MMJ Doctor Online | The Complete Review
November 18, 2016

MMJ Doctor Online | The Complete Review

MMJ Doctor Online - a convenient way to get a marijuana ID card
MarijuanaBreak Staff / Updated on November 18, 2016

MMJ Doctor Online is an incredibly convenient, safe, and quick way for California residents to schedule an examination with a board certified physician and Receive a Medical Marijuana Recommendation.

The facility has two brick and mortar locations – one in San Jose and another in San Francisco. With MMJ Doctor Online, any California state resident, no matter where they reside, can schedule a consultation and receive a physician examination and recommendation 100% online – you never have to leave the comforts of your home.

Highlights: MMJ Doctor Online

  • 100% online medical marijuana evaluations for California residents
  • Full-range of services: New patients, renewals, and grower’s recommendations
  • 100% safe, secure, and legal online examination process that’s covered under the California
  • Telehealth service – full patient confidentiality and HIPAA compliance

So how does the whole process work?

  • The first step that all patients have to do, whether they’re first time or renewals, is register on the MMJ Doctor Online website, then proceed to the online application.
  • Once the application is filled out completely, an MMJ physician will review it within 20 minutes.
  • If your condition is approved to be treated medically with marijuana, you’ll receive an instant temporary copy of your valid recommendation, and then your actual copy in the mail in 1-3 business days. Absolutely, incredibly, unbelievably convenient and simple.

As far as pricing, MMJ Doctor online offers three different price formats: for brand new, first time patients, a 12-month physician recommendation is $49. (This only includes the recommendation, which is a piece of paper). The paper form of the recommendation is accepted in California dispensaries, but if you want the laminated ID card, the cost is $69 for the same 12 month recommendation. For a grower’s recommendation, which allows patients to cultivate their own marijuana and possess up to 99 plants, the cost is $149.

In all cases, applicants do not have to pay unless their condition is approved.

If you’re looking for the absolute simplest, easiest, most convenient way possible to get your California medical marijuana ID card, seriously look no further than MMJ Doctor Online.

7 reviews
  1. Michael

    Scam. They use doctors who are dead. Recommendations not accepted at any dispensary.

  2. Eddie
    MmjDoctorOnline SCAM!

    MmjDoctorOnline is SCAM! Even on the Contact US page, they use Yelp account for other business that sounds similar to them and MMJ DOCTOR – which is a legit business in San Francisco. Stay away!

  3. Kandra Weis

    Mmj doctor seriously is the best possible way to cure all my health issues, got my card easily.

  4. Jean Kinman

    MMJ doctor online services are the best. Deliver quickly and safe results

  5. Violet Grant

    This service is a scam. Don’t use it

  6. zak
    Fraudulent Medical and Terrible Business

    I received a medical card from them in December only to find out it is deactivated seven months later. The doctor on my card had passed away before they issued my card making the recommendation fraudulent. Not only did this happen to me, but also to one of my friends who had gotten his card three months after I did. After being promised that they would refund me and reissue me a new medical I contacted their support. They issued me a refund but refused to give me a new recommendation. It’s completely ridiculous that I gave money to this company in the first place, and it’s nuts that they are refusing to reissue me a non fraudulent card. Don’t associate with this website, they only care about your 40 dollars.

  7. Richard

    This is a good clinic to get a card. Tried it once and got a pretty good impression.

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