4 INCREDIBLE Facts About CBD You Probably Don’t Know

Ever wondered why the term CBD seemingly keeps popping up in everyday media? With recents developments regarding this unique compound, it’s no wonder this key ingredient in cannabis is all the rage. Whether it ranges from its incredible properties to the way it can change our future, Cannabidiol might not be exactly what you thought.

Read on below and Discover These 4 INCREDIBLE Facts About CBD:

1. Believe it or not, CBD will NOT get you high

This fact is especially useful for individuals hoping to use CBD to treat a number of serious illnesses and conditions. CBD has helped many, in some cases even young children. Although the concept of providing a child with a compound that exists in marijuana may be controversial, knowing that you cannot get high from CBD explains just why parents would choose this method of treatment for their young ones.

For example, Charlotte Figi was just 5 years old when she began taking CBD extract to help combat her Dravet Syndrome. After the remarks were impeccable and her seizures considerably lowered, many medical marijuana laws throughout the world were reevaluated.

2. CBD can actually help aid in the treatment of certain medical conditions:

Aside from Charlotte’s story, many individuals consuming CBD extract oils, edibles, and more, have had similar success with this revolutionary ingredient. In fact, a 2013 review published in the British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology, listed these medical benefits as just a few that CBD possesses: combats anxiety and depression, reduces nausea or vomiting and aids with inflammatory disorders.

It’s pretty incredible to think that the world of science and medicine is just beginning to touch the surface of the mind-blowing properties of this phenomenal element.

3. A main ingredient in cannabis, still new strains of marijuana are being hybridized to up the CBD content:

CBD is certainly present in the classic marijuana flower, as well as THC, CBN, plus a number of other compounds that give cannabis its distinctive properties. Some strain developers, however, are challenging the normal and thinking outside the box by hybridizing specific strains that possess more CBD than ever before in relation to THC content (the key compound that gets you high). These strains are referred to as “high CBD, low THC strains”, which have taken quite a rise in recent times when the general public began to really conceptualize the idea that CBD was being seen as beneficial for medical reasons.

The Stanley brothers from Colorado actually cultivate a strain specifically with this high CBD ratio, calling it “Charlotte’s Web”, named after the aforementioned 5 year old girl Charlotte.

4. Still ILLEGAL, but just for the record, SO IS HEMP:

Yes, CBD is strangely still illegal to the general public in many parts of the world, including America and Canada, just to name a few. Although Canada does recognize its medical benefits and allows its consumption with a prescription, America still sees Cannabidiol as a Schedule I drug. This can unfortunately mean serious consequences for an individual caught with the compound in their possession. Just for the record, this strict law America is placing on CBD doesn’t have to come as a surprise. After all, the innocent hemp plant is still banned in the States. There is hope, however, with more people recognizing the actual beneficial properties CBD possesses, further tests are being conducted which could lead to Cannabidiol legalization in the States in our near future, and maybe even hemp…

We hope that you have enjoyed this informational article and discovered some new, useful facts about the all-mighty CBD.

It is important to remember that the consumption of cannabis products is the sole responsibility of the user and discretion should be taken.