Willie Nelson and Marijuana: What You Didn’t Know

If #3 doesn’t leave you shocked, nothing will…

Regardless of whether you are a regular consumer of cannabis or only enjoy the pleasant green stuff from time to time, you’re probably familiar with the famous Willie Nelson. With a name that is oftentimes tied to one of Mother Nature’s greatest creations, Willie is an especially unique guy, with numerous celebrities claiming they would love to smoke a bowl with him.

This may be your dream as well, but beyond his involvement in the marijuana sector there are some facts about Willie Nelson that aren’t widely known by the world. Not only is Mr. Nelson a superbly talented and legendary country artist that dove into his own sub genres, he also shares a powerful voice beyond his ability to sing.

Playing the role of activist for decades and supporting both the consumption and legalization of marijuana (plus starting his own recreational cannabis company called Willie’s Reserve), this man is so well-rounded and chill that there’s unlikely to ever be another human being on the planet like him. Not everyone is lucky enough to have a smoke sesh with the man himself, but at least everyone can know some of the less publicized stories, facts and information about this interesting and down-to-earth character.

Keep reading to discover what you didn’t know about Willie Nelson and marijuana…

Who Is Willie Nelson?

Believe it or not, some people may have heard the name Willie Nelson but are not actually familiar with who he is and what he has done. Currently 85 years old, he has been a longtime marijuana advocate and has openly supported the healing properties of the crop for decades. Of course, back in the 60’s and 70’s though when weed did not have the widespread appeal that it has today, this did not exactly make him a popular figure amongst the general population.

Willie was born during the Great Depression in Texas, and he developed a unique sound (known as outlaw country music) that frequently blended the genre with jazz, blues, rock and pop. In addition to founding Willie’s Reserve (and playing on stage with some of the biggest musical names the world has ever known), “Shotgun Willie” – as he’s affectionately known by many of his friends – has also acted in over 30 movies and co-authored a few books. He is a liberal cannabis activist and is a co-chair on the advisory board of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML), which presently is one of the biggest groups fighting for the decriminalization of pot. Additionally, Willie owns his own bio-diesel company called Willie Nelson Biodiesel! Overall, he’s a man of many talents and has been deeply involved in many noble and environmentally-centered organizations, movements and companies.

These are some well known things about Willie, but now we will get into the juicy stuff: what you didn’t know about the man himself…

1. Willie Nelson is a man of humor, creating jokes out of some difficult situations.

In 1990 Willie got into a bit of legal trouble with the IRS for avoiding paying his taxes, which led to the seizing of his assets. Instead of getting too upset about it, though, he tried not to take it too personally (like the awesome guy he is), and instead let it inspire some of his art — all while creating a solution to pay off the debt he owed. Rather than simply embarking on this endeavor himself, Nelson teamed up with the IRS and developed a creative way to repay the $32 million that he owed them.

He negotiated a deal where he would record a new album and the IRS would receive 15 cents or more off of every dollar that he made. The album ended up being title “The IRS Tapes: Who’ll Buy My Memories,” and it was a limited edition release that could be bought as either a CD or a cassette for $19.95. What is even more hilarious, though, is the fact that the recording could be bought by calling the number 1-800-IRS-TAPE — you know, back when phone-dialed purchases were still a thing!

2. He would do just about anything to save his pot

By doing just about ‘anything’ to save his pot, we literally mean ANYTHING! At one point, for example, Wille actually ran into a burning house, simply to save a stash. There’s an account of the artist being interviewed by People way back in 1980 where he explains how he one day came home, only to discover that his house in Nashville was burning down to the ground. As soon as he saw the flames, he only had one thing in mind: save the weed!

He told interviewers that the special life-risking ganja was actually a pound of premium Colombian sativa, and he knew he had to go run in there to retrieve it. However, he later claimed that it was not actually the love for his herb that made him do so, but rather it was to avoid the firefighters from finding it and then potentially getting in trouble with the law.

3. Nelson’s cannabis company “Willie’s Reserve” is said to become the Whole Foods for weed.

The concept of cannabis-loving celebrities creating their own signature marijuana strains isn’t uncommon, with individuals like Snoop Dogg and Wiz Khalifa already doing so. Willie Nelson did not want to just stick to the trend of coming up with his own strain, though – instead, he took it up another notch by generating his own cannabis reserve company called “Willie’s Reserve”. This reserve offers a number of strains and is a self-professed way for the country legend to give back to the world for all the weed it has provided him with.

Nelson’s publicist has been comparing the singer’s reserve enterprise to Whole Foods, claiming it’s going to become a similar model for the cannabis world. This is actually a great idea and a solid business model, as it’s projected that cannabis will only increase in use and popularity with the increase in legalization that is to come. The goal is for Willie’s Reserve marijuana products to start popping up everywhere they can, and for the company to start distributing some high-end cannabis brands that Willie himself trusts. (Just as Whole Foods offers its own 365 brand, for example, it also supplies numerous other companies like Stony Brook, Horizon, and Amy’s).

Nelson intends to adopt an “anti-Walmart” model, bringing cannabis into the hands of trustworthy individuals and selling only the most top-notch, meticulously selected options. In the upcoming year, Willie’s Reserve should be something to keep your eyes out for, because we expect that the singer’s latest business endeavor is going to hit big.

4. Willie isn’t trying to change things that aren’t broken.

Nelson definitely isn’t a wasteful person, and the fact that he’s been playing the same guitar for almost 50 years shows a prime example of this. The guitar never really broke, though it did have some troubles along the way that had to be repaired.

Ultimately Willie loves his guitar (which he named Trigger after Roy Roger’s horse), and because it still hasn’t failed him, he’s not trying to change something that isn’t broken. He began performing with Trigger way back in 1969, and still goes on stage with the vintage Martin N-20 nylon string to this day. He claims the guitar is still holding up pretty well, and chances are he’ll keep playing it for many more years to come.

5. Nelson’s environmental activism has extended far beyond cannabis production.

As mentioned above, Willie Nelson does in fact have his own biofuel company named Willie Nelson Biodiesel. The company began back in 2004, and it helped the musician to match his love for the environment with something practical – especially because his wife drove a diesel car at the time and he wanted to produce ways for it to operate more sustainably.

Nelson’s company teams up with local farmers and turns their crops into fuel, which can be used by American truck drivers. The biodiesel is 100% produced in the United States, and if you decide to purchase it to operate your own biodiesel-approved vehicle, then you can rest assured knowing that the fuel Willie works towards generating is not only of top quality – just like his weed – but is simultaneously lessening the carbon footprint and benefiting the environment.

Final Thoughts Weird Willie Nelson Facts:

If you had known about Willie Nelson before, or at least had heard of his name but weren’t aware of some of the more intriguing aspects of his life and the organizations he associates with, then we hope this article has served to shed light on some new information regarding the humble country music artist and his life’s passions.

We hope you not only found this article to be entertaining but also educational and informative. It is important to remember that the consumption of marijuana is the sole responsibility of the user and discretion should always be taken.