Joy Organics CBD Review [2020 Update]

Joy Organics CBD is the go-to brand for high-quality broad-spectrum CBD oils. All their oils are lab tested to be 100% free of THC, so they are your best bet for ensuring a successful drug test from trace amounts of THC. Free shipping is available on all orders as well, no minimum required!
Organic Extra-Virgin Olive Oil and Phytocannabinoid-Rich Hemp Extract
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take day or night for your ideal serving of CBD
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supercritical CO2 extraction
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Taking CBD once per day is great for a wellness routine. However, everyone uses CBD for different purposes, whether to improve post-workout recovery or to sleep better at night.
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The Farm Bill of 2018, which was signed into law by the President in December 2018, has provided the CBD industry with an enormous boost. Thanks to the new legislation, it is federally legal to grow industrial hemp anywhere in the United States. Basically, if the hemp has a THC content of less than 0.3%, it is legal.

It will lead to significant industry growth but also poses a conundrum for consumers. With so many vendors, how can one decide what is worth buying and what is junk? At Marijuana Break, we have taken your concerns on board which is why we are reviewing new CBD sellers while updating older reviews. Today, we take a look at Joy Organics.

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Who is Joy Organics?

It is a family-run business named after its founder, Joy Smith. Along with her husband Todd, and children, Gerrid, Danielle, and Hannah, and son-in-law, Josh, Joy has grown her business to the extent where it has physical stores in three locations: Deer Park, Illinois; Austin, Texas; and Fort Collins, Colorado.

Joy decided to create the company because she had insomnia and chronic pain, and was finding that no pharmaceutical drugs helped her. After detailed research into the effects of CBD, she opened her first store in Fort Collins with a goal of helping as many people as she could.

Normally, a family-run operation is small and quaint, but Joy Organics bucks the trend. The company transports its products to customers all over the United States. It pledges that its pharmaceutical grade hemp CBD oil products are organic, free from THC and gluten, contain no harsh chemicals or metals, and are Farm Bill compliant. Using the most advanced nanotechnology on the market, Joy Organics’ products offer an industry leading level of bioavailability.

Here is Joy Organics’ 7-step process to deliver the best-quality CBD to customers:

  1. Joy Organics only uses phytocannabinoid-rich hemp grown organically.
  2. Raw hemp processing involves milling the dried plants into a coarse powder. It is then transported to Colorado.
  3. The firm uses a proprietary hemp extraction and purification process. As a result, every drop of oil contains an incredible 112 phytocannabinoids.
  4. Food grade ethanol is used in the extraction process.
  5. THC is removed from the oil.
  6. Next, the CBD is subjected to in-house and third-party lab testing. Each product that passes receives a Certificate of Quality Assurance and a Certificate of Analysis.
  7. The final step involves putting the oil through a proprietary process that turns it into nano-sized emulsions. While most CBD oil has between 150 and 500-nanometer particles, Joy Organics’ products contain just 25-60. The result is better absorption. In other words, you get more for less!

Review of Joy Organics CBD Oil Tinctures

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Customers have four flavor options: Tranquil Mint, Natural, Lemon, and Orange (although you only get two flavors for the smallest and largest bottles). Each bottle contains 30ml of liquid and comes in four sizes:

  • 250mg: $34.95
  • 500mg: $59.95
  • 1000mg: $99.95
  • 1500mg: $134.95

There are added ingredients depending on the flavor and include MCT oil, grape seed oil, peppermint oil, stevia, and orange essential oil. Joy Organics recommends consuming 1 ml of oil per day as a starting point which means a bottle lasts 30 days. If you have chronic pain, perhaps it is worth investing in the largest bottle as it provides you with 50mg per serving.

I chose the 500mg bottle and followed instructions. I shook the bottle, placed a dropper beneath the tongue for 60 seconds, and swallowed. I have a love of all things mint, so the Tranquil Mint flavor was the obvious choice. I don’t mind the taste of hemp but was happy to find that this particular CBD oil tincture offered a refreshing minty taste that wasn’t too strong.

Occasionally, you will find a CBD oil that makes you feel drowsy, but this certainly isn’t the case with Joy Organics. Instead, I felt a sense of focus while still maintaining an air of calm. It also seemed to make me feel less anxious which means I should use it before watching my team play soccer! While you don’t necessarily feel any ‘magical’ effects, you do notice a subtle change after a few days.

Review of Joy Organics CBD Softgels

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If you don’t like the taste of oil, CBD softgels could be the way to go. The active ingredient, cannabinoid emulsion droplets, are just 25 nanometers; about as small as you’ll find in the industry. In layman’s terms, it means they are far more effective than the average because your endocannabinoid system is exposed to a greater percentage of CBD.

According to Joy Organics, the bioavailability of these softgels is up to five times higher than CBD oil. There are two options:

  • 10mg: $49.95
  • 25mg: $84.95

Each bottle contains 30 softgels, so it is up to you to decide how much CBD you need daily. I went for the 25mg option, and I have to say, you feel a stronger effect that also lasts longer.

Review of Joy Organics Energy Drink Mix

We live in a society where we sleep less and work more. As a result, we have become attached to sugar and caffeine-laden drinks that give us an initial energy burst, followed by a major crash. The goal of this CBD Energy Drink Mix is to provide you with a more natural energy boost that lasts longer and doesn’t come with a crash attached.

You can purchase five packs for $19.75, and each one contains 12.5mg of CBD and 75mg of caffeine. To use, simply add it to 12-24 ounces of water and drink. The Happy Berry flavor tastes fine, and there are added ingredients such as maca root, ginseng, aloe vera, and L-theanine.

I recommend using it a few hours after breakfast if you feel like you’re about to flag. It provided me with a similar boost to a cup of coffee and is about the same price as a Starbucks. Best of all, there is no pesky crash to take you off your game in the afternoon.

What About Joy Organics’ Other Products?

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There are far too many to review at once! Joy Organics is an extremely large and impressive operation and is a long way from the ‘mom and pop’ small store of the past. Additional products include:

  • CBD Day Cream
  • CBD Eye Serum
  • CBD Face Mask
  • CBD Vape Pen & Cartridge
  • CBD Softgels with Melatonin (for sleep) and ones with Curcumin
  • CBD Salve
  • A Skincare Bundle
  • CBD Night Cream
  • CBD Face Serum
  • CBD Pet Products

Where Can I Buy Joy Organics CBD Products?

The best place is the official Joy Organics website on the ‘Shop’ page. All products come with a 30-day money back guarantee which is industry standard. The customer service has been praised by many consumers although I had no cause to contact them. As a bonus, Joy Organics offers free shipping via USPS anywhere in the U.S. mainland.

Final Thoughts on Joy Organics

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If you want CBD products that really work, look no further than Joy Organics. The quality of the CBD oil is beyond question, and if you don’t believe it, check out the results of third-party lab testing which are available on the website. Although the oil is definitely effective, I recommend using the softgels if you can afford it. Joy Organics’ products are expensive but worth the extra cost in my humble opinion.

Verdict: 9.5/10

Joy Organics CBD Pros

  • All CBD products are tested by third-party labs.
  • The company’s detailed selection and extraction process are clearly outlined.
  • All products are grown, processed and manufactured in the United States.
  • The CBD products are premium-quality with no harsh chemicals, metals or THC.
  • Free shipping in the United States.
  • Huge selection of products.
  • Softgels work fast and have among the highest bioavailability in the industry.

Joy Organics CBD Cons

  • Products are on the expensive side although you get what you pay for.