Jagermeister Cannabis Strain [2020 Review]

Whether for winding down after a hard day or hoping to get the night started, the Jagermeister strain is perfect for you. Primarily indica leaning, it is great in almost any scenario.
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Highly resistant to practically anything, this short plant flowers at a great speed and is pretty dependable no matter what you try and do with it.

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There is nothing quite like winding down after a long day, blocking out the world around you, and disappearing into your couch. While some people like to have a glass of wine or maybe even a few beers to help them relax, the thought of a hangover the next day can quickly put you off. Luckily, you can achieve the same sense of relaxation without the adverse effects with a calming indica strain.

Indica strains are perfect for helping you to forget the day and just enjoy the time that you have in front of you. They are known for their soothing effects, deeply relaxing mental high, and increasing your appetite. A good indica can help to put you in the right mental and physical state to really make the most of your evening so that you are ready for whatever the following day throws at you.

The Jagermeister strain is a popular evening strain that manages to pack everything that you could ever want from an indica. With deep therapeutic sedation and an almost dreamy mental state, evenings in just hit a new level.

Let’s take a closer look at the Jagermeister strain and find out how it could improve your night.

What Is the Jagermeister Strain?

The Jagermeister strain of weed is often sold under the name ‘JGR,’ which can make it slightly trickier to find if you do not know precisely what you are looking for. The strain got its name from the famous German alcoholic drink, with both the strain and the drink sharing a similar licorice flavor.

Jagermeister is an indica-dominant strain that lives up to everything that you would expect and more. With Jagermeister having a breakdown of 80% indica, 20% sativa, it is not surprising to learn that its effects result in a stereotypical stoned experience.

No one knows exactly where the Jagermeister strain originates from, with there being a few different theories on the table. Some believe that Jagermeister has some link to the Hindu Kush strain as a result of its aroma and laid-back effects. Others argue, however, that Jagermeister is a descendant of the Southern Oregon strain, as they have a similar appearance.


The effects of the Jagermeister strain start slow, but quickly ramp up without warning. You first notice a creeping sense of relaxation wash over you, which develops into a spaced-out state, making it hard to focus your mind.

A numbing sensation starts in your temple and quickly works its way throughout your entire body. Your limbs feel heavy, making it difficult to carry out even simple physical tasks. Even a small dose of Jagermeister is enough to find yourself couch-locked for the rest of the evening, so make sure that you have your favorite snacks and the remote on hand.

Jagermeister is not a pure indica, and this shows through in the clear-headed feelings that you start to notice as the physical effects begin to feel more natural. Some people describe the impact of this strain as being confusing at times due to the fact that your body feels sedated, but your mind wants to be active and appears to be racing.

The Jagermeister strain can be enjoyable in informal social situations, with it being much easier to talk freely to those around you. With all social anxiety gone, you are able to be yourself and enjoy those within your company free from judgment.

As the effects of the Jagermeister strain start to fade, you notice that you feel tired, as though you need to curl up and drift off into a deep and relaxing sleep. The Jagermeister strain is best for evenings when you have ticked off all of your chores for the day and can simply sit back and relax.


The Jagermeister marijuana strain has a sweet smell, that users often describe as being similar to licorice. It is the strain’s aroma that led to its name, initially reminding people of Jagermeister the drink.

As you grind Jagermeister buds apart, they release an earthy aroma. If you take the time to step back and slowly breathe in the smell as it slowly fills the air around you, you start to notice a mix of pine and wood – almost as though you are walking through a forest.

As Jagermeister buds start to burn, they add a warmth to the air, mixing with the earthy aromas to create a campfire smell. As the scent of licorice grows, the earthy aroma starts to fade, resulting in a candy store-like aroma that fills the air.

Despite Jagermeister being a potent strain and having a strong aroma, it manages to produce a smooth and pleasant smoke. Even those new to smoking should find Jagermeister smoke easy to breathe in, without having to worry about an uncontrollable coughing fit.

How does the flavor profile of Jagermeister compare?


There are no big surprises when it comes to Jagermeister’s flavor profile, with a collection of flavors landing on your tongue that perfectly match the strain’s aroma. As soon as the first hint of smoke hits your tongue, you feel as if you are in a candy store, biting into a piece of licorice.

As Jagermeister’s smooth smoke travels down to your lungs, you are able to really appreciate the sweet, spicy flavors as they swim around in your mouth. The only real surprise is a note of grape in the background, which does not quite match up with what you would expect.

As you exhale, you are left with a cloying taste, which some people find that they love while others find it annoying and hard to get rid of. Whether or not you enjoy Jagermeister’s flavor profile will most likely depend on whether you enjoy licorice, with it being a love or hate candy.


Jagermeister strain buds have a long shape, tapering off towards the end, while still maintaining a chunky appearance. The buds have an unusual coloring, combining a vibrant green base with mottled purple patches. Thick orange pistils stick out of Jagermeister buds in somewhat random places, adding an extra burst of color and contrast.

Jagermeister plants have a sticky texture to them, as a result of the thick layer of trichomes that cover each bud. The trichomes act as a protective layer, giving the plant a slightly intimidating look.

Plants tend to grow wide rather than tall, resulting in a bush-like shape. Jagermeister’s shape helps to counter the off-putting appearance of the trichomes, making it feel much more welcoming.

Jagermeister Strain Grow Info

Jagermeister plants are easy to grow, making them ideal for novice growers who are looking to start with a less challenging strain. Resistant to most common molds, Jagermeister plants require very little maintenance and are unlikely to leave you frantically Googling while trying to work out what is wrong with your plant.

In order to achieve the purple mottled effects that are common on Jagermeister buds, you need to subject plants to nighttime temperatures that are at least 10 degrees lower than the daytime average.

You can grow Jagermeister plants both inside and outside, but they require a humid, warm climate. For those who live in a friendly environment, experts recommend that you keep plants outside as this normally means that they experience colder nighttime temperatures.

For those who prefer to keep their Jagermeister plants indoors, it is still possible to achieve a beautiful purple coloring with some time and attention. Indoor plants tend to produce a slightly smaller yield, although this is only something that you are likely to notice if directly compared to outdoor harvesting.

Jagermeister plants have a short stature, making them ideal for keeping in small, restricted spaces. You can easily sculpt plants with skillful trimming, giving you an element of control over their shape and where they can be kept.

Jagermeister strain seeds are challenging to find online, and the best option for growing your own plants is to find clippings from a mature plant for sale. Using clippings as opposed to seeds does have a few advantages and can make the growing process a lot easier.

Clippings are genetically identical to the plant they are taken from, resulting in much more predictability. You also do not have to worry about the initial stage of getting seeds to germinate.

THC Content – Highest Test

Jagermeister cannabis may have a THC content of up to 23% at its highest. This higher than average level of THC places Jagermeister firmly at the extreme end of the scale, explaining many of the effects of smoking this strain. At its lowest, Jagermeister has a THC content of 18% – still a whole 6% above the average.

For those who are new to smoking marijuana or know that they have a naturally low THC tolerance, Jagermeister can be a shock to the system. Luckily, there are very few potential negative effects that result from Jagermeister’s high THC content, unlike other strains with similar levels of THC.

How does the CBD content of Jagermeister compare to its great THC content?

CBD Content – Highest Test

The exact CBD content of Jagermeister is not known, but experts generally agree that it is little more than trace amounts. In general, it is rare to find a strain that has both a high THC and CBD content. When a strain has a THC content like Jagermeister, it is unlikely that you will find more than 1% CBD.

Despite containing almost no CBD, Jagermeister still manages to pack a number of medical benefits that most people do not expect. Let’s take a look at why Jagermeister could be the solution to your health concerns.

Medical Benefits of the Jagermeister Strain

The most common medical use of the Jagermeister strain is to treat chronic pain. The dominant physical effects that take hold of your body when smoking Jagermeister cause a numbing effect that quickly works its way through your limbs.

Even a small dose of Jagermeister on a regular basis could be enough to keep chronic pain at bay and allow you to enjoy a new sense of pain-free freedom.

Jagermeister can also help to reduce the effects of inflammation. Taking a regular dose of Jagermeister may reduce inflammation, resulting in both short and long term health benefits. In the short term, inflammation can cause pain and muscle stiffness. Long term inflammation is thought to be responsible for causing conditions such as dementia, diabetes, and more.

In some cases, the Jagermeister strain has been effective at treating muscle spasms and tremors. Jagermeister helps to calm your entire body, relaxing the muscles and nerves; it is thought that this prevents the body from trembling uncontrollably.

When taken in large doses, the Jagermeister strain can help to counter the effects of insomnia. Towards the end of a Jagermeister high, you notice that you feel intensely tired and that it is almost impossible to keep yourself awake. Smoking Jagermeister an hour or two before heading to bed might just be the answer to frustrating sleepless nights.

Possible Side Effects of the Jagermeister Strain

Jagermeister surprisingly has very few potential side effects, and even those that can occur tend to be on the milder side. The number one thing that people experience when smoking Jagermeister is dry mouth.

You will notice that your mouth feels dryer than usual and that taking a sip of water does not seem to help. Dry mouth is an annoying side effect of Jagermeister and one that once you notice, you cannot forget. Luckily, dry mouth should only last a few hours and does no more than making your mouth feel dehydrated and irritated.

While Jagermeister might be known for its numbing effects and ability to control pain, it can also trigger headaches due to its high levels of THC.

Unlike other strains with high THC content, the Jagermeister strain very rarely causes paranoid or anxious thoughts. Jagermeister may be suitable for those who have a low THC tolerance but want to experience a potent indica without the risk of adverse effects.

Final Thoughts on the Jagermeister Strain

Jagermeister is the perfect way to enjoy a relaxing evening in when you have no intention of moving from your couch until bedtime. However, it is essential to be aware that Jagermeister is not for the faint of heart, and is best for those who have experience smoking indica-dominant strains and know what to expect from such a high level of THC.

So, as long as you consider yourself suitably experienced, make sure you give Jagermeister a try. You definitely won’t regret it.