HempWorx CBD Oil Review [TESTED]
August 16, 2018

HempWorx CBD Oil Review [TESTED]

Hempworx CBD Oil, CBD Extract, Buy CBD Oil, Review
MarijuanaBreak Staff / Updated on August 16, 2018

HempWorx CBD Oil

The heat is very much on CBD oil sellers these days as the FDA continues to crack down on companies selling “questionable” (to put it nicely) hemp-based products. In fact, since 2015 – when the FDA first issued warning letters to multiple CBD sellers – the industry has been forced to clean up its act, at least in terms of manufacturing operations and brand transparency.

As a result, customers can now be confident that most companies out there are pretty legitimate in terms of the overall safety of their products. However, you should still keep your eyes peeled and do as much research as possible, as a lot of brands are still selling notherapeutictc hemp seed oils as “CBD oils,” when in fact they contain very little of the active compound at all.

Today, HempWorx is in the hot seat as we review their complete line of products, the effectiveness of their CBD oils, and the general motives behind the brand.

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Who Are HempWorx?

Although the HempWorx ‘About Us’ page is filled with excellent information about the history of CBD, there is unfortunately scant data about the actual organization itself. We did learn, however, that they use “special” supercritical technology that extracts over 400 phytonutrients from raw hemp material, and that they don’t use any harmful solvents or heat, which is of course a good thing.

Also, all HempWorx products are 100% organic and non-genetically modified, and the company makes all of its products right here in the United States. Moreover, the hemp used to extract the oil is grown in Kentucky, and unlike a lot of firms who claim their CBD products to be lab tested, HempWorx actually ‘walks the walk’ by publishing up-to-date details of their test results on the site.

HempWorx’s CBD Oil Reviewed

HempWorx’s CBD Oil

HempWorx CBD Oil comes in two strengths: HempWorx 500 and HempWorx 750. Both concentrations contain pure CBD oil (and some peppermint to improve the overall taste), and the ingredients contain nothing other than phytocannabinoid rich oil and natural flavorings (peppermint extract).

For both products, a single serving size is 0.6 mL (or 20 drops), and there are 50 servings in each 30 mL container. The only difference is that the HempWorx ‘500’ bottle contains 10 mg of CBD oil per serving, while the ‘750’ bottle contains 15 mg per serving.

In terms of actually testing out and reviewing the HempWorx CBD oils, everything seemed to be going fine until we tried to actually purchase some of the oil! All of a sudden, what had been a simple breeze quickly became a puzzle of Rubik’s Cube proportions.

First of all, there are no prices on the site!!! If you want to order (without knowing the price), then you apparently have to be referred by an outside person. For example, when you click ‘order’ on the site, you get a message telling you to: “Provide the username of the person who referred you.”

Very strange.

Anyway, in addition to their line of CBD oils, HempWorx also sells a product called Renew Anti Aging Cream, which contains CBD oil and Apple Stem Cells. This is in addition to a CBD Collagen Cream, an Icy CBD Pain Rub, and a line of CBD pet products called HempWorx for Pets. But again, if you try to place an order, it appears that you can only purchase these products with a referral.

Eventually, however, we were able to discover that the 500 mg bottle of CBD oil costs $69 plus shipping, while the 750 mg bottle of oil costs $89 plus shipping. These prices are far higher than comparable brands, but wouldn’t be such an issue if HempWorx’s products were of superior quality.

To be fair, though, HempWorx’s CBD oil is ‘okay’ and it does do a decent job of alleviating pain and easing stress, at least in our experience. However, it is in no way, shape, or form, the best CBD oil on the market. At least not in our experience.

In fact, it is probably somewhere right smack in the middle, which means the exceedingly high price is not exactly justified.

And in reality, the real problem isn’t the mediocre CBD oil (or even the price), but rather in the purchasing process, which we found to be extremely confusing.

HempWorx & the Profit Motive

HempWorx CBD Oil

It would appear that the chief focus of the HempWorx website is not to sell CBD oil in the traditional sense, but rather to find new affiliates that can promote its products. The company outlines the immense potential of the cannabis industry, and claims to offer a (frankly absurd) 85% commission payout.

The thing is, HempWorx is doubtfully a Ponzi scheme since they do offer a real and tangible product for sale. What is irritating, however, is the frankly ludicrous “Compensation Plan” video where the company promises not only the large commission payments, but also the chance to earn ‘prizes’ such as diamond watches, luxury vacations, iPads, new cars, and cash bonuses of up to $100,000. If these ‘rewards’ don’t raise a hell of a lot of red flags, then you perhaps are just the type of promoter the company is looking for.

Another problem is the fact that HempWorx is now aligned with My Daily Choice, which is a company that has earned, to put it nicely, a pretty dubious reputation.

If you earn the status of ‘Preferred Customer,’ for example, you can get free HempWorx products by referring friends and family. To get one free product, though, you have to refer a friend, and three of their friends have to purchase HempWorx products. Pyramid business model, anyone?.

Even though you need to have rocks in your head to waste your time becoming an affiliate in the quest for these phantom rewards, there are a surprisingly large number of them that are active on social media sites. Given the stakes, the behavior of many affiliates is scandalous, to say the least, as they resort to pushy ‘second-hand car’ sales tactics (and not to mention outright lie!) about the capabilities of HempWorx products.

And lastly, we must also point out that there are a lot of suspicious looking customer reviews on the website. The second ‘review,’ for example, comes from Jenna Zwagil who claims “This CBD Oil is a Life Saver.” But here’s the thing; her husband, Josh, is the CEO and founder of My Daily Choice! It kind of makes you wonder just how legitimate the rest of these reviews are.

Where to Buy HempWorx CBD Oil?

If you’re still interested in HempWorx CBD oil after reading all of the above, the more power to you! Simply go to the site’s ‘Our Products’ page if you want to learn more. However, if you didn’t catch it in our tirade above, you will need a referral to order.

Final Thoughts on HempWorx

HempWorx’s products are pretty standard (and slightly overpriced), so we likely wouldn’t have recommended them in any case. However, what we were most unhappy with was their sole focus of gaining affiliates – a clear sign that HempWorx is more interested in cash flow than in creating one of the best CBD oils in the market.

Simply put, the entire enterprise looks like a clear attempt to cash in on the popularity of the booming CBD industry. At this point, we simply can’t recommend HempWorx, as we have standards. If you are looking for a quality CBD oil that may be able to work for your medical condition, we suggest you check out our staff-selected #1 pick, which we have collectively chosen for the past two years in a row.

HempWorx CBD Oil Verdict: 3/10

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54 reviews
  1. Edward S. Wesson Jr.

    I love it. I haven’t got enough money on my debit card account to buy it right now. Fortunately, when I have money on my account, I will try all the products.

  2. Abigail
    A Doctor recomended decieve me.

    A Doctor recomended this Hempworx for me to treat my fibroid, but going through the site and reading through peoples openions i can now see that there’s nothing like fibroid treatment. I will not recomend this product to anyone, i had hope that thus cbc oil can desolve my fibroid but there’s nothing like that. I wasted my money that i’m supost to use and pay for surgery. I feel bad.

  3. Tracy
    Caused Major Allergic Response

    I would not recommend this product to anyone. After trying once dose my throat started to constrict and I had difficulty swallowing. My sinus became congested and I had a major allergy attack. I have tried numerous brands of CBD oil had have never had this reaction!

  4. Matthew Adams
    Filler Oils? Really?

    Question: Why do all of the products that you have listed above have “Filler Oils”, such as MCT (Coconut) Oil in (Pure Kana)?

    Why add filler oils?

    Can they not stand on their own?

    How can you even compare one oil that has fillers against another oil that does NOT have fillers and call it superior?

    MarijuanaBreaks review smells “funny”.

    P.S. The “One Star” is my review of the review.

    P.P.S. I’llbet you that they SPAM me.

  5. Kristin
    Inconsistency in review

    You said that Hempworx was more expensive but the product you recommended for $90 for 600mg potency (pure Kana)for 1 oz and Hempworx is $70 for 500mg potency for 1 oz. I am a little confused. I have no opinion on Hempworx quality as I haven’t tried it yet, just looking into things.

    1. Michele DIelman
      Works for me

      I have been using this for 2 months. I only signed up to be an affiliate because it has worked so well for me and others see my results and I have had 12 people asking to purchase products. I have had many health problems including arthritis, asthma, and type 1 diabetes. I have seen huge improvements in all of these areas. No more inhaler, lower AIC, and I can walk without stabbing pain in my knee. It’s the only thing that has worked after all of these other supplements and prescription meds. I spent 1200 last year on physical therapy with no improvement. I couldn’t recommend this enough!

  6. Steph
    How does your testing work?

    How many people participated in testing? How do you compare it to others? I am a Hempworx user and have had tremendous results.

    1. Deanna Weed
      Hempworx is the best

      Good for you. I agree Hempworx is the best for the price

  7. Sheila Miller
    Its a WINNER!

    In August, 2018, I started the 750 Peppermint w/ my 69 yr old husband after trying several of the brands advertised here. He was at death’s door with COPD, kidney stones, anxiety, chronic pain and just had 2 cancer surgeries in 1 year. Lostv18 pounds and had no desire to do anything but sleep.

    I started him on 5 drops 3x a day. In less than 3 weeks, he went from nearly dead to driving a car again, cutting grass, swimming and traveling to the beach! His joy of life has returned, along with his appetite. His depression has lifted and he now only takes 2 OXY pills per day instead of 5!!!

  8. Pam

    I’ve been taking Hempworx since April 2018. I have degenerative disc disease and I’m trying to eliminate taking prescriptions. I also suffer from anxiety, high cholesterol, fibrocystic breast and hyper thyroid.
    I’ve had two fine needle aspiration of goiters. Both times found to be begnin. My Dr said my thyroid levels are extremely high and referred me to an endocrinologist. For my back I had been seeing a pain management dr and having rhizotomy done about every year. My health I feel was steadily declining. I’m only 54 and have a teenage daughter. I needed to take charge of my own well being. I researched and found Hempworx.
    No looking back for me. I haven’t had blood work done since starting to take the oil but I know it’s helped me. I have reduced the inflammation in my body. I do still have some pain but it’s not anywhere near what it was prior to taking the Hempworx oil. For the first time in a few years I can see my collarbone My neck was so swollen and inflamed. My fibrocystic breast are no longer sore. My back is so much more relaxed and stretching is helping my pain. My sleep is so much better. Stopped taking anxiety med , still taking cholesterol med and only other pain relief I take is ibrofrofren 600 mg.. Going back to My primary Dr soon, can’t wait to see where thyroid levels are now! Also joined as an affiliate because why not help refer other to better health and value.

    1. Jacqueline
      I am so happy I found CBD Distillery

      I was taking this 750mg Hempworx and was having some pain relief but when I decided to try 1000 mg they didn’t have it. The affiliate said I should probably take more per dose. This seemed to be a bad idea since their product is so expensive. I switched to CBD Distillery brand and found 1000mg. I bought it and within a week the difference was amazing. It was so fast and thorough I decided to stick with this brand. I am 1 month in; my cholesterol has gone down, my pain level was at least 10 and now down to less than .5. I have gone up to 2500 in hopes of eliminating all my pain. ‘Blood pressure is down as well and have lost weight (don’t know what that has to do with it but that was a plus!). No more anti depressants and no more pain meds make the price just fine. I was paying more for HempWorx and the website is tedious to use. I am thrilled with CBD Distillery in price, service, shipping but most of all the fast relief I found. I also suffered from anxiety, depression and have degenerative disk disease, advanced arthritis and severe nerve damage in my feet from standing for my work all my adult life. I have found the best relief ever in a short time with CBD Distillery.

  9. Erin Elizabeth

    I tried the oil once and felt horrible afterward. A woman affiliated w them came onto my page (i have over 1M followers on FB) and stated that I was dead (murdered in fact!- I have it all on screen shots and saved on my page) and didn’t have a product line so buy theirs instead. They have mercilessly spammed and harassed me (multiple people from HW) and I would stay far far away. Dr Mercola (my mate of 9 years who does not sell any cbd products) would not recommend them ever.

    1. Peggy Adams
      If you take too much anyhting "once" you will feel awful doesnt matter what brandof CBD oil you take

      How can you blame a “brand” becasue you felt awful, there are so many reason you could have felt “awful” not related o the product. The only ingredients in Hempworx cbd oil, is Hempseed oil and CBD and possibly organic peppermint essential oil for flavor if you bought the peppermint flavor. If you want to blame Hempworx go right ahead just keep in mind that the company that MAKES the cbd oil that Hempworx buys from, is the largest supplier in the country,a member of the US Hemp Roundtable, and the ONLY FDA registered supplier in the country so if they make defective CBD oil, in your opinion, then take it up with them, because none of their other brand partners are having issues. You only hear these bogus reviews on sites like this that want to bash a company that chooses to put money in the pockets of the people who do the work promoting the products instead of paying for advertising and lining Corporate pocketbooks for sitting behind a desk all day! This site gets paid commissions for recommending the brands they list as their “favorites” and that is ok, but its not ok for Hempworx Affiliates to refer the product to their friends and family for free product or commissions? What’s the difference, really?

  10. Scott r
    Don’t waste your money

    If I could give them 0 stars I would, garbage product, at a garbage price, this cbd product will make you fail a piss test. And the company itself is a joke, along with most of the people who work there.

    1. lou

      Jealous of our company!! How fast we have grown in just one yr!! Others there isn’t any comparison!!

  11. john d

    After using the product for almost 60 days, i would consider it a mediocre quality product. The price vs quality/effectiveness places them in a higher price bracket that were it realistically should be, i guess that’s how they are able to pay affiliates 85%!!! Ive found better quality products (in a flooded marketplace) that are more price competitive.

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