5 Cannabis Strains with a Nice Minty Flavor or Aroma

The variety of cannabis flavors is one of the very best parts of smoking cannabis. Even ignoring the THC or CBD content, cannabis is a plant with a wide variety of different types and variations, able to create a multitude of different flavor combinations and profiles.

Its artisanal variety is pretty much the same as with whiskey or beer.

One flavor that has recently begun surging in popularity is mint flavors. Though normally reserved for toothpaste, after dinner cleansers or certain festive candies, many people have begun actively seeking out mint flavored cannabis.

Perhaps it’s to maintain fresh breath or just because they really like the flavor, but mint cannabis is now becoming one of the most sought after flavors available.

To aid you in your mint cannabis hunt, here are five cannabis strains with a profoundly minty flavor for you to enjoy.

#5 Wonder Kid – A Varied Lineage

Wonder Kid is one of the cannabis strains that showcases the skill and dedication cannabis growers have for their craft.

Wonder Kid’s lineage is a complicated tree of interconnected predecessors, with several different strains being used to create the final product.

It is principally derived from the interbreeding The White and Chemdawg 91, then interbreeding that strain with a spawn of Pre 98 Bubba Kush mixed with Chemdawg, until finally crossing that final product with Buffalo Bill. Wonder Kid distills the flavor components and cannabinoid makeup of its predecessors into one final, potent mix.

Due to Wonder Kid’s genetics being firmly indica-dominant, the effects of Wonder Kid are frequently referred to as “limb melting”. Though initially horrifying to imagine, Wonder Kid actually causes an intense relaxation coupled with a strong sedative effect.

Wonder Kid is notable for having a high trichome production, which allows its THC content to be astronomically high. You can expect intense munchies and relaxation while using Wonder Kid, as well as the ability to ignore aches and pains.

The flavor profile of Wonder Kid is confusing to distinguish, but is firmly described as a mix of both coffee beans, mint and, somehow, fuel. Different people describe it as sweet, bitter, or even citrusy, so your own opinion may vary.

This strain of mint flavored cannabis won’t leave you with fresh breath, but will instead leave you glued to your seat with an intense body high the likes of which you’ve likely never felt before.

If you’re looking for something with a more pronounced mint flavor, rather than mixed with other strong flavors, then you should try…

#4 Double Mint – The Girl Scout Cookie Strain

Double Mint is, as its name might imply, a strongly mint flavored strain. It’s name comes from the fact that its existence is thanks to the pairing of the SinMint Cookies strain with Mint Chocolate Chip.

This interesting parental pairing makes Double Mint a relatively unique example of cannabis genetics, as Double Mint is the result of pairing Mint Chocolate Chip with its parental strain, essentially creating an oddly inbred, curiously different strain.

This peculiar genetic meddling has resulted in a strain with extremely powerful mint flavors, as well an intense sedative effect.

Users of Double Mint report an absolutely mind numbing euphoria, coupled with a strong desire to do nothing at all. Double Mint is firmly in the category of strains that you only take towards the end of the day, as it has the capacity to both greatly reduce stress and make you very, very sleepy.

One common side effect noticed when taking Double Mint, besides the aforementioned euphoria and sleepiness, is a tendency towards giggling. This is a strain to be taken at home, alone, near your bed and with comfortable lighting.

Sit back, relax, and enjoy the minty, ever-so-slightly lemony flavors of Double Mint from the comforts of your own home.

#3 Peppermint Cookies – The Perfect Midday Treat

Peppermint Cookies is an award-winning hybrid, taking home Best Hybrid at the 2015 DOPE awards in Seattle. This accolade is thanks to its distinctive minty flavors, but also due to its subtle, gradually increasing euphoric high.

Thanks to its unique hybrid chemistry, Peppermint Cookies is the perfect mix of relaxation and calmness from the indica parts of its history, and euphoric, active components from its sativa side.

Peppermint Cookies gives a very slow, mounting high that can actually take a while to even become noticeable. Some users have actually found themselves hit with the sudden realization that they’re under the influence, reporting dizziness or even a shining new perspective on things.

This interesting distortion of reality that comes with the Peppermint Cookies high makes this strain perfect for your daytime tasks, especially those that involve creativity. However, you should probably stay clear of any tasks that require any kind of intense concentration or attention.

You might find yourself meandering into random conversations or giggling fits, or simply enjoying what’s going on around you.

Peppermint Cookies’ abilities as an analgesic are well reported, frequently being used as an everyday pain reliever in smaller doses.

Despite its seemingly refreshing taste profile of mint and lemons, Peppermint Cookies is likely to leave you with dry mouth, so make sure you’ve got plenty of water nearby.

With a powerful mint flavor and being exceptionally redolent of fresh mint leaves, Peppermint Cookies is the sweet treat that you can treat yourself with in the middle of the day, or simply take regularly for any kind of pain.

Something else interesting about Peppermint Cookies is its interesting linear scale of effect – when you first smoke it, you’ll begin noticing the sativa effects pretty gradually. As the high progresses, however, you’ll again gradually notice a shift into more of an indica effect.

Take this strain during the day, but just be prepared that you might find yourself wanting somewhere comfortable to sit towards the end.

#2 Arjan’s Ultra Haze – The Thinking Man’s Strain

Arjan’s Ultra Haze is a Dutch sativa strain, created by breeding Neville’s Haze with a variety of different landrace strains from Cambodia and Laos. This means that it shares genealogy with many classic strains originating from Southeast Asia.

Arjan’s Ultra Haze is remarkably for its exceptionally mellow, cerebral effects, creating a gently active buzz.

Four separate Cannabis Cup placements have firmly rooted Arjan’s Ultra Haze as an excellent strain, despite its exceptionally long flowering time of 13 weeks.

The most noticeable taste and smell of Arjan’s Ultra Haze is most certainly mint, with a backdrop of sweet earthiness, coupled with an underlying citrus that some have described as similar to a lemon/mint candy.

One of the most useful things that comes with Arjan’s Ultra Haze’s effects is the sensation of purpose and creativity. For those who struggle with motivation during the day, or even just struggle with their mental health, this strain allows you to feel motivated and eager to create something.

This is another one of those strains with a slow, creeping intensity, meaning that you might not notice its effects straight away. Once you do however, you’ll be locked in to a euphoria that leaves you feeling happy, relaxed and relieved.

Just watch out for its slight indica ending, as it can suddenly make you couch locked without you realizing.

If all of these strains aren’t enough, however, and you want something with the ultimate potency and mint flavor, then you should consider trying…

#1 Thin Mint GSC – Thin Flavor, Thick Effects

Thin Mint GSC, a homage to Girl Scout Cookies and one of the oldest Mint flavored strains available, is another hybrid cross that features a huge list of big name cannabis players in its history, like Durban Poison and OG Kush.

This strain both looks and smells deeply minty, with a heavy coat of intense cannabis crystals and a powerful redolence of mint and earth. Thin Mint is well known for its powerful, completely full body experience that can leave you utterly mesmerized.

Despite Thin Mint’s abilities as a hybrid strain, it is not often recommended for casual use, as it can sometimes be too much for inexperienced cannabis smokers to handle.

With high terpene counts and an intensely high THC to CBD ratio, Thin Mint is perfect for treating pain and irritation, but not so great for seizures or inflammation. Still though, despite the frequent warning attached to its strength, many people choose Thin Mint due to its name recognition alone – if you ask an experienced marijuana smoker what they’re taking to help sleep or get over pain, they’ll probably recommend you Thin Mint.

Taken in smaller quantities, Thin Mint is remarkably good at encouraging creative and cerebral effects, but once you hit that threshold you’ll be transfixed in a state of total body euphoria, leaving you couch locked not simply because of its indica heritage, but because you’ll honestly need to sit down for a bit.

If you’re a fan of mint flavors in your cannabis and you want the most powerful strain you can get, Thin Mint is what you’re looking for.