NuggMD | The Complete Review
June 15, 2018

NuggMD | The Complete Review

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MarijuanaBreak Staff / Updated on June 15, 2018

About NuggMD San Francisco

NuggMD San Francisco is a unique and non-traditional medical marijuana clinic, that’s revolutionizing the cannabis industry for medical patients all around California and now New York. With medical marijuana clinic NuggMD you can skip the hassle of having to find a cannabis facility, drive there, have all your paperwork ready and deal with a physician who might not necessarily care about your treatment.

The NuggMD Online process is revolutionary as it allows you to have a 420 evaluation from the comfort of your home and get a medical marijuana card.

NuggMD, also known as GetNugg, is a 100% online legit hassle-free way to Obtain your MJ Card to become a medical patient in the state of California. It’s so easy and fast that you can get your medical marijuana Nuggmd card the same day, by sitting on your couch, and then go out and order your weed.


Their services are available ONLINE so you can submit your paperwork 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Furthermore, NuggMD’s experienced specialists are available for a live video consultations 7 days a week from 10:30 AM to 10:00 PM.

Is NuggMD (Getnugg) the real deal and does NuggMD work?

One of the things that we loved about this MMJ card provider and therefore decided to write a positive NuggMD review, is that Nugg MD’s California Board Licensed Doctors are some of the best in California.

Their service is amazing and the medical team at NuggMD are super friendly and legit. When two of our employees signed up to renew their medical marijuana cards, they found that the doctors were extremely knowledgable about their conditions and about the medicinal benefits of cannabis in general.

The NuggMD MMJ Card Easy Process

At Marijuanabreak, we found NuggMD’s new patient medical card process to be completely hassle-free and super easy to do.

Simply go directly to their website and Get Started in seconds.

  1. You request a free-consultation with a Licensed and Professional Doctor by submitting your documents through their easy to use website. This consultation only takes about 15 minutes and is completely confidential and safe. Their specialists are really flexible with their hours, so you’ll surely find a time to video chat with one during a moment that is convenient for you.
  2. If a Nugg MD online doctor approves your recommendation, it will cost you only $39.00. The good thing is that you are ONLY charged if you’re approved!
  3. Once approved, they will send you a NuggMD recommendation so you can begin purchasing medicine from your local dispensaries immediately. Your official NuggMD recommendation will be shipped to an address you provide within 1-3 business days. Your temporary e-recommendation is accepted at any Certified California Medical Marijuana Dispensary, so you won’t have to wait to get your weed. You can literally get it the same day.

Final Thoughts About NuggMD San Francisco

It really is this simple to receive your medical marijuana recommendation online, and the medical marijuana clinic Nugg MD makes it so easy that you don’t even have to leave your home to do so. Their doctors are fully licensed by the Medical Board of California and operate legally under Telehealth and Medical Cannabis laws. They are HIPAA compliant and maintain the highest level of client confidentiality. They’ve actually helped over 100,000 cannabis patients since 2008. Now that’s impressive!

To get a Medical Marijuana Card with NuggMd or a Renewal Continue Here to the NuggMD Official Website

It’s hassle free and instant!

109 reviews
  1. Daniel
    Love sf but too many clinics

    If Peron were still around wonder what he would have to say about the current state of MMj in San Fran. Most of these “clinics” are an absolute joke. Just a middle man to take your more moneyy from you and “allow you” to buy your medicine

  2. Trent D
    Love NUGG

    So glad I moved to SF earlier this year, the greatest city in the world. Weed is everywhere here but I still wanted to get my medical card, discounts, promotions, special products, etc. Can’t get more convenient than going with NUGG

  3. Eugene
    Super fast... pleased

    Got me my MMJ card within a matter of seconds. Lol JK it wasn’t that quick but honestly probably within 40 mins I was approved and waiting on my card. Was buying medical weed within 3 days

  4. Sherron

    Have lived in SF for over 19 years and am finally considering getting a medical card. My brother in law told me about Nugg MD and so glad I ended up using them. Great, convenient service

  5. David
    100% recommended

    Had a couple of friends recommend Price Less Evaluations but am glad I ended up finding out about Nugg MD, just seems so much simpler. I would definitely recommend them to anyone

  6. Tim
    Super recommend NuggMD

    Sooo… CA is legal now, has been for going on a year. Medical clinics seem to still be opening up around SF though and I know from experience that Nugg is easier than anything you might ever go into an actual store for. Quick, simple and cheaper than most

  7. Cody Stevens

    Great service to use, especially if you live an hours drive from your local MJ doctor! Would use again.

  8. Debbie Little

    Nugg is a 24×7 online service. It was extremely easy to complete.

  9. Olivia
    A little pricey but super convenient

    A little expensive but I don’t think it’s any more than you’d spend at a normal 420 clinic, so I’ll take the added convenience of doing everything online

  10. Franc B

    Was super skeptical about this but omg it was so easy. If you live in CA can’t recommend enough.

  11. Fatima
    Very convenient

    There are some good clinics around the Bay Area but in my opinion it’s just more convenient to do everything online. I only have good things to say about Nugg MD

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