5 Best Cannabis Strains for Colitis [UPDATED]

Colitis impacts hundreds of thousands of Americans each year, with statistics showing that around 900,000 U.S. citizens suffer from the condition. Unfortunately, like many inflammatory diseases, there is no telling when the next flare-up might occur.

The unpredictable and debilitating nature of colitis, coupled with the fact that there is yet to be any promising treatments out there that don’t have their risks has led to more and more patients considering marijuana as a way of relief.

Over recent years we have seen cannabis become more and more popular in the treatment of many conditions. From depression to glaucoma, marijuana has proven itself as a worthy and all-natural contender than many of the more risky and traditional medications.

With this in mind, let’s take a look at our top 5 cannabis strains to reach for to combat the symptoms of colitis!

#1 ACDC – The ‘Clear Head’ Marijuan Strain

ADCD Cannabis Strain

ACDC is the sativa-dominant strain that has won the hearts of medical cannabis users across America. Ignoring the fact that this is a super tasty strain, it is also doubtful to get you high! Yep – you heard right, ACDC has such a high CBD to THC ratio (20:1) that patients can reap the medicinal benefits without any psychoactive effects.

Colitis is known to cause inflammation, which can range anywhere from unpleasant to extremely severe; this, of course, will often have a knock-on effect on the mental health of the individual! ACDC is a wonderful anti-inflammatory, as well as being an effective social strain, which is why so many sufferers gravitate towards it – not only can it alleviate nausea and pain but it can clear your head and give you the push you need to see friends and loved ones.

Earthy and sweet in both smell and flavor, ACDC is super moreish and, as the THC levels are only around 1%, there is a reduced risk of feeling those groggy cannabis side effects.

#2 Lemon Haze – The Expert Cannabis Strain

Amongst our top five is the fresh and zesty Lemon Haze, it packs a punch in more ways than one. With its THC levels reaching a hefty 22%, this is not for the faint-hearted, and we recommend that only the more experienced pot smokers try this!

Everything about Lemon Haze is full-on, from the taste and effects to its vibrant appearance of yellow and green with amber hairs throughout. This strain is famous for its freshly cut lemon aroma and taste and is one of the more pleasant tasting buds out there.

Colitis patients reach for Lemon Haze for its range of hard-hitting effects, from the immediate mood boost through to the surge of energy that it induces. Many patients find the strength of Lemon Haze helps them relax and distress and combats fatigue and pain.

#3 Granddaddy Purple – The Pain Killer Strain

Granddaddy Purple is the berrylicious cross between Big Bud and Purple Urkle. These legendary strains combined make a deliciously distinctive indica-dominant bud that is a delight to smoke!

Boasting around 17% with just 1% CBD, Granddaddy Purple is an extremely psychoactive smoke and will leave you super relaxed and euphoric!

While some patients may prefer a clearer head, GDP is a big hit with people living with colitis as it is excellent for pain relief and appetite loss as well as insomnia and stress! The dense nugs of this plant are super-sized and come in deep purple hues that look impressive in anybody’s collection!

#4 Blue Cheese – The Stinky Cannabis Strain

Blue Cheese Marijuana Strain

Okay, so we appreciate not every flower can smell as delightful as GDP, but don’t be put off by the cheesy nature of this strain, it is a perfect pick-me-up as well as being a potent medicinal smoke!

Blue Cheese is the THC-packed indica strain known for its jovial effects and super hard-hitting body relaxation (making it perfect for people with colitis!) While the smell and taste are mega cheesy, there is a little hint of blueberry there to take the edge off, and the resulting high is super worth it!

Colitis sufferers reach for Blue Cheese for its ability to treat a sleepless night, ease anxiety and tackle pain with lower risk of side effects than traditional medications!

#5 Purple Kush – The Powerhouse Strain

Purple Kush – The Powerhouse Strain


It wouldn’t be a top five without a strain that can blow your socks off, and Purple Kush has to be the one! This 100% pure indica boasts THC levels around 22% and was named in the Top 10 Most Powerful Strains in the World by High Times magazine – that’s some feat!

While this flower is super potent, its high is often much appreciated by those suffering from a colitis flare-up. With heavy sedative effects combined with a super strong head high that leaves you feeling uplifted, it is no wonder why this is becoming so popular amongst patients!

The earthy and sweet aroma of Purple Kush draws you in, but it’s the rich flavors that keep you coming back for more! With earthy and red wine tones, it is one of our favorites to smoke!

Final Thoughts on Cannabis for Colitis

Without a doubt, colitis is one of the lesser-discussed conditions out there, which is a surprise considering how many people are affected by the disease in the U.S. alone! Amongst our top five strains are the strongest varieties and some less potent, but all can provide natural relief to those in pain or discomfort from colitis.

It is always tricky to pick just five strains; however only the best of the best make our final picks! We invite you to give them all a try, however, remember to consult a medical professional before changing or stopping a medication. We are not medical professionals, nor do we condone the use of cannabis in replace of any prescribed medications.

Happy smoking!