Buddy Boy Brands, Walnut St. Denver | Review
October 17, 2016

Buddy Boy Brands, Walnut St. Denver | Review

MarijuanaBreak Staff / Updated on October 17, 2016
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In a way, we’d kind of like to sit down and have a chat with the owner/founder/CEO of Buddy Boy, simply to ask them how, when, and why they came up with the name Buddy Boy. It sounds like a greasy drive-in burger joint that you’d hit up in the wee hours of a shameless Saturday night to gorge yourself on screamin’ jalapeno cheeseburgers and loaded Texas curly fries.

Nevertheless, Buddy Boy locations across Denver (there are seven of them now) are actually some of the most popular and well-known dispensaries in town, and for good reason. They carry one of the largest and most complete selections of cannabis goodies in the city, and can always be relied on to be stocked up with whatever your favorite product(s) might be, whether you’re into funky infused candies, beverages, BHO’s, or straight up piping flower strains. They even carry a full stock of shake and clippings from all their strains if you’re trying to blaze on a budget.

Naturally, there’s a lot that goes into your weed-buying experience – especially for non-locals and first timers that are unfamiliar with the whole dispensary process. Taking this into consideration, we actually recommend the popular chain-type dispensaries for out-of-towners, as they tend to get high volumes of tourists, and the budtenders will be very familiar and well-versed with a lot of the questions that you’ll probably have for them.

Highlights: Buddy Boy Brands, Walnut St.

  • Huge and complete range of selection, with a well-stocked supply of edibles, topicals, beverages, shatters/waxes/oils, and dozens of indica/sativa/hybrid strains
  • Medical and recreational sales
  • Promotional prices/discounts for joining the Buddy Boy ‘Bud Club’ – all you have to do is text BUDDY to 720.903.2434
  • Excellent web presence with a complete and frequently updated menu so you can check out product before you hit the dispensary

Most Denver locals will have their favored dispensary that they routinely hit to pick up the same products/strains week after week after week. Or, they’ll have tried out enough of them across town to have decided which ones carry their choice products. Like we mentioned, though, if you’re a tourist just popping in to town and are unsure of what exactly it is you’re looking for, we definitely recommend checking out a joint like Buddy Boy – guaranteed to be staffed with friendly and welcoming budtenders that’ll do their best to hook you up with something you’ll enjoy.

The Buddy Boy Walnut St location is situated in a pretty central part of the Denver downtown area, making it a convenient stop if you’re trying to check out some of the town center sights and attractions while you’re in town.

Buddy Boy Brands | 3814 Walnut St Denver, CO 80205

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