5 Amazing CBD-based Goodies You Must Try

Due to the growing legalization of cannabis and the increase of its use and acceptance across society, the industry surrounding all forms of marijuana continues to expand. Every other week, for instance, it seems there’s a news story about a mother who has created a lucrative business by baking and selling marijuana edibles, or someone who has cannabis to thank for overcoming a debilitating (or sometimes deadly) medical condition.

Since cannabis has “reached the suburbs,” companies are looking to expand their marketing efforts to attract normal, everyday people who otherwise would have no interest in consuming marijuana.

Essentially, the explosion in cannabis popularity has resulted in an explosion of cannabis products, and more specifically, expansion of CBD-related products. Cannabidiol, or CBD, is the compound found in marijuana that has been linked to an array of potential health benefits, and it doesn’t have any psychoactive effects.

In other words, CBD won’t make the user high. CBD is popping up in everything from oils, balms, and salves, to beverages, candies, and even dog treats. But it’s also popping up in some rather unique products that might shock you.

The therapeutic extract is an extraordinarily healing and versatile herb, and many people don’t realize that the entire plant can be cooked, brewed, eaten or extracted – from seed and leaf to root and flower.

Since CBD is becoming such a wildly praised compound of the hemp and cannabis plant, it’s making its way into every part of the wellness world. And while a lot more research still needs to be done, we have established that CBD interacts with the body through an innate network of cannabinoid receptors, meaning that our bodies are seemingly made to benefit from this plant.

Without further ado, here are 5 incredible (and 100% non-psychoactive) DIY CBD products made with the “average individual” in mind:

1. CBD water, juice, and tea

Boutique grocery chains and dispensaries are stocking up on CBD water, juice and tea. In fact, CBD infused drinks are popping up in stores all around the country. CBD drinks are great for those who want to medicate, but are looking for another option other than smoking. It’s a wonderful way to get your daily dose of CBD, and keep your body hydrated at the same time.

Tea of course is an ancient drink that originated in Asia. While it is prepared traditionally with tea leaves, steeped hemp leaves can do the same job. Of course, these are teas that are made from the finest flowers and trimmed from hemp plants rich in CBD and antioxidants.

If you’re looking for a way to calm yourself down or help you get to sleep naturally, or maybe reduce some pent up stress after a long day at work, then CBD-infused tea (otherwise known as hemp tea), is a great option.

CBD is basically a way to bring pain relief or relaxation to our bodies, without the high that is typically associated with THC and marijuana use. When added to tea, CBD is quickly able to react and settle in your digestive system. CBD has the potential to calm down your entire nervous system, while still having direct contact with your brain; bringing calm and relaxation to the whole body.

So you might be wondering, what exactly is CBD water? Ultimately, it’s plain old water that has been infused with the perfect dose of CBD to keep the natural and healthy cannabinoid in the human body. The catch, however, is that the CBD is broken down into what’s known as nanoparticles.

Unless altered, the CBD compound in its natural state is “too big” to dissolve properly in water molecules. When broken down into fractional units using nanotechnology, however, it can effectively link with the hydrogen and oxygen atoms while still maintaining its therapeutic benefits.

The process of enhancing the effects of water with minerals, iron, vitamins, and electrolytes is by no means a new concept, so it only makes sense that water and CBD would eventually be linked.

2. CBD-infused beer

As is the case with virtually all other commercial sectors, brewing companies are starting to capitalize on the boom in the CBD market. In fact, CBD (as a compound of the hemp plant) has a lot more in common with beer than you would think. Hemp and hops are very close relatives biologically, and they actually share many chemical characteristics. In other words, hemp and hops are genetically related, and it makes perfect sense to blend the two. Among the characteristics that they share are aromas, medicinal qualities, and flavors.

CBD-infused beer is already quite a ‘thing’ in the United States, and with major brewers starting to get in on the act (i.e. New Belgium’s popular “Hemperor” brew), it’s set to become an international product in the near future. Since CBD is classified as a “dietary supplement” in most states, it’s legal to market and sell commercially, and brewers are taking full advantage.

Currently, there are quite a few brewers producing CBD-infused beer in the United States, some of which include the Long Trail Brewery (who produce a limited edition CBD beer known as “Medicator”), and Coalition Brewing in Oregon who have produced the super-popular “Two Flowers” IPA.

It’s important to note that these breweries aren’t just simply adding CBD into their existing beer to fool customers. Rather, they are actually creating completely new products that contain a high enough dose of CBD to provide benefits, and possibly even aid in various medical conditions.

Although currently there isn’t a great deal of CBD-infused beer on the market (it is still a fairly new concept), as time passes more breweries are sure to join in on the trend and see the benefit of producing and selling their own CBD-infused beer.

3. Lip Balm

The beauty industry is one of the latest mainstream sectors to jump in on the CBD train. Thanks to the myriad of benefits of cannabidiol (like its anti-inflammatory properties that are useful for combating psoriasis, acne, and eczema, and its potential to help with pain relief), we should expect to someday see cannabis in everything from lotions to shampoos and even anti-aging serums. But for now, we can count on CBD-infused lip balm.

CBD-infused lip balm is a great way to enjoy your CBD while you’re on the go. It’s discreet, convenient, and can easily fit inside your purse when you’re out and about, on a hike, or out with friends. It’s usually available in assorted flavors which makes it taste nice and enjoyable to apply on the lips. The CBD-infused lip balm contains anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, and using it regularly may help to protect the lips from damages and aging.

The beauty industry has been one of the most receptive in terms of infusing cannabis and hemp extracts into their products, as well as understanding the healing benefits of the plants. While CBD is one of the main components in many of these lip balms, they’re often nourished with other healthy ingredients including cocoa butter, beeswax, manuka honey, lanolin, vitamin E, shea butter, among other things.

4. CBD Honey

If you love honey, then you may already have heard about this one. CBD infused honey is the latest product to be making waves in the wellness industry. If you’re not fully aware of all the health benefits associated with CBD honey, then you’re probably going to want to clean out your kitchen cupboards and make some room for this very nutritious product, as it’s purported to help boost your immune system while providing a wide spectrum of restorative properties.

As most of us already know, natural honey is full of antioxidants; it provides our bodies with plenty of beneficial nutrients and enzymes, and acts as a substitute for fake or refined sugars. As we are learning more about the properties of CBD, it’s no surprise that many honey producers are now infusing it into their products.

CBD honey is quickly becoming popular because of its delicious taste, soothing abilities (especially with digestion), and its energy-boosting effects. It’s now being incorporated into mainstream storefronts and establishing itself as a “hot product.”

Moreover, certain coffee shops, tea bars, and restaurants across the United States have started to take note of this upcoming trend, and are creating signature CBD menu items that are available to order. Steap Tea Bar in San Francisco is just one example of a tea bar that has partnered with a gourmet infused honey brand (known as HoneyPot) to create a therapeutic concoction made with hemp-derived CBD extract.

5. Sleep mask

As we’ve said, the beauty industry has really taken full advantage of the CBD trend. The KANA Lavender CBD Sleeping Mask was one of the first CBD beauty products to the hit the cosmetics market, and it has quickly become a favorite among beauty junkies all over the country.

According to several studies (and countless anecdotal accounts), CBD works wonders on the skin.

In fact, its antioxidant properties have been shown to be more powerful than vitamins A, C, and E combined. It also of course has great anti-inflammatory properties to help heal damage caused by environmental stress and the sun.

The purpose of a CBD-infused sleeping mask is to heal, hydrate, and even out the skin as you sleep while soothing the sense and skin for an overall relaxing experience. The medical properties of CBD, which are praised for their ability to lessen anxiety and dull pain, make the sleep mask one of the most rejuvenating and refreshing beauty products on the market.

Final thoughts on 5 new CBD products for 2018

The health properties and benefits that CBD products are believed to have could have limitless implications for use on the entire body. This is no doubt just the beginning of the introduction of CBD to the mainstream market, and in a few years, we are bound to see plenty more amazing, therapeutic, CBD-infused products.

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