Gorilla Glue #4 vs Blue Dream Weed Strain

Blue Dream has reigned as the #1 selling marijuana strain for several years, but now, Gorilla Glue #4 has arrived and is ready to take the old stager’s crown. Data from 2016 showed that Gorilla Glue #4 outsold Blue Dream in the state of Oregon and the upstart was the #2 seller when you combine Washington, Oregon, and Colorado’s sales. However, now that California has also entered the mix, there is a real chance that Gorilla Glue #4 will become the undisputed #1. Let’s compare and contrast these two heavyweights to determine which one deserves to become Champion of the Weed Universe.

Comparing Potency

With a THC content of up to 24%, Blue Dream is no joke. It is a cross of Blueberry and Haze strains, and it gets you with a rapid cerebral head high followed by a burst of creativity. Eventually, you feel the effects of the full-body relaxation but remain focused. As a result, Blue Dream is an ideal weed to start your day with.

Gorilla Glue #4 is one of the strongest strains on the planet; some growers achieve a THC content of over 30%! It blasts you with a head high soon after inhaling, and it can keep you feeling hazy and happy for up to four hours. While it helps with your focus, it is an excellent, uplifting strain and perfect for days when you just want to chill out and enjoy good times with friends.

Winner: Gorilla Glue #4

Blue Dream is strong, but its effects don’t compare to Gorilla Glue #4 which is capable of overwhelming experienced marijuana users.

Medicinal Benefits of the Two

Gorilla Glue Front Marijuanabreak

Blue Dream is one of the best cannabis strains available to treat chronic pain. After all, it is rumored to have been created in a Santa Cruz medical lab. While it also works well against anxiety disorders, Blue Dream should be your ‘go-to’ if you need help treating inflammation, migraines, menstrual cramps, or any other painful condition.

The strength of Gorilla Glue #4 is effective for chronic pain and muscle spasm, but its main gift is the treatment of depression and anxiety. GG4 is a popular choice for chemotherapy patients as it fights nausea and it is one of the best options to handle insomnia.

Winner: Tie

It is impossible to choose a winner here because these strains work so differently. If you are feeling down or anxious, Gorilla Glue #4 is the best option. However, users with chronic pain should opt for Blue Dream.

Side Effects of Both Strains

Blue Dream has a handful of side effects including blurred vision, slight dehydration, and dry eyes. If you use a particularly powerful strain, there is a slight possibility of anxiety and paranoia.

Gorilla Glue #4 is capable of inducing paranoia in inexperienced weed users, and the intense body high could result in a feeling of nervousness. In rare cases, you might suffer from a headache due to the intensity of the cerebral high. Other side effects include dry eyes, dry mouth, and dehydration.

Winner: Blue Dream

Blue Dream Strain

Although both strains hit you with side effects on occasion, those associated with GG4 are a little more powerful.

Looks, Taste & Aroma

Blue Dream is a treat for the senses. It has a sweet berry flavor that is enhanced by undertones of spices and herbs. You know you’re in for something special once you get a single whiff of the delightful blueberry scent. There are also hints of vanilla and mango in the fragrance.

Gorilla Glue #4 is so sticky and heavy that it can force your fingers to cling to one another when you try to break it up; its name is appropriate! If you didn’t realize how strong it is beforehand, you’d know once you get the powerful pine-like scent which carries a hint of wild cherry and berries. Gorilla Glue #4 tastes like it smells although there is also a slight taste of chocolate and coffee.

Winner: Blue Dream

While Gorilla Glue #4 tastes and smells fine, Blue Dream is a much better option for the olfactory senses. While GG4 can leave a slight chemical aftertaste, Blue Dream is a lovely smoke from start to finish.


You can buy a gram of Blue Dream in Denver for about $13, but some dispensaries sell it for just $9. Overall in the state of Colorado, the average price for an ounce is around $300 while it is $330 in Montana.

The price of Gorilla Glue #4 is all over the place; you can purchase it online for as little as $250 an ounce. However, High Times points out that it costs $375 an ounce in New York.

Winner: Gorilla Glue #4

With no clearly defined ‘average’ price, it is hard to give the accolade to either strain. However, we believe that the potency of Gorilla Glue #4 gives you more bang for your buck.


You can grow Blue Dream indoors or outdoors because it isn’t overly sensitive to weather extremes. Growers should be wary of red spider mites as they are attracted to the sweet scent. While it does well in a Mediterranean climate, this tall plant is typically grown indoors.

Although you can grow Gorilla Glue #4 indoors if you wish, it flourishes in an outdoor setting as long as it is exposed to a sunny and warm climate. Its plants produce a lot of resin so get your scissors ready!

Winner: Gorilla Glue #4

You should benefit from a more generous yield when growing Gorilla Glue #4.

Final Thoughts on Blue Dream & Gorilla Glue #4

There’s no question that we are talking about two of the best marijuana strains on the planet; the fact that both are bestsellers is a testament to their quality. We feel as if Gorilla Glue #4 is taking over and its enhanced potency is certainly one of the reasons. Therefore, we give the edge to Gorilla Glue #4. If you want a knockout marijuana strain to help with anxiety, depression, and insomnia, look no further than GG4. However, Blue Dream has a wonderful taste and scent and is perfect for chronic pain.