Infinite Wellness Center | The Complete Review
December 15, 2016

Infinite Wellness Center | The Complete Review

Medical Dispensary, High-Quality Strains, Edibles, Concentrates, Colorado
MarijuanaBreak Staff / Updated on December 15, 2016
(970) 484-8380

As we walked through Infinite Wellness Center’s doors we were quite impressed. Well, actually, we were blown away. Apart from having an amazing showcase of “Goodies” that would drive any cannabis lover wild, their inner decor and level of customer service basically sells their products before you even really purchase it.

At Infinite Wellness Center you’ll find a wide range of flowers, concentrates and edibles. Some say it is the largest selection in Northern Colorado. We are not sure about that 😉 but it is pretty large. They have 35 + strains that are grown in-house. All their strains are grown hydroponically and dealt with the most tender loving care.

Getting there was dead easy. If you’re from around Fort Collins, then you’ve probably driven past these guys. If you’re not, so they are located at 900 N College Ave Fort Collins, CO 80524. Parking isn’t a problem and you should be in and out in minutes. The honest truth here’s really nothing to not love about this top of the line recreational shop and medical cannabis dispensary.

Infinite Wellness Center Highlights:

  • IWC really understand that a happy customer is a returning customer and that is why they put a significant amount of resources on providing the best customer service. They offer a range of daily deals and an Incredible recreational VIP loyalty program that will give you discounts.
  • This dispensary has been around for ages. It is actually a dinosaur compared to other new places that are popping up around Colorado. Just so that you know, Infinite Wellness Center was rated as one of the top 10 Dispensaries in CO on Leafly – now its rated #2 on Marijuanabreak 5 Best Marijuana Dispensaries in Colorado.
  • This is a rare thing for a dispensary, but these guys accept Credit and Debit cards. It’s not a cash only store.
  • Prices are affordable, but it is best to check their daily deals. You don’t know what you’ll find 🙂

Final Thoughts About Infinite Wellness Center

Hands down, we can understand why everyone is raving about this dispensary. It is by far one of the best stores we have had to review. Oh, and finally, a dispensary that doesn’t accept only cash and then make you pay insane ATM fees in-store.

Overall, Infinite Wellness Center is simply convenient. They provide top-quality products at affordable prices and if you’re like us, (require high standards), you’ll probably come out with a smile.

900 N College Ave Fort Collins, CO 80524

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