How You Can Combine Marijuana with Exercise

Across America hundreds of adults love to exercise, whether that means getting outdoors and exploring or hitting the gym – there is a whole fitness movement going on right now. However, despite the apparent fitness and health trends sweeping the nation, there is still an estimated 80 percent of Americans that are not getting the recommended daily exercise in, but could all that be about to change?

Back in 2017, America saw the opening of the world’s first ever cannabis gym, in none other than California (of course). And since then we have seen a much greater emphasis being placed on cannabis and exercise as an unexpected match made in heaven.

With many advocates claiming that cannabis can improve focus, reduce exercise-related pain and be great for meditation, is it possible that weed and working out are meant to go together?

Today we share five ways in which you can incorporate cannabis into your exercise regime for a better workout!

#1 Cannabis and Yoga: Finding Your Zen

The yoga industry hosts a huge market across America, with revenue upwards of 9 billion dollars being made every year. Considered a spiritual practice that exercises the mind as well as the body, it has become a way of life for many.

Yoga is all about finding a meditative state which incorporates breathing control, physical poses, and relaxation for a Zen-like experience. So, where does cannabis fit in here? It turns out that a little marijuana can unlock the doors to a host of potential benefits when combined with yoga exercises, and push the physical and mental barriers that can often hold people back from reaching their full potential.

Cannabis has been stereotypically related to relaxation and outer body thinking for decades, but when combined with a physical workout that centers on spiritual awareness, one can feel the bliss and relaxation that accompanies a good yoga workout.

For those who are avid yoga-goers, or if you are keen to try it, consider incorporating a little marijuana and feel your mind, body, and soul connect on a whole new level as you stretch and balance in ways you didn’t think possible!

#2 Cannabis and Running: Good for Endurance?

Have you ever been stoned and found your ability to concentrate on an otherwise mundane task has skyrocketed? Well, marijuana and running are a bit like that, except you are benefiting from a great workout while your mind runs away with you!

Marijuana is an excellent distraction from discomfort and pain, and any runner will tell you that there is nothing more un-enjoyable than a long distance run if your mind is just not in it.

However, it turns out that a bit of cannabis before a run can be the perfect remedy for that mental brick wall that every runner will be familiar with. Marijuana and endurance seem to go hand in hand, so coupled with its ability to numb aches and pains, it seems like the perfect pre-workout!

Most runners won’t be keen on smoking full stop, especially before a run! We recommend either vaping or edibles, but remember that a little goes a long way so don’t go overboard or you may never end up leaving the house!

#3 Cannabis as the Perfect Post-Workout?

A great workout is nothing without the perfect post-workout, which usually takes the form of a protein shake or snack that works to replenish the worked muscles to minimize DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness).

Depending on the volume of exercise and the type of activity, you can experience different kinds of muscle pain as a result, but injury and wear and tear can be serious issues for sportsmen and women.

Cannabinoids found within marijuana work alongside our endocannabinoid system and bond with our cannabinoid receptors, which brings about many of the medicinal benefits associated with the bud. One of the most well researched benefits of cannabis, in particular CBD, is anti-inflammatory properties, which go hand in hand with sports-related injuries and inflammation.

Consuming cannabis as a post-workout can not only help reduce muscle inflammation, but can also work to reduce pain and soothe both body and mind after a heavy session!

Some methods of cannabis consumption can also work great to boost appetite, which for many can be something that you suffer after an intense workout.

#4 Cannabis and the Outdoors – Get Out of the Gym!

When we say workout, you may instantly think of a packed out, sweaty gym environment. However, this doesn’t necessarily have to be the case at all! There is nothing quite like combining cannabis with the great outdoors – so get your walking shoes on and let’s go!

Whether you’re an avid nature lover, a walker, or a jogger, or if you simply fancy a hike through the local woodland. Cannabis can bring out the beauty in nature and can provide the endurance and motivation to make it all the way to the end of your goal for the day!

The right strain of cannabis can enhance the senses, making flowers look brighter, insects sound louder and the sun shine brighter, so try including marijuana with your outdoor adventures!

We recommend edibles that work slowly to take effect, and packing a picnic for a pit stop when those munchies kick in!

#5 What is the Best Way to Consume Cannabis When Exercising?

Those who enjoy cannabis on a regular basis will have likely experimented with the various ways it can be consumed. From smoking a joint through to sharing a bong or baking marijuana into a cake, there are now a variety of options for consumption.
However, for those who are choosing to combine cannabis with exercise, we have a few tips that may help you get the most out of your experience!

  • We never recommend smoking marijuana if you intend to follow it up with exercise. Smoking cannabis could irritate your chest and make it difficult when exercising.
  • Edibles may be suitable depending on the activity. If you are going for a nice stroll or hike or plan to hit the gym for a lengthy weight session in an hour or so, edibles will probably be ideal. However, bear in mind that edibles take longer to take effect and are considerably more difficult to dose.
  • Vaping is our recommended method of cannabis consumption. It is fast becoming one of the most sought-after methods, as it offers a healthier alternative to smoking without losing the feeling of actually inhaling the excellent stuff! If you are looking to incorporate cannabis with exercise, then vaping is a safe, discreet and fast-acting path to go down.

Should You Be Combining Cannabis With Exercise?

So, there you have it – our five most handy bits of advice when it comes to getting a sweat on and getting baked! Everyone is different, and what works well for someone else may not work well for you, so always go in small and work your way up.

Always check with your doctor before doing rigorous exercises, especially if you are new to the fitness industry. And above all else, have fun and be safe.

Tell us in the comments how you like to mix up cannabis and fitness for a killer workout.