Reviews on the market’s best vaporizers and much more.

Hara CBD Oil Review: Did They Pass Our Test?

I’ll say right off the bat that this Hara CBD review almost single-handedly converted me into a vaper. Honestly, I never thought I’d be one. I’ve always been super skeptical about inhaling things into my lungs (for good reason). With a little research, though, and some proper “product testing,” I think I’ve transitioned to the […]

Yocan Vaporizer Review (2019 Update)

This one is for all you vaping fanatics out there! Today we are going to be taking a look at Chinese vaporizer company Yocan. Vaping has become the new trend as of recent, and Yocan Vape is sure to have everything you could need for everything vape related. Vaping, as opposed to smoking, has many […]

JUUL Vape Review [The Full Guide for 2019]

The all-conquering JUUL vaporizers brand – whose goal is to eliminate the use of cigarettes completely (good luck with that) – was founded by James Monsees and Adam Bowen with the goal of improving the lives of smokers all over the world. Both of these men had smoked tobacco cigarettes for many years, but were […]

MyBlu Liquid Pods Review: How Would We Rate Them?

As we move away from smoking tobacco, vape devices have come along to fill the gap in the market. So-called ‘Pod Mods’ are designed to be quick and easy to use on the go. They typically consist of a closed ‘pod’ which contains an e-liquid, or else you can get refillable pods. There is a […]

The Clear Concentrate: NEW Vape Oil Review

According to Herodotus, humans have vaped cannabis for at least 2,500 years. He wrote about how the Scythians used hot stones to help vaporize marijuana seeds, and how they inhaled the vapor and began dancing around wildly. Things are a little more sophisticated in the modern era as there are now countless advanced vaporizers capable […]

Storz and Bickel: A Comprehensive Guide to All Vapes (Review, Price, Comparison)

It’s no exaggeration whatsoever to say that one of the most reputable and well-established vape manufacturers in the cannabis industry is Storz and Bickel. Ever heard of the famous Volcano Vaporizer? Well, this is the brand that’s behind the now-iconic device. Often referred to simply as S&B, the company is up there as one of the […]

PAX: A Comprehensive Guide to All Vapes (Review, Price, Comparison)

The Pax vaporizer, made by Pax Labs, is no doubt one of the most reputable talked about companies in the world of vapes; in the last half-decade or so, they have become a legitimate frontrunner in revolutionizing how people consume weed in public. OFFICIAL WEBSITE | The brand was founded in 2007 by two […]

Grenco Science: Guide to All Vapes – (Review, Price, and Comparison)

Grenco has become a byword for ‘quality’ when it comes to portable vaporizers. The company was founded several years ago by Chris Folkerts, who was so blown away by the taste and therapeutic effect of his first weed vaping experience that it led him to invent the original Grenco G Pen back in 2012. In the […]

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