The Best 5 Marijuana Strains For Chronic Pain Relief (2019)
April 3, 2019

The Best 5 Marijuana Strains For Chronic Pain Relief (2019)

The most effective cannabis strains...
MarijuanaBreak Staff MarijuanaBreak Staff / Updated on April 3, 2019

Chronic pain is one of the most uncomfortable and difficult ailments to manage. Furthermore, it is one of the most common reasons why people seek out medical marijuana. According to a recent study by the CDC, around 50 million Americans suffered from chronic pain, which was defined as “pain on most days or every day in the past 6 months.”

The main issue with pain is that despite ongoing efforts by scientists and researchers to determine the exact cause of specific pains in our body,  it is a condition which is highly complex and difficult to treat.

Pain does not have one direct root and is often a vexing problem to treat. It is so complex, that for specific pains there is no effective medicine..

Medical marijuana has long been associated with chronic pain relief, but when it was classed as an illegal substance, pharmaceutical drugs slowly became the norm. Current laws and restrictions have forced doctors to take a more conservative approach, and nowadays most physicians prescribe mainly pharmaceutical drugs to treat different forms of pain rather than cannabis.

For acute pain, such as the discomfort that follows surgery, doctors tend to prescribe opiates: drugs that derive from chemicals. The problem is that for chronic pain, these type of drugs seldom work. Even when they are effective, they tend to cause side-effects such as nausea and sedation. Other chronic pain suffers will often develop tolerance to opiates turning this form of treatment into an ineffective one.

According to a new report released earlier this year by the National Academies of Sciences Engineering, and Medicine (NASEM), there is conclusive or substantial evidence (in general, enough to make a firm conclusion) that cannabis or cannabinoids, found in the marijuana plant, can be an effective treatment for chronic pain.

How Does Marijuana Help Chronic Pain?

According to the NASEM report, cannabinoid compounds that come from the cannabis plant such as THC and CBD are an effective treatment for pain. The report suggests that this is due to the natural cannabinoid receptors in our bodies which play a role in pain control.

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5 Marijuana Strains for Chronic Pain

When deciding what marijuana strain is best for your chronic pain there several things that you should take into consideration. It is also important to note that there are dozens of different marijuana strains on the market that can help. Each is best for specific pains or conditions and there is no right or wrong when choosing a marijuana strain. It is entirely subjective and depends on the type of pain that you are experiencing and the level of psychoactivity you are comfortable with.

For one patient a particular cannabis strain might be an effective treatment, and for another, with a similar condition, the strain simply won’t be as effective.

Furthermore, it is important to remember that each patient is different and choosing the right cannabis strain may take some trial and error. With that all being said, here are some examples of cannabis strains that have ranked on most site’s top 5 lists.

Cannabis Strain #1 – White Widow

White widow cannabis Strain

White Widow is a hybrid marijuana strain. It derives from two different strains; South Indian Indica and South American, which is a Sativa strain. This cannabis strain offers excellent pain relief as well as an uplifting, energetic, and euphoric feeling. It is known for treating stress, depression and lack of appetite.

Cannabis Strain #2 – Blue Dream

Blue Dream StrainBlue Dream is a hybrid marijuana strain, a cross breed between the Sativa Haze with Blueberry Indica. It has a sweet flavor and is favored by many smokers. This strain is known for having significant pain relieving properties and is commonly used for depression and stress relief. The THC content of Blue Dream falls between 17-24% while the CBD content ranges from 0.1-0.2% consistently.

Cannabis Strain #3 – Bubba Kush

Bubba Kush Cannabis Strain

Deriving from the Hindu Kush landrace cannabis strains, this unique strain offers an earthy flavor. As it is Indica based, it provides a very relaxed and sleepy effect for many who enjoy it for their pain relief. It is also known for being the marijuana sleeping pill, as it does wonders before bedtime by relieving pain, addressing stress and depression, and assisting with insomnia. The THC content of Bubba Kush ranges from 14-22%, and the CBD content ranges from 0.06-0.1%.

Cannabis Strain #4 – AK-47

AK-47 cannabis Strain

AK-47 is kind of like a cannabis cocktail. It comes from a variety of different strains including South American, Mexican and Thai Sativa strains and the Afghani Indica strain. It is great for relieving pain, eliminating stress, and managing depression. Being a sativa dominant strain, it also provides an uplifting effect. So make sure you don’t smoke it before you go to sleep.

Cannabis Strain #5 – Jack Herer

Jack herer marijuana strain

Jack Herer is named after a renowned cannabis activist, and similar to Jack himself this strain is extremely effective. This powerhouse strain will help to ease pain while providing you with the benefits of a Sativa strain. It is often used to treat depression, lack of appetite, and fatigue in addition to pain. The THC content of Jack Herer ranges from 18-23% and the CBD content ranges from 0.03 -0.2%. This strain is a cross between Shiva Skunk, Northern Lights #5 and a Haze Hybrid.

Marijuana Strains for Chronic Pain: Final Thoughts

Marijuana is a fantastic, natural alternative to pharmaceutical painkillers. Although it carries its own risk of side effects, these are generally less serious than those of opiates and there is far less potential for dependence. Research on cannabis for chronic pain is ongoing, and support for the herb is growing all the time.

In this article, we have selected only five strains that may help some of you with your conditions. If you are aware of any other effective marijuana strains for chronic pain, share them with the community in the comments below or on our Facebook page.

  1. Leo
    Gorilla Glue #4

    I’m a Florida MM patient and suffer from chronic pain . I’ve had a lot of luck with Gorilla Glue #4 in the vap cartridges. Very strong and instant relief.

  2. Jeremy

    i live in florida-orlando area. I have had 8 back surgeries in the past 6 years and am now disabled and spend most of the day in bed laying and trying to get relief from back and leg pain i take morphine and oxycodone for the pain, i have gone to weed dr and got my recommendation for medical marijuana, i talked with my pain dr and they said i can use one or the other, i decided to stay on opiates due to the cost of the medical marijuana, $30 for a months worth of opiates vs $500-$600 a month for marijuana. I have been collecting grow equipment since December 2018, i want to grow my own medicine and get off opiates. Im looking forward to when i can grow some grand daddy purps, gorilla glue#4, blueberry head band, blue cookies, just a few of the strains that i have found that crush my pain. Fingers crossed that we will be able to grow in florida in the near future

    1. Carol
      Please get a second opinion

      That makes no sense. That they tell u one or the other. I’m in Ohio. Just got my card about a month ago. I’m trying edibles and it’s helping more than I ever thought it would. My issue with your Drs is why you have to stop one before you can have the other. That in itself is not safe if you’ve been on opioids for a while. My primary care doc loves that it’s helping. I have MS. Fibromyalgia. Chronic pain. Plate in my neck. Could use a new knee and I have a lung issue that makes it impossible for me to smoke. He’s not even the doctor that sent me to get my card but he doesn’t want me to stop the norco or the other pain meds and other scripts cold turkey. That’s just not safe. I’ve been on some of these drugs since 98 and I have to take brand on most of them so for me. The cost is less for the flower. I have bought a magical butter machine and can make my own edibles. So that does help. But seriously how can a medical professional tell you to stop something. The two don’t interact. There r a few drugs that can interact. Some antibiotics but not opioids or morphine. Please get a second opinion

  3. Bruce Baker
    Nothing could be easier

    I have tried Blue Dream for pain relief from insomnia. And the plus point was it helped me later have a peaceful undisturbed sleep. I develop this condition off and on, whenever I remember my truck accident, and Blue Dream really helps. Just 2 grams of it and I am all fine by the next morning.

  4. John
    WW is my favorite

    I vaped some White Widow dab earlier about 12 noon and I was completely and intensely stoned. It’s incredible for pain.

  5. Steven with MS
    Just visited this website for the 1st time.

    I live in TN that has NOT approved use of Marijuana Medical or recreational pot. I used to live in OR and MI and held cards in both States for Medical Marijuana use. It doesn’t look favorable for MM in our State anytime soon.

    I have Multiple Sclerosis and lived with it for the past 37 years since diagnosis in 1982. As mentioned above, I used MM in OR and MI which was very helpful for chronic problems with fatigue, tremors and pain.

    I never really knew what strains were best for helping with MS and dealing with symptoms mentioned above.

    Can someone give me some advice and direction? I’m planning to relocate to MI, where it’s legal, sometime in 2020.

    1. Dr Gordon
      CBD is legal, terpenes are legal both not psychoactive

      CBD oil is legal in all 50 states. Combine it with anti-spasmotic terpenes

      1. Lisa
        Arrested for CBD taken to jail for controlled substance

        People grandmothers are getting arrested for cbd it is considered a controlled substance. Even though you can buy it otc it is illegal.

  6. Shelley Thomas
    Where to start?

    I am 49 years old and have been suffering with chronic nerve pain. The pain is deep in my inner ear ,down my throat and in my jaw, teeth etc. I had brain surgery at the Mayo clinic which didn’t work. So for 9 years I have been on opioids. Pain medicine does not touch nerve pain ,but will sometimes knock me out for a few hours. I live in Tennessee, so medical marijuana is not legal. I need something to help with the pain but not make me high. Any suggestions on strains. I will travel to another state to buy. I am desperate. I live in severe pain 24/7 365. I am now bed ridden. I want my life back. My pain feels like someone is stabbing me with an ice pic in my ear drum and like I am getting electric shocks. Please any help is appreciated.

  7. Regina
    New patient trying to find the right strain.

    I’m trying to find the ideal strain for fatigue, PTSD, depression, insomnia. It may be too much to ask for. I have tried a couple, Jack Herer and Green Crack. I am an ex smoker because of asthma but I haven’t found a Sativa edible. I just sit most of the time because of my back pain(2 back surgeries) but am exhausted like I’ve been working all day. Any suggestions?

    1. Laura

      I just tried Ak-47. It was very relaxing yet I didn’t feel like I needed to goto bed like I usually do. I was surprised to feel the effect so strongly. It usually takes me a lot of smoke to get to that point where I actually can tell I smoked. Nice choice.

    2. Ellen Diane
      well done

      I am a legal medical marijuana user from CT. with chronic pain & depression- – I was interested in the 5 strains for chronic pain- I will check out my dispo- thanks-

    3. Adam

      Have you tried Blue Dream?

  8. Eve
    Hemp nuggs

    Where can I buy CBD flower 🌸

  9. Matthew M Watson
    Strains that work for my pain

    I have chronic pain from CPR done 11 years ago. I like Harlequin 1:1 strain for daytime use, it helps bring the pain from an 8 down to a 1 or 2 with just a hit or 2 and I can function pretty well. At night AFGooey allows me to get a good nights sleep.

  10. Zachary James Carr
    Mind boggling

    So far Unicorn is the most mind boggling strain I have tried. It tastes very strange. Can not say that it even tastes like a normal cannabis.

    1. Kim
      @Zachary James Carr

      Can u explain what you mean by “mind boggling”? What effects did you have?

  11. Paul Mielnik
    Arthritis usage

    I’m 72 with severe arthritis in knees, hips, hands, and suffer muscle cramps in throat and legs. I use weed to alleviate pain, works well. Problem is that I do so illegally here in Ohio because on my low income i can’t waste money trying to get approved for card if arthritis pain is not covered. How do I get in touch with others who may have gone through the process?

    1. Maria
      magic formula

      I weaned off of very strong pain meds about 1 1/2 months ago and obtained my medical marijuana card here in Ohio. I went to 2 different dispensaries , and neither one carried any of the strains mentioned for pain. I am also on a fixed income, and the price for a 2 day supply,2g, was $50! the budsman that worked with me knew nothing about the strains, and just told me its trial and error. I bought a couple different strains to try, none of which did anything for my pain. I then tried the CBD oils for a month, following the directions given to me at the CBD store. Slowly increasing my dosage every 5 days. this didn’t work either. That oil was $100 a bottle. So far I have spent over $600 and have had no relief from pain. Is there a magic formula that someone can share with me

      1. Shannon Plonka
        Hope this helps

        I suffer from chronic pain from severe fibromyalgia and cervical degenerative disc disease. I was taking very strong pain meds and muscle relaxants for years and I now use cannabis instead. I found that using edibles with a 1:1 ratio of thc:cbd really makes a big difference. The edibles work differently than smoking or vaping in your body. I eat them before bed and at mid-day and it is working amazing. There are so many kinds and flavors. I also smoke or vape off and on through out the day. Smoking strains I found that work for me have been “Mag Landrace,” “Brownie Scout,” and “Bio Jesus.” It really is a trial and error thing until you find what works best for you, and do not be afraid to combine products. I hope you find your perfect strain and get some relief!

      2. Lcook
        Grow rights

        Can you grow your own in Ohio? Arizona let’s you grow up to 12 plants, if you live over 25 miles from a dispensary. It helps tremendously! We need to fight for grow rights to be legal in all 50 states! You can make your own alcohol.

    2. Laura
      Arthritis and bone pain

      I have both severe bone degeneration and arthritis. Waiting to receive my card. I would be willing to share what helps or not howevever I am just beginning this journey for pain relief. How about you?

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