Four Weird Ways Weed Can Spice Up Your Love Life

If you enjoy your fair share of cannabis, then likely you also want this activity to be a part of any relationship you choose to initiate. It’s not always easy to be upfront with your dates about consuming marijuana, especially not amongst some demographics who are heavily against the use of ganja.

Believe it or not, ganja can actually spice up your love life, especially if you find the right person to share the experience with.

Here Are 4 AMAZING Ways You Can Make Marijuana a Part of Dating:

1. Impress Your Lady or Man With Insane Cannabis Cooking Skills
Cannabis Cooking

Knowing how to cook has always been seen as a positive attribute when you’re dating someone. Now, just imagine if your date happened to love weed as much as you do and instead of surprising them with a typical dinner, this one is loaded full of delicious and fragrant herb (and we aren’t just talking rosemary, basil and thyme). Once you learn to make a batch of Canna Oil, reefer recipes are actually simple to discover on the internet. In fact, the marijunabreak recipe section has so many unique dishes to choose from, you’re bound to impress your date and never run out of cannabis culinary ideas.

2. Take Netflix & Chill To a Whole Nother Level

Lazy Dating with marijuana


Instead of opting to participate in the classic ‘Netflix & Chill’ with your date, choose to make things a little more green. Turn your typical movie night with benefits into a relaxing, giggly and entrancing high time by offering some ganja to your date if they’re also the 420-friendly type. This will bring even more excitement to your night and you might end up having some extremely introspective conversations together instead of just watching the movie.

3. Show Off Your Joint Rolling Skills or Knowledge of Cannabis

Cannabis Joint

For someone that loves weed, knowing how to roll great joints or understanding information about cannabis is an especially attractive trait. It shows passion and intrigue about a subject, as well as an interest in learning. Plus, what 420-friendly pairing wouldn’t like to enjoy a wonderful blunt rolled by you personally with your very own two hands?

4. Be Open About Your Cannabis Consumption


This is particularly important in any dating situation or potential/current relationship. Communicating with each other is vital for success, and being open about your cannabis consumption falls under the realm of clear and direct communication. No one feels good hiding secrets from the people they are seeing. You shouldn’t have to ever feel guilty about your marijuana use, so by being open about it you’re assuring yourself a date or relationship where both parties are totally chill with the idea of enjoying some herb. If a person can’t accept your consumption and it’s an important part of your life you aren’t willing to give up, they likely aren’t the right one for you. You deserve someone who totally accepts you (and they deserve the same).

We hope this information will make your next date that much more enjoyable and really spice up your relationships.

It is important to remember that the consumption of cannabis is the sole responsibility of the user and discretion should be taken.