Why CBD for Mosquito Bites Really Works!

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MarijuanaBreak Staff MarijuanaBreak Staff / Updated on June 10, 2019

cbd for mosquito bites

We’ve talked plenty about CBD oils and ointments as great topical treatments for rashes, breakouts, inflammation, and even for chronic skin diseases like psoriasis and eczema. But what if you don’t have any of these conditions? Is there anything else CBD can be used for to make your skin happy and healthy?

As it turns out, CBD for mosquito bites, of all things, (as well as other bug bites), is a brilliant and somewhat newly-discovered treatment that you’ve likely not heard much about in the cannabis news sector. In this quick article, we’ll talk about what actually happens when those devilish little bugs rip into your flesh, and how CBD functions to alleviate the temporary itching, irritation, and localized inflammation.

What actually happens when you get bitten by a mosquito?

There are over 3,500 different species of mosquitoes worldwide, approximately 175 of which occur right here in North America. While the thousands of different varieties might vary in size, color, and level of annoyance, they all share one thing in common: they feed on mammalian blood.

When the female mosquitoes do this (feed on your blood, that is.. And yes, it’s only the females that are bloodsuckers), what’s actually happening is the insect’s saliva is penetrating into your epidermal layer. Your body identifies the saliva as a dangerous foreign substance, at which point specific white blood cells called lymphocytes are signaled to the scene in order to kill off the invasion. This is what causes the highly irritating (and even painful) inflammation and scratching.

The saliva can stay in skin cells for several hours, and depending on the individual’s particular sensitivity and susceptibility to bites, lingering effects may last for up to a week.

CBD for mosquito bites: How it Helps

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CBD-rich oil is chock full of essential fatty acids (EFA’s), which include crucial skin-health components like omega-3 acids, omega-6 acids, and linoleic acid. These EFA’s have excellent natural molecular properties that aid in keeping skin cells soft, supple and healthy.

More importantly though in terms of actually ridding the cells of itch-inducing inflammation after a mosquito bite, is the fact that CBD itself a well-known anti-inflammatory. When you rub CBD oil (or other cannabis topicals) directly onto the site of the bite(s), the itching will vanish entirely in most instances in about 10-15 minutes. And also, even for the most sensitive of individuals, they can expect any big red allergic welts to totally disappear within about 12 hours, rather than several days. Physiologically, the CBD works by interacting with endocannabinoid receptors in your epidermal cells, which wipe out the foreign bug saliva on their and relieve the lymphocytes from their nasty, itch-inducing duties. Pretty miraculous stuff, to be honest, and you’ll be blown away by how effective it really is on bites.

Additional Information About CBD for mosquito bites

In case you were unaware, it’s important to point out that CBD oils will not get you high in any way shape or form. Unlike THC, the compound has no psychoactive effects on the central nervous system.

Also, studies have shown CBD to be virtually free of any serious side effects, save for a few reports of lightheadedness and dry mouth in some individuals.

And lastly, we love using CBD-based products anytime we can over conventional over-the-counter treatments, as the compound is a 100% natural extract from the cannabis (hemp) plant, with no added synthetic substances. Most of those other bug sprays and bug bite relief creams are chock-full of insanely long ingredients lists, with harsh chemicals that turn into dangerous free radicals in the body due to their inability to be metabolized. CBD, on the other hand, is easily broken down at the cellular level and recycled into reusable organic molecules. Safe, healthy, and incredibly effective.

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  1. Rick Phillips
    The SMELL

    I think the bad smell keeps the mosquitoes at bay. Otherwise, if CBD is good for pets, it must be goods for mosquitoes as well, I can account this only to the smell most logically 🙂

  2. Ronald Keefe

    Yes, it is working for me as well. I am happy as most of the mosquito repellents do not seem to work at my workplace, but CBD oil, although it fights the rashes later on as well, but if I apply a thin layer, it acts as an anti mosquito oil as well.

  3. Johanna Torres

    My favorite thing is that CBD doesn’t have any side effects. There’s nothing worse than the itch caused by a mosquito bite. Pleasantly surprised to hear that CBD can help with this. Is there anything CBD can’t treat

  4. Arnetta Foster

    CBD gives soothing effect on my skin and also cures rashes.

  5. Lula Martinez

    Nice strain and it does help but i prefer the oils. I rub them on

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