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MarijuanaBreak Staff MarijuanaBreak Staff / Updated on January 13, 2019

Winning multiple Cannabis Cup awards for its almost alien-like supreme quality, Girl Scout Cookies (GSC) has been a stoner-favorite for decades, attracting the likes of those who want to consume this amazing weed because of its aromatic, entrancing and earthy aroma. Its sweet, yet slightly minty flavor, reminds those who have tried this weed of the addicting Girl Scout Cookies they grew up consuming and loving.

Since medical marijuana has been legalized in many regions of America, Girl Scout Cookies has been a popular selling strain for patients with all types of medical histories, conditions and symptoms. Wonderful for relaxing and getting your head clear, GSC is continuing to sell out from dispensaries, known for its top-shelf qualities that have stoners, cannaisseurs and medical cannabis patients running back for more.

Best of all, Girl Scout Cookies is one of the most potent and strongest strains of marijuana flower available on the market, making it a brilliant solution for medical cannabis patients globally who are experiencing some of the difficult challenges of various medical conditions.

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What Is Girl Scout Cookies Strain?

The Girl Scout Cookies strain is classified as a hybrid, with a 60% indica and 40% sativa genetic makeup. Its lineage hails from the mega-popular strains Durban Poison (a sativa) and OG Kush (a hybrid). The GSC buds grown and sent into labs for testing have shown results of a 17-28% THC content (rather high for a smoking strain), and a CBD content of 0.09-0.2% (low in CBD). When GSC is grown, variations of phenotypes in the genetics can occur, producing occasional batches of Platinum Cookies and Thin Mint (two related strains, closely tied to Girl Scout Cookies).

Originating from California, Girl Scout Cookies weed has now grow massively popular all over the world, selling out especially in dispensaries all over America. Although it is not considered a supremely easy strain to grow, cultivators continue to produce large quantities of GSC, so that stoners and patients everywhere can keep rejoicing.

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Girl Scout Cookies Aroma, Flavor and Appearance

One of the Girl Scout Cookies strain’s most notable attributes, is its distinctive skunky, yet slightly minty aroma. From its earthy undertones that ground you and bring you back down to the planet, to its uplifting and sweet flavor that shoots you high into the clouds, GSC is a strain of pure bliss and magic, the perfect balance for any class of cannabis consumer.

Although some variations in appearance can occur, this strain is notoriously beautiful with its distinctive and bright green twisting and turning calyxes, bundled up with deep purple leaves and neon orange hairs. Girl Scout Cookies is a gorgeous strain to stare at, with its pleasant character always managing to brighten up the world. Expect your first hit of GSC to be a sweet but heavy one, sending you through a whirlwind of pleasing and blissful emotions.

Girl Scout Cookies Strain Grow Info

Girl Scout Cookies Macro

Girl Scout Cookies is not known for being an easy to grow strain, yet still not a very challenging strain either. In regards to difficulty, GSC sits somewhere in the middle. With the correct knowledge and research, it is totally possible to cultivate a dank batch of Girl Scout Cookies weed. The flowering time for GSC is around 9-10 weeks, which is considered average length in relation to other strains. It is possible to grow this strain in either indoors or outdoors conditions, with outdoors only being possible in the proper climate- plenty of sunny warmth and Mediterranean region-like qualities for the GSC to grow and flourish in.

If you choose to grow this weed outside, make sure your growing conditions are correct and expect harvest around mid-October. Indoors, this strain grows incredibly well using hydroponic methods. This reefer is reasonably pest and mold/mildew resistant, meaning that it should be fairly low maintenance to cultivate, in addition to this pot’s low to average desire for fertilizer. Grown indoors, its height and size sits somewhere in the medium or average range, occasionally ending up a bit smaller than a majority of other cannabis types. However, fear not, this ganja packs a powerful punch, regardless of its smaller size and lower yield!

It will be easy to enjoy smoking GSC, for each plant typically yields up to 60 grams of fresh ripe cannabis during harvest. As long as you provide the Girl Scout Cookies strain with an adequate amount of water on a regular basis, and care for the plants as you normally would any other strain of weed, you should expect to have a delicious and hefty yield, that will produce a pungent yet relaxing high and out-of-this world flavor.

Girl Scout Cookies Strain Effects

Girls Scout Cookies’s effects are capable of bringing so much diversity to the table; with its balanced qualities, representative of both sativa and indica strains, GSC is both uplifting yet relaxing, sending consumers into a bend of euphoria full-body high and a heady, cerebral and thought provoking mood.

Expect this strain to be one of the best choices when needing a healthy dose of creative inspiration, or some hilariously uplifting and happy times, all while it melts away any problems you might be having, one hit at a time. Although you can expect to have some surges in energy during your high-time process with Girl Scout Cookies, there will be periods of couch-lock and complete body melting. Due to this, GSC is probably not an ideal option for a wake and bake and is better saved for later in the day when you’re ready to chill out and unwind.

The high from smoking Girl Scout Cookies strain typically lasts for several hours, due to its potent THC content. This is good news for those desiring to get more bang for their buck.

Medical Benefits of the Girl Scout Cookies Strain

Girl Scout Cookies Marijuana Strain

Although this strain won’t be able to provide medical cannabis patients many healing effects from its CBD content, its high THC levels compensate, bringing potent medicinal properties to patients who have tried this powerful weed. An outstanding choice for assisting individuals suffering from stress and depression, as well as appetite loss and nausea. Additionally, patients dealing with chronic and severe pain disorders, have discovered much relief when consuming GSC. Patients handling depression and even headaches or migraines, have also discovered relief from this wondrous hybrid.

For those who are planning on consuming the Girl Scout Cookies strain for chronic or severe pain disorders, it is important to achieve the highest dose you can handle for your pain to truly be affected. Consuming an edible or concentrate made from GSC would likely be the best choice in this circumstance. Additionally, patients handling appetite loss and nausea could benefit from edibles or concentrates, but also could get by with simply smoking a larger dose than is considered average of the Girl Scout Cookies strain. If you are dealing with stress, depression or another mental disorder, smoking GSC is likely best. Edibles and concentrates are not ideal in this circumstance, because sometimes, too high of a dose of cannabis can only worsen these conditions. By smoking a normal amount of GSC, you are ensuring the healing benefits work in your favor.

This magic strain features more capabilities than can be counted; a diverse and top-quality strain useable by all types of patients, stoners, cannaisseurs and more.

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Possible Side Effects of Girl Scout Cookies

The Girl Scout Cookies strain is probably one of the few strains that only has a couple of side effects for some consumers. The most commonly reported side effect for those who have enjoyed GSC, is dry mouth. This is easily manageable by drinking plenty of water while you are high, or another refreshing and thirst-quenching drink. If you want your high to become a little more intense, drink some fresh-squeezed orange juice- the high levels of vitamin C will help to increase the levels of THC in your body, resulting in a heftier overall experience, while still keeping your body feeling hydrated. Some individuals that have regularly smoked this strain, have also reported experiencing mildly drier eyes, as well as fatigue when smoking too much; this fatigue could be likely due to GSC’s ability to couch-lock its consumer.

In order to avoid any possible side effects, it’s important to consider your limits and boundaries. Know how much of this marijuana you can handle, and don’t pass that amount unless you are willing to deal with any possible adverse effects. Most of all, make sure you have the munchies ready and plenty of water to drink; staying hydrated, healthy and happy is vital!

Final Thoughts on Girl Scout Cookies

Aside from sometimes challenging growing situations and a possibly average cultivation yield, the Girl Scout Cookies strain has been so world-renowned for a reason; this is due to its amazing quality and incredibly high THC content, plus its pleasant sweet flavor and intoxicating aroma. Starting small in the mountains of California where the strain was first created, GSC has now grown to be globally praised and desired, specifically in cities and towns all over the United States. Due to this, dispensaries are expected to continue supplying this mind-blowing strain with its powerful ability to help those struggling or dealing with various medical conditions and symptoms.

We hope you have enjoyed reading this Girl Scout Cookies strain review and found it to be both educational yet entertaining. It is important to remember that the consumption of cannabis is the sole responsibility of the user and discretion should be taken. Before consuming any cannabis it is important to understand the laws and restrictions in your state. Furthermore it is essential that you discuss medical cannabis with your primary physician.

  1. Anita Erickson

    I’m a retired Veteran suffered with PTSD none of the meds that I received from the VA don’t help whatsoever. I feel more confident and see life better once again after I smoke my daily joint. I cannot afford to keep purchase weed from someone and getting good weed one minute then bad the next. I really want to grow my own personal plant indoors with 20% THC. need help

    1. Becky
      very helpful video. very potent stuff.. yes it is great and if you have never smoked anything, this is probably not recommended. But, be honest with the dispensary professionals and they will help you understand.

      Thank you for your service.. We will never forget. xo

  2. Vicenzo R
    Potent Stuff

    Bought a variation of this called Platinum Cookies in vape form while in Vegas. Took one medium sized hit and it was intense. About first 15 minutes were unpleasant as the high was too strong and I started getting paranoid like crazy. I calmed myself down with breathing exercises and after about 20 min it lowered down enough that it was enjoyable the rest of the night until I fell asleep. I had a little turmoil immediately before I hit it so that may have exacerbated the negative effects.

    This stuff is STRONG. Just take a very little hit the first time especially if from a vape. Like a micro hit. Then wait and see for a few minutes.

  3. Simon Murrs
    Best bud

    GSC is up there as one of the most potent and delicious buds i have tried – 100% in my top ten smokes

  4. Lisa
    Strain with no munchies?

    Can anyone tell me a strain that’s good for pain but dont give you that much of the munchies? Ty

    1. Izzyvancity
      No munchies strain!

      Death Bubba!

  5. Emma Haliday
    I love this strain

    GSC was the second strain I ever tried back when I was 19, and I honestly can’t recall the high because it blew my head off!! Roll on a few years and many more smokes, I am absolutely in love with this bud!!! I agree with comments that there are so many variations of this bud now, but the OG version is by far the greatest! Fabulous article.

  6. Barbie

    Where can I get it already grown and ready to use in San Diego??? Anyone know??

  7. Wendy Love


    First… I am not anti pot.  As adults we have right to do what we can and should. I just want to change the name of girl scout cookie. Girl scouts are young and underage and should not be consumers of your product. It is a long and honorable organization with many leaders aligning with the legalization of marijuana. Please consider a name change.  It is not appropriate. Thank you for your time.

    1. James
      you sure about that?

      They are not very honorable considering they partnered with Planned Parenthood for propagandizing the children.

    2. Dakota

      Lol as we all know girl scouts sell girl scout cookies to adults. So where’s the issue

  8. Raymond Bailey
    Og GSC

    The there are too variations of GSC
    Stick to the #classicgsc

  9. eyekeeplookingup

    Just the name GSC gives me the munchies!

  10. mona badr

    How and where can I even buy this?

    1. TC

      CHOICE Seed Bank is a good place to look.

  11. Mary Frazier

    Drinking lots of water will help in getting over its side effects

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