Is Mixing Nicotine with Weed Bad for Your Health? These Studies Explain

The revealing truth about nicotine
Nicole Richter Nicole Richter / Updated on July 5, 2016

For years, people have been mixing Nicotine and Weed, but new research is showing that you might be doing it all wrong – especially if you are consuming weed for medical purposes.

Whether you’re a spliff, joint or blunt kind of person, it’s probably second nature for you to combine tobacco and medical cannabis, when rolling a smoke. You probably even think that it is a standard process that everyone does.

We’ll, until recently, most people thought that it was the best thing to do in order to make your joint burn better and maximize the most out of every single puff. According to our 420 friends from the other side of the Atlantic, that concept is wrong and even bad for your health.

For the last couple of years, European smokers have been dropping tobacco substances and instead combining 420 with organic substitutes, which are less likely to ruin your health. Apparently, it has become so popular that in places such as Amsterdam it has actually become the norm. Walk into any coffee shop, and you’ll find jars of organic substitutes like this one everywhere.


Why Aren’t Substitutes Popular in the States?

“Thanks” to current Federal laws, research on marijuana has always been restricted and limited. Being classed as a schedule 1 drug refrains scientists from conducting research on this topic freely, and therefore most things related to cannabis have always been a complete mystery.

Now, thanks to enthusiasts and a number of U.S. states who have adopted a more lenient attitude towards cannabis, more and more evidence is piling up, revealing the truth about this medical wonder leaf. Furthermore, research is showing that marijuana consumption is much more effective in other forms than the standard marijuana-tobacco combination.

From medicinal use to standard consumer habits, new research is suggesting that stigmas and norms that have paved and dictated the way we use and perceive marijuana are misleading and even wrong. The image and stigma associated with marijuana is slowly changing and today’s smokers are understanding that there are better ways to use nature as a remedy. One that is healthier and doesn’t fuel a market governed by greed.

Tobacco is Bad for You, Full Stop.

When you ask a smoker why he/she mixes tobacco with weed, you’ll probably get the standard answer of “It burns better.” Well, here’s a reality check; Tobacco is bad for your health and doesn’t necessarily burn better than other natural alternatives.

And from a medical perspective, sure, nothing is going to happen to you after one joint, but smoke tobacco on a regular basis and you are putting your body at high risk of developing:

  • Throat Cancer
  • Asthma
  • Teeth and gum diseases
  • COPD
  • Lung Cancer

Furthermore, does it really make sense to mix cannabis, a herb that has anti-cancer properties, with tobacco a substance that is strongly linked to cancer development?

Already back in 2005, Harm Reduction Journal noted that although tobacco smoke and marijuana smoke have similar chemical properties, the two substances possess different pharmacological activities and are not equally carcinogenic. Specifically, Robert Melamede affirmed that marijuana smoke contains multiple cannabinoids – many of which possess anti-cancer activity.

Pros and Cons of Mixing Tobacco With Weed

Unfortunately, we can’t entirely bash tobacco as some people are pro the substance, but we do think that it’s important to understand the Pros and the Cons of mixing tobacco with weed.


  • One of the main reasons why it’s so popular is the fact that it helps the weed burn at a steady pace.
  • In many countries where cannabis is still illegal, it masks the strong smell of marijuana scent.
  • Nicotine, the substance found in tobacco, releases opiate-like feelings, which are known for producing an overall feeling of calmness. Combine this with cannabis, and you get a more powerful effect.


  • Mixing tobacco with marijuana is known as “Polydrug use”. Nicotine is an addictive drug, and the combination of these two substances increases exposure to tar and other carcinogens, causing greater risks to the lungs, respiratory organs as well as the cardiovascular system.
  • According to recent research, cannabis smokers who mix tobacco in their joints are more likely to have symptoms of dependence.
  • Chronic tobacco use may lead to a variety of devastating diseases such as lung cancer and throat cancer.

Healthier Alternatives

This might actually blow your mind, but there are a huge variety of alternative substances that can be used with weed. Some of which provide the same experience, yet without the nicotine and terrible tobacco side-effects. It’s important to note that smoking cannabis, even without tobacco isn’t the safest way to consume cannabis. New research is showing that vaping could be a healthier alternative. Edibles, oils, dabs, and tinctures are also other popular forms, as they don’t require inhalation.

“I love to Smoke, What’s the Solution?”

With all that being said, smoking weed is the most popular form of cannabis intake. And it’s not just about the “getting high” part. The whole concept of; rolling a joint, lighting it up and sitting back after a long day with a smoke in your hand, is simply soothing and relaxing. Maybe it’s the THC or just the psychology of the act, but it sure does the trick and tends to reduce stress levels.

So what is the solution if you want to cut back on any dangerous nicotine side-effects?

In our 8 Low-Cost Organic Tobacco Alternatives for Your Joint, we discussed a variety of organic substitutes that help weed burn easier and at a more constant pace, without killing your health. From sage to mint, a variety of herbs can be used to replace Tobacco.

Tobacco substitutes such as REAL LEAF are also gaining popularity in several countries as these organic solutions provide a 100% nicotine free experience while still allowing you to have the same enjoyable experience. Some are even known for uplifting your smoking experience to a new and unique level by providing you the benefits of natural herb ingredients during your sesh.

Benefits of REAL LEAF

If you love spliffs but don’t like the addictive properties of nicotine, which also have a negative effect on your health, then you might want to try something NEW and different.

REAL LEAF offers two popular blends, both of which are 100% organic and natural. They don’t contain any nicotine, formaldehyde or DDT, plus they’ve been voted as one of the best alternatives, due to the blend’s texture, mimicking the real deal. REAL LEAF truly provides its customers with an uplifting experience and thanks to its Mullien and Marshmallow ingredients it also provides therapeutic benefits.

REAL LEAF is currently classed as the # 1 brand and they are so confident about their products that they’ve been putting money where their mouth is, offering people in selected regions free handouts, just to hear the feedback and get people off the terrible nicotine. Their product has also been used in various case studies so that researchers can analyze the impact of herbal blends on participant’s health.

Final Thoughts

Times have definitely changed and today’s pot smoker isn’t the standard stoner who just wants to get high. Many people now smoke weed for medical purposes and are therefore much more conscientious of the substances they put into their body. Alternative tobacco solutions create a great way to smoke weed and are less likely to put your health at risk. Open your mind to a new way of smoking, one that is 100% natural and nicotine free.

It is important to remember that the consumption of cannabis or any related product is the sole responsibility of the user and discretion should always be taken.


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  1. Holly Sirois
    Great together

    Nicotine and weed together does not work for me together. I am allergic to nicotine. I have seen some of my friends smoke weed in nicotine infused tobacco papers, and they find it really good. So I would say you go for it, just make sure you are not allergic to tobacco.

  2. Viva Coffey

    Real leaf is amazing to leave smoking. Proved successful in my case.

  3. carly

    Never had a cigarette in my life. Glad to see people dropping that crap for any reason. Been loving cannabis since 1970.

  4. Matt

    That’s disgusting just roll up a straight blunt or joint. Why mix anything? To broke to afford to pack the whole thing? Smh. Whoever mixes is a straight up snap and more than likely pays 20 a gram. Just saying.

    1. Stan marsh

      Blunts are rolled in tobacco leaf, so even though you may not think about it, you’re still smoking tobacco

    2. Alex Rose

      What an ignorant negative comment. Leave.

    3. Kodi S

      I used to mix. It’s not that I wanted to but it helped me get off tobacco. I used to smoke 10 cigarettes a day. When I transferred over to weed due to my medical problems I mixed at first. Then I substituted it with an alternative. Eventually I went pure.

  5. Kam Albey

    I got a packet of real leaf a while back. Not bad stuff if you like to mix. I personally like it pure.

  6. Melanie

    Who would even want to mix? What a waste of weed!

  7. Millie Lester

    Where can you get this real leaf

  8. Jackson S

    I can’t stand the taste of tobacco, cuts my throat. Nice article

  9. Stan F

    I’ve been using these substitutes for years. Couldn’t go back to nicotine, it was ruining my health

  10. Sophie B

    I stopped using nicotine a while back after my uncle found out that he had lung cancer.

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