5 Unique Marijuana Strains That Have COMPLETELY Different Effects

These dank strains will drive you nuts
MarijuanaBreak Staff MarijuanaBreak Staff / Updated on July 4, 2019

The cannabis world is so diverse- with so many strains to choose from, how do you know the one you pick will provide the results you desire? What if you get tired when you actually want to be energized? You become wrecked when you actually needed to be focused?

In this article, we focus in on the alchemy of marijuana, presenting strains that all produce different effects. Knowing what you’re getting yourself into before you hit that joint, bong or bowl can completely change your day-to-day experience with herb. You want your experiences in life to be of quality, so make sure your weed is of quality too. Produce the results you desire from cannabis…

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Here are 5 Powerful Marijuana Strains That Each Have Completely Different Effects:

#1 – The Strain That Gets You Wrecked: Gorilla Glue #4

Gorilla Glue Front Marijuanabreak

Sporting an incredible 30-35% THC content, is there any limit to this strain’s abilities? Gorilla Glue #4 is loved by stoners globally, giving them a pure euphoria, but it isn’t for the weak of mind. Sporting psychoactive effects and a real couch locking feeling, this hybrid won 1st place in both the Los Angeles and Michigan Cannabis Cup circa 2014. Feel transported into another realm with pungent pine and earthy scents that distort your reality and lure you through an enticing adventure. Originally rather difficult to get your hands on, Gorilla Glue #4 is now revolutionizing the cannabis world.

#2 – Make Amazing Art and Get Creative With This Strain: Candyland

Candyland - Marijuanabreak

This creative and inspirational sativa dominant strain brings uplifting and stimulating effects to your mind and emotions, that leave whoever smokes it filled with awe and passion. A gold medalist at KushCon in 2012, those who try this gorgeous flower become Candyland die hards after just one smoke. Coated in heavy crystals with a sugar sweet aroma that is earthy yet pungent, Candyland features an incredible genetic lineage, making it the perfect strain if you’re wanting to write a song, paint a picture or go out on a photo shooting expedition. The amazing thing is just how versatile this hybrid has proven to be. With its energizing nature, it is not only a wonderful bud to spend time alone making art, but also the best choice for a party or gathering with friends. The ultimate combination?- attend an art party with friends and be creative in a large group- make sure to bring plenty of Candyland, everyone around you is going to become obsessed with its joy-bringing intentions.

#3 – This Strain Gives You a Case of the Mad Late-Night Giggles: Madman OG


Nothing sounds better than getting into your PJs, climbing into your toasty bed, cranking up the Netflix and getting a case of the mad giggles. Laugh all your troubles away before bed with Madman OG, the perfect strain for some late-night happiness to set your mood for the morning to come. This indica dominant hybrid was developed from an outstanding lab in Southern California and has become a nighttime favorite for cannaisseurs. With an overall coffee aroma and subtle yet pungent sour and earthy undertones, this flower usually tops out at a THC content of 16-24%, making it not only sleep inducing, but also very potent; the perfect combo for an evening of relaxation and deep slumber. Zzzzzzzzzzz…

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#4- The Strain That Makes You Eat Everything In Your Fridge: Sonoma Coma


If you’re feeling that your appetite has seemingly disappeared because maybe you’re stressed, tired, sick or just not feeling it, the good ol’ powers of marijuana are here to help. The energetic and uplifting sativa Sonoma Coma not only puts you in the best mood, but it also is known to give you the munchies, which is just the cure you need if you just can’t seem to get hungry. Not only will this sativa make you crave everything in your fridge, it tastes mind-blowing by itself, with subtle woody hints, sweet tropical fruitiness and spunky citrus zest. A quality batch of Sonoma Coma is also so appealing to the eyes, with its bright green color and heavy crystal trichome coating- it’s almost as if you feel you are getting high just by looking at this bud.

#5 – The Strain That Gets You Moving: Summertime Squeeze

Summertime Squeeze - Marijuanabreak.com
Photo by Jan Mika

The vibe this strain creates can even be felt within the name; Ah, summertime- when partying with your friends, socializing and getting outside is what seemingly occupies your days. If you are one that loves to smoke and get motivated, Summertime Squeeze is exactly your correct dose of momentum. This bubbly and energizing sativa strain isn’t too common on the marijuana scene (yet), but we truly believe it should be. Its effects are similar to that of drinking a few cups of coffee, without the jittery comedown but still a high intensity of energy and activeness. If you want to get your morning started right and you are the classic wake-n-baker, have a bowl or two of Summertime Squeeze, the fun, loving sativa that’ll get you out on that AM run, or give you the strength to visit the gym. Afterwards, kickback with your buds and soak in the Summertime.

Final Thoughts on These 5 Awesome Strains:

We hope you’ve enjoyed reading about these supremely different strains, all of which are mind-blowing and produce unique results.

It is important to remember that the consumption of cannabis is the sole responsibility of the user and discretion should be taken.

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  1. Kayla Robinson
    Canna Student Here

    Yes, although new strains are coming up everyday, but I have carried out a lot of research as a cannabis student (and as a stoner) and the list you have shared is worth a try. These are quite different from routine strains.

  2. Diane Fales
    Which strain is better for pain

    I am 54 and have smoked weed on and off your article was excellent info on different strains and how they work the best. I never knew there were so many. I’m looking for the strain that helps best with pain. I have Ruematoid Arthritis, fibromyalgia, osteoporosis and many more types of Arthritis also. Could you please let me know which strains work better for me cause I am getting a medical card for marijuana soon I hope. Ty again 😊

  3. Rebecca Horn
    What is recommended for chronic pain from fibromyalgia and fatigue?

    I have fibromyalgia. In short, chronic pain (always in pain but the range varies), fatigue and depression. I live in NY which offers “help” for 400.00 a month. I currently take Vicodin and Lyrica. With the laws constantly changing, for the worse, I am concerned about my future. I have heard stories that either it is extremely helpful or not at all. A gf of mine let me try 2 types. The first was great. I felt like a person and I laughed and laughed. Yes, laughter is the best medicine. It takes away the stress and fatigue and took the pain level down. (Priceless). The second one I tried made me tired, only useful for my insomnia. I use a SMOK NOVO. Can you help me? With fibro, there’s no way I can tell you so you can understand how bad things can get. All with fibro are not the same. Only those who live with wicked pain day after day understand. I have no idea what to buy.

  4. Lucy Boehmer

    Candyland uplifts my mind and I feel relieved. I love this strain

  5. Chris J. Robert

    I love toking up and breaking out the oil . I then partake in stroking my pecker in front of my girlfriend.

    1. guest

      just more proof that marijuana makes smart people smarter and dumb people dumber

  6. Denise Yepez

    For mind-blowing and unique results, summertime squeeze is great

  7. Linda England

    Sonoma coma is the best strain to treat stress and tiredness in one go.

  8. Barbara Arrington

    Gorilla glue is excellent for healing pain. In love with this strain

  9. Jennie Pinette

    Amazing strains. Highly Recommended

  10. Louise A Donovan

    How do I get a medical marijauana card?

    1. Amy

      You don’t need a medical marijuana card anymore.

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