4 Best CBD Oils for Sleep and Insomnia (2017 Review)

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There is a lot of talk on CBD oil with numerous companies claiming that they’ve invented the miracle sleeping potion that will knock you off your feet into a deep sleep, with only a few drops.

In this article, we are going to review the top CBD oil companies and try to shed some light on CBD Oil for sleep. Is it really the ultimate cure for insomnia or is much of what you are reading over-inflated? Will it put you into a deep sleep so you can wake up feeling refreshed? Continue reading to find out…

It is estimated that approximately 70 million people suffer from insomnia or some other sleep disorder. Often sleeping problems are related to stress or anxiety. However, insomnia can be a chronic issue.

Research on CBD Oil for Sleep

CBD Cannabidiol

While it is still not fully understood as most studies have only been conducted on lab rats, (by the way, we have the government to thank for that, scheduling Cannabis as a Schedule 1 drug, which basically means no human studies are permitted), it is still inconclusive as to whether or not CBD really does act as a miracle sleeping pill.

Nevertheless, over the last few decades, a few minor international studies have been conducted, and most of them have revealed promising findings.

  • A study carried out in 2006 showed that cannabidiol (CBD), which is one of the most famous cannabinoids within the cannabis plant, may have an impact on the sleep mechanism of rats.
  • In a pre-clinical study, researchers found that administering 10-20 micrograms of CBD into specific areas of the brain boosted wakefulness and inhibited slow-wave and REM sleep. It increased alpha brain waves, which promoted alertness, and suppressed delta waves, which are surprisingly needed for deep sleep. Please note that this was only a pre-clinical study.
  • Another study revealed that CBD wanes-off the roots of insomnia. Being an anti-anxiolytic, CBD fights off anxiety, a common factor that is responsible for causing insomnia.
  • Studies of blood tests have proven that CBD oil influences the dopamine levels in our bloodstream during sleep. This leads to a better and more relaxed sleep.

How CBD affects Sleep?

Cannabidiol works with the body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS), which is responsible for all the homeostatic functions of the body. Today it is understood that CBD tends to regulate balance and homeostasis in the human body making it simpler for you to fall asleep. It is also believed that CBD affects sleep cycles.

As of now, researchers understand that sleep is divided into multiple cycles with different phases. CBD oil increases the third phase, which is the phase of deep sleep. Furthermore, CBD decreases the duration of the REM sleep, which is a phase of light sleep. This is also the phase where dreams occur. By reducing the REM sleep, people dream less, memory is improved, and symptoms of depression are decreased.

How to Determine a Good CBD Oil Provider?

Knowing to tell the difference between good and bad CBD oil can change your life. First of all, it is essential to understand that CBD Oil can be made from Marijuana and Hemp. The big difference is that regulated marijuana dispensaries normally sell CBD oil derived from cannabis strains in states where it is legal. Hemp CBD oil is sold in stores online and is not regulated by any government agency. When purchasing CBD oil, it is important to check the following things:

  1. The extraction process – It’s important to understand the extraction process and also understand from what they are extracting. For example, the most advanced extraction process today is known as CO2 extraction, and only a number of companies have truly mastered it. It’s the process of removing fats and lipids to create pure CBD oil. Always check to see the company’s CBD oil extraction process.
  2. Cost – If it’s cheap it probably means that the hemp or marijuana used is low grade. Hemp, for example, is a “bio-accumulator:, meaning it can easily suck up toxins from soil. Price will often tell you a lot about the product you are purchasing as legitimate companies are forced to charge higher prices in order to maintain a growing standard that does not lower the quality of the oil. They need to implement processes which involve high costs to make sure that nothing is contaminated with harmful pesticides and chemicals.
  3. 3rd Pary Lab Testing – This is an important one. If a site doesn’t state this, then stay away. A company that is confident with its product will have no problem allowing third party labs test and give an objective option of their product. And this leads us to number 4…
  4. Lab results – Most of us are not scientists and will not understand the results, but the fact that a company is willing to show and share its results means a lot. It means that they are confident in their product and have nothing to hide.

CBD Oil Discount

Now that you know how to tell the difference between the good and the bad, let’s see which companies are the best CBD oils for sleep and insomnia.

4 Best CBD Oils for Sleep and Insomnia

Disclaimer; just before we reveal to you the 4 Best CBD Oils we would like to state one more thing. It is still not scientifically clear as to whether CBD truly helps to aid sleep or any other condition as a matter of fact. Many patients have sworn by CBD, claiming that it has changed their lives, but that has yet to be backed by concrete academic evidence and research. Nevertheless, if it works for you and provides you with a sense of relief, then who are we to judge. We live by it 😉

#1 – Green Roads CBD oil 550mg ($84.99)

Similar to most CBD oils, Green Roads won’t knock you out for the count but will provide you with a feeling of relaxation. Their CBD products are known worldwide and have been rated as a top seller for the last few years.

Green Roads offers a wide range of CBD hemp oil based products including the 550mg and 350mg which are perfect for relaxation and combating anxiety – two factors often cause sleep disorders.

The company is entirely transparent in regards to the 4 essential things we mentioned above, and they have all their lab testing results showcased on their site – Impressive!

In regards to pricing, their products are not overpriced, but it will set you back just around $60, depending on the product and potency. One of the major advantages of Green Roads is that customers have stated numerous times that their product provides instant results. To understand the exact product you need it would be best to browse their site, all the information for each product is conveniently located there.

Check out their impressive online store and CBD oil products at www.greenroadsworld.com

#2 – PureKana CBD Oil Vanilla 300mg ($48-$139)

Now, these guys are one of a kind, and unfortunately, most people are not even aware of them. They came onto the scene a few years back and have been quietly dominating the market. Based in Los Angeles, PureKana products are legal in all 50 states and are used in foods and as nutritional additives.

Their CBD oil is high-quality due to their unique CO2 extraction process which contains no pesticides, solvents, herbicides or chemical fertilizers. Furthermore, they have all their products tested by third-party laboratories. Their star product is perfect for sleep disorders, anxiety, pain relief and for taking on stress.

One of the things we loved about PureKana is that they don’t tolerate mediocracy. They simply don’t settle for less than perfection, and with customer care, as they provide, you know you are getting a good product. By the way, orders are shipped the same day.

In regards to price, they are on the same level as Green Roads, but again it depends on the product you are purchasing. To learn more about their CBD oil products visit PureKana at www.purekana.com

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#3 – Elixinol CBD Natural Drops 3600mg ($249)

We couldn’t mention CBD oil without listing Elixinol. This company is a pioneer in the CBD oil industry and has paved the way for many others. For over 30 years, they have been shipping their CBD oil products to patients located all across the globe. They’ve been featured on numerous popular websites, and they are constantly in the news.

In regards to their products, Elixinol offers a variety of CBD oils, tinctures, balms and if you want to treat your pet, they’ve even got pet relief edibles. For those of you who don’t mind taking capsules, they provide a 450MG CBD Hemp oil capsules which can assist with specific conditions, but their tinctures are known to do the trick. Available in Cinnamint and Natural flavor their CBD products contain a variety of goodness including flavanoids, glycosides and vitamins. Similar to Green Roads, Elixinol has nailed the extraction process, which is quite understandable – they have been doing this for 30 odd years.

In regards to pricing, they are a bit expensive but considering you are getting 3600mg it is probably worth it. You can also use our Promo Code: 10off591 to get 10% off your purchase.

CBD Oil Elixinol

To view Elixinol’s complete list of CBD oil products, simply go to www.elixinol.com

#4 – CBD American Shaman ($34-$149)

If you are suffering from pain which is preventing you from having a good nights sleep, then CBD American Shaman may help. With CBD American Shaman it’s important to get in touch before purchasing to explain to them your exact problem as they offer a range of products for a variety of different medical conditions.

Their CBD & Terpene Rich Hemp Oil Tincture comes in a variety of flavors including Blueberry moon, Cinnamon, Grape, and Natural. Bottle size is 15ml, and it comes in 150mg, 300mg, and 450mg. For more information on their range of products visit www.cbdamericanshaman.com

Final Thoughts About CBD Oil for Sleep

CBD oil is relatively new compared to traditional medicine, and therefore a patient should always discuss CBD with a qualified healthcare professional before using.

In this article, we ranked the best CBD oils for sleep according to quality, the company’s customer support, the extraction process and of course personal use. All four CBD oils are amazing, and as we tend not to play favorites, we can’t recommend just one, but instead, tell you that the two CBD oil companies that were voted by our team the best of 2017 are; Green Roads and PureKana.

Stay healthy and have a good night’s sleep.

4 Best CBD Oils for Sleep and Insomnia (2017 Review)
August 3, 2017
  1. Raily

    I liked the PureKanna product you’ve mentioned but I would like to try Green Roads CBD oil. Any feedback?

  2. Debra

    The CBD oils listed in this article is good not only for sleep. You should definitely check with your doctor firs, but for me it worked well when I needed help with dealing with anxiety.

  3. Julie

    Not sure what i would do without my CBD. Takes me hours otherwise to fall asleep

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