ACDC Marijuana Strain (2018 Review)
March 28, 2018

ACDC Marijuana Strain (2018 Review)

Medical benefits, Facts and more…
MarijuanaBreak Staff MarijuanaBreak Staff / Updated on March 28, 2018

ADCD Cannabis Strain

Although plenty of marijuana strains are designed to get you high, have some good laughs, relax a little and maybe not take life so seriously, within the realm of weed exists a whole other world of strains whose sole purpose is to heal the body and help individuals who suffer from severe or even debilitating medical conditions.

These cannabis types are a reasonably new creation, for as people began realizing that high levels of CBD can produce some profound results, they requested that reefer plant breeders develop some strains that contain a high percentage of this medicinal component. Amongst these new, CBD heavy strains came ACDC, and with it the initially absurd understanding that not all ganja has to get you high; its uses range far greater than simply making someone loopy, giggly and stoney, like the stereotype suggests.

In many ways, this increase in CBD began causing the public to take the marijuana world a little more seriously, causing god’s green grass to gain a multi-dimensional reputation. Nowadays, you often cannot even imagine the type of people that consume cannabis; they vary so vastly in gender, race, age, religion, occupation and even belief systems; but one thing is for sure, they are relying on herb to assist them in some way or another.

What Is ACDC?

Ever heard of the marijuana strain Cannatonic? Maybe you have or maybe you haven’t; regardless of your answer, Cannatonic was one of the initial CBD prominent strains that was bred specifically to assist individuals with serious medical conditions. If you are wondering why we are discussing Cannatonic and not the strain at hand, you might be surprised to learn that ACDC is actually just a sativa dominant phenotype of Cannatonic, but it actually contains an even lower percentage of THC, making it one of the least psychoactive and most medicinal strains available to the public.

ACDC has gone on to receive brilliant recognition, winning numerous Cannabis Cup awards, but not because of how blazed it’ll have you. ACDC has a THC to CBD ratio that is an impressive 1:20 balance. To provide you with even clearer numbers, when a sample of this marijuana was sent into a lab for testing, the results came back as follows: ACDC has a whooping 16-24% CBD content, and a mere 0.5-1.2% THC content. If you want to smoke weed to get high, you will not achieve that desire with this cannabis, whose sole purpose is to serve as a medicinal treatment for those who need the extra CBD.

Cannatonic, if you are sensitive to THC but still want a little of the sensation, is maybe a better option, for its THC content is typically below 6%, but certainly not as low as its relative ACDC. With Cannatonic, you can at least acquire a mild high and light psychoactive effects. On the other hand, ACDC won’t make you feel the classic “high” sensation whatsoever, so just keep this in mind if you plan on purchasing this strain. In fact, this strain actually has permission to be labeled as a “THC-free” strain, because it will not impair your abilities to function throughout your day or night.

ACDC Aroma, Flavor and Appearance:

ACDC Macro

The aroma of the ACDC strain is a pleasant one, with prominent notes of earthy sweetness, followed by subtle hints of juicy citrus. The flavor is similar to the smell, tasting a little spicy with an overall natural-like sweet tang. ACDC’s appearance is similar to that of a mossy-style bud, with yellowish green hues, blended with hints of orange streaks throughout. Brassy orange pistils curl and twist throughout the sugar leaves, which do not appear very frosty, because of the lack of THC content.

ACDC Grow Info

ACDC weed is a medium height plant, typically growing to about 4 feet at most. Its plant structure is similar to that of the Skunk strains, with buds that group together in large bunches known as colas. The ACDC strain is fairly challenging to grow, and requires plenty of maintenance for a successful yield. The plant needs immense support, starting with some sort of platform it can hang on to, in order for it to develop a stronger stalk and branches. Additionally, it is not resistant to pests or diseases whatsoever, so regular observation is vital in case an outspread of powdery mildew, mold, spider mites or anything else begins.

These issues must be caught and handled quickly, otherwise the crop can decline in health quite rapidly. You will probably need to supplement some minerals for the crop, including the magnesium and calcium levels. Shaking the strain may be a sufficient way to bring less stress to the crop as well, and could help improve the cultivation process.

ACDC can be grown either indoors or outdoors, but typically cultivates better indoors, because the controlled environment can act as a preventative measure so the pests and diseases cannot latch onto the crops. Outdoors, the climate can be either warm or mild to slightly cold for the plant to thrive successfully, but the flowering time can slightly lengthen if the weather is on the chillier side. The usual flowering time for both indoors and outdoors crops is 9-10 weeks, with indoor grows yielding around 14 ounces of herb per square meter, and outdoors yielding slightly bigger at 16 ounces per plant. Although the bud that arrives from a successful attempt can be magnificent, ACDC weed is not for beginners to try out, unless you are open to the idea of possible failure and are willing to bear the weight of that risk.

ACDC Effects

Bred by Resin Seeds, the sativa to indica ratio of this marijuana type is 50:50, meaning it would have a really balanced and even-keeled high, if of course it had enough THC to do some real psychoactive damage, (in a good way). Although you won’t experience any psychoactive effects, you may feel a little more relaxed and relieved of stress after smoking or consuming some ACDC, but it will never reach a point where it can actually impact your day in any manner negatively. Instead, users have reported an increased ability to focus deeply and concentrate after consuming a little of this weed.

The ACDC strain makes it possible to go about day to day activities, without feeling any difference in a drastic manner, and if anything is felt, it will likely be positive. This ganja will not cause you to experience any of the typical “stoner” symptoms; your reaction speed will not decrease, you will not feel any tingling throughout your body, you won’t start laughing hysterically over everything and you certainly won’t end up eating everything available in your fridge.

Instead, ACDC weed simply takes a light edge off of day to day experiences, especially ones that can induce anxiety. Most of all, where ACDC marijuana truly shines, is its medicinal abilities that are capable of dramatically making life more comfortable for people living with certain serious conditions, which we will go further into detail about in the next section.

Medical Benefits of ACDC

Due to ACDC’s insanely above average CBD content, it can perform as a beneficial strain in assisting those who are suffering from a variety of serious or debilitating medical conditions, specifically seizures, muscle spasms, nerve pain and even chronic pain. Those who have difficulties managing high stress levels, paranoia, depression, anxiety and PTSD, can also find some solace with the help of ACDC, with its body relaxing characteristics and its ability to make consumers focus for greater periods of time. Additionally, it brings a light uplifting in mood or demeanor, keeping those with mental illnesses away from negative thought patterns that can produce further sadness.

There are some syndromes and diseases that people have trouble treating with conventional medications, but have found that CBD heavy strains of marijuana have assisted; for example: epilepsy, cancer, multiple sclerosis, tremors from Parkinson’s disease and tumors, have all reported a decrease in their condition after consuming a CBD potent strain, such as ACDC. Recent studies conducted, have backed up these claims, showing that this hearty component does indeed make a difference.

The best method of consumption for all of the conditions listed above, is any method of consumption, whether by smoking, eating or vaping. All methods extracted from ACDC are high in potent CBD, so the manner of intake does not make so much of a difference. If an individual has sensitive lungs, they should stay away from any type of smoke, regardless of the substance being consumed.

Possible Negative Side Effects of ACDC

ACDC High Angle

The ACDC strain’s THC content is so low, that patients or recreational smokers who are sensitive to high levels of this component do not have to worry about becoming paranoid or anxious from this marijuana in smaller to moderate doses. It does not have a reputation for making consumers nervous or uncomfortable, and instead only has one prominently experienced negative side effect, which is dry mouth (cotton mouth). Cotton mouth is easily manageable by consuming hydrating fluids before, during and after your high. With a little extra preparation, this adverse reaction can be avoided all together, making ACDC a relatively risk-free strain to try.

Final Thoughts About ACDC

We hope you have enjoyed reading this ACDC review, and that you not only found the article to be entertaining, but also educational and informative. It is important to remember that the consumption of marijuana is the sole responsibility of the user and discretion should always be taken.

  1. Jojo Baggins
    Blissful in Bellingham

    Enjoying this strain as I type! It’s a beautiful feeling knowing that something from the earth can be so beneficial in so many ways and I can consume it here living in Beautiful Bellingham Washington! I highly recommend this strain for anxiety and pain! I hate the paranoia from thc dominant strains, this strain causes none such component and I’d say it counteracts it! That’s my two sense. Be open minded and please Do yourself a favor And go out and buy this strain it is well worth it!

  2. Josh
    Anyone find this strain in FL??

    God I wish I could find this strain in Florida

  3. matt

    been trying to get some of this for a while. I’ve ptsd and nerve damage from another life and I’m curious as to if it will benefit me. I’m hoping it will. picked up a gram earlier on and am gonna give it a try this weekend.

    1. Dylan

      How did you like it Matt?

  4. Randy Vincent
    Great strain to go outdoors

    My first season growing this strain outdoors. I had a little problem starting out with fertilization. This strain is temperamental about feeding in the vegetation stage. Once it turn to the budding stage, I had no problems.
    I grew 2 plants in soil. My plants are approximately 6 feet tall and 8 feet across! They produced great big beautiful buds!! I figure yield to be around a pound and a half to 2 pounds each.
    I will definitely be growing this strain again next year!

  5. Kate

    Question about ACDC. I have PTSD and anxiety disorders. I bought ACDC vape oil because I have heard so many good things about it. My question. I’ve never smoked in my life. I’m not too sure how much to try or how quickly it will kick in. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

  6. Francis Alvarado

    ACDC is one of my favourites. It’s amazing – it works so effectively for me and is becoming my go-to strain.

  7. Rosemary Geraci

    Incredible strain, thank you for the info. Highly recommended!

  8. Christina

    I live in Denver and am trying to find ACDC for a family member going through chemo. Does anyone know what shop carries it here?

  9. Patricia Renz

    This strain is brilliant because of its healing abilities for PTSD.

  10. Nowbe

    I have found ACDC to be outstanding for my depression and a bad shoulder injury that had been bothering me for a few months, ACDC took the pain and inflammation way almost immediately. I have smoked a lot of traditional Marijuana strains in the pass and I will say that they serve their purpose and in that respect the same can be said for the high CBD herb. If you have a chance give this herb a try, it won’t disappoint you. Peace

  11. Donna Legere

    I bought ACDC for healing epilepsy and so far it’s been very effective.

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