420 Doctors | Medical Card Online | Review
April 19, 2016

420 Doctors | Medical Card Online | Review

Providing our patients with Legitimate Medical Marijuana
MarijuanaBreak Staff / Updated on April 19, 2016
Phone number (323) 933-3717 420doctorsla.com

420 Doctors is a 100% Los Angeles based online medical marijuana ID card service that will make your life so much easier. Just imagine getting your Medical Marijuana ID card in your slippers. Well, with 420 Doctors you can!

Founded in 2009, 420 Doctors has become one of the leading services online, due to their top-notch service and comfortable process to obtain a medical card. They are so popular around Los Angeles that they actually have an online and offline service. If you are not tech savvy and prefer the old fashion way of doing things, you can easily take a drive to any of their locations; On Sherman Way or Melrose Ave.

For over a year we’ve have been hearing amazing things about 420 Doctors and when it was time to renew our card we decided to give it a shot. One we started the process it was pretty smooth and we were finished in less than 30 mins.

420 Doctors Highlights

  • Their services are available ONLINE and OFFLINE so you either submit your paperwork through their system or schedule an appointment 6 days a week. You can easily drive to one of their two locations, they always accept walk-ins.
  • Unlike other online services that outsource to doctors, at 420 you’ll find a professional team of people that are on staff (full time).
  • 420 Doctors are HIPAA Compliant
  • 420 will pay postage expenses and use non-marijuana labeling to ensure privacy.
  • The price is affordable:
    • A recommendation will cost $39.99/year.
    • A recommendation + ID costs $59.99/year

We registered online and minutes later were seen by a doctor. The service was amazing and the doctor was super friendly. All our questions were answered promptly and the process was pretty smooth.

The 420 Doctors Easy Process

At Marijuanabreak, we found 420 Doctors new patient process to be completely hassle-free and super easy

Simply go directly to their website and Get Started in seconds.

  1. Sign Up
    First and foremost, you need to register using your computer or mobile device. Once you’ve completed that you’ll be asked to fill out a few questions. This is standard.
  2. Consultation
    The next step is to see a doctor, so make sure you look good 🙂  The doctors at 420 Doctors are extremely professional and will easily recommend the best medication, explain the benefits of cannabis and also state out the risks of using medical marijuana. After that, you’re done. Considering that you’re approved. You’ll get the recommendation letter 1-3 business days later.
    Ask them to email a PDF copy!
  3. Enjoy purchasing your marijuana

Final Thoughts About 420 Doctors


420 Doctors has dedicated its medical practice to providing trusted medical marijuana recommendations to over 250,000 California residents.   If you decide to choose 420 doctors you won’t be disappointed!

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