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Compassionate Health Options

Payment method Cash & Credit Card Telemedicine Yes Personal visit Yes Hours min Price range $79 Site: Customer support: 1 (415) 255-1200 States: Washington, California Compassionate Health Options (CHO) is a medical marijuana evaluation establishment that offers both physical and mental wellness counseling for patients that are looking for holistic medical health approaches. The company […]

Empower Clinics Portland Review (Formerly THCF Medical)

Empower Clinics – formerly known as THCF Medical Clinics – is not your standard medical marijuana clinic. Unlike some of these other “420 doctors in Oregon, they don’t just refer to a doctor and leave you to fend for yourself. They are one of a kind. Apart from providing abundant information about the industry and […]

Veriheal Review: Secure Online MMJ Evaluations

Veriheal Online Medical Marijuana Recommendations Veriheal is a top-rated online source for people seeking a medical marijuana card (MMJ card). They work in collaboration with state-licensed physicians across the U.S., as well as numerous legal medical marijuana dispensaries. Simply put, they help to eliminate a lot of the hassle and headaches that come along with doing […]

NuggMD | The Updated Review for 2019

About NuggMD California NuggMD in California is a unique and non-traditional medical marijuana clinic that is revolutionizing the cannabis industry for medical patients all around California and now New York and Nevada. With medical marijuana clinic NuggMD, you can skip the hassle of having to find a physically present cannabis facility and driving there, along with preparing […]

NuggMD Nevada [Full Review]

Medical marijuana was legalized in Nevada in November 2000. When Question 2 was posed in November 2016, 54% of voters said ‘yes’ and weed became legal for recreational use in the state. You are also allowed to grow cannabis, but only if you live more than 25 miles from a dispensary. With weed now legal […]

Eaze MD MMJ Card | [Review + Coupon]

Update 2019: As of 2019 Eaze has discontinued its medical marijuana card program. If you are looking to obtain an MMJ Card, feel free to read our review on this year’s top MMJ card provider NuggMD. Update 2018: About Eaze MD Eaze MD isn’t your traditional medical marijuana ID card provider. These guys have actually […]

NuggMD New York | Review + NEW Info

About NuggMD New York We’ve known NuggMD for quite a while and are constantly gloating about the level of professionalism and of service they provide to their clients. When we heard the news that they were opening in New York, we simply had to see if their new service lived up to their similar San Fransisco […]

Heally | The Complete MMJ Card Review

For all those people who figured it was too time-consuming, or too much of a pain to get in their car and drive down to a medical clinic to get a physical examination for a medical marijuana recommendation, Southern California based Heally is the perfect solution for you. It is a 100% online evaluation center that […]

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