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MarijuanaBreak Staff / Updated on June 26, 2018


MarijuanaBreak was founded with one thing in mind – to provide suffering patients with an easy and secure gateway to getting medical marijuana treatment. We understand the true benefits of nature’s most beneficial plant, and we hope to help our readers overcome the oftentimes confusing process of getting a medical marijuana card to become an MMJ patient.

Our site doesn’t just provide you with the standard cut and dry information; we take the extra step and connect you with top licensed physicians who can accompany you throughout the process and can provide you with a medical marijuana recommendation. These include legitimate, board-certified marijuana doctors or service providers who have passed a rigorous vetting and approval process.

What Do Medical Marijuana Patients Say?


Picture 1JAMES JENNINGS: “I live in Illinois, and I had no idea that it was possible to get a card if you weren’t clinically dying, Marijuanabreak helped me organize the process and I had everything sorted in 2.5 weeks. I am now an official MMJ card holder”

Picture 1DANA MORGAN: “I didn’t know that I had so many options based on my location. Living in Wisconsin, it isn’t easy to obtain medical marijuana and become a cannabis patient. It’s actually nearly impossible. Marijuanabreak helped me understand all my options.”

Make money with Cannabis StocksSARA SILVERMAN : “I always knew I could get a medical card, but I didn’t know I could get one in less than 15 minutes. Amazing! Love California. I also got $20 worth of bud with their promo code.”

Why Do Marijuana Patients Choose Marijuanabreak?


With our simple, easy process that’s packed with important information, you’ll understand in minutes all the logistics and requirements of getting a Medical Marijuana Card in your state. We even connect you to licensed and trusted doctors that will give you immediate treatment and peace of mind. For example, if you arrived on this page after searching for a specific doctor or medical card provider, we will help you with the process, connecting you to them or to a great alternative. If you are applying for a medical card due to a specific medical condition, we’ll do our best to connect you to the best doctor according to your medical condition.

About Marijuanabreak

“Hi, my name is Julie Martins, I’m 34 years old, and I am an MMJ card holder. I am also one of the founders of MarijuanaBreak. I didn’t always use to look like this. I actually used to be pretty messed up. I suffer from chronic pain in my lower legs.

Throughout my life, I have lived in quite a few places and therefore acquired quite a bit of knowledge on how to get an medical marijuana card. I couldn’t imagine myself without Marijuana. It’s a savior.

Author of MMJ

About 2 years ago, I decided to help a friend obtain an MMJ card. I literally took her through the whole process and connected her with my medical doctor. I was shocked at how much knowledge I had about the whole process and that’s when it hit me — why not combine my experience and knowledge to create a resource that would help my friends and people from the MMJ community? A resource that would help medical marijuana patients from all over the U.S.?

I am not some Mother Teresa – far from it, in fact. But I couldn’t sit back and watch people waste so much time on trying to get a medical marijuana card, when in some states the process is so easy. I hope that our site and services help you, as it has done for many of our followers and friends.”

The MMJ Patient Process


Step 1 – Register with Marijuanabreak

The first step is to complete the 30-second form below. We need to know simple details, so that we can take you through the correct process. All your information is 100% Confidential & Secure.

Step 2 – Complete the Medical Application

If you live in a state that has an online process (such as California, New York and a few others), we will automatically redirect you to a preferred medical doctor for an evaluation based on your medical condition. If you reside in a state that does not have an online process, we will contact you via email to explain the exact process.

Step 3 – Evaluation with a Doctor

This is a simple process that normally takes around 20 minutes. Depending on your state, you can either do this online (some even offer video evaluations) or you will be required to come in for a local physical evaluation.

Step 4 – Get Your Medical Recommendation

According to the results of your evaluation, you will receive a medical marijuana recommendation. Your recommendation will be emailed to you immediately in many instances, and a hard copy mailed the same day if at all possible. In addition, when you get your doctor’s recommendation through one of Marijuanabreak’s recommended 420 doctors, you’ll get a special $20 coupon sent to your email. You can use this with your first order at any of our preferred dispensaries.

Top Medical Patient FAQs


Do I Need to be Referred by my Primary Care Doctor?

No. Anyone can become a medical cannabis patient and benefit from medical marijuana, as long as you live in a state that approves it.

Is My Information Secure?

Of course. We run an approved HTTPS secure site. In addition, we are obligated to treat your information with the upmost confidentially. All communications, including evaluations, are discreet. Our aim is to help you with the process in the safest and most secure way possible.

Can I Purchase Weed with My Recommendation?

This depends on state laws. Specific states allow you to purchase weed with your online recommendation while your medical card is being processed and delivered to you. Other states have different laws and restrictions, meaning you’ll have to wait until you get your actual state-licensed MMJ card. We understand that you need medical treatment as soon as possible, and that’s why we do two things: One, we take you through the easiest process possible; and Two, for approved marijuana patients we send you an amazing weed coupon, allowing you to purchase $20 worth of weed from select dispensaries.

Should I Register if I Live in an Illegal State?

Definitely. The process is not cut-&-dry. There will often be options that you are not aware of. Furthermore, we are constantly updating our medical patients with news and law changes.

How Much Does it Cost?

While our site does not charge for its service, medical doctors or card providers may charge a small fee. The cost of a Medical Marijuana Recommendation + Card varies per state. Simply register below and explore the costs in your state.

How Do I Get My Card?

Medical marijuana recommendations are sent immediately to the email address you provide, following your approval. Medical cards are sent to the physical address that you provide in your full application.

How Long is a Medical Card Valid for?

In most states a medical marijuana card is valid for 12 months.

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Get Your Marijuana Card and Become a Qualified MMJ Patient
June 26, 2018
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  1. Christopher

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  2. Jorden

    Thank you SO much for this great info!! I live in PA and was worried it would be an absolute nightmare trying to get my card, but really was not that bad at all

  3. Marcus stull
    Help me get started please before my depression an adhd an skitzo end up taking over fully I'm on verge of giving up on life and need help

    I need help getting started an getting card plus local or closest doctor I’m in lake lynn pa

  4. Christina

    Really friendly, well-informed staff. Was taken aback by their professionalism. Highly recommended. Thank you Marijuanabreak

  5. Jenn
    Desperate and in hope of help!

    I suffer from severe neuropathy in both legs after an allergic reaction to an injection for herniated discs that left me paralyzed from the waist down for over a year. I feel like I am being burned alive, and for five years the doctors have piled on more and more pain pills, until I was addicted to Percocet, Vicodin, Morphine, Neurontin, Atavan, Klonopin, Soma, Topamax, and 175 mg of Fentanyl. I’ve tried to get off of these medications, only to end up back on them because the pain was so excruciating. I have 2 young children and would like them to remember me as more than the Mommy they couldn’t touch because she hurt too much. I’ve tried CBD, but that only goes so far. I know there’s a long waiting list right now for PA. If there’s any way you could get me through as soon as possible, I’d appreciate it more than I could say. Thank you so much for your time. Sincerely, Jenn

  6. Tyler

    Will be interested to see how medical marijuana in affected once more states (and maybe even the whole country) goes 100% legal. We’ll just have to keep an eye on Canada and see how they do it! Thanks for the article, very informative and helpful

  7. Clarence Samuel
    leg and back pain,. g.i.track problems digesting medications... Help !

    I am experiencing a lot of leg and back pain and taking a lot of medication totally upsets my GI tract I have a lot of problems digesting them please help

  8. Brad

    Will always get medical marijuana, even if they approve on a nationwide level. In my opinion it is more potent. Good article, thanks for the read

  9. Drew Faust

    If you’re wondering whether it’s still worth it to get an MMJ card in a fully legal state, it is. Huge tax benefits, better prices, and in my opinion better quality product

  10. John Flanagan

    Will be curious to say how these medical states have to adapt now that more are becoming recreationally legal. Probably more financially beneficial for the states to go fully legal, more tax revenue

  11. Wade

    Latest Texas laws on marijuana becoming legal?

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  13. Tyler Santomassino

    I’ve had JME since. It started as twitches but quickly resulted in several grandmal seizures. I also have severe anxiety and depression. which are the main cause of my seizures. It continues to worsen every year, and knowing when it’s about to happen is the scariest feeling I’ve ever felt. It is also greatly afffecting my work when meeting new people since most assume I am on drugs, regardless of what I say or prove.
    Please help, and let me know what you think may be the best strand(s) for my current situation.
    Thank you so much


    Ty Santomassino

  14. Dylan

    Any updates on the Oklahoma status? Last I hear the program was going to be flagged, who knows how long the delay will be

  15. Vinny H.

    Thinking about getting a medical marijuana card in Florida, but doesn’t seem like chronic anxiety is on list of qualifying conditions. Anybody have any experience with this or know any doctors I can get in touch with? Thanks.

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    I have a service related disability and currently receive shots in my back from a pain management program. This helps some but between shots I am miserable. Currently my pain management doctor does believe in medical marijuana. I am interested in trying an alternative as I have had two back surgeries and had titanium in my back. Do I have to apply through my pain management doctor or go directly through your site?

    1. Dylan

      Hi Joe, it will ultimately depend on what state you live in as all states have different rules for their MMJ program. Feel free to contact us directly for some MMJ-specific practitioners that may be available in your area.

  23. Natalie

    I’m wondering what the package looks like when it is delivered to your house. Is there a label on the package/ letter that shows what is inside?

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    I have fibromylgia, RA, have had 3 lower back surgeries and 2 neck surgeries. I also have a rare bone disease where my bones look like dripping wax and am having horrible knee and right leg pain
    Did pain management for 12 yrs and it is a vicious cycle of needing more and I am done with it. Louisiana has approved medinical but no dispensaries open for 2 months

  34. Merle Petties

    Help with pain and keep me calm and help my anxiety help me meet people

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    Can you use this card in another state like Arkansas? Or must I also apply there?

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    Oklahomans like to exercise their right to possess and carry firearms to protect themselves, their family and if necessary come to the aid of their fellow citizens. Will getting approved for the medical licenses effect my 2nd ammendment rights?

    1. Jeff

      The Oklahoma law specifically states the because a patient is anmj card holder it shall not infringed on his rights and licenses including cca permit. And besides. It’s medical. Your medical records are sealed and if you purchase a gun or have a mmj card they can’t get your medical records because they are protected by HIPPA. Hope that helps

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    I live in Oklahoma but my primary care doctor is in Texas. Will this be a problem?

    1. Adam

      The main factor is in which state you are a resident. Also in most cases you will need a bonafide relationship with a doctor in your state.

  40. Christopher H Keese

    I quote the great legend Bob Marley. As he says ” when you smoke herb, it reveils you to urself.

  41. Rebecca S Myers

    I am on disability for mental health and have a numerous amount of problems. How do i get a free MMJ card. Im on medical and dont pay anything and dont recieve enough money to even cover my rent. So how do i get a card for free.

    1. Adam

      You would have to apply directly through the state, but even then there is a fee

  42. Brad Thomas

    I live in Oklahoma and have an appointment with my doctor. Do I need something. Paperwork or anything to take with me to get my ml? Or is that all provided by him?

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    I don’t want to get high. I want to be free of pain caused by Peripheral Neuropathy, migraines and anxiety. I stopped taking gambutrol and topamax. They make me feel so sick. I’m in Ohio though where they love to push pills.

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    I would like to get my medical marijuana card without a costly bill from the run around looking for a doctor.

    1. Adam

      We don’t charge as an informative service and will try to provide you with the best possible option according to your state.

  53. Destiny

    I was wondering if this would work to obtain my medical marijuana card in PA? I suffer from PTSD panic disorder and depression.

  54. Alison K

    I really need a card. Applied with the state. Hope it arrives soon. Thanks for all the help.

  55. Eric R. McCarroll

    My doctor wants me to be treated with medical marijuana due to the dangerous side effects of pain meds I’ve been on since 1992.

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      I use to live I. San Diego ca . I have ME. And just had a knee procedure.

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  58. Renee

    I was put on disability for chronic pain , I have peripheral neuropathy , I’m in pain 24/7 , I was on codeine and tylenol for 10 years , my Dr Retired and the Dr’s I’ve seen all treat me like a criminal , they scream no codeine and only give me Rxs for Mood elevators , 200.00 for one month and my Ins wont cover it , they only make me spacey and I had a car accident because the meds distort my vision , I need help I have nothing for pain , I was a hiker , now I’m bedridden I cant walk for the pain . I doubt this new Dr will give me a referral , she admitted she knew nothing about neuropathy , I went thru 2 years of tests to get disability !!!! She acts like I’m making it all up .

    1. Brock

      I might be able to help you with that

  59. Martin Podvojsky

    I have multiple sclerosis also with a bad case of hand tremors which makes it impossible for me to eat, fill out forms, etc. I live in Pennsylvania. Am I eligible for a medical marijuana card?

  60. Joyce K

    Just got my card. Generally speaking the process in AZ isn’t an easy one. Thanks for the assistance

  61. Sufferedformanyrs

    I may have missed it in the comments, nevertheless I’d like to what insurance are these prescribers accepting?

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    This site is amazing thank you for taking the time tell people like myself with chronic pain and the sick and tired taken l’s! To directory board gold all the information need you you give us it’s just wonderful to know somebody cares as much as you do thank you so much and God-bless you and your family!

  65. Brian K. Blystone SR.

    Your site is amazing where resource take so much for taking your time to help people like me that have no clue where to go

  66. Todd W

    Thanks for the information. Connecticut should ease up!

  67. Andy M

    Thank you so much for all the information. You guys are doing a wonderful job at educating the industry. Keep up the good work!

  68. Ola Gene Savage

    Do I need to see a Doctor? How much does this process cost?

    1. Adam

      Depends where you reside

  69. CeCe Doss

    Where do I apply in California

  70. Jane R

    Ohio is a tough state, thank you for all the information.

    1. brian

      I live in Ohio and was wondering how things went for you appling and how u get your weed since there are no dispensaries here?

  71. Tim Kostizen

    I have chronic lower back pain. Asthma, anxiety, depression and a nerve pain and joint pain and lack of strength to exercise. History of aggression and add and am medicated for schizophrenia. I get stoner songs stuck in my head. That’s it. I’m also antisocial and scared of the world unless I’m high. When I’ve tried to quit is when I have problems.

  72. Jennifer L

    Finally got my card, thank you so much for all the info and help. Took a while, but it’s arrived

    1. Adam

      Congrats. Let us know if you need anything further

  73. Maggie Dent

    I’ve had multiple spinal surgeries. I am diagnosed with failed back syndrome.
    Post Lamenectomy Syndrome is the medical name. I have a internal spinal cord stimulator and a implanted intrathecal morphine pain pump for the daily chronic pain.
    I live in Missouri, it’s on the ballot in November. I’m praying.

  74. Tina hayes

    They told me to do the wax

  75. Adam

    You should apply for a card

  76. Kristen craig

    I live in Oklahoma and I have arthritis and asthma and anixety how would I get a marijuana medical always in pain

    1. Dustin

      Did u get in oklahoma as well.

  77. Brandon Maloney

    Just curious if I can get it for adhd trouble eatting, sleeping, and scoliosis.

    1. Adam

      Depends on your state’s laws

  78. Chris Owens

    Amazing and informative website. Thanks for all the information

  79. Scott Meyer

    I’ve had 6 back surgeries, 3 hip surgeries, total hip replacement, severe neuropathy, hep. C, dislocated shoulder, and have been suffering from chronic pain for 26 years.
    My primary Dr., and pain Dr. will NOT write me a recommendation for medical marijuana. I live in Illinois,a state that supports medical marijuana. I can’t find a Dr to recommend a card. HELP! What do I do?

  80. Barbara A Itterley

    Hi , I filled out the form online but it just keeps taking me back to the form to refill it again, have done it 4 times now? Confused am i doing something wrong or does it have something to do with being in Florida? Any help would be appreciated , I have multiple qualifying health issues and have been under pain management for over 15 years , but my pain doctor will not refer as he does not believe in the benefits , he claims, “your are just replacing one drug for another” , well maybe so but after being on heavy narcs for so long I need to do something to save my organs… I am only 55 …please help ? Thank you

    1. Silvia

      Change doctors!!!! He should be more concerned with your pain rather than being worried about replacing one drug with another. Ask him if he gets paid for every prescription of your brand of pain medication that he writes for his patients. Since everybody is jumping on the “Opioid band wagon” he should be more than willing to write the Rx for you. If I was in your shoes I would raise hell with him. His wallet must be more important than your pain.

  81. Justine M

    Thank you all for the assistance. I personally want to say a big “THANK YOU” to Jerry who didn’t give up. Excellent site and service

  82. Susan McCarthy

    MMJ card is like a blessing to all my health problems. Thanks.

  83. Kerry Johnson

    Got my card last week after months of trying. Thank you for all the assistance and information

  84. Timothy L. Haney

    My primary care Dr. always wants to prescribe “time off”. He won’t prescribe ANYTHING for my pain. ( I have fallen off roofs, been in motorcycle wrecks, and 35 years of abusing my body as a roofer. ) He says medication masks what’s going on. Yeah, What’s going on is my body has been beat up and I am in constant pain.
    I sure hope this sight works.

  85. Christine Lanfair

    Looking to get certified in Florida. Have diabetes, anxiety and chronic pain from fibromyalgia. I am hopeful that this will help alleviate some of the pain I have. I just need assistance with this process.

  86. Sandra

    How can I find a licensed Dr ?

    1. Chris

      Just go to and do a search for local authorized licensed marijuana physicians. My local area in FL has 3 within 10 miles.

    2. Frances Hilliard

      Bright road ahead

  87. Erica zoller

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  88. Adam Sears

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  96. John

    Hi my name is John jozenes and I suffer from severe anxiety and depression..and I am currently on zoloft and I hate taking pills they make me feel worse…and I have smoked pot my whole life and it’s an instant relief for me and I hoping you can help me God bless

    1. Justin ferry

      I am wondering if this is a waste of time for us Kansans. It’s not legal in any shape way or form, how can I benefit from this?

  97. Gwendolyn Gibbs

    Can I get a MMJ card if I live in Texas?

  98. Maggie P

    Just got my card! This was a years battle with the DOH. Thank you for all the support and assistance.

  99. Jeanette Keller

    Exceptional service and beautifully explained by marijuanabreak. I already have my own mmj card that makes me a qualified patient for cannabis. I will share this post with other people.


    I would like list of doctors in Pa. [Phila] to help me with getting my card. I have Spasticity with MS.

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  104. William Boyle

    I live in the United Kingdom I used to smoke marijuana and I suffered the associated penalties that eventually forced me to stop using marijuana and now I no longer smoke tobacco for obvious medical reasons. I am 72 and have arthritis and chronic back pain and I know the medical benefits of marijuana and they are 100% better than prescription pain killers such as Tramadol which have no effect. Would the Medical card qualify me for MMJ use in the UK.

    1. Adam

      Hi William, Unfortunately not… You would have to go through the your local doctor to understand the process. The laws in the U.S. are quite different from the U.K

      1. Krys

        Hi Adam, I have been researching and researching. I really need to get a prescription for mmj, and even though I’m an American I live in Germany. I cannot figure out how to find a doctor here who would be willing to help, even though I have found many many pharmacies or dispensaries that carry. Do you by any chance know a website or information that can help me and get me pointed in the right direction?

        1. Adam

          Hi Krys, we would love to help but we are not familiar with the German laws in regards to medical marijuana. Have you tried to go onto the government’s website?

  105. Callie Bell

    I can’t believe that it is finally available in PA. Thanks for all the information and help

  106. Andrew G

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    Dec. 11, 2017 will be having surgery #8
    revision rt total knee replacement and in Jan/2018 having surgery #9, Rt total knee replacement.

    I am in constant pain 24/7, have tried everything given to me and still, nothing helps. Pain Management can’t help me and suggested I look into Medical Marijuana.

    Please help me! At this point I’m at my wits end.

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  117. Casey ricco


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    1. Jim Newman

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  122. Linda Payne

    I’m 52 year and I suffer from extreme anxiety and depression. At times it is crippling. Thank you for all the help with the MMJ information.

    1. Lisa

      I suffer from anxiety, depression, sleep, migraines and all over body pain. The first 3 are most problematic at this time.


  123. Melony D

    I had no idea that seizures were treatable. Thank you for the info.

  124. Beverly C

    Thank you all so much for your help and ongoing support. Living with anxiety in Texas is tough. Your support has made it easier

  125. Jacqueline B. Cantrell

    Just got my card. Thanks for all the help and information. Your site is super informative.

  126. Sean Flora

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    1. Adam

      Hi Kathy, thanks for the comment. Unfortunately you cannot transport weed from state to state.That is against Federal and most state laws. In regards to Ohio we will send you informed information to your email. Thanks

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        1. Adam

          Hi Debbie, one of our team will reach out. Thanks

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    1. Adam

      Hi stephanie, sorry to hear your story. Oklahoma is a tough state. Reach out to us through the form and we’ll try to assist. Thanks

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    1. Adam

      We totally agree but obtaining medical marijuana really depends on your state laws. There are states which allow it and there are some that are more restrictive. If you could please register on the form so we can have more details and we will try to help. Thanks

  176. George

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    1. Marijuanabreak

      George, sorry to hear that you are suffering.

      If you could fill out the details in the form above so that we know which state you reside in. That way we will be able to connect you to the relevant clinics or doctors and provide you the best possible care.


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