8 Tips for Growing Blueberry Cannabis: The Practical Cultivation Guide

Blueberry marijuana is one of those strains that lives up to its name perfectly – it’s sweet and tastes just like blueberries!

However, growing the Blueberry marijuana strain has some particular issues that some growers don’t quite know how to master; long flowering times, peculiarities regarding nutrients, or even just the training techniques necessary to make sure the plant thrives.

The difficulty in ensuring you get a yield is well worth it however, as Blueberry is a strain with history, flavor and a huge potential for just making good bud.

Let’s take a look at 8 tips to make sure you grow Blueberry the right way.

Tip #1: Strain Review

Blueberry is a West Coast staple strain, originally created by American breeder DJ Short. DJ Short was working with an interesting mix of landrace strains, strains grown in their respective indigenous countries such as Afghani from Afghanistan or Purple Thai from Thailand. Though previously limited to their local area, DJ Short played a hand in helping bring them to the worldwide stage through a myriad of breeding projects to create his ideal strain.

And thus, Blueberry was born.

Blueberry has an obvious taste and smell of fresh blueberries, hence its fitting name. Commonly used as a nightcap or in preparation for any kind of relaxation of peaceful activity, Blueberry is famous for its dreamy indica effects.

Too many indicas have an unfortunate reputation for locking you dead to your couch and leaving you a useless husk. Blueberry doesn’t have any of that kind of nonsense; instead, you get a calm, peaceful euphoria that leaves you feeling ready to have a great night’s sleep.

Often taken as a way to deal with pain or undue stress, Blueberry is admired not just for its high THC content, but for its great blueberry flavor as well.

Tip #2: Growing Difficulty

Blueberry is, despite its somewhat fearsome reputation, actually a very easy strain to grow yourself. There are some mild idiosyncrasies, such as the exact quantity and type of nutrients required, as well as a few special pruning techniques you can do to make the yield as high as possible, but if you’re just looking to grow a weed strain with minimal effort and you don’t care about the yield, Blueberry is perfect for you.

However, if you want to maximize your yield and get the most from your plants, there are a few tricks you need to master to ensure you create the highest quality bud (and as much of it) as possible.

Tip #3: Growing Techniques

Blueberry is a strain that you really need to commit to growing in the open sun, as it really shines outdoors. However, it can get a bit weak at the start of the growth period, so it can be wise to start it in your greenhouse early, and then be ready to plant outside once the last frost has passed.

Something special you can do to help increase your yield is to work on “topping” your plants. This means you trim away at the tops of the plant as it grows, so as to try and sculpt the growing Blueberry plant into a bush shape. If it grows into a bush shape, the plant puts more effort and resources into growing more buds, as well as taking up less space, than if it is trying to grow taller.

Additionally, regular pruning of the plant will help prevent powdery mildew, as that annoying affliction loves to focus on top-heavy plants.

To keep them happy, make sure they’re pruned regularly and given sufficient nutrients to ensure a high yield and a fertile plant.

Tip #4: Blueberry Yield

Blueberry cannabis has a pleasant reputation for incredibly high yields compared to other strains. A huge part of this is the aforementioned bushy shape.

Through careful, regular pruning and cultivation, Blueberry can be sculpted into a bush shape that encourages it to produce far more bud than it would normally.

This high yield can be surprising for first time growers, however, as it produces a lot more bud than you’d expect.

However, getting such a high yield is dependent on a number of factors, not just pruning it; you also need to feed it properly.

Tip #5: Feeding Blueberry

As Blueberry is a strain you should start in your greenhouse before moving outside, you have the unique opportunity to be able to prepare your soil in advance. Before you progress to outdoor growing, enrich the soil you’ll be planting your Blueberry in with the necessary nutrients.

Blueberry requires a decent amount of nitrogen compared to other strains, which is made all the more important when you move a plant from inside a greenhouse to the outside. The change of regular temperature to the sporadic inconsistencies of the outdoors means that the plant will use a lot of nutrients, especially as it strives to grow taller.

Once you’ve got the plant rooted strongly into the ground and it begins to flower, try and litter the top of the soil with worm castings. Though that might sound strange to uninitiated, try and take a look at the soil behind the trail of an earthworm.

As an earthworm eats through dirt and compost, it leaves behind a nutrient-rich waste product which we call worm casting. What makes these even better for feeding your Blueberry plants is that this soil is naturally aerated due to the process of being digested by the worms.

To make sure your plant is as nutrient rich as possible; also add some bat guano to the soil after the worm casting. This is, of course, another animal’s waste, but this time from bats!

Bat guano is naturally high in phosphates and nitrogen due to the excess nutrients consumed by the winged creatures. It might smell strongly of animals and gunpowder, but your Blueberry plants will absolutely love it.

Don’t worry about any weird smells or anything affecting the quality or taste of your buds – Blueberry is a strong plant and it’ll create the same wonderful taste regardless of what you feed it.

Tip #6: Growing Outdoors/Indoors

Blueberry is a remarkably versatile strain, able to handle surprisingly cold temperatures compared to what you might expect. It’s a perfect plant for planting in northern climates, such the north east of the USA or the frighteningly cold Midwest.
As we’ve already mentioned, Blueberry is a strain best grown outside, thanks to its love of the natural sun and abundance of nutrients.

Also, the quality and quantity of buds won’t be anywhere near as amazing if you grow it entirely indoors, so put it outside and enjoy some of the best buds you can imagine.

Tip #7: Blueberry Flowering Time

Blueberry cannabis has a pretty decent flowering time for how good a strain it is. With about 7-9 weeks on average, you can expect to see your fresh Blueberry buds on your (hopefully) perfectly shaped Blueberry bush in less than 2 months.

This strain is remarkable for a number of things, but its quick flowering time just amps up its great reputation – not only do you get wonderfully tasting, calm-inducing weed, but you get it in record time as well.

Tip #8 Climate for Growing Blueberry Strain

Blueberry is a strain that prefers a milder climate than others. It’s the perfect temperature range is between 65 and 80 Fahrenheit, though it’s surprisingly adept at withstanding colder temperatures.

This ability to resist the uncomfortability of colder temperatures in the night (something you need to be careful of when you when in the colder, more northern parts of the USA) makes Blueberry a favorite for backyard growers living in the American Midwest or the northeast.

Though the minimum range is 65, you can easily find it withstanding temperatures as low as 45 degrees Fahrenheit without it affecting the bud yield significantly.

Just make sure that, when you consider whether or not to grow Blueberry, you can guarantee it won’t face those kind of temperatures for more than a couple nights in a row.

Even the hardiest plant out there can’t survive regular freezing temperatures without either dying off completely or causing it to produce in an inferior yield.

Final Thoughts on Growing Blueberry Marijuana

Blueberry Cannabis is a strain that is dependable, reliable and hardy, with a surprisingly intense yield that will likely leave you with far more bud than you know what to do with.

It’s a pretty easy strain to manage yourself, but the main tricky issue is having both an indoor Greenhouse space to start the planting, and then finding suitable outdoor space to move it outside where it can flourish under the natural sun.

With some surprisingly specific feeding requirements, Blueberry is a perfect strain for those looking to get into growing their own weed, but you also need to have the land necessary to grow it.

As the best yields can be obtained by growing it both outdoors, and in a wide, bush shaped pattern rather than as a regular tall plant, you need a good amount of space to get the best out of your Blueberry strain.

With high yields, a wide temperature range and the opportunity to play around with both worm and bat excrement, the Blueberry strain will have you relaxing and feeling euphoric in no time.