7 Best CBD Oils For Anxiety [2018 Update ]
September 1, 2018

7 Best CBD Oils For Anxiety [2018 Update ]

The Definitive Guide to CBD Oils
MarijuanaBreak Staff MarijuanaBreak Staff / Updated on September 1, 2018

cbd oil for anxiety

Anxiety is a very misinformed medical condition. When you encounter most people and say that you’re having a bad anxiety day, they’ll most probably look at you, nod their heads and say something like; “tough day at work?”

Well, apart from day to day anxiety that most of us suffer with, anxiety is actually a very complex disorder, which can be at times extremely paralyzing and debilitating. According to recent data published by the National Institute of Mental Health, Anxiety disorders affect 19.1% of adults in the United States in any given year. Furthermore, it is estimate that 31.1% of American adults experience any anxiety disorder at some time in their lives.

Before we jump to the best CBD for anxiety bottles, let’s explain…


What is Anxiety?

Anxiety is commonly known as emotions that make you feel anxious before something stressful occurs, such as taking an exam or making an important decision, but Anxiety disorder is an entirely different beast. It’s an umbrella term that includes different conditions.

Anxiety disorders are far more serious and can prevent you from maintaining a normal life. Some have said that anxiety is not a disease or illness, but rather a physiological, psychological-emotional state that occurs when we behave apprehensively. It turns into a disorder when the worry and the anxiety it creates interfere with your lifestyle. Ongoing anxiety can lead to numerous medical illnesses and even mental issues, if not dealt with.

The term Anxiety Disorder can describe the following:

  1. Social anxiety – a situation where you become apprehensive and scared of different social situations.
  2. Panic disorder – Random panic attacks that suddenly come on. They can be associated with chest pains, sweat and even lead to heart attacks.
  3. General anxiety disorder – you feel constantly worried about day to day situations.

Anxiety Disorder symptoms

Those who suffer from day to day anxiety or even anxiety disorders may experience some of the following:

  • Panic attacks
  • Sleep issues
  • Cold or sweaty outbreaks
  • Dry mouth
  • Nausea
  • Tense muscles

While anxiety disorders can develop at any age, most are treatable. Conventional treatments include therapy or medication. For example:


  • Medication Management/Monitoring
  • Cognitive Behavior Therapy
  • Dialectical Behavior Therapy
  • Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR)
  • Exposure Therapy


According to WebMD, many antidepressants can work for anxiety disorders. These include drugs like Prozac, Lexapro, Xanax and Klonopin.

Managing Anxiety

There is no quick cure for anxiety, but maintaining a healthy stress-free lifestyle can prevent anxiety outbreaks. These include:

  • Eating a healthy diet. Cutting down on drinks and food that contain caffeine.
  • Exercising regularly. Exercises like fast walking, jogging and biking help release chemicals that reduce stress – something that is directly linked to anxiety. Other people who suffer from stress take up exercises such as yoga and breathing exercises.
  • Having a good nights sleep. Sleep is also directly connected to anxiety, and therefore it is important to maintain regular sleep patterns.

CBD oil for Anxiety and Depression

cbd anxiety

Over the years, cannabis oil has been used as an effective treatment for anxiety and depression. Furthermore, it is constantly being researched by scientists. In fact, CBD effects on anxiety is currently considered to be one of the most intriguing and well-funded areas of modern cannabis research; if progress continues in the way that it has over the last several years, then it is very possible that we will develop highly effective ways in which oils for anxiety (and depression) can be used as an effective therapy.

Moreover, simple statistical data has been showing that CBD oil and anxiety is one of the most thoroughly  searched topics on the internet, at least in terms of cannabis-related therapies and medical treatments. Specific searches on “CBD oil anxiety,” in fact, have increased exponentially over the last five years. This is modern proof that natural cannabis therapies are beginning to “see the light” in terms of widespread use, and indeed many countless thousands of individuals are already reaping the benefits of the hemp-based compound.

In terms of recent scientific investigations on the topic, in 2011 a group of researchers conducted a study that revolutionized the thoughts about CBD and anxiety. They took 10 people with social anxiety who had never had any treatment for this disorder and divided them into two groups. One group was given 400mg of CBD and the other a placebo. The results showed that those who had received the CBD oil had successfully improved their anxiety symptoms compared to the placebo.

In another publication, Brazilian researchers conducted a small double-blind study. After consuming CBD, it was observed that people who suffered from GSA (Generalized Social Anxiety), reported a significant decrease in anxiety.

CBD oil is extracted from the cannabis plant. Solvents such as CO2 are used to separate the oils from the plant, creating highly concentrated products. The main ingredient in cannabis oil is cannabidiol, also known as CBD. Cannabis oil tends to come in three formats:

  1. Pure CBD Oil – this contains high concentrates of CBD.
  2. CBD Oil with THC – This type of oil isn’t legal in all states, and has a different effect than pure CBD oil. Many people take marijuana for the effects of THC, as it helps them to battle different medical conditions. They believe that the two combined provide an enhanced experience that exceeds the beneficial properties of taking one over the other (i.e. just taking THC or CBD by themselves). It is important to note that THC can counter the benefits of CBD, and therefore correct dosing is essential.
  3. CBD Hemp Oil – This type of oil is made from hemp. It has high amounts of CBD and low amounts of THC.

Best CBD Oil Dosage for Anxiety

To answer the question of what’s the best CBD dose for anxiety, it’s imperative to consult with your physician, such as a 420 doctor. Remember that CBD oil isn’t approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and therefore any further information you receive from a professional is added value.

Similar to most medication, the proper CBD dose will often depend on your weight, age, medical condition, genetics, and what you are trying to achieve. With that in mind, there are a few things that are important to take into consideration when starting off with CBD oil:

Rule #1 – Start off with small doses. CBD oil, whether its in its pure form or extracted from hemp, will affect each person differently.

Rule #2 – Be consistent with your dosing. Don’t start small and then jump to higher doses. It’s important that your body gets accustomed to the CBD, so gradually increase the amount over time. Also, don’t get discouraged if you do not notice effects immediately – some people have said it took them up to two weeks of daily use before they started noticing positive results.

It’s important to find the right dose that will help your situation. By increasing the amounts gradually, you should be able to find the perfect combination that provides you with a sense of relaxation and alleviates the onset of anxiety.

Things to Consider Before Buying CBD Oil for Anxiety

Since there are many different types and brands to pick from, it’s important to understand your personal needs and how you plan to utilize CBD. Furthermore, it is advisable to consult with a physician before consuming CBD oil for any medical condition, especially anxiety.

Some of the questions you’ll want to ask yourself are:

  • Do I have an anxiety disorder or simple daily stress?
  • How much CBD oil will I need?
  • Do I need to combine THC with CBD?
  • Will I be using CBD oil at home, on the go, or both?
  • What’s my main consideration – price or strength?
  • What are the legal restrictions in your state?

Also, it can be helpful to understand the basic differences between hemp-based CBD oils and marijuana-based CBD oils. Basically, marijuana-based oils are only available at medical dispensaries in states where marijuana has been legalized under state law.

Hemp-based CBD, on the other hand, is most often sourced from legal industrial hemp plants that contain very small amounts of THC. This type of CBD can be grown under the United States Farm Bill. If you are going to be buying oils for anxiety from an online seller, for example, then you will likely be purchasing a product that has been sourced from hemp, rather than marijuana. This is perfectly fine, because even though industrial hemp lacks the mind-altering THC compound, it contains functional amounts of CBD.

In any form, hemp oil for anxiety can be just as effective in terms of medicinal therapy as other marijuana-based oils for anxiety — that is, if they have been extracted and processed properly.

Some of the following CBD oils might not be available to you, especially if you live in a restricted state, but it will give you a good idea of what to look out for. So here it is, our update 7 Best CBD Oil recommendations for Anxiety:


CBD Oil for Anxiety: Our Top 7 Picks

#1 – Pure Kana (Rated the Best for 2018)

CBD Oil Pure Kana

PureKana isn’t rated as #1 on our list for no reason. These guys understand CBD oils and furthermore, specialize in creating a pure CBD crystal that is aimed at reducing feelings of stress and anxiety. While their CBD oils do come in Vanilla and Mint flavors, their Natural product hits the spot.

PureKana Natural CBD oil is an unflavored, dietary and nutritional supplement for increased health and vitality. It aims at relaxation and due to its compounds, it seems to have a relatively quick effect. All products go through laboratory testing to ensure safety and potency, and all of their CBD oils are regarded as being non-psychoactive. They also deliver to all 50 states which is a major bonus.

Products price range ($48 – $139) depending on potency.

  • To view their full list of products go to www.purekana.com
  • 5% Coupon Code: 5OFFCBD1


#2 – Green Roads World

Green Roads CBD Oil

Green Roads World isn’t your standard cut-&-dry CBD reseller. They actually custom the oil to help treat your medical condition. Green Roads World employees a team of physicians, chemists and other health care professionals to provide affordable and reliable medications that are dosed to perfection for each patient. Green Roads has been voted on numerous Top 5 CBD lists due to their high quality products. They have truly done amazing things with their process of removing lipids and fats to create a 99% pure CBD crystal.

Products Price Range ($62-$162) depending on potency and Milligrams.

Need more details about Green Roads CBD 350, you can visit their official site at www.greenroads.com


#3  – Premium Jane

oils for anxiety

This year a new brand caught our attention and while Premium Jane may be classed as the new kid on the block, they have definitely made an impact in the CBD industry. After receiving some of their high-quality CBD for review, it was no question that we had to add them to this list as one of the top CBD brands. This brand is simply a rising star!

One of our team members here at Marijuanabreak actually takes CBD oil every single day for anxiety and stress relief (she usually uses PureKana), and she said that the effects of Premium Jane (600mg) were just as potent. Also, she couldn’t say enough about the incredible taste of the naturally-infused Citrus flavor.

Here are a few reasons why Premium Jane CBD Oil was ranked number 3 on our list:

  • Incredible flavors (the Mint and Citrus are naturally infused from actual herbal extract)
  • One of the few brands that sources from regulated, Pilot Research farms in Oregon
  • Very fast-acting for stress and anxiety relief
  • Full product transparency and verified lab reviews

Premium Jane CBD oils can only be found by visiting the brand’s online store. They currently offer their tinctures in three different potencies (300, 600, 1000mg) and three flavors (Natural Hemp, Citrus, Mint).

Visit their official online store at www.premiumjane.com

You can also take advantage of their 10% coupon code: 10OFFCBD1

#4 – Hemp Bombs

cbd anxiety

Hemp Bombs is another brand that was recently added to this article due to it’s potent sublingual tinctures that provide over 60mg in a single dose. The brand offers a wide range of CBD oils and other top of the range CBD products, but their best sellers are of course their 300mg CBD oil anxiety tinctures.

Hemp Bombs is a U.S based company with their main offices located in Tampa, Florida. They have gained an amazing reputation due to their customer service and CBD formula that is extremely effective for helping to treat a wide range of medical conditions such as anxiety and pain. Their 4000mg bottle is an ideal solution for treating long-term pain.

Their bottles range from 300mg to 4000mg and prices vary between $49.99-$299.99 for their top of the range CBD oils.

Want to learn more about HempBombs read our comprehensive HempBombs Review

#5 – CBD Essence

best cbd for anxiety

Like Elixinol, CBD Essence has been around for quite a few years and they definitely know a thing or two about hemp oil. The owner Don has actually been around the pharmaceutical industry for some years, and therefore knows how to deliver a quality and effective product. All of their oils are created using CO2 extraction methods, which have been known to be safer and more effective than solvent-based extraction. They avoid CBD isolates, and they always disclose lab test results to ensure there are no heavy metals or contaminants in the oil.

Products price range ($62-$204)

Want to learn more about CBD Essence? To view their website visit www.cbdessence.net
Feel Free to also use our 5% coupon code: 5OFFCBD1

#6 – CBD Pure

CBD for anxiety

CBD Pure is an online store that sells a variety of CBD oils and sprays. The team over at Herbal Renewals, which is the company behind CBD Pure, are cannabidiol experts, and apart from providing an outstanding customer service they actually seem to care. They specialize specifically in CBD-based products, and know their stuff inside and out.

Their main benefits are:

  • They use certified organic hemp grown in the U.S
  • They use an optimum CO2 extraction process
  • Everything is quality tested by third party labs
  • Best prices for high-quality CBD

Products price range ($24-$64).

Want to learn more about CBD Pure? Go to www.cbdpure.com

#7 – Elixinol

CBD for Anxiety

These guys have been around for a while. Since 1991, Elixinol have been delivering high-quality CBD and hemp oil to a variety of dispensaries around the world. They are so large that they’ve also got an online shop that is packed with goodies and effective Hemp CBD Oil Tinctures.

Products price range ($39-$249), but feel free to use our 10% Coupon Code: 10off591

Want to learn more about Elixinol’s products? Go to www.exlixinol.com

Final Thoughts About CBD Oil for Anxiety

CBD Oil is currently thought of by some as the next big thing in regards to anxiety treatment. Before going down the CBD oil route, though, it is always best to consult with your primary care doctor to understand which CBD oil might be best suited for your needs.

In regards to CBD companies that sell their products online, here at Marijuanabreak we try not to play favorites and that’s why we’ve decided to give two top picks instead of just one. Based on quality and service, we would we say check out www.purekana.com and greenroadsworld.com. After reviewing all of the companies above, we found that not only do these two companies carry some of the finest hemp-based CBD oils on the market, they also have the strongest and purest quality product. PureKana in particular has perfected the process of removing lipids and fats to create a 99% pure CBD crystal.

Furthermore, their reviews are outstanding. Their different products have been known worldwide to helping patients with different medical conditions including stress, anxiety, depression and more. Want to view some of their top products?

Ranked #1 – Continue to PureKana here

Ranked #2 – Continue to GreenRoads here

  1. Melinda Fredericks
    Waiting for additional research

    I’ve tried looking up current clinical studies on CBD and anxiety and have not found anything major as far as actual human trials. Why is it so difficult to study this stuff didn’t they pass CBD as being legal now federally… i.e. remove it from Controlled SubstancesAct? I think in 2019 and beyond we will start seeing the real TRUE benefits of CBD oil and the market will become more and more regulated

  2. Julie
    I need some concise info

    I’m just a month into this voyage. How do you know what dosages to try? And how long before you move to a stronger dosage? This stuff gets really expensive, so I don’t think it’s smart to try too many brands or dosages.

    1. Shawn C
      Dosage guide

      Hi Julie, have you checked out our dosage guide?

      1. Hannah K
        This is what I did

        I know that most say that you should start on a low dosage and work your way up, but i got the higher 1000mg one and just cut it down and worked up from there. Not sure how much I am taking today but it is around 3/4 of the recommended. Works great for me

  3. Julie Sachs
    Skywalker Indica

    My husband bought me Skywalker Indica for my anxiety and the reviews seem to show that it has a really high potency. I am a beginner and do not want to take anti depressants. Can anyone enlighten me as to whether or not this strain of oil would be too much for a newbie?

    1. Tommy P
      Wrong page man

      This article talks about CBD

  4. Denise

    So i have severe anxiety and unfortunately one of my triggers is taking medicine due to the side effects…it’s awful so i want to try CBD oil. I went into a local CBD shop here and am wanting to try it but worried about how pure it is. It’s called Active CBD oil. Anyone heard of it?

    1. Rick

      Denise…i was the EXACT same way. I suffer from GAD as well as panic attacks. Im affraid to take any medications together. Ive been on everything…the lastest is Trintellix which i believe was given bc the med reps have given the docs a kick back. So i weaned myself off of the medication and bucked up and tried a full spectrum cbd…with my family and a close friend around me. My whole world has changed. Give it a try…trust me…life is a whole lot better not relying on man made chemicals. I will say this…i am currently on a cbd isolate due to worrying about job drug testing…which IS NOT as good as full spectrum. I will be switching back. Oh…I use Lazarus Naturals. All health to u my friend!

    2. David B

      I’ve heard of a few good brands such as purekana, charlottes web and a few others. Never heard of that one.

  5. Kathryn Crews
    Worth a try

    I was a bit of a skeptic about CBD. I was wrong. Works well for anxiety and stress. My husband and I both use it

    1. Ted Miles
      Which one?

      And what is the dose?

  6. Mildred

    Hands down the best cbd oil brands

    1. Renate

      Mildred, which one are you using?

    2. R Willings
      Which one you using?

      I have tried the first one on this list and it’s not bad. Helps. Which one are you using?

  7. Alisa Washington

    I came across CBD after trying to wean off otc meds. Works well. I use the higher mgs

  8. Jon S
    Excellent info

    I have been using CBD for anxiety for a year. Works well

  9. Ron
    Be careful of "high CBD" strains!

    I have been using cannabidiol for going on two years now and I will say this – I believe it is very, very difficult to find a dispensary that carries ACTUAL high-CBD cannabis. I have smoked ACDC with supposedly nearly zero THC and gotten higher than if had hit a 1/2 g dab of sour diesel. Honestly there needs to be some sort of regulation about this cannabinoid profiles that the dispensaries put on their strains because in my experience they are NOT accurate

  10. Camila Castillo

    anybody know about CBD Oils for Fibromyalgia & depressioln

    1. Charlotte Blankenship
      It works great

      I have been using CBD for fibro for about a year. It’s not going to cure it but it does help with the pain management. Good luck

  11. Lucas M.

    Haven’t seen these brands in store is there anyway to know whether or not I can go somewhere to buy them. Have never felt comfortable ordering online

    1. Dylan

      I have seen Hemp Bombs for sale in a few places in Florida, and I know the others can be found in a few retail locations across the U.S. But not many. Where are you located?

      1. Kenneth McNeil
        Also Green Roads

        They also seem to be everywhere in the bay area. I’ve used the 300mg before. Good stuff

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