Will CBD Oil Make Me Feel Worse? [Discussing the MYTHS and FACTS]
July 15, 2018

Will CBD Oil Make Me Feel Worse? [Discussing the MYTHS and FACTS]

Exploring the truth
MarijuanaBreak Staff / Updated on July 15, 2018

Will CBD oil make me feel worse

There’s certainly no denying the power of the internet in terms of its use as an informational tool. All things considered, it would probably make most anyone’s list of the the most important inventions in mankind’s history.

However, as the famous Ben Parker line from Spiderman goes, “with great power comes great responsibility.”

Of course, the “responsibility” of using the internet comes in being able to discern its vast ocean of content, and knowing how to differentiate between the good, reliable information and the poor/dubious/substandard information. And even the out-and-out lies.

This rings especially true in the cannabis/CBD industry, where there is no shortage of truly asinine declarations and exaggerated, grandiose claims (i.e. “CBD can cure cancer,” “marijuana will make you do heroin,” etc..).

With this in mind, you’ve likely heard from all sorts of media entities and websites (including ourselves) how wonderful CBD oil is, and how safe and utterly harmless it is in terms of using it to treat a variety of different medical conditions.

This has got to be too good to be true, right?

Indeed, it wouldn’t take long at all for you to hop on Google, Reddit, or some other online forum and find plenty of first-hand users that claim CBD oil made them sick, nauseous, tired, depressed, anxious, etc. Or even that it exacerbated their condition altogether.

But what validity can be given to these anecdotal claims and random, first-hand accounts?

In this article, we go over the seemingly common question of, “does CBD make you feel worse?” We’ll take a look at 10 of the most popular claims that you’ll find on the internet, and decide whether each one is a myth, or whether it indeed carries some validity behind it.

[Before we begin, please note that we do not use the word “Fact” lightly. A “fact” is something that is inherently true beyond ANY speculation of doubt or ambiguity. As such, you’ll see that in this article, we have chosen to adopt a “Fact Meter” based on a 0-100% scale. The higher the percentage, the more factual the claim is.]

Myth or Fact? CBD will make my depression or anxiety worse.

If you spend half an hour or so scouring Reddit forums for evidence that CBD oil makes people feel worse than they did before they started using it, you’ll find the most common assertion to be claims that depression or anxiety was worsened after starting a CBD treatment.

While we have no doubts that these people’s claims are truthful and genuine in nature, there is little evidence that any form of CBD will intensify symptoms of an existing depressive state. On the contrary, several studies have shown that CBD possesses both antidepressive and anti-anxiety properties.

Any instance of an individual’s depression or anxiety symptoms intensifying after taking CBD oil are most likely attributable to some other underlying condition.

That being said, one of the noted side effects during the recent Epidiolex clinical trials was “malaise,” which is often used as a synonym for depression and is defined as a general feeling of “discomfort, illness, or uneasiness whose exact cause is difficult to identify.”

Fact Meter: 25% Fact

Myth or Fact? CBD will make me feel sedated/drowsy/lethargic/tired.

Now indeed, this one has a bit of truth behind it. While CBD has been used in some instances to combat fatigue and promote energy and awareness, it is mostly considered calming, relaxing, and even sedative in nature.

In fact, several of the noted side effects of Epidiolex (which has recently become the first CBD-based drug to gain FDA approval) have included: sleepiness, sedation, lethargy, and fatigue.

Will a 20mg dose of CBD oil knock you out for the count for hours on end? Highly unlikely. Will it make you feel a little bit drowsy, lethargic, or tired? Maybe.

Fact Meter: 65% Fact

Myth or Fact? CBD will make me feel nauseous.

Again, you will find people online claiming that they have become nauseous after taking doses of CBD oil. However, nausea is a tricky and notoriously ambiguous symptom to try and attribute any one cause to.

As such, the vast majority of instances of people experiencing nausea after taking CBD oil are likely attributable to some other condition, or even to a contraindication with another medication.

That being said, nausea was listed on the Epidiolex trial as an experienced side effect in some test subjects.

Fact Meter: 35% Fact

Myth or Fact? CBD will give me dry mouth/cottonmouth.

Truth be told, this one’s pretty valid. Typically, though, dry mouth/cottonmouth is experienced mostly among people who take higher than average doses of CBD oil (40mg or more).

To be on the safe side, have plenty of water on standby and drink a good amount before and after every serving of CBD oil (or other CBD products).

Fact Meter: 80% Fact

Myth or Fact? CBD will give me insomnia.

There is almost no denying that CBD manipulates the human sleep/wake cycle in some form or another. However, the exact way in which it manipulates the cycle – and what effects it causes – are still largely up for debate.

One of the most common traditional uses of CBD oil has been for sleep aid (i.e. to reduce symptoms of insomnia), but you will no doubt come across the odd person who says they have had trouble falling asleep after taking doses of CBD oil, eating a CBD edible, etc.

And again, to quote the side effects listed under the recent Epidiolex trials, “insomnia, sleep disorder and poor quality sleep” were indeed noted side effects in a few individuals.

However, so were sleepiness, sedation and lethargy, so who’s honestly to say. The general consensus is that CBD helps to treat insomnia — not to cause it.

Fact Meter: 30% Fact

Myth or Fact? I can overdose on CBD.

This one is easily the lowest percent fact out of all of the claims. The World Health Organization has identified CBD to be a “safe and well-tolerated” compound with “no public health problems,” and it’s generally regarded as being impossible to overdose on – even at extremely high doses (over 1g).

In fact, many epilepsy patients take over 1g of CBD oil a day to help control their seizures.

That being said, one particular study has shown that CBD doses above 200mg per kg of body weight caused death by respiratory arrest and cardiac failure in some rhesus monkeys. However, this is an absurdly large dose, and has almost zero relevance in terms of practical human consumption.

For reference, a similar lethal dose for an 80kg (approx. 175 lb) human would be roughly 16g (16,000mg) of CBD oil.

Fact Meter: 1% Fact

Myth or Fact? CBD will decrease my appetite.

Truth be told, we did an article not too long ago about the potential for CBD to increase appetite, and we got some negative feedback from readers who said that CBD is largely known as an appetite suppressant rather than an appetite stimulant.

And indeed, this is generally the recognized case – CBD is mostly known to help curb appetite and even help obese people lose weight.

What the article was getting at was that given its known anxiolytic properties, CBD may be able to help improve appetite by reducing stress and anxiety, which are known causes of decreased appetite.

In any regard, the idea here is that CBD oil is much more likely to mildly curb your appetite rather than give you a raging case of the munchies.

Fact Meter: 60% Fact

Myth or Fact? CBD will make feel spacey/out of touch with reality.

Another (relatively) frequent thing you’ll hear people say about CBD oil in terms of its perceived adverse side effects is that it may instigate a strange feeling of “spaciness” or disconnection (or “depersonalization,” as some people have described it).

This is somewhat understandable, as “malaise” was a noted side effect in the aforementioned Epidiolex trials.

However, you’ll see if you read the responses to these claims that the vast majority of individuals who take CBD oil experience a pleasantly calming, relaxing effect rather than an over-the-top “out of touch with reality” effect.

While this feeling is surely warranted in the individuals who have described it, it is much more likely attributed to some underlying chemical imbalance or contraindication rather than solely the effect of the CBD by itself.

Fact Meter: 15% Fact

Myth or Fact? CBD will make my pain/inflammation worse.

This one is almost completely unwarranted, and in all honesty you’ll be hard-pressed to even find claims online of people who have experienced worsened or intensified pain after taking CBD oil.

The only claim that’s more of a myth than this is probably the asinine suggestion that you can overdose on a higher than average serving of CBD.

On quite the contrary, there are loads of published studies showing the potential analgesic (pain-relieving) and anti-inflammatory effects of CBD oil.

Fact Meter: 2% Fact

Myth or Fact? CBD will induce paranoia/panic attacks.

Again, this is another myth that is almost so unwarranted it’s not even worth going over. While there have been accounts of people feeling more depressed or anxious after taking CBD (see above), there is almost nothing about people having out-and-out paranoia or panic attacks.

Rather, you’ll find on the contrary that there of thousands upon thousands of claims that CBD has helped to reduce or even eliminate onset panic episodes and bouts of paranoia.

Fact Meter: 5% Fact

Final Thoughts: Will CBD Oil Make You Feel Worse Than You Already Do?

Like we said in the intro, it’s no secret that you can go online nowadays and hear/find out just about anything you want to, and back it up with a certain degree of anecdotal “evidence.” Just as there are loads of bogus claims suggesting that CBD is a “miracle drug” or that it can cure cancer, we’re sure (if you searched hard enough) you could probably go and find some kind of “evidence” that CBD oil causes cancer.

All things considered, CBD oil is a wonderfully safe, therapeutic, and effective natural compound that has helped literally millions of people who struggle with serious ailments and medical challenges – don’t let the tiny amount of negativity you hear about it overshadow the wealth of positivity and affirmation that exists among its countless advocates.

Will you experience one of the above-mentioned effects if you take CBD oil? Maybe. (Though it’s unlikely).

Will CBD oil make you feel worse than you already do? Almost certainly not.

Overall Fact Meter (on whether CBD will make you feel worse than you already do): 0.01% Fact

Thanks for reading, and if you have any additional questions or concerns, feel free to comment below or get in touch with us through our Facebook page!

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  1. Tj

    Well Cbd oil make me very depressed & I kept giving it another shot, but every time depression was unbearable . What a crock….

  2. Chrissy Smith
    like the others the CBD oil did increase the pain

    Im a new user to CBD oil. I have severe spinal stenosis and that CBD company told me to take a dropperful twice a day. By the end of the day my anxiety was better but I am in so much pain I could not take the dog for a walk. I guess for some people it just doesn’t work out. But I agree with the others it did triple my pain unfortunately, I wanted it to work so badly but now I can’t wait for it to be totally out of my system

  3. Liz

    I tried CBD for pain anxiety and depression. Initially I noticed some benefits so I reordered a stronger dosage. When I was doing practices of mindfulness and others to help myself the CBD seemed to enhance the positive results. But when I tried taking CBD to alleviate pain and depression and anxiety on its own it only got much worse. Then when I resumed my self healing practices I saw results and decided to not use the CBD any more.

    1. Chris
      Incorrect false article

      It won’t let me leave a comment so I’ll strongly agree with this one

      1. Marti

        First week it made me calm and happy. After that, even when i took 20mg-s a day it made my suicidal and my anxiety and depression got WAY worse. I even tried 3 different brands. So, for me cbd is dangerous and i will never take it again.

  4. Janice Camp
    Increased anxiety

    I’m one of those people who had increased anxiety. I was trying CBD oil for nerve pain and inflammation and it just gave me an overall sense of panic that lasted for a few hours. I waited a few days and tried it again, same results. I guess for some people it can produce anxiety.

  5. Not Asinine
    Asinine My Ass

    My experience with CBD has not been positive either. As for your statement that CBD increasing pain is asinine you may want to rethink that statement. I suffer from fibromyalgia. Upon taking a half dropper of CBD to relax me to sleep about a half hour later I experienced horrific body pain, the same as I felt before being diagnosed with fibromyalgia. After this I did some research and found that CBD can actually increase fibromyalgia pain. Even my medical MJ pharmacist, upon telling him what happened to me, said this does in fact sometimes happen, especially in fibromyalgia patients. So, before you go calling something asinine, maybe you should do some real investigating.

  6. Random_Hopefull
    Unfortunately CBD makes my symptoms worse

    Unfortunately I’m one of those people CBD makes symptoms worse. I can say I definitely notice a reduction in anxiety and stress when using CBD oil, but those benefits are overshadowed by increased insomnia and nerve pain. If I use CBD oil before getting into bed I’m not sure if i end up falling asleep and have weird dreams that I’m awake, or I’m in a sleep limbo state where I may be just under a thin veil of sleep, but not truely resting. CBD oil influences my sleep in a negative way. As for nerve pain, I hit my head pretty darn hard in an accident 10+ years ago and still have frequent localized headaches due to it. Every time I’ve attempted to use CBD oil after a few days of light use the nerves around where i hit my head start to feel like they’re plugged into a light socket; they’re definitely “lit up” and do so vividly. I’ve tried several different CBD oils from local dispensaries and even had the same results with high CBD strains. I would very much like for CBD to be the answer for my issues instead of pain relievers, but it isn’t.

  7. Eddie
    CBD does leave some depressed

    CBD leaves me feeling depressed. Its a very distinct, very acute, very specific experience. And it is 100% fact. Although I may only be part of a small percentage of people this happens to, and although science and medicine dont understand why it happens to some and not others, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen. It would be better to accept the truth and continue researching this wonder plant God created called Cannabis. There is a lot more to learn.

  8. Anna Dylan
    How can I make it work for me?


    after carefully reading the above, I have to say that sadly my experience of cbd is not positive. Having researched at length this, I initially began taking 3/4 drops sublingual of the CBD Brothers (UK) blue strain 25%. Suffering from Fibromyalgia/ME and related depression/anxiety, I initially found it was mildly helpful with improved sleep patterns. However I also have OB (overactive bladder problems, I am nearly 65) that wake me up constantly at night.
    I then increased my intake gradually to 15 drops (5 taken 3 times daily) finding very little comfort with the increase. Subsequently a friend introduce me to 16.4 hybrid paste, the first couple of times it made me a little lightheaded, but that soon waned, did not like the paste, felt no benefits from it so I finished it and never used it again.
    I gave myself a two weeks brake and researched a little more about dosages for my conditions. Ordered Blue sativa capsules for daytime 25% (62.5mg daily) and White indica 30% nighttime 4/5 drops sublingual. Very soon the level of depression which was very low and almost impercebtible to start with, increased so dramatically that made me concerned.
    Now I have 2 capsules left as I thought of persevere to allow my mind and body to adjust, 30 casules in all, and this permanent state of very low, negative malaise is not subsiding at all. I am a Dharma practitioner so i embrace life’s positive and negatives, practice meditation, however, all the symptoms associated with Fibromyalgia have actually intensified.
    Not wanting to dismiss or denigrate CBD oil, the opposite in fact as I believe in a Holistic/Natural approach to life as a retired Holistic Therapist, and being a firm advocate of genuine healthy eating/drinking, I am finding that I just simply do not know where to go from here 🙁
    I will give myself another brake from it, but do not want to go through this cycle again, finding that improvement actually occurs when I don’t take CBD at all!
    Please are you able to point me to a hopeful solution?!

    Kind regards

    Anna Dylan

  9. Sara Homely

    Some people will believe everything they read, even when it isnt backed by science!!! Surely nobody could believe CBD could do more harm than good, when there are hundreds of studies out there and how so many states have made it legal to help with conditions! Crazy. Great article.

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