Medterra CBD Oil Review [2018 Update]
June 14, 2018

Medterra CBD Oil Review [2018 Update]

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MarijuanaBreak Staff / Updated on June 14, 2018

Medterra CBD Oil Review [2018 Update]

Considering the fact that it is a fledgling industry, the CBD market is growing at a remarkable rate. From a market value of $202 million per annum in 2016, it is set to surpass the $2 billion mark in 2020. With several states contemplating legalization for medicinal or recreational use, the above estimate could soon look extremely conservative. As you might expect, such an industry attracts a lot of interest, with hundreds of companies offering their wares. Medterra CBD is one such organization and in this review, we take a detailed look at what it offers prospective customers.

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What is Medterra CBD Oil?

Medterra CBD oil is grown and extracted under a set of strict guidelines issued by the Kentucky Department of Agricultural Industrial Hemp Pilot Program. All Medterra CBD products come from non-GMO hemp with third-party lab testing to back up every batch. Users can rest assured that the CBD sold by Medterra is free from contaminants.

At the time of writing, the best place to buy Medterra CBD oil is on the company’s official website. As its products contain 0% THC, the company claims that it can ship to all 50 states and internationally without any issues. While we can’t speak for the international claim, our review found that Medterra was able to ship to our state without any hassle.

It only uses hemp strains with extremely high CBD concentrations and extracts oil that not only contains cannabidiol, but also has vitamins, minerals, flavonoids, fatty acids, and other non-intoxicating cannabinoids.

History of Medterra as a CBD Supplier

Medterra is not yet a major name in the industry because it was only founded in 2017. Aside from the professionally designed website, it earns credibility by allowing people to view independent third-party lab results. Its CBD is fully compliant with regulations in the 2014 Farm Bill, is grown in the USA and comes straight from Kentucky.

CO2 extraction is used to extract its CBD oil, which contains zero THC. It offers a range of options including tinctures, capsules, vaporizers and CBD isolate which contains 99%+ pure CBD. As a result, Medterra’s products are perfectly safe to use, even by children. Without further ado, let’s review their bestselling products.

Medterra CBD’s Best Products

Medoil CBD Tincture

These tinctures are made with Medterra’s 99%+ CBD and MCT oil. You have the choice of three strengths:

  • 500mg: $49.95
  • 1000mg: $89.95
  • 3000mg: $149.95

The company claims that it uses 99.6% pure CBD and each bottle contains 30ml of liquid, with the recommended serving size set at 1ml. I opted for the 1000mg option and used 1ml per day. You are supposed to drop the tincture beneath your tongue and hold it there for at least two minutes so that the CBD gets absorbed.

Although it took a week to take proper effect, Medterra’s tincture was excellent for joint pain and also aided my sleep. As far as customer reviews go, users with anxiety were very happy with the results.

CBD Cream for Pain

This cream combines CBD, menthol and arnica for a cooling feeling that helps soothe your pain. Each tube contains 100ml of cream and it comes in two strengths:

  • 250mg: $49.95
  • 750mg: $89.95

Interestingly, the stronger version has a lot of extra ingredients. I tried the 750mg version and rubbed it on my elbow, which is inflamed and causes me a great deal of pain. To be fair, this CBD cream offered a reasonable level of relief. It is far from a miracle cure but it was somewhat effective.

CBD Gel Capsules

If you don’t like the taste of CBD oil, why not try capsules instead? Medterra’s version contains nothing but 99.6% pure CBD isolate and MCT oil. You only need to take one a day, depending on what you’re using cannabidiol for, and you can have it at night or in the morning. There are 30 capsules in a bottle and you have two options:

  • 25mg: $64.95
  • 50mg: $99.95

Make sure you have a glass of water handy, even though these capsules are easy to swallow. I find that capsules are convenient when you have to travel and Medterra’s offering provides fast and effective relief for pain. In many ways, they are like an over-the-counter painkiller without the same side effects; they also provide longer-lasting pain relief in my experience.

Medoil Sleeping CBD Pills

Certain hemp strains are better for insomnia than others, and this is certainly the case with Medterra’s Dissolvable Sleep Tablets which combine CBD isolate with melatonin. There are 30 tablets in each pack which costs $69.95. Each pill should be placed beneath the tongue so it can dissolve before you swallow it. There is 25mg of CBD and 10mg of melatonin in each pill, which should be enough for most people to relax and get a decent amount of shut-eye.

One thing I noticed immediately was the delicious spearmint taste. If you’re sensitive to melatonin, it is advisable to begin with half a tablet and work your way up to a full one. The second noticeable thing was how quickly the pill works. I was caught by surprise after feeling the effects within 15 minutes. While they are not a great option for pain, these pills are excellent for insomniacs.

Med99+ CBD Isolate

This is the strongest option available as each gram contains 990mg of pure CBD. It is available in six sizes:

  • 1 Gram: $34.95
  • 2 Grams: $64.95
  • 5 Grams: $149.95
  • 10 Grams: $274.95
  • 50 Grams: $1249.95
  • 100 Grams: $1999.95

By our calculations, if you have two grand to spare, you’ll have a three-year supply at almost 100mg of CBD a day! As well as being the most potent CBD product, it is also the most stable as it is prepared within 48 hours of harvest.

This is a versatile option because you can mix it with your food or drink, consume it raw, or use a vaporizer. I would recommend being careful when using this CBD isolate for the first time because it is extremely potent. The golden rule of CBD consumption is to begin with a small amount and work your way up until you find the minimum effective dose.

Where to Buy Medterra CBD Oils

As it is legit for sale in all 50 states, you can order Medterra CBD products from the company’s official website. You can find Medterra Coupons across the Internet or avail of Medterra discount codes. Expect to save 10% on average.

I was impressed at the speed of delivery. If you place an order after 2 pm PST, you can expect to receive your package the following business day. International customers will have to wait 2-3 weeks because Medterra only offers FedEx International Shipping. Please note that you can’t purchase the company’s products if you live in the UK, Australia, or Canada. You will receive your money back if unsatisfied with your purchase, as long as you return it within 30 days.

Benefits of Medterra CBD

First and foremost, Medterra CBD is American made, with all of its products grown in Kentucky. Secondly, its products contain no THC which means it can be shipped to every state. There is a suggestion that marijuana strains high in THC can exacerbate symptoms in individuals with psychotic tendencie, but with Medterra CBD, psychosis can be treated as cannabidiol is non-intoxicating.

The company is fully compliant with the 2014 Farm Bill and, while it is a relatively new organization, Medterra CBD reviews from customers are generally positive. As one might expect, CBD oil Medterra reviews on the corporate website are far more glowing than ones found on independent sites. Even so, there is nothing to suggest that the firm is anything other than reputable.

As it uses CO2 extraction, Medterra’s CBD oil is pure and it is this method which allows it to extract 99%+ CBD. If you have any questions about the legitimacy of any Medterra products, simply check out the official website for a Certificate of Analysis from a well-known testing facility in Massachusetts.

I was extremely impressed by the level of customer service displayed by Medterra, and perhaps other companies in the industry could learn a thing or two. You can get in touch via email or phone, and there is also a Wholesale section on the site that is extremely well designed and informative. Medterra isn’t just interested in taking your money, it also wants visitors to be well informed about the CBD market and its site is a treasure trove of information.

There is even a ‘bonus’ system for online customers in a clever attempt to attain brand loyalty. The system is reasonably generous (up to 10% discount and $10 for signing up) and it is something that more companies should do.

Medterra Pros and Cons


  • Third-party lab testing reports are easily available.
  • Decent range of high-quality CBD products.
  • Each product is made with 99%+ CBD.
  • CBD is made from organic, GMO-free hemp.
  • As Medterra’s products contain no THC, you get CBD without the risk.
  • Founded by agricultural experts.
  • Fast shipping.
  • All products are grown in Kentucky.
  • Medterra ships to all 50 states and several nations around the world.
  • 30-day money back guarantee.


  • No vape liquids available.
  • Does not sell edibles.
  • It is a relatively new company so we don’t yet know how trustworthy it is; although early signs are good.
  • While it offers free shipping for orders over $125, it is expensive if you spend less.

Overall, Medterra CBD seems to be a breath of fresh air. It is a transparent company with good customer service and a lot of useful information on its website. Most importantly, it sells high-quality CBD products.

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4 reviews
  1. Dusti Z
    First Times The Charm!

    I’m a first time user of Medterra and CBD Oil in general and I must say I was extremely satisfied. After researching products for a few weeks I purchased the 1000mg 30ml bottle from them. After just the first dose…1ml in the evening I had one of the best night sleeps in about 6 months , which due to extreme pain from a variety of issues…ie…Fibromyalgia, RA, OA, Shoulder Bursitis and I am in need of a right hip replacement my sleep has been anything but restful. I know it will take some tweaking to get the right dosage to accommodate my issues but I am a firm believer that this product will work! Thank you Medterra for your high quality product and Thank you @MarijuanaBreak for your great reviews!

  2. Jeff Brooks
    Best CBD

    Best CBD I have tried, hands down!! @cindy, 100mg in a 30mL bottle is 3.3mg/serving, I doubt that did anything! I take 50mg per day for my arthritis. All of my friends have switched to Medterra and aren’t going back. Great review by the way @marijuanabreak!

  3. Cindy Ferries
    Not for me.

    To be honest I had been on 100mg bottles and I had multiple symptoms go away felt great. After completing a full bottle of Medterra CBD 500mg I have all my symptoms come back. I was sure there was no CBD oil in it.

  4. Chul

    Thanks for the independent review!

    Makes me feel better in becoming a MedTerra user!

    Endless Miles Rider

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