NuggMD | The Complete Review
May 26, 2016

NuggMD | The Complete Review

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About NuggMD San Francisco

NuggMD San Francisco is a unique and non-traditional medical marijuana clinic, that’s revolutionizing the cannabis industry for medical patients all around California and now New York. With medical marijuana clinic NuggMD you can skip the hassle of having to find a cannabis facility, drive there, have all your paperwork ready and deal with a physician who might not necessarily care about your treatment.

The NuggMD Online process is revolutionary as it allows you to have a 420 evaluation from the comfort of your home and get a medical marijuana card.

NuggMD, also known as GetNugg, is a 100% online legit hassle-free way to Obtain your MJ Card to become a medical patient in the state of California. It’s so easy and fast that you can get your medical marijuana Nuggmd card the same day, by sitting on your couch, and then go out and order your weed.


Their services are available ONLINE so you can submit your paperwork 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Furthermore, NuggMD’s experienced specialists are available for a live video consultations 7 days a week from 10:30 AM to 10:00 PM.

Is NuggMD (Getnugg) the real deal and does NuggMD work?

One of the things that we loved about this MMJ card provider and therefore decided to write a positive NuggMD review, is that Nugg MD’s California Board Licensed Doctors are some of the best in California.

Their service is amazing and the medical team at NuggMD are super friendly and legit. When two of our employees signed up to renew their medical marijuana cards, they found that the doctors were extremely knowledgable about their conditions and about the medicinal benefits of cannabis in general.

The NuggMD MMJ Card Easy Process

At Marijuanabreak, we found NuggMD’s new patient medical card process to be completely hassle-free and super easy to do.

Simply go directly to their website and Get Started in seconds.

  1. You request a free-consultation with a Licensed and Professional Doctor by submitting your documents through their easy to use website. This consultation only takes about 15 minutes and is completely confidential and safe. Their specialists are really flexible with their hours, so you’ll surely find a time to video chat with one during a moment that is convenient for you.
  2. If a Nugg MD online doctor approves your recommendation, it will cost you only $39.00. The good thing is that you are ONLY charged if you’re approved!
  3. Once approved, they will send you a NuggMD recommendation so you can begin purchasing medicine from your local dispensaries immediately. Your official NuggMD recommendation will be shipped to an address you provide within 1-3 business days. Your temporary e-recommendation is accepted at any Certified California Medical Marijuana Dispensary, so you won’t have to wait to get your weed. You can literally get it the same day.

Final Thoughts About NuggMD San Francisco

It really is this simple to receive your medical marijuana recommendation online, and the medical marijuana clinic Nugg MD makes it so easy that you don’t even have to leave your home to do so. Their doctors are fully licensed by the Medical Board of California and operate legally under Telehealth and Medical Cannabis laws. They are HIPAA compliant and maintain the highest level of client confidentiality. They’ve actually helped over 100,000 cannabis patients since 2008. Now that’s impressive!

To get a Medical Marijuana Card with NuggMd or a Renewal Continue Here

It’s hassle free and instant!

29 reviews
  1. The only choice for me

    Still the best! It’s was my second year and it is amazing how easy it can be when you work with professionals.

  2. A good option and good prices

    I couldn’t believe that you could get it online. And to think that i was about to go to my local doctor and spend $89. NuggMD is money for value

  3. Would use again

    Smooth process and fast

  4. Just finished the process

    Overall it was super simple, safe, secure, and speedy! The staff were compassionate and for only $39 its a great and affordable service.

  5. Better than the rest

    I have used a few online services over the last few years and NuggMD are by far the best. Easy process and great customer service.

  6. Really helps!

    I was very skeptical at first, especially as I don’t use computers much. But living where I live it’s hard to get to a doctor. The process was easy and I finished everything in one session. The doctor was very comforting and gave me a card immediately. It’s really helping with my arthritis

  7. Would use them again

    After reading this review, I decided to give it a shot. It was pretty simple and Nugg were available even when I got stuck. The doctor was extremely pleasant and the whole process took around 35 minutes. I am not a computer geek, so it probably took me longer.

  8. Really Rocks!

    The whole process was quick and painless. I didn’t need to sit in a nasty waiting room for 2 hours. I registered online and saw a doctor in minutes.

  9. Mia M

    The process was smooth and the doctors answered all my questions quickly and thoroughly. From start to finish the whole process took around 20 mins.

  10. Quick, Easy and Cheap

    I was about to pay $85 for my card until I found Nuggmd. Picked up a rec for just $39. Great service and super speed

  11. Great service all around

    I was a bit hesitant at first but it was well worth it. It was really easy to do and after 20 mins I had my rec. Thanks for all the support and helping me deal with my pain

  12. You guys are lifesavers!

    Busy like me? If you are busy like me, you may be thinking that you have to jump through tons of hoops to get help. Not in my case. I am so used to taking care of things for everyone else, I almost cried at how NuggMD took care of me. Thank you so very much. I won’t have to suffer in pain on a holiday weekend and I cannot believe I suffered needlessly for so long. You guys are lifesavers!

  13. Hooked up in 20 mins

    I’m was a first time user. I signed up and entered all my details. The process isn’t long and after a few steps I was hooked up. Their service is kind of like the Uber for weed.

  14. Smooth and Pleasant

    My experience was pretty smooth. I signed up on their site and passed over all my details. I was immediately connected to a medical doctor for an evaluation. I am not very good with computers but the process was pretty straight forward. After a few questions I was done. The doctor was very pleasant and also gave me some good advise about my sleeping problems. Would use NuggMD again.

  15. A++++++

    I first went through NuggMD for the delivery service but it actually turned out to be one of the best services I’ve ever used. Each dispensary I have ordered from has given really great service and if they had to fix something due to my pickiness, they fixed it and I am completely satisfied with my medical marijuana license from NuggMD. The referall and evaluation process was so easy– the doctor was friendly and personable and even the license has gotten me out of a situation. Last week our house got broken into and all 6 of my canisters of medical marijuana were stolen (along with my laptop). Luckily the cops caught one of the guys down the street and using my name from the laptop they located me. On the top of the cops hood was all of my marijuana on display. I told the cops that was mine too and that I had recognized all my stolen marijuana. I confidently and proudly showed him my official NuggMD card and they asked me to name to the strains I had. Using the emailed receipts that NuggMD sends after each order, I pulled up my orders and started to name all the strains I had ever bought (after naming only 4 that was enough for them to realize that marijuana really was mine) and they gave it all back to me. Those particular cops here in Stockton, CA respected my license through NuggMD. I would recommend NuggMD to people that like delivery service and convenience. A license seems kind of irrelevant these days but it felt really good to have my license for the police to get my stolen things back ($360 total [6 canisters with 1/8s in each] down the drain if i wast able to get the cannabis back). I have also used a few coupon codes worth $20 so that has saved me $80 so far. NuggMD also responds to my email and chats super quick.

  16. Thanks! Good review

    Thanks for the review. I was considering it, now I’m sure.

  17. Excellent alternative to your primary doctor

    I had tried getting a recommendation through my primary doctor a few times and my old-fashioned doctor simply wouldn’t give it. Nugg really solved my problem. It was quick, easy and I had my recommendation in less than 20 minutes

  18. Very professional!

    I suffer from Fibromyalgia and have been on and off medication for years. I signed up with Nugg and was shocked at how easy it really was. The doctor was OK and immediately knew how to treat my condition. After I finished the process I was sent the recommendation to my email. Amazing stuff!!!

  19. Great communication and friendly staff

    The reviews are correct – very fast online application, quick follow up with a doctor, got approved for a recommendation and was sent a PDF of the approval letter, which I used to purchased meds at my local dispensary. My official document arrived a few days later

  20. Highly recommend

    I had heard a lot about these guys, so I decided to give it a shot. All true. I was done in 30 mins and out to my local dispensary. Amazing service

  21. Fast and Cheap

    These guys are super friendly and fast. They have great customer service. Definitely a place I would use again

  22. Quick, efficient and easy to use

    Amazing experience. It was so quick and easy! Really made my life easier

  23. Great service

    I am not so tech savvy, so i jumped onto their chat. They guided me through the process. It was really easy. Amazing that you can get a MMJ card online!

  24. Smooth Process

    Really smooth process. I got my recommendation straight after and went to get my meds. The physical document arrived a few days later.

  25. Super Speed

    I can’t believe i got an approval in less than 4 hours!

  26. Very easy and fast

    Great place, everything can be done online! Filled out everything on the website, then had a conversation with the doctor, he approved, and that’s all, you are ready to order.

  27. Wonderful experience!

    Thanks for easy and fast service. The team was very professional, I got all the information needed. My prescription was delivered the same day. Totally recommend! I actually signed up on their Official Site Here… but it is all the same.

  28. I wish all doctors were this kind and helpful.

    The staff could not have been any more nice! I wish all doctors were this kind and helpful. So easy, no hassle at all. As soon as I met the doctor I felt very comfortable. He was very clean cut, nice and easy to talk to. Thanks a lot for the great service!!!

  29. Amazing Job!

    Guys, you did a fantastic job helping me with my problem. I am so thankful that I have found you. Also, I want to thank, your site was so useful and informative in finding the right medical clinic for me.

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