Why is CBD so Expensive? [The TRUTH Revealed…]

Here's why...

Given the seemingly never-ending increase in prices on all things cannabis related, we wouldn’t blame you for a second for being hesitant to drop a chunk of your hard-earned cash on a quality, pure CBD oil for sale.

This rings especially true for those of you that have never used pure CBD extract, and are not even sure if it will work for you. On a price per ounce basis, for example, you can be looking at several hundred dollars for a single bottle if you’re trying to invest in one of the top brands.

However, you can get a true CBD oil for far less than this — if you know what to look for.

After all, a true CBD hemp oil isn’t that “complex” of a product, and thus it shouldn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg. (After all, we’re not talking about prescription THC pills where price is determined by the strictly-regulated pharmaceutical industry).

Some people say if you’re looking for combo buys on things like edibles plus CBD oil, Amazon is the best place to go. This couldn’t be farther from the truth.

Not only does Amazon sell hempseed oil instead of CBD oil, bur they also don’t sell any true cannabis edibles at all (we’ll talk about what exactly this means here shortly).

As such, you’ve really got to know what to look for if you’re thinking about trying CBD out for the first time. And if that old question “why is CBD oil so expensive” is still bugging you, read on for a Plus CBD Oil coupon that can potentially save you a lot of money.

Also, there is a pretty new brand called Nature’s Best CBD, and from what we can tell they are currently offering a really good CBD product at a nice price, in a supposed effort to try and get their name out there. (Since they’re a relatively small brand you won’t find much online if you type in “Nature’s Best CBD reviews,” but we’ll give them an honest rundown here in this article).

2018 CBD Oil Price Comparison Table

If you’re really looking to get to the bottom of the question “how much does CBD oil cost,” we’ve put together a super convenient table for you to directly compare prices across several recognized companies. Here’s a super quick rundown of the brands in question, all of which have quality hemp CBD oil for sale:

  • Nature’s Best CBD. Like we just mentioned, Nature’s Best CBD is a brand that has only recently made their way onto the market. With well-made extracts and lower than standard prices, however, we had to include them in our comparison table.
  • Infinite CBD. This is one of the most recognized brands on the market, and in our opinion they represent pretty much the “gold standard” in terms of average price point. (You can check out their official website at www.infinitecbd.com to view the latest Infinite CBD coupon code, as they always seem to have some kind of promotion running).
  • Hot Nife. When it comes to Hot Nife, weed products with THC are typically what they’re known for. However, they also recently started selling a CBD oil extract for vaping that’s one of the best we’ve ever had. They don’t sell anything online, though, so you’ll have to live in California in order to enjoy their products.
  • Highland Pharms CBD. Highland Pharms is another brand that’s well-established in the CBD market, so we figured they would represent another industry standard in which to gauge other competitor’s prices by.

To answer the never ending question of “how much is CBD oil,” here’s a simple chart to compare each brand by:

[Please note that these are not guaranteed to be current prices. Also, availability may vary from location to location].

Nature’s Bestn/a$60
Infinite CBD500mg$22.50
Hot Nife500mg (vape cartridge)$35
Highland Pharms500mg$74.95


As you can see, Infinite CBD by far has the lowest cost of all the brands (see link above for ordering online, as they can ship legally to all 50 U.S. states since their products are pure CBD and contain no THC).

We Recommend Buying CBD Oils Only From Trusted Suppliers

The above-mentioned brands may represent a good spread of standard CBD oil prices across the industry, but they represent just a small fraction of the most well-known companies. (And on a bit of a side note, the newer company that we mentioned – Nature’s Best – doesn’t even say how much CBD is actually in their oils, so we don’t know how reliable they will actually end up being).

If you’re wanting to give CBD a shot but want to be sure to buy from only a reliable, trusted supplier, here are a few brands that you may want to look into:

  • Green Mountain CBD. GreenMountain CBD has been featured on NPR and Vermont Public Radio, so you know they can be trusted to deliver one of the country’s highest-quality CBD oils. In fact, if you’re looking for Green Mountain CBD oil (also known as Green Mountain Hemp Company) for sale, you can buy directly from their online store at www.greenmountaincbd.com. It is hard to find decent third-party Green Mountain CBD reviews, though, but rest assured this is a legit operation (see prices below).
  • Endoca (discount code available online). Between Endoca CBD and CW Hemp, these two brands probably represent the bulk of CBD oil sales in the US. And most people’s favorite thing about them? They usually always have a specific Endoca coupon active on their online store (see what’s currently available by visiting www.endoca.com).
  • CW Hemp (discount code available online). If you follow national news at all, you’ve likely heard the miraculous story of Charlotte Figi — a young girl that used cannabis oil to virtually save her life from a rare epilepsy disease called Dravet’s Syndrome. Well, CW Hemp oil is derived from the same strain that was used to treat Charlotte, and now you can buy it online and have it shipped to your doorstep. (Check for a current CW Hemp coupon by visiting www.CWHemp.com)

Regardless of Price, Always Remember to Put Your Safety First

With the general cost of CBD oil in mind and now with the knowledge of some of the industry’s most popular brands, you might be thinking of buying a quality CBD tincture for sale.

If you do, make sure that you put your safety above all else — especially price.

While CBD itself is a safe, non-addictive, and totally natural substance with “no adverse public health effects” (according to the World Health Organization), there is a lot of low-grade, cheap CBD oil out there that has been processed with strong chemical solvents. Stay away from these.

What you want is a pure, solvent-free product that has been extracted from raw hemp material with CO2 extraction. While these are more expensive than the low-grade brands, they are far superior to cheap CBD in every way imaginable, and are well worth the extra money.

Also, like we mentioned above it is not uncommon to come across a good CBD sale, even among some of the best and most reputable brands in the industry. If you use an active Charlotte’s Web coupon code, for instance, you can typically get in on top-shelf medicinal tinctures for a fraction of the retail price.

All in all, it’s not worth it to simply buy the cheapest CBD oil you can find. While you might save money, using the cheapest CBD oil possible will do yourself a major disservice in the end; you won’t get an effective product, and you may even do your body harm by ingesting residue solvent chemicals.

[Looking for a Charlotte’s Web CBD coupon? See what they’ve got available by visiting www.CWHemp.com].

Hemp-Sourced Vs. Cannabis-Sourced CBD Oil Prices

When shopping for CBD, ‘pure, potent, and safe’ are among the major things that you always want to be keeping in mind. If you put CBD oil price as your top priority, for instance, you’ll likely be missing out on the whole point of using the compound for therapeutic purposes.

All in all, a good CBD manufacturer will put the quality of their oil over all other things – especially CBD oil cost.

Of course, if you live in a state where cannabis has been legalized recreationally (or if you otherwise have a valid MMJ card in a medically legal state), you may simply be able to go to a dispensary and find world-class CBD products for sale right there, which are sourced from actual cannabis rather than industrial hemp (which is what most of the CBD hemp oil for sale online is made from).

What’s the difference in CBD oil price between hemp-sourced products and cannabis-sourced products, you might be wondering?

Well, generally speaking there’s usually not that much of a difference, all things considered.

The major difference of course lies in the fact that CBD from hemp contains very little THC (less than 0.3% to be legal), while cannabis-sourced CBD may have both THC and CBD present in high amounts.

If you’re looking for a great CBD oil, Vermont is probably going to be selling some fine tinctures in the coming years, as they have been a staple in the industrial and academic uses of the plant, and have recently adopted a legal program in which CBD oil prices will be designated across state run dispensaries.

No matter where you live, though, we reiterate the fact that a good CBD oil purchase will consider purity, potency, and safety as your top priorities — not simply CBD oil cost.

Final Thoughts on CBD Prices

Well, hopefully we have explained the issue in a certain degree of clarity, and have helped to answer your question of “why is CBD so expensive.”

When in doubt, just remember to be wary of those less-than-reputable companies that are only out for a quick scam. Also, if you’re searching for an effective and affordable CBD oil that you can use without putting too much of a hurt on your wallet, Amazon hemp oil is NOT an option that you should be considering, no matter how tempting their low prices are.

As we said earlier, if you buy “cannabis oil” online, Amazon only sells hempseed products that do not contain CBD.

For real, high-quality cannabidiol, buy only from reputable sellers and trusted suppliers (including the several we have mentioned above). Other good brands to keep in mind are Pure Kana and Green Roads World.

Or, if you feel that CBD oil isn’t the way to go for you and your specific condition, be advised that there are other ways to take the natural hemp compound for therapeutic relief.

CBD “Extreme Drops,” for instance, like the ones sold by Diamond CBD, are an amazing product, as are CBD gummies and CBD capsules. Remember, though, if you do feel that you would prefer something like CBD capsules, Amazon is not the place you need to be shopping, as none of their products will contain the active therapeutic compound.

Spend the extra money, and get a product that will actually work.

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