Laughing Buddha | Cannabis Strain Review

Laughing Buddha

This potent marijuana strain will have you laughing ’til the cows come home…

Not only does simply reading this strain’s name bring joy, consuming it is equally as pleasurable. Thought to be one of the ultimate good-vibes bringing marijuana types, Laughing Buddha will leave you giggling, grinning from ear to ear and cracking-up until your stomach hurts and it’s hard to breathe. In 2003, Laughing Buddha was considered so amazing that it actually won the High Times Cup award for best sativa of the year.

This award not only is prestigious, but it also very much placed Laughing Buddha on the map as one of best options in the sativa strain group. It is now 2018, and although Laughing Buddha is not as prevalent as it maybe once was at the peak of its popularity, numerous recreational marijuana consumers and medical cannabis patients still utilize this uplifting and joy-bringing weed type for a multitude of reasons.

Keep reading to discover more about the Laughing Buddha marijuana strain with our complete review…

What Is Laughing Buddha?

Categorized as a sativa strain with 75% sativa, 25% indica genetics, this potent cannabis type is often called the cure for depression. Inducing laughter, smiles, giggles and an overall content experience, there are many reasons why Laughing Buddha at one point became a fan favorite amongst so many marijuana consumers. Relatively strong with an average THC content of 18%, this strain can help to ease your worries, calm your mind and remind you to take deep breaths.

The ultimate marijuana type for learning to let go, Laughing Buddha has some upbeat origins. A cross-over produced by the geniuses over at Amsterdam based Barney’s Farm, Laughing Buddha is the genetic crossing between two outstanding landrace strains; Thai sativa and Jamaican sativa. Bringing about sunny, warm and pleasant vibes, it’s no surprise that this strain originates from hot and bright conditions.

Laughing Buddha: Aroma, Flavor and Appearance

The aroma from Laughing Buddha is actually pretty simple and can be described with one adjective: sweet. Smelling like a bag of candy was just cracked open, the minute you get a whiff of this marijuana, you’ll probably have the instant desire to taste it.

The flavor of this pleasant sativa is a bit more complex and multi-dimensional. With notes of fruity pineapple, tangy citrus, pungent spice, aromatic herbs and an overall sweet flavor profile, the second this herb hits your tongue, you can expect that your tastebuds will be sent on an adventure.

Appearance-wise, Laughing Buddha has a classic herbal look, with its buds being a bit larfy and oval-shaped. The sugar leaves aren’t particularly frosty, mostly just radiating vibrant shades of forest green, with brassy orange pistils curling and bending throughout the flower itself. The outstanding and delectable taste and flavor of this cannabis type certainly makes up for its sub-par and much expected appearance.

Laughing Buddha Grow Info

Laughing Buddha is a dream to cultivate, as long as you are willing to remain patient and wait for the harvest to arise. It typically takes this marijuana strain two weeks longer than other cannabis types to be ready for picking, with a flowering period of about 10 weeks. Suitable for cultivation in either an indoor or outdoor environment, climate conditions do need to be adequate for this crop to thrive and flourish.

Laughing Buddha plants prefer a warm environment, which makes sense considering that the strain comes from Jamaican and Thai origins. These warm conditions should be recreated as best as possible if grown indoors, because this is how the plants will end up the happiest. Growing 2.5-3.5 feet in height, you can expect bountiful yields with this sativa.

Outdoor crops are ready for harvest around mid-late October, yielding about 22 ounces or even more per plant, while indoor harvests range anywhere from 16 to 22 ounces per meter squared. All in all, if you’re willing to wait, Laughing Buddha is a dream to grow and will have you smiling during the process, as you watch the development of its bountiful, beautiful buds.

Laughing Buddha Effects

Sometimes sativa heavy strains can feel overwhelming, often bringing about the jitters and hyperactivity. This is not always desired by the consumer, so some individuals stay away from sativa dominant strains. Laughing Buddha certainly does not fall under this category, even if it is a sativa. This marijuana type has some surprising effects on its user, bringing about concentration, focus and productivity, but in a manner that is not only effortless, but also organic.

You will not feel as if your state is being forced, meaning that you won’t have a mental or physical crash at the end of the day either. Laughing Buddha is mellow and not overwhelming, known to bring about incredibly good vibes, happiness, laughter, joy and other emotions in that realm. For this reason, it is an ideal cannabis type for social gatherings, especially those that take place during the day when you’ll have plenty of time to chat and enjoy conversations with those around you. The high from this cannabis strain is especially clear-headed and won’t distract you from being able to function normally throughout your day, regardless of its higher THC content.

Medical Benefits of Laughing Buddha

As mentioned above, Laughing Buddha is often termed the cure for depression. Although this strain is suited for assisting with other medical conditions and ailments, relieving depression and stress is truly where it shines the most. This marijuana type acts as a massive emotional release for those who have struggled with depression, not only helping to resolve some of the heavy weight from their shoulders, but also providing a new perspective that lets them see the joy, positivity and light in many situations.

With depression, it can be challenging to step away from some of the negative mental loops that are going on, but Laughing Buddha acts as a massive pair of scissors, snipping these mental loops before they can spiral out of control any further. In addition, it is an especially relaxing and calming strain for the mind and body, so those who deal with stress or chronic stress, will once again be reminded to breathe and pause for a moment. In addition to stress and depression, this marijuana type is also effective at managing anxiety, in all forms, especially social anxiety.

For medical conditions pertaining to the mind, it is important to consume a mild to medium quantity of this sativa, for overconsumption of any cannabis strain can sometimes lead to THC induced paranoia or anxiety. In order to avoid this possibility altogether, it is beneficial to have boundaries; know your limits and stick to them.

In regards to physical ailments, Laughing Buddha is brilliant for dealing with mild to moderate pains and aches, including headaches, back aches, menstrual cramps and things of that nature. It may not be potent enough to deal with some more serious pains, such as on a chronic level, but for the occasional or average-intensity discomforts, it can work wonders.

Possible Side Effects of Laughing Buddha

In some ways Laughing Buddha is a bit of a paradox. Although it can help with mild headaches and anxiety, it can also at times cause this. Some users of this cannabis strain have reported experiencing moderate headaches after consuming their herb. In addition, others who are susceptible to THC induced anxiety or paranoia, have exclaimed that this sativa caused a bit of this side effect to appear. These two adverse effects may be a cause for concern for some, which is why it is beneficial to test out a small dose of this strain to begin with, simply to examine how exactly it will make you react since all human beings are unique and have their own body/mind chemistries.

If the strain makes you feel off or uncomfortable, then don’t fret- there are thousands of other marijuana types that could be more suited for you. Most commonly, those that consume Laughing Buddha experience dry mouth (cotton mouth) and dry eyes. Both of these side effects are easily manageable with just a little extra preparation and planning. By drinking plenty of water before, during and after your high, dry mouth won’t be anything to worry about.

Be sure to keep a bottle of hydrating fluids readily available, that way it won’t be a hassle to stay hydrated. On top of curing dry mouth, staying hydrated also prevents any next day headaches or grogginess. By purchasing moisturizing eye drops from your local drug store or pharmacy ahead of time, dry eyes can become a thing of the past and shouldn’t bother you anymore.

Final Thoughts on Laughing Buddha Marijuana Strain

If you are an individual searching for an herbal alternative to conventional medical treatments for chronic stress, anxiety, depression, mild pains, headaches, mild cramps and mild aches, then the Laughing Buddha marijuana strain could prove to be extremely beneficial, especially when it comes to managing the debilitating effects of certain mood disorders.

We hope you not only found this article to be entertaining, but also educational and informative. It is important to remember that the consumption of cannabis is the sole responsibility of the user, and discretion should always be taken.