5 Best CBD Oils for Sciatica [2018 Update]

Comparing CBD to Conventional Painkillers
MarijuanaBreak Staff / Updated on September 29, 2017

cbd oil for sciatica treatment

There’s a lot of misconception about what sciatica actually is.

First and foremost, it is not, in fact, a medical condition in itself; it’s only a symptom of some other underlying problem, for example, lumbar herniated disc, or spinal stenosis.

Generally speaking, sciatica describes the symptoms of pain that travels through the large sciatic nerve and as this pain can be caused by so many different medical conditions, this is the reason why “sciatica” is so widely prevalent. Recent estimations, in fact, have suggested that up to 40% of U.S. adults will at some point or another experience sciatic nerve pain.

Although not classed as a medical condition by itself, we certainly cannot undermine or devalue the severity of the condition – anyone who’s suffered from sciatic nerve pain will tell you how hellishly agonizing it can be. Millions of people each year end up resorting to heavy prescription medications in order to treat the often-times debilitating pain. And needless to say, we’re all well aware of the abuse and addiction risks (and not to mention the dangerous side-effects) that come along with prescription pharmaceutical drug use.

This is where cannabis comes in. CBD oil for sciatica, in particular, has proven in the past couple years to be an absolutely phenomenal option for both acute and chronic pain management, and more and more people (as well as physicians) are starting to turn to it as a more-than-viable alternative to prescription med options.

In this article, we’ll discuss how exactly the sciatic nerve is irritated, and what CBD does to mollify not only the pain itself, but also the underlying conditions. And last but not least, we’ll also dish out a few of our top picks for the best CBD oils for sciatica that you’ll currently find on the market.

What is Sciatica?

The sciatic nerve is the longest and widest nerve in the human body: it starts in the lower back and extends downwards through the buttocks and into each leg, innervating everything from the toes to the lower back muscles.

Pain associated with the nerve can range anywhere from a mild tingling sensation in the feet or toes, to completely debilitating and immobilizing lower back and leg pain.

While there are loads of things that can ultimately irritate the nerve and cause acute or temporary discomfort, by far the most common cause of chronic sciatica is a herniated (slipped) disc, wherein the jelly-like disc protrudes from the spinal column and presses up against the nerve itself.

CBD Oils for Sciatica

The tough thing about treating slipped discs, though, is that once they become “dislodged” from underneath the vertebrae, they don’t typically heal all that well or go back into place on their own merit. Naturally, this can result in incredibly frustrating and long-term conditions wherein intense pain can be a day-to-day occurrence.

Other causes of sciatica can include pinched/compressed nerves in the lower vertebrae, acute injuries, and severe conditions like lumbar spinal stenosis, just to name a few.

And as far as those people most at risk, individuals with overly-strenuous physical labor jobs are much more likely to develop sciatic nerve pain, as are individuals who sit for extremely long periods of time (i.e. 8+ hours a day for years on end) without walking/stretching breaks.


Conventional Treatment Methods for Sciatica (Not CBD)

Treatment options for sciatic nerve pain are about as far-reaching as the vast assortment of medical conditions that cause it: while many individuals are able to find relief through lower-back stretches and body strengthening workouts like yoga and pilates, many others are left with not much alternative other than to rely on heavy-duty prescription painkillers.

In relatively mild instances wherein the pain stems from inflamed tissue coming into contact with the nerve, alternating hot and cold packs have proven to be effective, as have general over the counter drugs like ibuprofen.

Physical therapy is also an efficient and very commonly recommended treatment, as is cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) in which patients are ‘trained’ to react differently to pain sensations. While a rather interesting approach, results can be pretty hit or miss with CBT, though.

And of course, surgery can also be an option as well in the most severe of cases, with procedures like lumbar laminectomies (widening of the vertebrae to minimize pressure on the nerve) and discectomies (complete removal of slipped discs) having proven to be especially effective. In any instance, though, surgery should always be a last resort option.

All in all, those individuals who end up seeking alternative treatment methods like CBD oil for their sciatica are chronic sufferers who are faced with not many other options than heavy-duty dosages of prescription medications to alleviate the pain.

CBD Oil for Sciatica: A Superior Alternative to Prescription Meds?

As we mentioned in the intro, there have been tons of people in recent years that have successfully replaced their pharmaceutical meds in favor of CBD oil for sciatica. Not only is CBD a drastically cheaper option, it also poses virtually no side-effects, which is a major consideration taking into account the stone-showering of serious complications associated with most conventional painkillers.

The real question, though, is how exactly does medical marijuana for sciatica work to appease the intense pain that comes along with chronic conditions like pinched nerves or herniated discs?

To understand its specific physiological role in the body, we need to first understand the basic role of the endocannabinoid system as it relates to pain sensation and pain management pathways in the central nervous system.

Four years ago, doctors Perry Fine and Mark Rosenfeld published a peer-reviewed study showcasing the physiological functions of endocannabinoids as therapeutic pain modulators. Essentially, their work portrayed the fact that everyone – whether they’ve smoked marijuana a day in their life or not – has an innate network of endocannabinoids and cannabinoid receptors that work together to modulate the pathways of nociception, which is the body’s response to ‘harmful stimuli’.

In the event of abnormal circumstances (i.e. a herniated disc pressing up against your sciatic nerve), the endocannabinoid system becomes overwhelmed and is unable to perform at its normal rate of efficiency. This is when – and why – we experience bouts of unbearable pain, and is also when the therapeutic effects of CBD become absolutely critical.

Functionally, CBD acts as a ‘reinforcement’ to the body’s natural pain management system – that is, to its network of endocannabinoids and cannabinoid receptors. Being a cannabinoid itself, it increases the number of “pain modulators” that are available to initiate the response to harmful stimuli (again, something like a bulging disc or an inflamed tissue pressing up against the sciatic nerve). In other words, it increases the body’s overall ability to minimize the pain sensation under “abnormal conditions”.

Consider it this way: when we have a bacterial infection we take antibiotics to “reinforce” the body’s immune system and help it overcome the ‘unexpected presence’ of harmful bacteria. CBD does the same thing, albeit with pain and the natural physiological processes of pain management.

CBD vs. THC: Are all Cannabinoids Created the Same?

As it turns out, both THC and CBD (the two primary cannabinoids in marijuana), have similar effects on the endocannabinoid system in terms of their ability to influence pain modulation.

However, due to the obvious psychoactive effects of THC, a lot of people are hesitant about using it as a medication, as they understandably don’t care to get have to get stoned in order to deal with their day-to-day pain.

This is why CBD – and CBD oil in particular – is such an incredible drug; it maintains its therapeutic effect as a cannabinoid while completely bypassing any unwanted psychoactive effects. In other words, it does everything that THC does, except get you high.

Just take it from Cain Velasquez, a popular MMA fighter who openly uses CBD oil for sciatic nerve pain. The fighter claims there were times in the past where his pain was so severe he could barely stand for more than ten minutes at a time, and in fact had to pull out of a few high-profile fights due to sciatica-related issues. Since discovering CBD oil, though, he says he’s been able to recover properly and train harder after fights, and also vows that it’s superior to conventional pain meds due to its non-addictive nature and complete lack of side effects .

Best CBD Oil for Sciatica: Our Top Picks

And finally, without further ado, as we tend not to play favorites and recommend one oil here are our top selections for the best CBD oils for sciatica that are currently available on the market. These specific tinctures are used literally by tens of thousands of sciatic nerve pain sufferers every day, and have proven to assist in easing the pain.

But before you rush out and purchase an oil it’s important to take into consideration the following things. Not all CBD oils are created alike and while one CBD oil might work for one person, it may not work for another. This due to many reasons; we each have our own Endocannabinoid system, genetics, general health and tolerance. When choosing a CBD oil, don’t expect immediate results. It is a process and can a while before the CBD starts to affect your system. Always do your research and if required consult with a medical professional before taking any CBD oil.

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5 Best CBD Oils for Sciatica [2018 Update]
September 29, 2017
4.8 65
  1. Emma T

    Just tried some of the Premium Jane 600mg. Two doses, one in the morning and one in the evening. Worked great for me, will continue to update

  2. Alexis

    Nerve pain, debilitating back pain… I have had to call in to work several times within the past 6 months because of my sciatica. CBD has not cured it by any means but has certainly been able to help, and like everyone says it has noticeably less negative effects than any medication I take

  3. Sheila Garten
    You are what you absorb

    I use hemp cbd. No THC issues. My pain in my back is gone. No more steroid shots needed. This oil is the best! Only sublingual nano encapsulated particles though. Very important. Only 1 company makes it.

  4. Justin

    Been using CBD oil for months now for sciatica and it has done wonders. I’ve read a few articles online that suggest the topical, but really don’t see why I’d switch from something that’s already working great. I just wish it wasn’t so expensive

  5. Shelby

    I can’t believe there are still states in the US that haven’t legalized marijuana, at least medically. Honestly, there is more than enough evidence out there that at this point they are just blatantly keeping it illegal for who knows what reason. I live in South Carolina and took some CBD gummies while I was out in California recently and definitely seemed to help with my sciatica. Wish I could get the same stuff here

  6. Nick

    Can’t speak for any of the other products but I will say that PureKana is a hell of a CBD oil. Not cheap, but one of the best out there in my experience. Get the Mint flavor.

  7. Keith F

    Tried both the oils and the pain cream, oil seemed to be more effective and last longer. Didn’t notice much with the pain cream, maybe didn’t use enough but in my opinion the oils offer more value in terms of price and how much use you get out of it. I use Purekana for what it’s worth

  8. Mark

    I had trouble treating sciatica with any kind of otc’s, hoping that CBD will provide better results

  9. Dylan

    Not sure about you guys, but sciatica has a habit of flaring up and being way more intense at some times than others. Is it ok to take CBD oil “as needed,” or will it only work if you take it every day for multiple times a day??

    1. Anton

      Depending on the way you ingest it(will take longer if eaten), you will feel immediate relief. I had a ruptured disk that paralyzed my left leg until removed, and have another that’s bulging, I’m in pain every day. I take cbd and thc and because of those I don’t have to take any other pain killers. I feel great, and couldn’t be happier. Weed changed my life for the better.

  10. Valerie M

    Husband has been suffering pretty badly from sciatic pain for almost two years, refuses to take any sort of medication. Reading through the comments and seems some of you have actually had some success with this stuff – any recommendations on specific brands where to buy, etc? Thanks in advance Valerie from Des Moines IA

    1. Adam

      Have you tried any of the above?

  11. Cristina Smith

    Smoke the CBD oil!! It hits the pain faster.
    Their will still be a dull pain but no crazy muscle spasms. There are vape pen oils, easy to inhale, not harsh at all. 100% CBD oil works well

  12. Kathy

    I have been taking two drops half and half thc/cbd plus five drops cbd for sciatica. I must not have the dose correct, because it isn’t working well. How mych should I be taking? 150 lbs.

    1. Anton

      For me 1:1 ratio CBD to THC works best. Smoking it definitely acts instantly, eating it takes 2 hours to kick in and you have to eat more because not all of it gets absorbed into your system. If smoking is not an option, vaporising is a good healthy way to ingest. And dosage wise I just smoke it until the pain goes away.

  13. Kathi

    Have had 3 ESI treatments with only partial relief of severe sciatica due to prolapsed discs. Taking Tramadol for pain as other narcotics interfere with antidepressant. Before reading this article I decided to try CBD. Bought a vape pen and KOI CBD 500 mg. The vape pen is useless. Before trying as a tincture I wanted to ask if anyone else has tried KOI and found it effective. I don’t mind paying the money to buy one of the recommended oils but just wanted to put this question out there. Thanks.

  14. Barbara Hawkins

    I am gonna die with this extreme pain, please suggest me the best oil?

    1. Barbra

      Most places you buy the oil will give you a free consultation. I’ve been suffering from sciatic pain since February and been on many narcotic pain meds with little relief, it’s so bad now, even hydramorphone do’s the touch the pain and I asked emergency room to cut my leg off. I started CBD 5 days ago and still no results but will continue to hopefully have it kick in. Paid 170 for small bottle, best stuff they had. 25ml twice a day. Tastes so gross but hopefully worth it later.

    2. Jean

      Turmic works very well too! I do the oils and take Turmic, as well as do accupuncture.

  15. Diana Murff

    Sciatica is terrible and I gotta find relief from it or else I’ll die. Best strain, please?

  16. Melissa Glass

    I am taking cbd for sciatica problem. Hopefully, I get good results!

    1. Adam

      How has it been working? give us an update

  17. RichC

    When taking CBD oil for back pain and sciatica, is the oil used in a vape device or do you take the capsules? And if the latter what dosage of capsules and how often?

  18. Lisa McCarty

    My doctor prescribed me the cbd oil for sciatica

    1. Rich

      The capsules? How much and how often?

  19. Angele Phu

    Cbd is really playing the pivotal part in my life. Very grateful!

  20. D.L.

    Where does one apply the cbd salve for sciatica? On the lower back or where the pain is presenting?

  21. Vickie Winesburgh

    How long does it take before you feel any type of relief? I have had fibromyalgia for 22 years. It affects my neck, shoulders, low back and is starting down my legs. I also am having issues with my sciatic nerve in my low back and down both legs. I have got to find some type of relief

    1. Adam

      Hey Vickie, depends on your condition and the mg you are using. Maybe you could elaborate.

      1. Vickie Winesburgh

        I haven’t started using CBD products yet…I am asking for advise on what to purchase and how much it take…I was just wondering how long it take before you feel relief. Most of my pain is in my shoulders( fibromyalgia), low back and hips/thighs( sciatic nerve)
        Thank you

        1. Patricia Davey

          Also interesting to look at vit D3 levels with regard to ‘fibromyalgia’ pain. My daughter was diagnosed with it. Her vit D3 level was drastically low at 12. It should be at least 30 to 100. She began to take 5000iu per day, and within 2 months was a new person. The lack of this vitamin /hormone causes numerous problems. Now she takes 2000iu daily and will do so for life.
          I am taking cbd capsules for trapped spinal nerve pain due to scoliosis. I do not think I am taking enough of it and do not know how long it takes to be effective. Any advice would be helpful. I do find it rather expensive.

        2. Andrew Martin

          Hi all i live in the uk, can anyone tell me if this is legal in the uk and where can i get this? I have pain from the right hip down my right leg and ive had it now for 3 months. Can anyone help?

          1. Tracy

            To Andrew Martin,

            I live in the UK, too. CBD is totally legal. I have only just started taking it for sciatica, so the jury is out. I bought min at Healthspan online. It was recommended to me. Hoping…

  22. Ed Campana

    My Mom is in her 80′ s and suffers from pinched hip nerves. Topical of 500 mg is all she’s used being on blood thinners. She fears tincture will have adverse effect. Any suggestions. She’s in too much pain?

    1. Adam

      Generally speaking, if a patient is on blood thinners and would like to switch to medical marijuana treatments, it should be done under the watchful eye of a physician.You should avoid the use of oil and omega-3 fatty acid supplements as it may increase the effects of blood thinners.

  23. Delia Hagen

    CBD treats sciatic nerve pain quite effectively. Results are good

    1. Rich

      How are you taking it to relieve the pain? Capsules, and if so, how much how often?

  24. Pauline Markert

    CBD Pure is a laboratory tested product for sciatica. I really like this strain.

  25. Sofia

    Which cbd will work best for a pinched nerve in the leg?

    1. Adam

      Have you tried any of the above?

  26. Shelby

    I had an MRI done for Sciatica, Doc said I had inflammation around the nerve. Put me on Elavil for 30 days, did not help. I would not let them put me on narcotics so they gave me steroid injections and that really helped me for 3 months at a time. then they stopped giving those to me. I’m in pain all the time. So I was just wondering if the CBD oil would help??

    1. Adam

      Can’t hurt to try!

  27. Shelley Fine

    My sciatic pain has me in tears, which company, product, do you suggest? Am encouraged to read posts, want to buy best product. Thank u, all! Shelley

  28. Linda

    Will CBD oil show up as a drug in a urine test????

    1. Adam

      Shouldn’t but there is no guarantee. It depends on the brand you are buying from . Just make sure to look for THC Free stamp

  29. Cindy Lampa

    I don’t think I have sciatica. However, there seems to be no doubt that I have a pinched nerve in my lower back. I can’t bear the pain anymore and I can barely move. Will CBD oil work for this type of problem (without sciatica)?

    1. Adam

      It should but you may need THC or a different type of extract. You really need to get examined first

  30. Lyn Blacklock

    Will you test positive in an urine test

  31. Page

    I am helping my 99 yr old mother with this condition. She is afraid to take marijuana products orally, will the topical CBD oils work?

    1. Adam

      They should but it depends on the product. You’re best bet would be to contact the company you want to buy from before you purchase

  32. Brittany Ivory

    Facing Sciatica at 28 was very disturbing for me. CBD oil helped me to get instant relief after its consumption. Thanks!

    1. Rich

      How much do you take and how often?

  33. Mary Sanroman

    CBD oil is a excellent for sciatica.

  34. Louise Lafleur

    I have been fighting Sciatica for a while. I can honestly say that CBD oil (the full spectrum stuff) works!

    1. Str8tFacts

      I have been suffering long enough and I’m turning to y’all for advice an what you recommend for Fibromyalgia, spinal stenosis and Restlessness leg syndrome tell me which CBD oil would atleast take the edge off cuz I know I’ll never ever be pain free unless I’m 6 feet under so in the mean time what oil should I try? …Thank you much

  35. Mary Darden

    I’ve seen outstanding results and benefits from CBD oil for arthritis. It has inspired me to recommend it to others also. Must try guys.

  36. Virginia Flannery

    CBD oil works for acute chronic pain.

  37. Celine

    I have a question, I’ve been recommended to start CBD oil for myself for chronic pain/pinched nerves and back injuries and for my dog for his hips.. is there a particular kind for dogs? And is there any strain of CBD or THC that won’t be a strong vasodilator? I have low BP and can’t take vasodilators 🙁

    1. Adam

      Did you check out this article: https://www.marijuanabreak.com/cbd-for-dogs

  38. Angela Dalton

    cbd oil is best to treat inflammation and discomfort due to sciatica pain. I am highly thankful for this post that helped me find this amazing oil

  39. Lori Hawkins

    Marijuana really works to lessen down the intense sciatica pain so I would recommend this to every sufferer. Many thanks for this article

  40. Courtney Vankirk

    Taking purekana marijuana for sciatica pain and it’s effective. Thanks for the information

  41. Katherine Davis

    cbd is non-addictive and helps in recovering a lot of pain. Also, it is superior to other basic medicines.

  42. Jennifer

    Thanks to Cannabis oil, it treats chronic sciatica pain in the best way. Highly recommended for bad sciatica pain! See the difference yourself after having it.

  43. Ethel Perry

    Though CBD oil has a slow healing property, I can notice the easiness in my Sciatica pain. Surely, one of the best treatments over other medicines.

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