5 Best CBD Oils for PTSD [Updated]

Finding relief with nature.
MarijuanaBreak Staff MarijuanaBreak Staff / Updated on February 7, 2019

best cbd oil for ptsd

Life is full of unexpected and difficult circumstances, but sometimes after a traumatic or challenging life event takes place, individuals can be left with memories of the situation, which is coupled with a disorder known as PTSD.

PTSD is typically thought of as being prevalent among veterans who witnessed gruesome events during deployment, but plenty of other people can also experience symptoms.

Children who have been abused, those who have been raped, and also police officers and firefighters frequently experience PTSD after experiencing a traumatizing circumstance.

This condition of course makes life challenging, and sometimes even debilitating, and can cause isolation not only from yourself but also from the people around you – your loved ones, strangers, friends and family.

Often times, moments of PTSD are experienced when the individual becomes triggered. Triggers can arise from anything and at any moment in time, which is why PTSD is so unexpected and unpredictable. Although there are some treatment methods out there designed to help those dealing with PTSD on a day-to-day basis, a glimmer of hope has recently been arising in the realm of alternative therapy.

Though clinical studies are almost non-existent, CBD oil has already brought much success to those suffering from PTSD, and has offered peace and ease of mind to thousands of patients who have tried it.

In this article, in addition to including a few firsthand stories of how CBD oil has helped people with PTSD, we have provided a basic jumping off point in terms of what CBD products to trust. Moreover, we have also highlighted key research studies on the success of CBD oil, as well as frequently asked questions regarding how to use the all-natural extract.

Keep reading to discover the 5 Best CBD Oils for PTSD…

PTSD and the Benefits of CBD Oil

The way in which CBD oil helps individuals with PTSD is fairly unique; the compound directly targets chemical responses that produce stress, anxiety, depression, and many of the other mental symptoms associated with PTSD. Triggers will still exist in everyday life, but by reducing these symptoms, CBD can help to block the mood receptors that are triggered, thereby:

  • Promoting natural sleep hormones
  • Regulating stress hormones
  • Blocking reconsolidation memory (flashbacks, etc.)
  • Improving extinction learning (which is the reprogramming of the brain’s response in certain circumstances)

In fact, most everything CBD does relates to mechanisms that individuals with PTSD must experience in order to relieve and reduce the onset of symptoms. Here are a couple of firsthand accounts of instances where CBD use has helped victims of severe post-traumatic stress disorder:

“I served in the military for 2 years, and came back home from my deployment with a serious case of diagnosed PTSD. Although I speak with a therapist regularly, I also manage my PTSD by taking 30 mg daily doses of pure CBD oil. This incredible element helps me sleep better, in addition to decreasing my day to day sensitivities to outside triggers. CBD oil has made a profound difference in not only my life, but also the lives of my family surrounding me and my friends.” Roger Davidson

“5 years ago I survived a tragic car accident. Although the physical damage to my body has pretty much all healed, my mind was overwhelmingly damaged by the incident. I was diagnosed with PTSD a couple years ago, and searched high and low for something to relieve the constant anxiety and panic I was experiencing, sometimes from simple and normal outside triggers. I started ingesting CBD oil about 9 months ago, and the results have been astonishing. Now, I am able to drive my car to work and back without experiencing panic attacks, and my general overall sensitivities in day to day life have improved. Joyce Evans

Frequently Asked Questions: CBD Oil, PTSD, and Therapeutic effects

Aside from personal accounts of PTSD patients who have discovered success with the help of CBD, thousands of other individuals have had similar experiences. Simply put, the seemingly miraculous healing benefits of CBD oil are not going unnoticed.

PureKana, one of the US’ most reputable CBD oil producers, has gone so far as to receive praise from media outlets and popular magazines, and CBD as a whole has been featured on many popular sites such as Men’s Health, The Wall Street Journal, and CNN.

Here are a few frequently asked questions about what CBD is, how it’s used, and how it has been incorporated into reliable treatment for symptoms of PTSD.

What are some of the benefits of CBD?

There are so many benefits of CBD, the list would go on forever if we mentioned them all. However, here are just a few examples to begin with:

  • Alzheimer’s disease
  • Anorexia
  • Anxiety
  • Arthritis
  • Asthma
  • Bipolar disorder
  • Cancer
  • Cardiovascular disorders
  • Chronic pain
  • Depression
  • Epilepsy (seizures)
  • Glaucoma
  • Huntington’s disease
  • Inflammation from various conditions
  • Insomnia
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Nausea (emesis)
  • Obesity
  • Parkinson’s Disease
  • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
  • Schizophrenia
  • Tourette’s syndrome

How is CBD oil extracted?

There are a few various ways to get the CBD out of the marijuana or hemp plant, but the purest method that creates the best quality final product, is known as CO2 extraction. During this method, high pressure carbon dioxide is applied at very low temperatures, and this process requires an immense level of experience and professionality to successfully, safely accomplish, as well as expensive, qualified machinery, so not everyone can make oil in this manner.

Is CBD legal?

Most manufacturers claim that CBD from industrial hemp is legal in all 50 states, as long as THC amounts are under 0.3%. These products are delivered to any doorstep, anywhere within the United States. Products with THC amounts higher than 0.3% are legal in some states, so be sure to do some research and familiarize yourself with what’s legal – and what’s not – in the area you live.

How long does it take the body to react to the CBD?

This of course greatly depends on a person to person basis, but typically speaking it takes around 20-40 minutes for CBD to kick in. Because these products do not contain any THC, you won’t experience any psychoactive or “high” effects.

5 Best CBD Oils for PTSD


1. PureKana


One of our all time favorite vendors, and rated as one of the top CBD oil producers of 2017, PureKana is our go-to recommendation for those just getting started with this medicinal, all-natural alternative to pharmaceuticals. Their products are of the purest quality, and are produced using the most advanced CO2 extraction methods. Their customer service is also superior, and they offer quick, efficient shipping and delivery services to customers throughout the U.S.

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PureKana CBD products are:

  • Tested by third party labs for purity and quality
  • 100% organic and non-GMO
  • Delivered to all 50 states in the U.S.
  • Non-psychoactive
  • Lab-tested to produce 99% product purity

To view the full range of PureKana CBD products, visit their site at www.purekana.com

2. Greenroadsworld

Green Roads CBD Oil

Offering one of the largest varieties in product types and uses, Greenroadsworld.com displays a massive collection of both consumable and vape-able CBD options. The company and its merchandise are all overseen by a licensed pharmacist, assuring quality and professionalism from the source of the product, until the moment when it is delivered at your doorstep.


  • Potent CBD products available, offering variety and a multitude of options for all individual types and needs
  • Affordable prices, ranging from $24.00-$64.00

Need more details about Green Roads CBD? Visit their online store at www.greenroads.com

3. Elixinol

World-renowned CBD vendor Elixinol not only offers top quality products, but also displays information with clarity and ease and offers solutions and suggestions for those who might feel lost during their hunt for the right CBD selection. As mentioned earlier, Elixinol has received media recognition from multiple sources, so their hard work and attention to service and detail is not going unnoticed.

Elixinol CBD oil highlights:

  • Massive variety of products
  • Product prices ranging from $39.00-$249.00
  • Mild, moderate and strong formulations are available

Want to learn more about Elixinol’s products? Head on over to www.exlixinol.com [And don’t forget to use our coupon code 10off591 if you’re thinking of picking up a bottle!]

4. CBDessence

CBD Hemp Oil Tincture

CBD Essence offers a diverse collection of products ranging from gels, creams, gummies, powders, pet-safe products and tinctures. This is a brand that masterfully knows how to develop pure and honest CBD products, which can be used by a variety of individuals.

CBD Essence highlights:

  • Certified safe for humans and pets
  • EU Industrial grade certified hemp products
  • Delivery straight to your doorstep in all 50 states

Want to learn more about CBDessence, visit their expansive online store at www.cbdessence.com

5. CBDpure

CBDPure utilizes a rather unique company model in which their focus is upon 3 core products, ranging in a variety of potency levels. By focusing on such a small range of products, the company is able to produce and specialize on a smaller, yet brilliantly-developed selection so that all of their listings go above and beyond in standards.

CBDPure employs transparent and honest communication with customers, clients, and other vendors, as well as offers helpful information and advice to those who are trying to choose the right path towards healing with CBD.

CBD Pure Highlights:

  • All products produced from Danish industrial-grade certified hemp
  • 100% free from synthetic and artificial ingredients free
  • Certified non-psychoactive
  • Products extracted with CO2 methods
  • 90-day satisfaction guaranteed (CBDPure wants to work with you, not against you!)

Want to learn more about this super brand, read the complete CBDPure Review

CBD Oil, PTSD, and Where to Start

Although the internet is full of options to choose from, one easy place to start your CBD journey would be with the trustworthy company PureKana. After surveying, testing, and reviewing numerous oils and CBD products from a multitude of companies, it is clear to us PureKana offers the best overall value — especially if you are a beginner to the world of hemp-derived products.

Their website is easy to navigate, and they offer detailed information about each product. Furthermore, their customer service is world class, and they even can assist you in discovering a product that is right for you. What’s even better is the fact that their selections are all certified organic and verified non-GMO, so the quality and purity is top-notch.

Final Thoughts About CBD Oil for PTSD

Most of the products listed above are risk-free, making them simple and convenient to try – especially if you or a loved one is suffering from the debilitating effects that PTSD can have on your life.

Pharmaceutical and conventional medications still have a difficult time controlling the symptoms of PTSD, but surprisingly, CBD oil has experienced success in several instances where conventional drugs have not.

CBD can be coupled with traditional talk therapy as a brilliant combination for relief, though it is important to keep in mind that none of the information above is clinically proven, and thus should not be interpreted as medical advice.

  1. Mary Richart
    Oklahoma and PTSD

    Can we also get a MMC for PTSD in the state of Oklahoma? I am suffering from this since the last 3 years, taking medications, but now just wanna get rid of this, so please guide if weed can be an option in my state.

  2. Florian Eberhart

    All well said above, not wrong, but still I prefer weed for PTSD. I think it is faster and I don’t care of the addiction part as I was already addicted from many years.

  3. Lauren
    Can’t wait to try these oils

    I’m going to order some cbd oil based on this article. I have had ptsd for over 30 years but yet another #metoo incident last summer put me over the edge and life got really scary very quickly for me and my family. I’ve been in intensive treatment for about 8 weeks and results have been miraculous.

    Anybody reading this who also has had ptsd here’s what’s helped me the most: neurofeedback combined w the DNRS system to retrain the limbic brain, therapy, family therapy, acupuncture, essential oils, guided visualization cds, and exercise/meditation

    Looking forward to cbd to help now w periodic anxiety as I move into a less recovery focused routine.

    Good luck everyone.

  4. UK cptsd is not very good.
    CBD could be the answer

    Unless you’ve experienced first hand PSTD/C-PTSD. No one could possibly imagine how destructive and crippling, it can be. having lived with ptsd since a very early age, then a further diagnoses of c-ptsd after a terrible thing happened as a father myself. I can completely and totally sympathise/empathise with anyone suffering right now.

    The depression comes with the territory, and you kind of get used to that. It pales into insignificance, compared to the hype-arousal/anger/rage/overreaction and guilt, after you’ve scared the living daylights out of your loved ones :(. The overwhelming and flustered feelings just by cooking a simple meal {grrrrrr}.
    If there is any positive to take out of being hyper aroused and accomplishing a homemade curry. It is the intense flavour of the damn thing and (in my case) – the sublime taste of dark chocolate after said curry!!

    Anyhow, all these big pharma drugs do not seem to be cutting it for me, so I’m about to start using cbd isolate, incorporated into my diy e-liquid. I have recently started acupuncture, administered at home by myself and the wife, and things are quite promising.

    To all of you whose frontal cortex’s are doing cartwheels right now. try stay strong and I hope CBD or what ever method you choose, gives you some let-up and relief. All the best.

    1. A McLean
      Another hand to help me out of the deep hole

      I’ve had C-PTSD for a number of years and there are several things which have helped me dramatically control it and reduce it:

      – CAT talk therapy
      – Frequent exercise
      – Removing sugar and carbohydrates from my diet

      The latter being the most successful in the “dramatic” instant change category by evening out my insulin levels.

      On top of this i’m going to at CBD oil to help me deal with the anxiety and muscle tightness from being tense everyday.

  5. Nicole Tyson

    CBDessence is amazing for pets. I give it to my dog regularly to help with anxiety and restlessness

  6. simon boyland

    Interesting article. As someone who suffers from PTSD and C-PTSD personally I might look into the veracity of this and see if their is much actual evidence to suggest that CBD oil can be beneficial in the treatment with PTSD and the anxiety that tends to go along with it. There is One thing i do need to correct you on though, and that is that PTSD is especially prominent among former members of the military which isn’t actually correct. If you were to compare the figures side by side against PTSD from incidents non military related then you would find that in fact the levels of PTSD among forming and serving members of the military is significantly lower, in relation to PTSD caused by things such as car accident, mugging, robbery, rape etc. Otherwise a very interesting article.

    1. Adam

      Thanks Simon

  7. Annie Turner

    CBD is an excellent form of treatment for PTSD. I suffered a traumatic event as a child. Been using it for the past 4 years and my situation has dramatically improved.

  8. Kiran

    How much mg CBD oil taking for me? I suffering from ptsd,Anxiety last 2 years. How it can be used?

    1. Adam

      Depends on the brand you purchased from. Each brand has its own dosage.

  9. Donnie Banks

    Green Roads wood is a fantastic cure for PTSD.

  10. Tracy Choate

    PTSD has complicated my life but thankfully I got CBD. I tried it once and experienced immediate relief.

  11. Haydee Hill

    I’ve used cbd essence for ptsd in the past. It has those healing properties that I was looking for.

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