Plus +CBD Oil (The Complete Review)
October 3, 2017

Plus +CBD Oil (The Complete Review)

MarijuanaBreak Staff / Updated on October 3, 2017

It is now becoming clear that CBD oil offers significant medical health benefits, so brand names such as Plus +CBD Oil are hopping on the bandwagon. Tinctures, sprays, and oils made from CBD can be sold as food supplements which means they are legal in all 50 states. This is because the products come from the hemp plant which is known for its high-CBD and low-THC content. Read on to see if Plus +CBD Oil’s products make it a contender or a pretender.

About Plus CBD oil

Plus +CBD Oil has developed quite a name for itself, thanks to its potent CBD oil but just to be clear, this is the name of their product range and not the company. Just if you are wondering the company name is called CV Sciences and their sole goal is to use the appliance of science to create the best hemp-derived CBD oil on the market.

Plus +CBD Oil Highlights

  • CBD Plus products are created in a state-of-the-art laboratory.
  • All CV Sciences products are traceable from ‘Seed to Shelf.’
  • It uses a non-chemical CO2 Extraction Process.
  • The products are free from GMOs and Gluten.
  • The products also carry Third Party Quality Assurance.

Plus +CBD Oil Top Products

CBD Oil Drops

Plus +CBD Oil drops

These drops are one of the CBD plus brand’s most popular products and contain a complex phytocannabinoid matrix which includes CBD from industrial hemp. This particular product uses CV Sciences’ Gold Formula which is its highest concentration of CBD Oil.

The drops are available in 1oz and 2oz bottles and unflavored and peppermint with 250mg and 750mg options. There are a total of 80 servings in a 1oz bottle, and the easy-to-use dropper means the drops absorb quickly. There is 3mg of hemp-derived CBD per serving, and you can add it to food or drink.

CBD Oil Spray

Plus +CBD Oil spray

CV Sciences’ CBD Oil Spray is significantly cheaper than its oil counterpart and is available in 1oz and 2oz bottles with concentrates of 100mg, 250mg and 500mg. It is very similar to the drops product except it involves spraying the oil twice in your mouth. It comes in three varieties: Unflavored, Peppermint, and Vanilla. The spray also contains nutrients and Vitamin E.

CBD Oil Gold Formula Oral Applicators

Gold Formula Oral Applicators

The company’s Gold Formula Oral Applicators contain CBD, CBC, and CBG. The benefit of this product is that you can experience the magic of CBD without being exposed to any extra flavors or sweeteners. You can purchase applicators in sizes of 1g, 3g, and 10g.

The 10g oral applicator is by far the strongest with 60mg of CBD per serving compared to the 12mg per serving in the 1g option and the 15mg in the 3g option. The 10g applicator offers 40 servings; there are 20 in the 1g pack and 35 in the 3g pack.

CBD Oil Softgels

CBD Oil Softgels

These softgels offer you one of the easiest ways to ingest full spectrum phytocannabinoids. The product is made from the raw oil that comes from the hemp after total plant CO2 extraction. It includes cannabidiolic acid (CBDA) which is an acidic cannabinoid produced by the plant directly.

There are a total of 30 servings in every bottle, and each one contains 5mg of CBDA/CBD oil. It uses an extra-virgin olive oil base and is free from Gluten and GMOs.

Medicinal Benefits of CBD Plus Oil

The products on offer from this brand name are what one has come to expect from CBD oil. While CV Sciences refuses to make ‘specific claims,’ clients suggest that the products help to:

  • Relieve pain and inflammation.
  • Reduce feelings of nausea.
  • Decrease instances of diabetes.
  • Potentially treat seizures.
  • Reduce anxiety.
  • Help fight depression.

The list of possible benefits is lengthy, and while research is still ongoing, newly released data suggests that CBD oil is the ‘real deal’ in terms of providing a realistic all-natural alternative to painkillers.

Plus +CBD Oil stands by the quality of its hemp which it says is:
Rich in Nutrients: It includes Natural Fatty Acids which are not produced naturally by the body.
Non-Psychotoxic: The extremely low levels of THC within hemp means there is no ‘high.’

Eco-Friendly: Hemp grows quickly, is renewable and practically every part of the plant is usable. Also, it doesn’t need herbicides, it isolates and traps CO2, and it improves the condition of the soil.

What Plus +CBD Oil Clients Say

There are surprisingly few reviews on the website, but at least they come from happy customers! Denise C. was completely satisfied with her CBD Oil Drops and vows not to purchase low-quality alternatives again. She also said: “I am a loyal client of CBD plus and have referred friends and medical professionals to this product and company.”

A reasonable amount of people wrote in to express their satisfaction with the brand name’s CBD Oil Spray. According to Kelly: “The sense of calm I feel since taking this product has been amazing. Thank you so much for making such a quality product.”

How to Purchase Plus +CBD Oil

As the Plus CBD Oil range sold by CV Sciences is classified as a ‘health supplement,’ it is available for sale in all 50 states. The brand advises all customers to contact their physician before using any of their products and points out that you have to be at least 18 years old.
You could be eligible for discount ‘bulk purchase’ prices if you are a:

  • Food/beverage manufacturer.
  • Pet product manufacturer.
  • Formulator of supplements and vitamins.
  • Producer of Vape products.
  • Producer of topical or skin care products.

Otherwise, you can simply click on this Plus CBD Oil website link and start purchasing. It is almost as easy as purchasing something from Amazon!

Final Thoughts About Plus +CBD Oil

We believe the CBD supplements in CV Sciences’ Plus CBD Oil range is of premium quality and for a reasonable price. The CBD content is extremely high in some of the products although there is a slight concern about the flavors in some of the range. For example, while the peppermint flavor in the CBD spray is nice, the vanilla flavor is pretty awful! But that’s just our opinion.

Verdict: 6/10

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21 reviews
  1. Christian Slater
    Great product

    This is without a doubt one of the best and most consistent products out there

  2. Victor Smith
    Works for Me!

    Plus CBD Oil is the only one I trust. The rest of these snake oil brands are too unreliable. Plus works for me and I recommend it!

  3. Becky Davis
    plus cbd oil. The best i've tried

    I have tried 2 other brands of the cbd oil. This gold formula has helped me so very much for stress and anxiety at work. I usually only take it 4 days a week at work. I bought this at a natural food store and this has helped me the most. Love it

  4. Bettye Cart
    Drops working for me

    I had a groin injury one month before my 70th birthday during an out of state move. Bad timing! The pain was unreal. I tried the CBD capsules but nothing affected the pain so went back to Advil which I hate hate hate to be dependent on. Now its 10 months with pain that feels worse yet I walk thru it. I had bought the gold drops in peppermint and had used it rarely for panic which helped calm me fully. Then I thought, I would try it before sleep and OMG, the pain became minimal/tolerable and I slept 8 hours without getting up and walking the house. I will now incorporate the half dropperful morning and night. I am almost thinking that with intractable pain, more of a direct dose of the CBD instead of waiting for digestion to take hold is wiser. I am in the testing phase so fingers crossed.

  5. Sarah
    Autoimmune symptom helper

    I am taking to deal with aches and pains and anxiety related to an autoimmune disease. I’ve only been doing drops for about a week, but I really do notice a difference in my anxiety levels. Aches and pains to I believe. I get bad headaches and aching bones, and those symptoms seemed to have subsided. I would recommend for relief from anxiety at least!

  6. Amber
    First NIGHT i USED IT

    I’ve been taking this product for about 6 weeks now, started with 3mg a half dropper full morning and half at night. FIRST NIGHT I USED it I was able to sleep through the night without waking at all! It’s God send to me! I am only 41 with spinal arthritis, which is now in my hip joint and I used to wake up nightly because of pain and being uncomfortable. I won’t take narcotics or any other pills for that matter. Now I sleep like a rock every night for the last six weeks. Every one is different may take longer or work just as quick as it did for me. I totally recommend it to anyone with pain!

  7. Mabel Macklin

    CBD oil gold is a known and powerful formula for those seeking relief from the pain.

  8. clara

    I use the balm for knee pain, neck pain and anxiety and it hasn’t failed to help, I highly recommend this product, at night I rub on wrists and heels and within minutes I am relaxed and sleepy. I get it from a health store not online.

  9. Rhonda Lynn Deluca

    Those who this works for how often do you take it? I get sick and headache by mid day.

  10. Kirstin Opal
    No difference

    I’ve been using the peppermint drops. 1/2 a dropper a day & I haven’t noticed any difference at all. I take it for anxiety, depression and derealization.

    I’m wondering if I take it in capsule form if that’ll make a difference but it’s a little spendy to try each form.

    1. Daniel Moore
      Try something else

      Not all depression can be fixed using CBD oil. I am not saying prescription medication is the answer but possibly talk to a therapist. Admitting and talking to someone even a friend helps a great deal

  11. JT
    Worked for me

    I am 34 years old and suffer with panic disoder, anxiety, depression, mild insomnia and chronic neck and back pain. This product was the first on my journey with CBD and I saw a drastic difference in the second day. I wasn’t taking my xanax, my pain pills were no longer constantly with me, my sleep was undisturbed and sound, and my over all mood and quality of life were drastically improved. I ran out and followed up with a new purchase, which was Green Roads. I am not a fan. The outcome has not been the same. I’m back on my anxiety medication, my sleep although still decent is not what it was and my pain meds are back to being regularly consumed. I’m not saying that the product in this article is the best on the market and I plan on continuing my research and my own personal experiments to see what works best for me. So far the CBD plus is a winner and Green roads is an epic fail and even about 20-50 bucks more costly depending on the strength.

  12. Becky Day
    Half way through my first bottle...

    I am on day 4 of using Plus + CBD oil drops, 3 mg per serving. It seems to be working really well for my anxiety and I am not sure if it has the complete potential to do what I need as far as pain. It has been helping me sleep, very well, and I have have been having very lucid dreams the past few nights, I don’t know if it’s from the oil but it began the night I started using the oil. I was unsure about the dosage and I kind of still am. I’m also take my oil with an Omega 3 vitamin everyday as it is an oil based product. I do think I will try another product when this bottle is gone though but it is because I’ve just started this cbd journey and I really want to find the product that works the very best for me. I think there are possibly products out there that could do better than this one. I got unflavored and although it’s bearable, I would prefer the peppermint but unfortunately they were sold out of the flavored.

  13. Jim
    Highly recommend!!!

    This is a great product. Helps my daughter with anxiety. We do the 15 mg capsule. We see a huge improvement in her anxiety levels. When we know she will have extra anxiety we will give her a second one in the afternoon. She says she doesn’t notice a difference but everyone else comments on how well she is doing with daily stress and anxiety.

  14. John Doey
    Their Customer Service SUCKS!

    I agree with both George P and Auntie. Their customer service SUCKS. It is the worst I’ve ever encountered. They actually hung up on me (this call was recorded by me). They must have thought I could take their product for anxiety after the phone call, but their product didn’t work.

    I purchased the Plus +CBD Oil 2 oz bottles.

    I was calling the company to tell them that their label states that there are 160 servings with 15 drops per serving. Their label SHOULD say that there are 80 servings with 15 drops per serving. The false info on the 2 oz label said that you will get twice as many servings as there is in the bottle.

    It’s simple math
    15 drops X 160 servings = 2400 drops = 4 oz
    15 drops X 80 servings = 1200 drops = 2 oz

    They treated me like I was a crazy person. The person I was talking to was rude, dismissive, arrogant etc, etc.. (last person to be taking customer service calls!).

  15. lisa

    anxiety as long as i remember, this has really helped

  16. George P
    Would not recommend

    Used this product. It is terrible. Also the customer support was bad. Took the bottle 3 weeks to arrive and it does not help with my anxiety. Now starting using a different brand called purekana. It works well. I am using the 300mg. This was the site i purchased it from

  17. Dave Weeks

    I have used the spray for 2 months, having read that CBD Oil can possibly relieve symptoms of tinnitus, and it’s associated sleeping problems. I gave it a try, and was
    getting better sleep patterns almost immediately. Though I still deal with tinnitus, it seems as though the decibel level of the ringing and buzzing in my head has been somewhat dialed down, for which I am extremely grateful !

  18. Fran

    I’ve only had good experiences with this company and their products. I received a faulty product once which was replaced immediately.

  19. Auntie

    There Customer Service sucks!

  20. Cindy
    Relief after years of pain

    I always rolled my eyes at my health food store employed sister whenever she suggested a supplement. I finally gave in and tried a free sample of the CBD drops. Within an hour I realized my back wasn’t hurting. My blood pressure was actually “normal” instead of “high normal”. After a week of 1 dose every morning, I’m beginning to feel the pain creeping back in, so I have questions that I’m finding it difficult to get answers to. Overall I’m pleased with results thus far.

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