Green Roads World CBD Oil Review + Coupon (2018)
August 3, 2018

Green Roads World CBD Oil Review + Coupon (2018)

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MarijuanaBreak Staff / Updated on August 3, 2018

If you are looking to try CBD oil, then you’ve arrived at the right place.

Established in 2011, Green Roads of Florida has turned into a CBD powerhouse providing most of Florida with its unique CO2 extracted oil. They are so big that their goods are currently placed in over 2500+ store locations across the United Stated. What started as a small family business in Florida quickly turned into an empire due to their quality products, excellent customer service, and long-term relationships.

Green Roads have also taken the selling side of CBD oil one step further and have established a super user-friendly website that showcases all their products. With only a few clicks you can have your CBD oil delivered to your doorstep.

Why is Green Roads listed on every Top 10 CBD oil list?

It simple, their Cannabidiol (CBD) Process is top-notch. First of all, they use Certified Organic Hemp that is cultivated to the highest standards in Colorado. Second, their extraction process is state of the art. We’ve actually never seen a company that knows how to extract so much goodness from one plant. Green Roads is known for producing Full Spectrum CBB, which basically means that you are getting 99% pure CBD that combines CBD, CBG, CBN and Terpenes.

Their 350mg is literally the best product we’ve ever tested, and after using a third party lab with a few testers, we noticed that particpants felt an almost instantaneous positive effect.

While Green Roads claim that their products are perfect for anxiety and pain, CBD oil is known to help a wide range of ailments including, pain and inflammation, insomnia, diabetes, arthritis, spasm, stress relief and more…

Green Roads Highlights

If you are thinking of trying their products then there are a few things you need to know beforehand.

  1. Their prices aren’t the cheapest on the market, but then again they are much lower than other competitors. Prices range from $64 for the standard 350mg and up, but it depends on the potency and product of choice.
  2. If there is one thing that we’ve noticed about Green Roads is their customer service. Not only do they deliver to all 50 states but also provide customer service through their website, Facebook page, and telephone support.
  3. They team at Green Roads don’t mess around. All products are 3rd party lab tested and none of the products contain THC. All their CBD oils are produced using a pharmaceutical-grade 99% pure cannabidiol (CBD).

How to Purchase CBD Oil from Green Roads?

The online purchasing process is a breeze. Simply go to their website ( and review a product. Once you’ve homed in on what you’re looking for simply add it to your cart and checkout. Green Roads has a variety of payment options including Visa, Mastercard, and American Express.

Final Thoughts About Green Roads CBD oil

This CBD oil producer really does stand out from the rest, and if you thinking of giving CBD oil a try then Green Roads is definitely a good place to start. They’ve managed to create a product using the highest quality grade cannabidiol ingredients that contain both the pure 99% CBD concentrated isolate with the full spectrum cannabidiol that is rich in all the beneficial ingredients of the plant.

To view all their products Continue to their Site Here
10% Coupon Code: 10OFFCBD1

118 reviews
  1. Susan Gonzalez

    Just bought done 550
    CBD oil. I wish they gave better instructions on how many times to use the product. I have severe arthritis is my neck C1, C2. My pain is debilitating. Hard to turn my neck.

    1. Maggie

      I don’t have a review. I just have the same condition that she has. Wondered if it helped her

  2. Richard
    Better than the rest

    Honestly you can tell the difference between Green Roads and other brands just by looking at the oil. Green Roads is nice and cloudy, other companies I’ve used literally look (and smell) like nothing more than olive oil. Works well helping with my sciatica

  3. Joyce k
    Started a couple of months ago

    I started with this brand a couple of months ago, works well for minor problems. Not sure it will work for all medical conditions.

  4. Erick Dostal

    Awesome products! Lurve it lol.

  5. Amanda Cavanaugh
    Prefer the gummies over the CBD oil

    Have actually tried the CBD oil in the past with reasonable satisfaction, just tried the gummies for the first time recently and for whatever reason feel they work better for me. I’ve been taking them to work and eat two after my morning coffee and bagel, could just be psychosomatic but I really feel they ease the stress and generally make the day easier to get through. Would recommend 🙂

  6. Betty Meyer
    Green roads is the best

    I think green roads is the best CBD oil you can get online, hands down. You can tell just by looking at their oil that it’s better. I have bought a lot of CBD oils online and most look (and smell) like nothing more than olive oil. Green roads is actually cloudy like a real cannabis oil would be. I have seen and used actual cannabis oils from dispensaries and in my opinion this is the closest you can get to the real medical thing

    1. Pam
      I need help!

      I tried the Charlotte’s Webb first with out much success. I have now purchased the Green Roads 550 mg bottle, but I’m not sure if it’s good? It is a cloudy white, extremely thick and the taste and smell are so bad it literally makes me gag and feel nauseous! Is it suppose to be like this or can this be bad? Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated!

  7. Luther
    Pain cream worked great

    Wife got me a bottle of the Green Roads CBD Pain Cream for my muscle and joint pain. Worked very well – I am buying my second bottle now and will also be trying some of the CBD capsules.

  8. Eugene
    Love Green Roads

    Love Green Roads. Have used a few different CBD oils over the last year and they seem to be the most potent. I’ve been using the 300mg regular oil, twice a day. Works well for my anxiety

  9. James
    Trying the terpene additives

    I actually started adding the Green Roads terpenes to my eliquid, as they’re supposed to help amplify the effects of the CBD. Can’t say for sure yet if I am noticing any drastic results but it is cheap either way so I figure it’s worth the small added investment. Absolutely love Green Roads, been using they tinctures for almost a year now and couldn’t be happier.

  10. Liam
    Love the CBD Froggies!

    Do yourself a favor and try the CBD froggies. SUPER potent – if you’ve tried other weaker cbd gummies without much results these will likely have much better effects. I was using some other brands edibles that only had like 10mg cbd and they weren’t doing much for me, but these have worked incredibly well you.

  11. Robert
    Helped me stop taking NyQuil

    Worked pretty well for my insomnia, I don’t know if it’s as potent as something like Nyquil but I’ll take it any day as long as it doesn’t produce the same side effects. I was told multiple times that it’s very unhealthy taking sleep medication on a daily basis over long periods of time. Have entirely weaned off in the last month or so using Green Roads

  12. Richard
    Consistently the best, in my opinion

    I couldn’t even tell you how many times I’ve ordered from Green Roads now, at least a dozen. I’ve tried a few other brands over the last several months but in my opinion there are none that compare to them. Can’t speak for all of their products but I would definitely recommend the 600 mg oil for headaches and sleep aid

  13. Steve D
    First CBD oil purchase

    First CBD order, did tons of research online before buying and Green Roads seemed to be one of the most popular brands. Better prices compared to PureKana and CW hemp. Overall I am satisfied. Worked well for my insomnia

  14. Chandra
    Do they sell in stores too?

    I live in North Carolina any idea of they sell in any stores here? Haven’t been able to find them anywhere and am skeptical about ordering online but says they ship to all 50 states, so might give it a try. Thanks

    1. Fakename

      They have in Chapel Hill NC right on Franklin st in a store called smoke rings. Great place!

  15. Dylan
    Good to know they sell online too

    Actually bought some of this stuff in Florida and ended up really liking it so ordered more of the oil drops and gummies online (I live in TN and have not been able to find it there). Definitely recommended!

  16. Amanda R
    Liked the oil better than the gummies

    I actually bought both the CBD oil (550mg) and a pack of the gummies thinking I could take the gummies at work, but I didn’t notice much effects from them, though they did taste pretty good. The oil though seemed to work well to help calm me down. I was taking almost double the recommended dose though. Will maybe try the more potent oil next time

  17. Linda R

    Ordered twice and haven’t had any problems. The oils are ok. Had tastier but they are quite effective. At least for me. Would recommend

  18. Marcie Ramsey

    Green Roads makes a good product, and shipping is fast. I use both oils and edibles and get great results.

  19. Bernice Lopez

    Delivery is slow but the oil is good. If you can wait then this brand is worth it.

  20. Gary Lewis

    Works well for anxiety and pain.

    1. chantelle

      did you get the gummies or do the oil

  21. Jeff T

    My anxiety gone, I’m sleeping through the night .. no more acne

  22. Matthew R

    Good quality product, customer service could be improved.

  23. Joanne Wright

    Overall a pleasant experience with Green Roads. Delivery was a bit long. Took 2 weeks to arrive. Will order again if they can speed up the process

  24. Rachel Daniel
    Worked really well!

    Have noticed a big difference with my husband after 2 months use. He had severe chronic pain for a long time. The effects were noticeable after the 2 weeks of use.

  25. Scott Jameson

    Thanks for the comprehensive review. Got my oil 3 days ago. It helps with mild conditions. Customer support wasn’t the best but the oils are quality.

  26. Mary Nabors

    Bit pricey, but would buy again.

  27. Gianna Simmons

    Read a lot about it on internet, so i purchased it. Frankly speaking.. Loved it!

  28. Linda

    Can summarize it in one word “Excellent”

  29. Richard Sharp

    I am a believer. Took two cbd candies and felt the calming and serene effect. Before this I had tried hemp brownies but it kinda got me stoned and I puked pretty bad after that but CBD candies didn’t got me high or made me puke my guts.

  30. Ryan

    Product wasn’t shipped in a timely manner and when it finally did ship it was lost in the mail. Customer support was rude and made no effort to make things right. I am still waiting for a product that is likely degraded from bouncing between hot muggy warehouses. If you are thinking of using this product for pain relief forget it because you will likely become an opioid addict while waiting for your package to arrive!

  31. Joshua Hicks

    The coffee by green roads is very tasty and full of anMy job requires a lot of travelling so I get jet lagged more than often which results into momentary nausea, headache and sleeplessness. I used to get tired and restless with all the sitting. I needed something that could unwind me so I tried cbd, and it worked. I just drink little bit grape syrup before my flights and feel so much better.tioxidant. It did wonders on my skin. My complexation looks healthier.

  32. Gregory Ross

    I took cbd hemp rolls for 7 days a week to see if it made any difference. I also ingest two drops of CBD oil in 6 ounces of water then consume it on daily basis. The consumption of cbd has provided me lots of relaxation. It has provided my leg relief as while driving a manual car gave me lots of cramps. After few minutes I feel after taste of cbd which is earthy and I like it.

  33. Michael Stine

    I have been using cbd pain cream on my warts of my sole of the feet. Almost all the wart marks are gone.

  34. Barton Stewart

    I have been gorging on the CBD candies, they are my favourite and also I would like to mention it helps with my glaucoma. I was often experiencing blurry vision and in 2017 was diagnosed with glaucoma and was advised by my mother to try CBD for it along with the meds prescribed by doctor. CBD have been great help, can’t thank my mum and greenroads enough.

  35. Emmanuel Foster

    Best CBD products on the market!

  36. Seema

    Anyone uses this for inflammatory bowel diseases ?

  37. Adrienne Crass

    Tried the green roads oil recently for my chronic cough yesterday, lets see how it works. So far I think taste is great. Hope this works because the cough syrups made me drowsy and didn’t work.

  38. Tamika Oliveira

    I was seeking a good quality CBD terp oil which did not taste horrible. I am currently running on my second bottle. It dissolves quickly under the tongue.

  39. Lisa Grant

    I’ve been on the oil for 25 days and had very good results. I had been on Morphine for 15years and dreaded trying to come off of it because I knew I’d go through withdrawals. I started the oil and then started weaning myself off of the morphine. I haven’t had any withdrawal symptoms! Not even one! My pain is well controlled. It’s giving me energy that I need.

  40. Gary Dean

    A glass bottle sliced open my hand and did some good nerve damage. Have been using pain Cream on it. After a week’s use I see it healing real nice and fast. Really glad I tried it.

  41. David Peebles

    As a cancer patient for last 8 months, I will give anything to increase the chances of my survival. Have been going through chemo and meds daily had drained me out. The worst thing about these treatment is pain and depression. I often suffer from mood swing which tends to affect my social life. Found out about Cannabidiol oil on news and thought of giving this a try and I’m glad that I did. Cannabidiol oil has been very helpful whenever I felt lightheaded and nauseous I took one drop of it and felt better after a while. Still struggling for life but I’m glad there is something that can reduce the pain.

  42. Fabian Bunnell
    I've never tasted this much tasty CBD product ever!

    Thank you so much for creating this amazing product.!! Absolutely love the cbd gummie blocks. I eat a block daily. It is definitely one of the top fruity gum candies of my list.

  43. Sophie Mancebo

    The taste is great and it is very effective CBD supplement source that helps in engaging more intense workouts. Few benefits that I noticed after starting daily dose was improved hydration, quick recovery and top notch taste. I start my morning with one daily dose and after that whole day I feel like full of energy. Due to hectic work schedules I more than often skip my meals and Greenroads CBD have helped me to fight fatigue.

  44. Paul Thompson
    No Side effects!

    Cbd gummy bears have helped in boosting my immune system and that too naturally, without any side effects. I have tried many products from live markets but always felt it dint have real cbd in it. When I tried theses gummy bears I could easily tell difference between market ones and greenroads ones as hands down greenroads sells cbd products with high quality cbd. Very happy with them, I rate them 5 stars.

  45. Ricky Witham

    My coach referred me this website as I often suffered from muscle strain and sore muscles from practice.These products have become my-good-to-go supplements that has helped me for a faster healing.

  46. Bob Parrish
    So worthy!

    I don’t see myself staying myself away from cbd products anytime soon. The thing I like the most about them is the taste, consistency and good quality. I am going to stick with company for long time.

  47. Angela Hurdle
    Liked it!

    The coffee by green roads is very tasty and full of antioxidant. It did wonders on my skin. My complexation looks healthier.

  48. Jonathan Murphy

    I recently got CBD capsules for my father who suffers from PTSD. He was on meds for a long time but nothing decreased his triggers. After starting the use of CBD he has been a lot calmer and his triggers have been noticeably reduced. It was becoming hard for him to go out and live a normal life but lately everything is turning out to be fine. I’m thankful to Greenroads for it has helped us a lot.

  49. Ernie Romero

    I recently purchased the 300 MG topical “Muscle & Join Cream” from their booth at a trade show. It is without a doubt the most effective topical I’ve ever used. I have a recurring side muscle ache that other products just don’t do the trick for, however the TheraGreen Cream works almost instantly and for an extended period of time…I mean up to 2 -3 days, no fooling this stuff is beyond amazing.

  50. David Garner
    Good job Green Roads!

    Can vouch for that!! I really believe in multi-cure herbs and plants. I have Diabetes and most of things or candies I consume have adverse effects on it but not CBD Froggies. I love the taste of them and have like 1 CBD Froggy each day before going to sleep because it is a great relaxant and helps me sleep better.

    1. Maria I Adams
      I'm desperate for pain relief...

      Hi I’m wondering if the pain is gone? How much to take. I weigh 130 lbs, I’ve tried almost everything. I can’t live with this pain anymore. I have osteoarthritis, caused from 20 yr old hip injury from an old car wreck.. my pain has just gotten worse over time.. do you think this will work? Thanks

  51. Stella Parker

    I am a quite anxious ridden girl and time to time suffer from panic attacks. First I heard about CBD and its calming effect, which I think I needed the most, so I started using CBD syrup. The panic attacks are still there but have decreased, and my anxiety is almost gone. I am going to use it day after day now!

  52. Mark Dae

    I don’t have any health conditions like many other CBD oil users have; it still fits perfectly in my daily regimen.

  53. Mary

    I have acute hypthryoidism, stage 3 adrenal exhaustion (low cortisol), hypertension, and stage 3 kidney disease. I have problems with cellular uptake of thyroid hormones, resulting in an elevated pulse when I take my thyroid hormones. I also have extreme salt sensitivity but low blood sodim levels. I retain water and my blood pressure goes up when I try to increase my salt intake.

    When I developed acute hypothyroidism and ended up with very cortisol levels throughout the day, I developed an insatiable appetite. I also developed a craving for sugar, like all day long all I wanted to do was eat chocolate.

    After 6 days of taking 30 mg Green Roads CBD oil, my pulse is now in the low-mind 80’s, my blood pressure has dropped and is less reactive, I can increase my salt intake without elevating my blood pressure and I am retaining less water.

    My crazy hunger has gone away, along with the sugar cravings – from day 1. My old wil power is back and I am not obseed with food and sugar anymore.

    I also have less anxiety but more energy. For the first time in years, I have been doing a few sprints and jogging. Before, just getting out of bed was a struggle. It is a very realxing type of energy…you just feel more motivated to do things. I have better excercise recovery than I have had in almost a decade.

    One of the top propducts, well worth the money.

  54. Emma White

    Bought this for my furry cat. She used to barf all over the floor in anxiety and was extra feisty. King kalm have done wonders on her, she’s much more calm and healthy now, even her hair falls down less.

  55. Phillip A

    Been using Green Roads for auto immune issues. Works well

  56. Brian Volk

    I live in Florida and these guys are massive here. Great oil that works for a wide range of conditions. My sister lives in Ohio and she gets them delivered to there.

  57. Elsie Jackson

    Just got my bundle. I got the cream, oil and froggies. All came on time and the packaging looks great. Will update on the progress

  58. Steve Helsel

    The reviews here are good and I can second that. Honestly speaking, this company creates a good extract. There are a few other companies that are also good, but green roads should be up there in the top 5

  59. Josh Sanders

    Love it. Took a while to get but the product is great. I have had RA for over 25 years. The medicines I take for it are not effective. I tried the CBD and within a couple of days was feeling a change. I got the cream as well.

  60. David Rafael

    Love this oil. Tried a few in the past. Don’t go for CBDmed, that one was awful. Green roads helps with the pain in my hands.

  61. Troy Green

    I was in so much pain that I had nothing to lose. It helps and makes the pain more manageable.

  62. Christina Harrison

    Amazing oil, really powerful stuff and delivered super fast as well 🙂 Thanks for the review!

  63. Carol Rhoe

    I swear by Green Roads. Been using it for 8 months for anxiety. Thanks for the great coupon

  64. Melissa Hay

    Worked great and fast. I didn’t have a problem with customer service similar as to what other people here wrote. Shipped quickly and got the product after 3 days.

  65. Billy C

    Very good product best flavor would definitely recommend

  66. David N

    Good products at reasonable prices

  67. Julie Earl

    Arrived on time, but didn’t work for me. I contacted them and they were pretty responsive.

  68. John Dave
    Dope Product!!!

    This stuff works for me in many ways. I take two drops of CBD oil for pain relief, as I often suffer from backaches and sore muscles. This oil is cheap as compared to other company products especially during sales.

  69. Alice Gray

    Good for sleep disorders. Wasn’t as effective with my leg pains.

  70. Sally A

    Been helping my immune system. I find that it helps combat most ailments as well as replace various chemicals in my daily routine. So far so good with this alternative.

  71. Rita S

    This product helps with the stress and relieves my back and knee pains. Would rank 4 out of 5

  72. Trish T

    Helps me get through the day

  73. Kayla Dye

    Thanks for the review and coupon. This is the second time I am ordering from them.

  74. Mary Honaker
  75. Jamie C

    Great product, would buy again

  76. Stephan Vargas

    Been using GR for a month. It a good quality product. The only negative thing I can say is that it took a while to arrive. Apart from that, all good.!

  77. Joey

    So far I’ve been using the 350 mg cbd oil tincture for my social anxiety, and it seems to be working. Im going to give it another week or two to see if It is truly helping my anxiety. I would recommend trying this cbd product!

  78. Ellen Lockhart

    Green roads has some good stuff. It’s quite effective. I use the 600mg for anxiety

  79. James Williams

    Living in Florida I’ve used Greenroads a few times. It’s a good product and the company has quite a good reputation.

  80. Kym
    Prices are ridiculous

    Just saying 64 bucks for 350 ml is not the cheapest my vape shop sell 625 mg 30ml bottles for $40 and the problem is that I found the distributor and they sell them bottles for $18 bucks downfall is minimum purchase is $200 for them to deliver but I’m bout to say F it all this searching I might as well buy 10 bottles for the 200 atleast I get a 625mg in a 30 ml bottle

  81. Lacey Davis

    Been using greenroads for social anxiety. I have been suffering from it since college. CBD has given back my life

  82. Pam Turner

    Been using CBD already for a year. Gradually moving off my meds. It works

  83. Aaron T

    This product gives me a significant increase in energy and clarity. Well done on creating such a good product

  84. Tracey C

    I’d rank this 8 out of 10. The oil is great and it comes in this nice package. Customer service could be better. I would order again

  85. Shane P

    One of the best CBD manufactures out there. This will be my fourth order

  86. Stephan Linck

    Great product. Highly efficient for pain and anxiety. The only complaint I have is that it takes a while to arrive

  87. casey Tollefson
    Works great.. do you guys know will it cause a positive on a drug screen for THC. Just want to make sure I'd hate to lose my career since I'm randomly tested

    It works great calms my anxiety down but I don’t knod out like the pills make me do. I would like to continue to use this product. My biggest concern is will it show up on a 5 panel drug test for weed (THC). Any help would be appreciated thx

  88. Alma Reagan

    Great review. The Christmas coupon really helped me, I hope it helps some of you : 20OFFCBD1

  89. Robert Mabe

    Have been using Green Roads Cbd oil for 2 years now and it has reduced my inflammation ( due to arthritis) & helped me regain mental clarity and reduce Ptsd (tbi) ….thanks to Arby Barossa and the Green Roads team .

  90. Harvey M

    I love this oil, but the gummies are the best I’ve tasted so far

  91. Austin Gabel

    Top range product and pretty efficient. I personally loved the taste compared to other oils on the market

  92. Maria Hickey

    I love this CBD. It’s rich and seems to be helping my anxiety. I haven’t had any problems so far

  93. Colleen Tate

    Green Roads oil is great and it tastes nice. I order from them once a month and it arrives on time. The only complaint I have is their customer service. They get back to you eventually, but it could be better.

  94. Rebecca Swift

    Took a couple of days until I started to feel a difference. The oil isn’t as tasty as some other mint ones I’ve tasted but it is effective.

  95. Marlene Spears

    Been using this band for a month and it seems to having a positive effect. Just got more.

  96. James Woods

    Good product. Service could be better but I am definitely going to buy again

  97. Jenny A
    A good company with a solid product

    Here is how i rate it:

    Taste – 4/5 (better than many I’ve tasted.
    Effectiveness – 5/5 (helps my problems).
    Customer Service – 4/5 (been ordering for 5 months and had no problems.
    Price – 4/5 (good value for what you get)

  98. Wayne Mackey

    I’ve used this in the past. It’s ok, didn’t help all my problems. I’d give it a 7/10

  99. Chris
    New to oil helps anxiety

    im new to CBD oil, i was working out of town and a buddy took me into a vape shop and i was talking to the guys about it and thought id give it a try, i have bad Anxiety and have been on meds for it for 6 years so i got off my meds and have been trying to control my anxiety myself for about 6 months now, ive been taking this oil for about a week now me being a sceptic about things to my surprise it helps a great deal, one major notice is when my anxiety gets real high i chain smoke cigs, while im on the oil that doesnt happen. Great product in my eyes.

  100. Barb
    Customer service is terrible

    Love the CBDs but will find another company. Have placed several orders and the shipping is always messed up- either late or lousy communication.
    You try to call them and most times the phone system is in recording loop and no answer.
    Have actually referred 3?other customers and 2 so far have contacted me asking where their order is.
    Internal and external communication sucks.

  101. Charles H

    I see these guys everywhere. I love their gummies.

  102. Rachel Brown

    About a year ago I discovered Green Roads and it has been a life changer for me.

  103. Ronald Clark
    Popular and effective

    These products are sold in my local dispensary. They are extremely popular! I use CBD to treat my social anxiety. It helps

  104. Teres Wayes

    I have tried a few companies and this one is far by one of the best. It took a while to arrive but it is worth it.

  105. Cindi Carroll
    Excellent and highly recommend

    I can’t remember the last time I had such a good night sleep. Thank you Green Roads

  106. Steven Binette
    Just ordered more

    I use greenroads for anxiety. It works great

  107. Michelle Starr
    Excellent Product

    Excellent product. The liquid drops promotes deep REM sleep and reduction of acid reflux. I am sleeping much better. Will buy again, and again, and again.

  108. Frank Mann
    Overall I'm happy

    I have been using Green Roads for about 2 months. Here is my view


    * Price is fair
    * Its high quality CBD
    * Works well for my nerve pains


    * I have to use an extra drop at night as the dosage written on the label didn’t work for me.
    * These products are hard to come by where I live

  109. Becky O
    Works well for mild conditions

    I used this for a while. It worked well but I’ve found that I needed an oil that combines THC. Overall its a good brand and can treat a variety of problems. If you are looking for a CBD only oil then this one is a good place to start

  110. Mark Austin
    Great product

    I had no idea you could purchase Green Roads online. I used to pick it up at my local collective. Great product!

  111. Cory Gallardo
    CBD works

    I have nerve pain. Some days the pain is terrible. I’ve been using Green Roads for already 5 months and I can testify – It works!

  112. Zoey Teller
    Would recommend

    I have chronic pain in my legs. Had it since i was in an accident a few years back. GreenRoads has been helping over the last couple of months. Excellent product

  113. Anthony Green
    Great products

    I used to use elixinol, but have recently switched to GreenRoads. I find it works much better for my anxiety. I also seem to be sleeping better since I’ve been taking it. I take a drop in the morning and in the evening.

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