Green Man Cannabis – Downtown Denver | Review
October 25, 2016

Green Man Cannabis – Downtown Denver | Review

MarijuanaBreak Staff / Updated on October 25, 2016
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The first thing that used to come to mind when I heard the phrase ‘green man’ was Charlie Kelly’s deranged, skinsuit wearing alter-ego from the world’s most hilarious TV show, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

However, after getting the chance to stop by and check out central Denver’s Green Man Cannabis – one of the city’s most prized, top-quality marijuana dispensaries – I imagine my recollections will be altered a bit from now on every time I hear the phrase.

In all seriousness, the dispensary is easily one of the best in the city (and thus by default, one of the best in the country too). They’ve won Best Sativa Strain for three years running now at the Cannabis Cup (High Times magazine’s annual marijuana convention/tradeshow), and took a brace of honors this year with 1st place prizes for their Star Killer and Ghost Train Haze strains. If you’re legitimately on a scout for the dankest, most freakishly potent herb that money can buy, definitely make it a point to find your way out to Green Man.

Speaking of money, unfortunately, if you do make it over you probably won’t have much of yours left if you plan on throwing down on some of their award-winning strains; for recreational customers, their prize herbs run at a bong-droppingly steep $60 for an 1/8th ounce ($45 for medical patients). However, going off the old adage that you get what you pay for, we can’t say there’s really anything to complain about – the bud is really that good.

Highlights: Green Man Cannabis, Denver

  • Two Denver locations, each serving recreational and medical customers
  • Award-winning indica, sativa, and hybrid strains – some of the best quality cannabis you’ll find anywhere
  • Complete and daily updated med/rec menus (with prices) for both locations
  • Full range of accessories, concentrates (hash/waxes/shatters), edibles, and topicals

Additionally, the dispensary offers a decent range of promotions/discounts for members, veterans, neighborhood locals, and first-time customers. Promotions are always varying so check out the website to see what they’ve currently got going on.

Oh, and one more thing that we’ll mention – the only thing that rivals the quality of Green Man Cannabis’ herb, is the quality of their staff. (Sorry if that sounds a little corny, we promise it’s not a pitch). But seriously – if you’re wanting to know every last genetic detail regarding the strain you’re about to blast off on, any one of the dispensary’s insanely knowledgeable budtenders will be there and be more than willing to oblige you.


1355 Santa Fe Drive Denver, CO 80204

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