CBDPure CBD Oil Review (2018 Update)
August 3, 2018

CBDPure CBD Oil Review (2018 Update)

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MarijuanaBreak Staff / Updated on August 3, 2018

CBD Hemp oil sales shot through the roof throughout 2018, as a few companies managed to dominate the market, creating pure CBD Hemp oil products that are now offered online to patients from across the U.S.

Before we review one of them, known as CBDPure, it is important to understand that CBD oil isn’t a magic potion that will cure all medical conditions. It is known to help patients with a variety of ailments including Cancer, Pain, Arthritis, and Spasm, but there isn’t any scientific proof of its healing properties.

Now that we’ve got that out the way, let’s move on to CBDPure. CBDPure is a pioneer in the CBD oil industry and has overtaken its competitors by far due to its high-quality CBD products and excellent customer support. They are so confident in their product that they are willing to give a 90-day money-back guarantee – Impressive!

If you are in need for a good solid CBD Oil product that will help you with your problems such as anxiety and pain, then look no further. CBDPure to the rescue. Furthermore, it seems as if they really care about your general health.

About CBDPure

Unlike other CBD oils, CBDPure is a cannabidiol oil derived from certified organic industrial hemp grown in Colorado. Yes, you heard it right; Colorado. After speaking to the CEO of the company we now understand that growing the seeds in Colorado allows the company to implement the most rigorous quality checks and guarantees that their CBD oil is pesticides and herbicides free. If you didn’t know this already, Colorado has some of the best growing and manufacturing conditions. According to their current CEO, “By producing CBD oil from hemp grown in Colorado, we make sure that our each product delivered is high quality and 100% legal and safe to consume.”

We were astonished to find out that CBDPure ships to all locations and a majority of its orders are shipped to the U.S.
After trying a few of CBDPure’s products, you’ll understand why we can’t stop gloating about their CBD Oil. The team at CBDPure have created a product that is not only pleasant and tasty to consume but delivers the goods.

CBDPure Highlights

CBDPure understands quality and most importantly prioritizes its resources to make sure that customer satisfaction is always met. They conduct third party testing on their CBD Oil products and have also mastered the CO2 extraction process.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed – One thing we noticed about CBDPure is that they put a lot of emphasis on branding and upholding their name. For this they have it in bold on their website; if you are not experiencing the benefits you want, or you are simply not happy, just send back your order within 90 days, and you’ll get a refund.

Quality Verified and Checked – CBDPure’s oil is made with certified Organic-standards industrial hemp grown in Colorado and is 100% free of any synthetic or artificial ingredients.

CO2 Extraction – CBDPure uses a chemical-free CO2 extraction method that uses pressurized carbon dioxide to pull the desired phytochemicals from a plant. It is free of any harsh chemical solvents often used to extract CBD oil.

Let Downs

While CBDPure does offer a great product, they do not ship to Arkansas (AR), Indiana (IN), Kansas (KS) and Louisiana (LA).

How to Purchase CBD Oil with CBDPure?

The easiest and fastest way to order CBDPure CBD oil, is online. CBDPure has created an appealing website that is very user-friendly. The whole buying process shouldn’t take you more than a few minutes. They accept all payment methods. We’ve also managed to get for you a 15% discount.


Final Thoughts About CBDPure

We totally understand why CBDPure is gaining traction within the CBD Hemp Oil industry. Not only do they sell a superb quality product, but numerous patients don’t stop recommending it to help treat a variety of conditions.

If you are looking for a natural alternative to nasty addictive medications or for a CBD oil product that will allow you to live a long and healthy lifestyle, then visit CBDPure

45 reviews
  1. Judi Boyd
    It has helped!

    I am a very skeptical person but CBD Pure has helped relieve my pain and improve my sleep. I just placed my second order, increasing to 300 this time. I am hoping it continues to relieve my pain and continues to help me sleep more soundly at night.

  2. Roger
    Good company

    Seems to be a pretty legit company. Spoke with customer service on the phone as I wanted to ask about combined shipping. Friendly, knowledgeable staff. Will order again

  3. Allie Webb

    Works wonders on my arthritis pain. Much better than the pain killers I was on

  4. Blueprint
    Thought It Was Snakeoil

    I was extremely skeptical of ordering CBD products until a friend stated they had a great results. Ordered a bottle for myself shortly afterwards and became a believer in the product. Wife tried it the first go round and stated it had zero effects, practically called it snake oil and vowed to never try it again. After a stint with insomnia, I convinced my wife to give it a second shot but at a higher dosage and lo & behold it worked like a charm! Happy wife, happy life. Thanks a mil!

  5. Alexandra
    Great results!

    Love it. Fast shipping and working well for my headaches. I am using the 600mg cbd oil taking twice a day

  6. M. Burrell
    Worked great for migraine

    Worked great. couldn’t be happier

  7. Scott Demarco
    Took away my panic attacks

    First tried this a few months ago for panic attacks that I was having. It worked ok, but fortunately haven’t had to use it since about May. Just used the last of it again last night as I started having more attacks. Still worked amazingly well. I came on here to buy as I didn’t realize CBD Pure sold online

  8. Paul
    Good taste, works well

    Thought the hemp taste would be gross but really it does not taste bad at all. Very subtle. Seems to work well for my anxiety and helping me get to sleep

  9. Daria
    No complaints at all...

    Good customer service, good products, seem to be working well for my stress. I take the 300mg oil every morning before work.

  10. Mel
    So glad I found it online

    I actually found this for sale in a headshop by my house, and only recently found out that CBD Pure is one of the most popular CBD hemp oils available. It worked so well for my stress and anxiety and helping me get to sleep that I looked it up online to try and find some more. So awesome that they sell everything online and can have it shipped anywhere. By the way, shipping is super quick – I got my order in two days

  11. Craig
    Good for sinus headaches

    Been suffering from sinus related headaches for what seems like months, and I will say that I got some of this stuff and it worked well to help ease the tension

  12. Lesley
    Haven't used Xanax in over a week

    Bought these on the recommendation of a friend. Worked well helping me get to sleep and haven’t had to use my Xanax in over a week. Recommended

  13. Scott P
    First CBD oil I've tried that has had any effects

    Truly believe this brand has put their money where their mouth is, and is actually one of the “purest” CBD oils on the market. I have tried several different products for migraines and sleep issues with no results, this is the first one I’ve used that have actually eased the pressure in my head and really feel it has helped with the insomnia as well. Still some rough nights but much worse when I do not take the oil. Am using the 600 mg and taking a 30 mg dose, for what it’s worth

  14. S. Morales
    Loyal customer

    Repeat customer for several months now. Never had an issue with shipping, product availability and love the fact that they have some of the best prices on the internet. What some of these companies charge is absolutely ridiculous. Keep up the great work – loyal customer in Greenfield, IN

  15. Dylan
    Ok by me!

    As a repeat customer I will say that I have not been disappointed with the oil droppers. But them again only take them for mild sporadic headaches nothing serious

  16. Mark C
    Satisfied after figuring out the dosage

    Didn’t think this stuff worked after taking for several days and not really noticing anything. I tried doubling the recommended dosage and then tripling it and at about 35mg started noticing effects. I have chronic back pain though so may require a stronger dose than most.

  17. Keith Day
    Quality product

    Great product. I think the issue is to get the right dosage. Bottle always arrive on time and their support is great. Would buy again

  18. Adam
    A returning customer

    Great product and works well. Already on my 3rd bottle

  19. ab

    Thank you for the coupon! I just put in an order! Haven’t used it yet, but I appreciate the great discount and free shipping!

  20. Joy Reed

    Thank you very much for this CBD oil. It works great

  21. Jean Sellers

    This one is pretty superb oil I have ever used

  22. Laura Malcolm

    CBD has made it easy to cure spasm problem. Feeling great after using it.

  23. Margaret Claypoole

    cbd pure is a flavoured strain best for arthritis. Got instant relief.

  24. Reina Stadler

    CBD pure is an awesome product as it is the best anxiety healer for me.

  25. Abby Bello

    This oil is suggested if you want to get rid of spasm

  26. Frances Nicholson

    An excellent product for healing spasms. Wonderful results.

  27. Sara Moler

    I have found great relief for spasms from CBD pure. I don’t like using opioids, so it’s always great to find effective natural products as treatment.

  28. Alex
    Great when it works

    Very inconsistent ..It was working very well for me at first ..now it seems the strength and quality has dropped significantly and it tastes very different . If it worked as well as when I first starting purchasing it I would probably be a life time subscriber.

  29. Jim Flaherty
    Don't understand the 4/5 star reviews

    the 4/5 star reviews are conspicuous. Is this site run by CBDPure? Ok, so it’s “pure”. I get it and that’s a good aspect for a product to have. But the product is weak. I took 5 times the recommended dosage (after initially trying the recommended dosage) and it did nothing. It might be “pure” but I dispute the potency of the product. My opinion, not affiliated with anyone in this industry.

  30. Kelly Rose

    Spasm gives uncontrollable muscle pain. CBD pure helps, thanks

  31. Pearl Jones

    cbd pure is value for money. Great products and they got a superb return policy

  32. Linda Baker

    I don’t have a review but a question….can someone with Lupus take CBD?

    1. Adam
  33. Jacek Haciak
    Their product and order completion have been excellent.

    Just began using the product, and am pleased. I will post another review after a period of time using it when I will be even better informed. But, the customer service is excellent, and the individual involved, when I had the flu and was less than cordial, was non-defensive as I carped about what I believed had been their poor performance with the premium processing. I submitted a very deserved apology, and I found evidence that their processing was completed as they had stated, and the product arrived very timely.

  34. Julia Ruch

    Living a healthy lifestyle after using cbdpure. It worked magically for arthritis, many thanks for the info.

  35. Mary Cunningham

    Wow finally, I found a quality product. CBDpure is clearly the right choice

  36. Tabitha H.

    My son has mild CP and is a Gtube child I just bought this product hoping it will help my 10 yr old

  37. Clara S. Newcomb

    I am happy with this product as it works magically in treating anxiety and nausea problems. Would suggest it to everyone because it is quite effective

  38. Lillia Gay

    As a customer i can say these guys are good. The product is solid and it’s been helping a lot.

  39. Stephanie Dandrea
    Works like magic

    CBD pure is good. It helps with my spasms and anxiety.

  40. Anna Johnson

    Have been using cbdpure for a long time, it helps in arthritis pain. I am happy with the results

  41. Margie Hayes

    Bought the product from their website. Guys, trust me the website is really nice. Do check it once even if you don’t want to buy the oil

  42. Lilly Jackson

    I live in Kansas, so how do I buy this cbd oil? Please guide me. I heard it has good results

  43. Teresa Baugh

    Though cbd oil is free of any harsh chemicals and 100% organic, it is wonderful in alleviating anxiety issues,

  44. Valerie
    Happy with the product

    Thank you so very much. Got 5% discount on the product at their website. Hope this article proves to be beneficial as I relied on the given information before buying the oil.

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