Check out These THC-Free Weed Products!

Weed is a wonderful thing; it can bring people together in social situations, relieve an abundance of unpleasant symptoms, and help us unwind! From your favorite strain, all the way to your cannabis gummy sweets – there is truly something in the market for everyone!

But what about those weed products out there that have no THC, those products that WON’T get you high? As the cannabis industry grows and becomes more widely accepted, we see growth in non-THC products that are taking the market by storm!

Here are our top 5 greatest weed products – that contain zero THC!

1. CBD Chocolate

CBD Chocolate


Amongst the favorites in the edibles world, marijuana chocolate probably ranks in at number 1! The natural benefits of chocolate alone are reason enough for this delicious food to be a best seller. Dark chocolate, in particular, has been known to possess properties that can help in:

  • Reducing the risk of stroke
  • Provide a boost to heart health
  • Improving Blood Flow

When we combine these factors with the fact that it is delicious, convenient and inexpensive, it seems like a no-brainer that it should be incorporated into the cannabis industry!

Amongst the products on the market packed with the high inducing THC, there are now also chocolate products that contain no psychoactive ingredient, but instead are full of CBD! As we know, CBD is the cannabinoid found in marijuana famous for its health benefits! With an ability to relieve symptoms of some of the most debilitating conditions, the CBD/chocolate combination had to make our list!!!

If you are looking for a quality CBD Chocolate, simply Google it. You’ll find a wide selection of quality products that are mouthwatering.

2. Hemp CBD Shampoo

Weed shampoo? You heard us right, coming in at number two on our list is the new and exciting contribution to the luxury cannabis market!

The botanical gift that is a winner with men and women looking for a rejuvenating boost to their hair care routine. Hemp CBD shampoos not only leaves your hair looking clean and shiny, but they also work wonders on the scalp!

For years CBD has been an active treatment for many skin conditions from eczema to psoriasis, and it also works as a wonderful moisturizer on the scalp!

Perhaps a less apparent non THC weed product, this is a surprisingly effective product that will leave you with stronger, softer hair and a healthier scalp!

3. Foot Cream

Seriously, is there anything cannabis can’t be used in?! It is true what they say about the cannabis industry; it is growing to unprecedented levels. In 2018, you can get your hands on an all-CBD foot cream that is designed to sooth and moisturize tired feet!

An unusual product that is more popular than you’d have thought! This is a perfect example of how weed can be just as useful to relax with at the end of a long day, without that high!

4. Hemp Tea

Photo Credit: GreenRoadsWorld

Sometimes there is nothing quite like a hot cup of tea at the end of a long day! Of course, you can quite easily get your hands on a tasty THC infused brew, but for those who want all the taste with none of the high, Hemp tea is the one for you!

Cannabis tea has been going for thousand of years and is a popular choice whether you are using it to get high or for its health benefits. Hemp tea may not have THC, but it is full of antioxidants and CBD that will leave you feeling refreshed!

5. Cannabis Candles


Photo Credit: kushedcandles

We may have saved the best for last with this one! Probably the most unusual product on our list is the cannabis candle which combines cannabis essential oils with other fragrances to create a relaxing aroma that will NOT get you high!

A common misconception around cannabis essential oils is that it will lead to feelings of being buzzed due to the psychoactive component THC. However, there is absolutely no THC involved in this product, nor is there any other cannabinoid.

With these candles, you are merely indulging in the organic aroma of the cannabis plant that has been said to leave a feeling of relaxation of both the mind and body.

Final Thoughts

This list may not be for everyone; we appreciate that for some there is no fun without the high. However we love indulging in all weed has to offer, which sometimes means looking at those more therapeutic products that are THC-free!