderalis plant (aka hemp) are assumed to be legal by some as long as they are imported into the U.S. from other countries. The only problem with this, of course, is that raw material from low THC- Plants, such as C. ruderalis is typically low in active cannabinoids, including CBD.

In order to account for the low CBD content of these hemp plants, manufacturers have to process large volumes of raw material at a time, with the idea of extracting just enough CBD so that they can label their product as a “CBD oil.” While this method is fine in theory, what ultimately ends up happening (unless the manufacturer’s extraction methods are state of the art), is that traces of chemicals cane end up being left over in the final product. These chemicals can potentially contain harsh solvents such as butane, hexane, and propylene glycol, which has been known to break down into carcinogenic (cancer-causing) compounds like formaldehyde and acetaldehyde.

Thus, it is extremely important to only purchase CBD oil from manufacturers that use state of the art CO2 extraction methods, and like we said, there aren’t many brands currently out there that have got the process down pat.

Here at MarijuanaBreak we try not to play favorites, but if you are looking for an answer to the question ‘where to find a few trustworthy manufacturers of CBD Oil near me, that have proven themselves over the years and that many trust to deliver a high-quality product,’ then you might want to check out these three brands:

1. PureKana CBD oil

cbd oil near me

PureKana is a powerhouse in the CBD oil industry, and they have one of the most streamlined online process that allows you to purchase CBD oil in minutes. Also, there is no need to search CBD oil near me as the process is 100% online, legal (as per their claim), and secure.

  • Pros – Lab tested, CO2 extraction method,
  • Cons – Concentrate only on 99% pure CBD oil (if you want something else, like products that produce a high, you will have to look elsewhere).

Check out their CBD oil products at www.purekana.com

Oh and if you’re thinking of purchasing something, feel free to use our coupon code: 5OFFCBD1 – It will give you a 5% discount.

2. GreenRoads

where to buy cbd oil near me

You can’t create a list of CBD products without mentioning GreenRoads. These guys have virtually dominated Florida and ship to most of the U.S. Similar to PureKana, they’ve nailed the online purchasing process and have developed an extremely clean and transparent website. You’ll be able to find all product details on the site.

  • Pros – GreenRoads products can be consumed through oral use or by vaping. They are also compounded by a licensed pharmacist.
  • Cons – Customer service is an 8 out of 10. They are extremely responsive, and while 8/10 might seem a pretty darn good rating, sometimes you just want that extra care.

Feel free to visit their site at www.greenroadsworld.com

3. Premium Jane CBD Oil

where can i buy cbd oil near me

We were one of the first industry websites to receive sample products from this new California-based startup, and our entire team was so blown away by their quality and effectiveness that we had to go back and add them to this article.

The company is one of the few in the industry who has a commercialization agreement with farms that grow under the Kentucky Hemp Pilot Research Program, so you can guarantee that their oils (and other products) are sourced from some of the highest quality and most CBD-rich raw material in the country.

  • Pros: Ships to all 50 U.S. states, and uses the same lab testing agency as Pure Kana
  • Cons: Brand new company (just hit the market as of Summer 2018), so not many customer reviews yet

Check out the entire range of Premium Jane CBD oils (as well as their line of gummies, CBD capsules and topical creams) by visiting their online store at www.premiumjane.com

If you are thinking of using CBD oil, don’t forget to use our 5% coupon code: 5OFFCBD1
4. Elixinol

cbd oil for sale near me

Elixinol is a dinosaur in the CBD oil industry — so much so that they started producing high-quality cannabis oils nearly 20 years ago. They develop some of the best quality products on the market, and have a very simple online purchasing process.

Pros – Have a wide variety of products including balms, edibles and more.
Cons – Elixinol products are not cheap.

You can visit their website and check out their complete range of world-class CBD products at www.elixinol.com

Final Verdict on How to Buy CBD Oil Near Me

It was a tough choice, but if you are anxious to order quality CBD oil online and want it delivered as fast as possible, then check out PureKana. Apart from investing a huge amount of resources into customer support, it truly feels as if the team at PureKana really cares about delivering high-quality CBD therapy to suffering individuals all across the country.

Here are our final rankings:

Site Name
Our Score
Visit Site
  • Full-spectrum Hemp extract
  • No pesticides, solvents or chemical fertilizers
  • 3rd party laboratory tested
  • Price Range ($48.00 – $139.00)
5% Coupon Code: 5OFFCBD1
  • Maximum potency and purity
  • Compounded by a licensed pharmacist
  • Highly concentrated extraction process
  • Price Range ($26-$169)
  • Full-Spectrum Extract (Made in USA)
  • 100% Natural and Organic
  • Contain no artificial flavors or preservatives
  • Prices range ($48-$125)
  • CBDPure uses a chemical-free CO2 extraction process
  • 3rd party laboratory tested
  • Certified hemp grown in Colorado
  • Price Range ($29.99 – $79.99)
  • Full-spectrum Extract
  • Derived from Non-GMO Hemp
  • Ship to all 50 States
  • Price Range ($49.00 – $299.00)
  • Over 5 Years Experience
  • 3rd party laboratory tested
  • Organic hemp CO2 extract tincture
  • Price Range ($62.00 – $204.00)
  • Organic hemp CO2 extract tincture
  • Available in Cinnamint & Natural
  • Full-spectrum extract
  • Price Range ($39 - $249)

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Where to Buy CBD Oil Near Me [2018 Update]
August 4, 2018
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  1. Carol Howards
    So many brands

    Thanks for this article. There are so many brands out there it is hard to know the good from the bad

  2. Davison D

    Somebody needs to start regulating this stuff.. there is no way the garbage for sale in gas stations can be the same stuff that companies like Purekana etc use. INFORM YOURSELF

  3. Debra Cole
    A firm believer

    Been using cannabis and CBD for a while. Wish it was available in all states. Truly a miraculous medicine

  4. Janice
    Swear by it

    Love everything about the cannabis plant, especially my CBD

  5. Kim Jones

    Living in Florida you can purchase them in your local store. Or get them online. Love CBD.

    1. Mark Chasse

      I just get them online. They arrive a few days later. Easy!

      1. Jack Riley

        Same as me!

  6. David Jensen

    If you live in a state like Idaho like me, I will tell you right off the bat that it’s next to impossible to find a good quality CBD oil. And no doctors around here that will recommend anything

    1. Dana C
      Get CBD online

      Have you tried purchasing from an online store? Some are quite good

  7. Gail C. H

    Good products. Been using CBD for a while. Great results. Helps me sleep

    1. Alma Miller

      Me too!

  8. Shea

    Thanks for the information. Coming for Kentucky it can be very tough trying to find ANY source of cannabis. Which is odd since we are one of the biggest domestic producers of industrial hemp

  9. robert dominguez

    I would stay away from the vape cig juice, I have read some pretty scary articles about what they put in some of that stuff and how they thin it out with lighter fluid

  10. Josh

    Wow, just used the Premium Jane 600 citrus oil for the first time and it worked INCREDIBLE for my headaches. Actually spoke with them, said they were a pretty new company that just started out this year. They get all of their extract from organic CBD strains in Kentucky. Definitely will be ordering from them again

  11. Kevin

    In my experience unless you have a marijuana card and can buy from a dispensary I wouldn’t waste your money on this stuff you see advertised on the side of the road

    1. Richard Freeman

      This is the most stupid comment I’ve ever seen. Maybe it doesn’t work for you. I suffer from arthritis and without my CBD I would be lost! Not everyone can get a medical card

      1. E. Gilmore

        Agree! I suffer from social anxiety and pain in my lower back from sitting all day long. It helps me and is much better than the toxic meds I’m given

      2. Kevin

        I said the stuff you see advertised ON THE SIDE OF THE ROAD – I wasn’t referring to anything that’s “not from a dispensary”. Where I live (outside Galveston TX) there are a few places that advertise “CBD Sold here” and I’ve tried it, was a complete waste of money. I have used Green Roads and I know for a fact it is a good CBD oil that has great results. Just can’t really afford to buy a bottle every two weeks. I had an MMJ card when I lived back in PA but unfortunately Texas doesn’t have a medical program

  12. Shawn E

    Honestly, you can find CBD oil just about anywhere. Went on a cross country road trip this summer and was laughing at the “CBD for sale here” signs in these tiny little nothing towns. My experience? Buy the good stuff online. I’ve heard consistently good things about Elixinol, Purekana and green roads. Honestly don’t know what the hell this stuff is that they’re selling all over the country, but I’d stay away from it

  13. Lindsey Ramos

    Literally see “CBD oil for sale” signs everywhere I go lol. It’s actually getting kind of annoying. I’m sure there are some good products out there, but most of it has got to be complete junk

    1. Taylor C

      Been using CBD for the past 2 years. I’ve tried quite a few of them. There are only a handful of reputable brands on the market like CW, Purekana and a few others. I can’t remember their names. I recently tried the fourth one on this list, premiumjane. Good stuff and helps with the pain I get in my shoulder. Would recommend it for acute pain. I am not sure if it would work for more serious problems. Anyone else?

  14. Gina Kelly

    I love CBD oil!!! I buy mine online from Charlotte’s Webb. They are a clean and honest company!

    1. Sheila L

      Really? Didn’t work for me at all!

  15. Dylan

    North carolina has got to be the worst state ever to try and find good CBD oil. No medical dispensaries, and so far have only found garbage at the local “CBD” shops. Will probably be trying out some online stuff with hopes of better results. Any suggestions?

  16. marcus p

    I’ve tried probably half a dozen “CBD oils” from shops all over town (Tucson AZ). Don’t know what this stuff is but nothing has worked. Will be trying the Pure Kana oil hopefully it’s not the same stuff as this other garbage

    1. Sam Adkins

      Worked for me. I suffer from lower back pain

  17. Robert Marshall

    Love CBD. Some of the best alternative medicine I’ve ever used.

    1. Elizabeth R

      Me too!

  18. Gloria Fossett

    I also get mine online. Arrives once a month like clockwork

  19. Matthew Franklin

    Been using the purekana cbd for 3 months. The taste is good and it’s effective for stress, anxiety and acute pain. You might have to get a stronger oil if you are dealing with some severe conditions

  20. Will

    Tried Elixinol–it was fine, but after three purchases, I called to find out why the color of the CBD oil varied. Was sent to phonemail for someone whose message said they were out of office but would return–two months before the current date. Left word, never heard back.

    Called a week later, and was told to email the manager, and was informed he always responds within 1-2 days. Emailed him, and it’s been 2 weeks, since. I called GreenRoads, asked my question, and got an immediate, literate response (multiple hemp sources), as well as a discussion on what differences might or might not occur, and how to check lab sheets for comparison. Switched over to GreenRoads, which seems otherwise comparable in its manufacturing methodology to Elixinol.

    Just my experience. I can’t fault Elixinol for the quality of their product, but it really was a question with a relatively simple answer.

  21. J B

    How much do I need to take for pain in my arm

  22. Rob B

    Don’t get the stuff on Amazon it’s crap. Get from a reputable brand. The first two are good

  23. Sonia Rodriguez

    I would like to know if cbd oil helps with blood pressure and a heart murmur?

  24. Karen S

    I simply order them online. Save me the trouble of going out. I use CBD for back and knee pain. It helps and I prefer it over the pills

    1. Vanessa Smith

      I use the purekana 600mg. Works well. Shipping is a bit long, but a great oil

  25. Margie Brown

    Depends on the state. You can sometimes pick them up at your local store. If not just order online. That is what I do.

    1. Jonathan R

      i just got Purekana. Ordered it a couple of days ago. Tastes good.

  26. Kathleen Jones

    I get them near me in my local tobacco store. Not the best quality, but you do with what you can get.

  27. Rick

    I don’t believe in this stuff

    1. Amy

      If you never tried it, then I understand how you don’t believe in it. My son got a free sample the other day and tried it for anxiety and he said it worked great. I plan on buying more for him since it also helps with a.d.d. and he has that also

      1. Christine M Newell

        You said your son got a free sample….do you mind if I ask you where you got it from? My grandson is severely autistic and non verbal at 10 years old. My problem is, I don’t think he’ll take the gummies and don’t want to buy every type there is on the market to determine which he’ll take. If you can help, I would really appreciate it.
        Kind Regards,

  28. PLind

    Take a look at Luce Farm products in Vermont too.

  29. Sophie J

    I used to get my cbd from my local store, until I found out that it was all watered down. Please be careful. There is a lot of junk out there.

  30. RC

    Will it help with rotor cuffs injuries?

    1. Taylor

      I use it for lower back pain. I assume it can’t hurt to try.

  31. Sarah McCarthy

    My vet suggested CDB oil for one of my cats and it works for her anxiety. The % of CBD oil is important though. Hemp oil is different from Cannabis oil. There is no THC in it . There is no “high” effect. I am getting more for her and for me.

  32. Christian Black

    The ones online are good enough. Saves me going to the store. Don’t buy the cheap stuff. It’s like snake oil.

  33. Tiffaney

    I currently have severe back issues due to a herniated disc. I was given Gabapentin which helped in 1 area and still hurt in another, but I didn’t like the side effects so I got off it. Now I’m back to lack of sleep due to the pain, mobility issues.My husband thought maybe I try this- my issue is my size. I’m not sure how to go about the dosage. I’m 5’0 150lbs so I’m little. Any ideas

    1. Adam

      Hi Tiffaney, dosage depends on a few things. Genetics, the condition you are trying to treat and most important the brand you are purchasing from. The best way to go about it is decide which brand you are interested in and to contact them.

  34. Susan Choate

    Im on Clonazepam1mg x a day. Im lowering the doses with my Drs. help. He said I could start taking CBD now. But I just worrying about the dose how much I need for depression. How I would use it , Dont want anyTHC said it wasnt for me. IM 71 years old, I need help. Tried different drugs don’t work too many side effects. Can You help?

  35. Dru

    I suffer from depression and anxiety and am interested in knowing what dose anyone could recomend I take along side the mild anti-depressant I already take..

    1. Adam

      What anti-depressant are you taking? It’s important to know so that you are aware of how the CBD interacts with your meds.

    2. Amy

      My son was given 3 drops under the tongue as a free sample and he said it worked great. The gentleman that we spoke with said 3 drops twice a day for anxiety and it should help.

  36. LM

    My 19-year-old daughter has been suffering from moderate acne for years. Anyone use this stuff for acne? She doesn’t want to feel high, just clear up her skin.

    1. Sarah Lee

      I know a few people that have been using CBD topicals for acne. Works well

  37. Safah

    CBD for Parkinsons disease? is anyone using it on here or know of someone who is using it??

    1. Eric Johnson

      Not sure, but I use it for pain relief and it helps

      1. Frances

        Which brand are you using? Im on pain meds but wont use as doc wants me to (every 6 hrs) scared of them. Last 2 days have been in so much pain decided I have to try something. Told by many to try the CBS pain rub so going to try it.

  38. Kevin Ballard

    I get cbd from my local dispensary but i know you can get it online. I use GreenRoads. It’s from Florida, so its easy to come by

    1. Josh T

      I’ve bought it online a few times. No problem there

    2. joe goodman

      does it work? What mg should i try first.

      1. Adam

        depends what you are looking to treat

  39. Joan Leist

    My doctor told me that many people are switching to CBD. Apparently it’s good for a wide range of issues. I use it for anxiety. It works

    1. George Baker

      Second that!

  40. Rod R

    I’ve tried two bottles from my local store. Don’t work. Recently got the first one. Seems to be working well for my anxiety

  41. Charlie H

    Live in IL. Been ordering these oils online for a while. Always arrive on time at it saves the trouble or trying to find them

  42. Dannielle

    I’m looking for a good site to buy CBD Vape oil and CBD oral oils that have a flavor and gummies and that’s not too terribly expensive. I suffer from chronic pain and I have severe depression what site would you recommend for me

    1. Adam

      Have you tried any of the oils on this site. www.purekana.com could be a good place to start. Or there are a few others that are also good. Check out the site.

    2. Scott Roberts

      Where is the best place to purchase CBD+THCa oil. It’s now legal in the State of Virginia with a Medical REC letter.

  43. David Leech

    PureKana is, I believe, the best on the market! I have chronic pain and was scheduled for knee surgery. While waiting, I began using their 1000mg oil. As of now my doc has delayed the surgery as the pain has reduced. Let’s hope for the best.

  44. Terry Peterson

    I had no idea you could buy these online until I read this article. Just got mine a few days ago. Will update on the progress. Tnx

  45. Madeline

    Looking for cbc oil for Ulcerative Colitis. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

    1. Madison Hopkins

      Any cbd hemp oil in any form would work for you. The sublingual oils do kick in a little faster than capsules, but the capsules are slightly more convenient with the one and done idea. Take 1 or 2 in the morning and go all day long! I personally would recommend a higher mg dose for your needs. I would be happy to walk you through the products we offer and answer any questions you may have!

      1. Kurt Cooper

        Would very much appreciate the cost effective best legal .3% industrial hemp oil /gel tab which I can buy off my shelf here in Florida. I’m considering applying for a legal permit which I imagine is just called hemp oil & is up to 2%.

        I have fibromyalgia going on 18 years & I’m about as physically & mentally beaten down as humanly possible. I’m on fentyl patch 50mcg & oxy. New laws going into effect removed my oxy & fentyl doesn’t cover breakthrough or bad days. I’m barely Mobil @ this point & my options with my doctor is to just raise the fentyl patch to 75mcg. All other options really don’t help since our governor signed into law removing DBL use of narcotics to treat those with severe chronic pain. I would appreciate from educated users respond to the products that work & the forms & dosage.
        [email protected]

  46. James Woody

    I’ve been ordering this stuff online for the past year. Only had one mess up and the company sent me a free bottle.

  47. Steve Wilson

    I actually used to get it from the local stores but now I order it online. I get the first one on the list. Very effective for anxiety and depression.

  48. Margaret

    I have CRPS Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome ,no cure …Constant pain entire body. Think this might help?

  49. Kimberly

    I have my MMC but don’t care for the Trustik Pod 800mg Sativa for use with my vape pen. I don’t like the high feeling, plus need to be able to drive to my doctors appts. I want to try CBD again. Had tried Charlotte’s Web by Stanley Brothers of Colorado and it helped a little but not enough to stop narcotics I am on. Would the CBD products from dispensary be stronger than what I tried before?

  50. Salome Cross

    In states that it’s hard to come by, you can get CBD hemp oil online. Just go for the good brands. Some of them include CWhemp, Purekana, Elixinol. They are good.

  51. Faye Kearney

    Come to Florida, you can get these in any local store.

    1. maria

      Where in Fl can you get CBD oil that is good?

      1. Adam

        Have you tried any of the ones here online? You can get them delivered to your doorstep

  52. Jacki Quiles

    Hola, I just had back surgery for severe spinal stenosis & have 50 staples on my back at the moment. I’ve experienced mega back pain for years. Right now I’m on oxy’s, norco, valium all for pain, I’m also takn baclofen & meloxicam for spasms. I’m in a lot of pain. My question however is how many milligrams of CBC shud I take for the pain I’m going thru?? I’m so tired of takn pills n sleeping my days n nights away. Can someone plz respond ASAP. I’m new to this & wud like to try something else besides these drug dealer doctors meds. Thankyou in advance & God bless 🙏🏼❤️

    1. Adam

      It really depends on the brand you want to use and the pain you are in. That is a tough question. Normally for pain the higher mg bottles work best, but it really depends

    2. JJ

      Hello! I do not have a response regarding what you should take, BUT want you to know I am exactly where you are! Three level lumbar fusion on 02/05/18, no staples thank goodness (they used glue), but am weaning myself off of pain meds ( I don’t like their side effects, as you stated). Weaning off the pain meds leaves me susceptible to flare ups when I do my PT or go for my daily walks three times a day. I surely hope someone answers the question you posed, as I would like to know! Wishing you the best of luck in your recovery! Stay strong!

    3. Madison Hopkins

      Everyone is different; However, my father suffers from the same thing. He has been prescribed percocets for years. I finally convinced him to try CBD and he said it works better than his oxys. I use this example quite often and to answer your question, it takes less than you think. Depending on your size and build, you could experience relief with as little as 20mg a day. Start small and build up until you find what works best for you. Taking a ton of CBD wont do anything because your body can only use so much in a 24hr period. Start with 20mg and if that isn’t enough, try 30mg. I hope you find relief!

  53. Dorris Ripple

    They are selling them in all local dispensaries. If you can’t get to one just buy it online, but do your research. Some don’t work.

  54. Sarah

    I am looking for a pure CBD oil that has a natural ‘high’. Any suggestions?

    1. Adam

      CBD oil won’t give you a high. You will need THC

  55. Andrea Acosta

    After trying numerous brands I can give ya all one tip. Don’t buy from your local drug store. You’re simply getting snake oil. Invest a few more bucks and get a quality CBD product. You’ll see the difference

    1. Karey

      Where did you get yours?? I live inLas Vegas centennial hills area 89143

    2. Madison Hopkins

      This is very true! ^^^
      You get what you pay for. Also if you want to comply with state and federal laws, it must be derived from “industrial hemp” in most states!

  56. Todd J

    Come to FL you can get them everywhere. Great stuff.

    1. Charlie

      Which stores in Florida?

      1. Adam

        Green Roads works a lot in Florida

  57. Paul F

    Just go into your local dispensary and you can pick up CBD. If you haven’t got one near you, you can order from any of these above

    1. gail

      how do I know which one to buy? for anxiety, depression!

      1. Paul F

        I think it’s a matter of trial and error. Also depends on your condition. I use the purekana 300mg for anxiety, for me it works well. My wife uses a different brand.

        1. Dinas

          How many Drops to you Use?

  58. Bon

    I’ve dealt with grand mal seizures for 12 years with varying results from AED’s. I heard that CBD oil might be of help. Which type, hemp or cannabis, has been known to be more effective?

  59. Ben Perkins

    PA have just gone medical. Can I get these in dispensaries near me?

  60. Tadd

    Good day everyone. I’m the father of a daughter diagnosed with hydraencephaly. It’s a life limiting condition with many other issues that accompany it. I’m eager to try CBD products in hopes of helping with her what they call neuro storms. I’ve done some research and have come to the conclusion that there’s many different products made from different parts of the plant. I live in Michigan and laws state CBD to be legal for sale (less than .03%. THC) After reading this and skimming through the comments I think that something stronger than this would be the answer. I hate giving my daughter pharmaceutical drugs (although one hormone she takes is life saving and I won’t discontinue that unless by some miracle CBD would). I’m desperate to find a natural answer. I would be forever grateful for any and all opinions and information that will help guide me to a better quality of life for my beautiful daughter. My hopes lie within your wisdom. Thank you for taking the time to read and/or respond. Have an excellent day!

    1. Adam

      Hi Tadd, thanks for the detailed comment on our site. As you said you will probably need something that contains a stronger substance but with cases like yours its extremely important to get the right dosage. Hydraencephaly is a vary rare case and something you should consult with medical marijuana doctor. You should also try to contact charlotte’s web, they might be able to assist. Hope this helped

  61. Sonya Russell

    I get CBD from purekana, great brand and high quality

  62. Anthony H

    Anyone know where I can get a pure CBD strain?

    1. TAMMY

      Yes, from

    2. Lelu

      Look up Miami CBD, I started using them recently and found out they are the third highest CBD concentrate in the world.

  63. John Christian

    If the best CBD is at 20/1 CBD to THC. Then i assume it’s not possible to get CBD across state lines unless it’s got a lower THC correct? I live in Oregon so not a problem just curious.

  64. Beverly Martin

    I live in Ohio and am looking for online providers of high grade CBD Oil. I have Diabetes with Nephropathy pain is that a medical condition that would help me to obtain MMJ card when Ohio starts the process?

  65. M Austin

    I wish they would legalize it in Texas. Still feels as if they are living in the middle ages!

  66. Agnes

    Just got my medical card in the post a few days ago. I used a company called Nugg. Now with the card it is so easy to get CBD

  67. Donald

    Living in PA is tough, I managed to get a mmj card. Makes life a whole lot easier

  68. Vaughan Banks

    I’m 57yrs old. I hate pain killers. I’ve got back problems, arthritis,

    1. TAMMY


  69. Alina

    I get all my stuff from my local man. Ya guys all need one

  70. Willie P

    I get it from my local dispensary. Good shit!

    1. Linda Acuna

      What city do you live in? I’m,trying to find where I can buy this.

      1. TAMMY

        You can purchase CBD products online. Legal in all 50 states. The products are shipped right to your door.

  71. Alicia M

    I’ve tried a few brands, including 2 listed here. Pros: They do help with mild conditions such as anxiety, depression and acute pain. Cons: They are not going to cure serious life threatening medical conditions. The only tip I can give everyone here is to be realistic about what you are buying.

  72. Michael C. Thorogood

    Active and former military get 50% discount from Green Roads.

  73. Louise Simmon

    I can’t get this stuff near me. Thank god for the internet lol

  74. Simon Bennett

    I wish they would just legalize it already. It is so hard to get it in Atlanta

  75. Morgan Mack

    I found this black friday coupon code for PureKana 20OFFCBD1 Hope it helps everyone here.

    1. Wendy

      Morgan Mack-Thank you so much for your post– I just saved $19 because of your coupon!!

  76. Adelle Worthey

    CBD oil has changed my life. It helps with so many things. I use it to help me with my anxiety and leg pains

  77. Helen Mikula

    I just get it online. It’s easy!

  78. Sam Bennett

    I have bought PureKana a few times from my local dispensary. Great product and good service

  79. Joseph Blair

    These products are amazing. Just ordered a 300mg for my mother.

  80. Monroe Johnson

    I get my CBD oil from my local dispensary. Nice to know you can get it online. Thanks for the info

  81. June O

    I have anxiety, depression, sleeping problems and lower back problems. Been using CBD for 1 years and it works

    1. Glenn

      best cbd oil for autism

      1. Shirley Peter

        Looking to get CBD for my 19 year old autistic son. How old is your kiddo and what doseage do you use? Thanks!

  82. Jessica Nevala

    Maybe a stupid question but does CBD oil have THC and CBD hemp oil that does not?

  83. Caroline

    Wait, you can purchase cannabis cbd oil, not hemp oil, on this site? Or am I too stoned to comprehend what’s going on. . .

    1. Adam

      Sorry but we don’t sell products.

  84. Harry Walker

    I buy it online. You can’t get it where I live in local collectives.

  85. Tom H

    I got some from GreenRoads. Arrived a few days later.

  86. Alex Wolfe

    Just walked into my local dispensary (which is a 20 minutes drive away) and saw 2 of the brands in this article. Great to know I can get them online

  87. William E

    Since finding this site, I’ve purchased it online a few times. Arrives on time and the products are good. Marijuanabreak you have a decent site and the products on it are good compared to other sites I’ve visited. Thanks

  88. Cody S

    Texas is so lame!

  89. Gary Andrews

    I buy Purekana from my local dispensary but I know you can get these oils online. Works well!

  90. Natalie Cox

    I have been using GreenRoads for already 1.5 years. Amazing product. They have it shipped to my house. Wouldn’t replace it for anything.

  91. Madison Grace

    I purchase CBD online. I have tried quite a few brands. I normally take 1 drop in the morning and one in the evening. Keeps me balanced

    1. Dinas

      Which brand and which Strength

      1. Adam

        Depends on your medical condition and what you are looking to achieve. Could you give more detail

  92. Bobby Powell

    Living in Ohio isn’t easy if you are sick and want to medical cannabis. I have searched for cbd oil near me, but it isn’t easy to find. Thanks for the info

  93. Aaron Middleton


    Purekana was a great choice afterall 🙂

  94. Brooke Fields

    I got some online. It is so easy

  95. Buddy Walsh

    I can’t get this stuff near me. Ordering online was a great solution. Thanks

  96. Robert Campbell

    I was serching for CBD oil for a while. Living down south it is hard to come by. Thanks for all the info

  97. Trudy T

    I had no idea you could order it online. I am so old fashioned

  98. Dave

    I found a great little shop to purchase CBD oil near me, but it is great to know that you can purchase it online

  99. Samantha

    I’ve been using CBD oil for 3 years. Could’t live without it

  100. Eric

    I’ve tried Elixinol products. The service is good and products are ok

  101. Trilla

    Local dispensaries is cool when you want to feel that special atmosphere but most of the time I don’t have time for that. So online is the best way to solve this problem especially if you already know the product

  102. Greg

    I don’t like to risk if it concerns my health. I’ve been ordering from PureKana for a while now.
    Do recommend it!

  103. Julie

    I was looking for a good dispensary near me that sells quality CBD oil. It’s a bit hard to find. I’ll take a look at these options. Thanks

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