Does CBD Save Lives? – These 4 True Stories say YES

Cannabidiol (CBD) could become one of the most important medical breakthroughs in decades. It is one of the dozens of cannabinoids, or compounds, found in cannabis. It offers an enormous range of benefits and, unlike its sibling THC, it is non-intoxicating. While it is still illegal on a federal level, it is legal in most states if the CBD comes from an industrial hemp plant and has less than 0.3% THC.

Not only can CBD help reduce the pain of dozens of conditions, but it is also a genuine lifesaver as we show with a range of heart-warming stories from around the world.

Charlotte Figi

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We begin with arguably the most famous CBD-related story of all time. Charlotte has Dravet Syndrome, an exceedingly rare condition. One of its symptoms is a severe frequency of seizures. Charlotte had hundreds of seizures a week, and according to her parents, she was starting to ‘slip away’ at the age of two. Her heart had stopped several times, and it seemed as if the young girl wouldn’t survive much longer.

One day, her father saw a video about a young Californian boy with Dravet who had benefitted from cannabis. The Figi’s knew they had nothing to lose because by now, Charlotte could not walk, talk, or eat. After a great deal of difficulty, the Figi’s found a dispensary in Denver that sold R4, a marijuana strain low in THC and high in CBD. Paige Figi paid $800 for two ounces, and it was the best purchase she has made in her life!

The Figi’s asked a friend to extract the oil and gave a small dose to Charlotte. When she didn’t have her usual hourly seizures, the family had slight hope. This turned to joy when Charlotte went a week without a seizure. Then, the Figi’s heard about the Stanley Brothers who had created a low THC, high CBD strain that no one wanted. Charlotte began using it, and the brothers renamed it Charlotte’s Web in her honor. Today, Charlotte gets no more than three seizures a month and not only is she walking, she can ride her bike and feed herself. All this on 3-4 milligrams of CBD oil per pound of bodyweight.

Sadie Higuera

Sadie is four years of age. Nothing remarkable about that you might think but Sadie had Schinzel-Giedion syndrome and wasn’t expected to live for more than a year or so. Like others afflicted with this terrible condition, Sadie’s organs and bones did not develop as they should, and she had 300 seizures a day. She also had tumors on her liver and spine. By the time she was eight months old, doctors had given up on her chances of survival and suggested medication to end Sadie’s suffering forever.

It seemed hopeless as the Higuera family had a week to decide. Sadie’s father, Brian, had found anecdotal evidence on the power of CBD but since it is illegal under federal law, he was concerned about getting in serious trouble. However, the family decided to roll the dice and gave their daughter a small dose of CBD.

Within minutes, Sadie stopped trembling and started to react to voices; she even managed a smile which was a rarity in itself. The family continued the CBD treatment, and within two months her seizures had practically stopped. However, the Higuera family found it hard to get a sympathetic doctor on their side. They began attending conventions and met medical cannabis advocates.

Today, Sadie attends a special needs preschool and is becoming more active in classes by the week. She reacts to her sisters and music and went over a year without a trip to the hospital; a situation that once happened on an almost daily basis. CBD has given Sadie the gift of life, and her family the gift of seeing her grow up.

Kyla Smith

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In an article entitled: ‘CBD Oil is Saving My Daughter’s Life’ in 2014, Sadie Smith outlined the agony of seeing her baby daughter near death, and the joy of witnessing her miraculous recovery. In June 2013, Sadie and her husband were told that their seven-year-old daughter, Kyla, was at ‘the end of the road’ for testing and treatment options. Kyla has epilepsy, and her fits could last days at a time.

The Smiths came across news of how Charlotte’s Web marijuana strain was helping kids with epilepsy, so they decided to try this high CBD, low THC oil. After upping the dose, Kyla went from 45 seizures a day to one every few days. This 99% reduction in seizures was accompanied by a young girl who was happier and more vibrant than she had ever been. Constant seizures can result in developmental disabilities, brain damage, and death. By reducing the frequency of seizures, CBD is possibly a life-saver.

Tom Bethell

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CBD doesn’t just help kids with epilepsy; it can help with anxiety, depression and much more. 15-year old Tom Bethell suffered from chronic fatigue syndrome and hadn’t been to school for eight years because of ME. Tom was confined to his bed and refused to leave his room. He had stopped growing, was losing his vision, and was contemplating suicide. Tom’s memory was poor, he fell 20+ times a day, had no energy, and anti-depressants had proved useless.

In desperation, his mother, Sarah Thomas, offered him CBD oil and here’s what happened when he began taking a few drops a day:

  • He grew 11 inches in nine months!
  • He grew two shoe sizes in two months.
  • Puberty was kickstarted, and hair began to grow on his body and legs.
  • His memory has drastically improved.
  • He is now studying for five GSCE’s. Before CBD, he struggled with basic arithmetic.

In just a few months, Tom went from hopelessness, and the brink of suicide to a normal, happy life and his mother is convinced that CBD is the reason.

Final Thoughts on CBD’s Life Saving Capabilities

While we are not saying that CBD is a ‘miracle cure,’ the anecdotal evidence is getting harder to ignore. There are thousands of cases where CBD has made the difference between life and death; are they all just a coincidence? It doesn’t make you ‘high,’ and its medicinal benefits are profound.

Yet its Schedule I status means it is federally illegal, so you have to purchase low-THC products made from industrial hemp. Martin Lee, the author of Smoke Signals, has made a fine analogy. In the 17th century, the telescope was banned because Galileo used it to confirm Copernicus’ theory that the earth revolved around the sun. Lee says that modern medicine is as wrong about marijuana as the Catholic Church was about astronomy back then.

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