NYC Diesel | Cannabis Strain Review
December 12, 2018

NYC Diesel | Cannabis Strain Review

Everything you need to know about this fantastic strain
MarijuanaBreak Staff MarijuanaBreak Staff / Updated on December 12, 2018

NYC Diesel Cannabis Strain Review

Sativa lovers play close attention, because today we are bringing to you a full review of one of the most successful cannabis strains on the market: NYC Diesel! Cannabis enthusiasts will find it hard to resist the draw of citrus and pine, and the long-lasting high is undoubtedly something to stick around for.

If you haven’t tried NYC Diesel, you are seriously missing out, but never fear – we are going to be giving you the full low down on this incredibly upbeat strain!

If you want to find out why NYC Diesel should be your next sativa strain, stick around…

What is NYC Diesel?

NYC Diesel Strain

Bred by the wonderful Soma Sacred Seeds, NYC diesel is brought to us all the way from the Big Apple! This tasty sativa-dominant strain packs a host of medicinal properties and provides one kick-ass wake and bake high that any cannabis lover will adore.

What do you get when you combine the legend that is Sour Diesel with Mexican and Afghani landraces? You get a nine time Cannabis Cup winner that not only boasts a powerful high but can also help provide relief for a host of medical conditions.

Rumor has it that Soma Seeds were approached by a friend in the Big Apple, claiming that these seeds were the very best he had tried. Intrigued by the bold claims, Soma Seeds kept a couple and, low and behold, they weren’t wrong!

Like any excellent sativa bud, NYC Diesel offers an effective boost of energy, focus and overall positivity that can serve as an excellent strain for getting things done as well as combating a range of mental health-related conditions.

With a THC level between 15-20%, this is a pretty powerful contender and should be approached with care for those who are new to the industry!

NYC Diesel Flavor, Aroma, Appearance


It’s all about the citrus with NYC Diesel, as the plant boasts a pungent array of spicy and zesty notes that will undoubtedly fill any space within minutes. Aside from the punchy smell, NYC Diesel is also a show-stopping bud for its looks with its vibrant hues; this is well indeed the peacock strain of the marijuana world.

Enter the room with a good bag of NYC Diesel, and you will be hit with a strong chemical smell, underlined with a sharp citrus note that lingers for a while after smoking. Upon lighting your bud, you will pick up on delicious hints of lime and grapefruit which fill the air and make it a real sensory treat.

NYC Diesel has a wonderful appearance, with many buds containing hues of purple, blue and yellow, all in one! The olive green flowers are usually coated in a vibrant orange trichome which makes for a beautiful crystal coating of stickiness.

Upon inhalation, users report a hit of sweet citrus mixed with a discreet diesel taste, and upon exhaling, you can expect notes of grapefruit, pine and a subtle spice – this is a seriously moreish taste!

NYC Diesel Grow Info

NYC Diesel can be grown both indoors and out, but the requirements needed for successful outdoor cultivation are pretty hard to come by, so indoor growing is usually recommended. For those who do wish to try their hand at outdoor cultivating, NYC Diesel requires a dry and warm fall climate to get the best results.

Indoor growers can benefit from a 9-11 week flowering time and a pretty high yield for your efforts! This isn’t the easiest plant to grow and maintain, so we would say growers with no experience may want to steer clear of this bud for now.

Medical Benefits of NYC Diesel

nyc strain

There are many medicinal benefits to NYC Diesel, not least its lack of common paranoia or panic side effects, making it perfect for those struggling with a range of mental health conditions.

It takes no time at all to feel the effects of this zesty sativa, with a thought-provoking and creative surge it is ideal for clearing those cobwebs and powering through the to-do list. Sufferers of chronic fatigue, depression, and ADHD have benefited from this quality of the bud.

With super euphoric effects and a stimulating body high, NYC Diesel lends itself well to physical conditions such chronic pain, cramps, and headaches as you will feel the sativa buzz overcome any nagging pain and leave you feeling light and free.

The high associated with NYC Diesel is a strong one, so newbies may want to avoid this one at the start of their weed journey. For those who love a wake and bake strain, there is no finer one than this; you can get up and go with energy, enthusiasm and a whole load of pep in your stride!

One last effect to note here is that NYC Diesel has been known to cause some serious munchies, so it could be great for those struggling with eating disorders or who need to boost their natural appetite.

Possible Side Effects of NYC Diesel

There aren’t many negatives associated with this bud, as it doesn’t carry the usual paranoia issues many sativa buds do. However, you may experience dry eyes, cottonmouth, and maybe headaches with heavy use.

Final Thoughts: Is it a YES or NO to NYC Diesel?

Nobody can refuse a beautiful bud, and NYC Diesel is up there as one of the greats. What we want to know from you in the comments is whether you have sampled the delicate bud, or is it now on your to-do list?

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