The Ultimate Guide to Weight Loss with Cannabis [How It Can Help]

It's Shocking But Marijuana Works!
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The acting of smoking cannabis probably doesn’t make you think of weight loss, rather quite the opposite, munchies and weight gain, but believe it or not, research has shown that smoking marijuana as well as juicing raw cannabis leaves, can be extremely beneficial to weight loss and dieting.

Literally smoke your weight away, and choose the all-green weight loss marijuana program to help you meet your goals:

This is the Ultimate Guide to Marijuana and Weight Loss:

It’s All About Connection: Weight Loss and Weed

So, How Do They Connect?

We know this information may seem incredibly MIND-BLOWING and BIZARE to most of the cannabis enjoying community, but when you break down the facts, weed and weight loss do actually share quite a strong connection.

Although it’s true marijuana can produce the munchies, this is only the case for certain strains. Different marijuana strains have proven to hold the complete opposite effect, reducing appetite and creating a stronger desire to get up and be physically active. San Diego State University performed a study in which they noticed behavioral differences in the individuals who regularly consumed marijuana, versus those who did not. These changes included an increase in movement, physical mobility and therefore, a more active lifestyle. Seems like a pretty good start for getting up on your feet and burning off those calories.

Did you know that excessive alcohol consumption is one of the behaviors that leads to obesity? This is because two beers is equivalent to two greasy slices of pizza. Studies show that those who smoke marijuana have a lower tendency to consume alcohol, because they’re satisfied with simply chilling out and being high. It’s no wonder that cannabis seems to take that weight away.

Is Smoking Marijuana for Weight Loss a Good Thing?

Other than the aforementioned facts above, cannabis also helps relieve stress. Stress is known to be a real killer-literally, being one of the leading causes of obesity and death in the world.

Additionally, marijuana consumption can open up your mind-and therefore your life- to a whole new set of possibilities, often digging deep into any emotional or psychological issues you could be having. Sometimes, these issues can be the cause of any rapid weight gain or bingeing occurring, so the fact that marijuana often confronts these problems is immensely beneficial.

Which Marijuana Strains Work Best?

As mentioned earlier, certain marijuana strains bring on the munchies and can couch-lock you, so if you want to be energized and appetite-less, by selecting specific strains you can accomplish this:

1. Green Crack (Sativa)


This marijuana strain is an especially unique sativa that cannot be compared with any other strain in the marijuana family. Producing a high-speed mental buzz that brings you plenty of invigorating energy and focus, all with the delicious fruity aroma of mangoes. A wonderful cannabis strain to treat stress or depression, or to get up and running any time of day. Be careful not to consume the 75% indica variety of Green Crack however. This version will have you couch locked and hungry for anything.

2. Lamb’s Bread (Sativa)


Bringing positive introspection and mental plus physical motivation to anyone who consumes it, this sativa has got energetic stoner written all over it. Lamb’s Bread calms you down, while still producing happiness and giddiness. Unlike most Sativas, it does not cause any type of panicky feelings or jitters, just pure relaxation giving you a clear head and a path to move forward.

3. Grapefruit (Sativa)


An energetic and happy stress-reliever, Grapefruit is a cross of Cinderella 99. The perfect marijuana strain for treating stress, depression and migraines, all while making you incredibly active and motivated, this sativa will not increase your appetite or give you the munchies, all good signs for a fabulous marijuana diet strain.

4. Snowcap (Hybrid)


A sativa dominant hybrid famous for its West Coast origins and earthy lemon aroma, Snowcap seems to immediately bring an onset of happiness, joy, strong giggles and laughter, creating a real great mood and therefore the desire to get up and get going.

How to Develop a Marijuana Weight Loss Plan:


In order to develop the right weight loss plan for you, you need to discover what you are attempting to accomplish. Are you hoping to increase stamina? How much weight are you wanting to lose? What parts of the weed diet are you willing to include in your everyday life?
The perfect solution for weight loss with weed is a combination of a few factors:

  • Smoking or consuming the appropriate strains of marijuana (like the ones listed above)
  • If you do get the munchies, retraining your brain and body to crave healthier snacks (and not just cookies or chips)
  • Juicing raw cannabis leaves, if you have a juicer or the leaves available to you
  • Staying on a regular exercise program (don’t worry, the weed will help motivate you)
  • Keeping a level mind and reducing stress in your life (the ganja will also assist with this)
  • Making healthy food choices

If you are willing to commit to some of these factors, read on below and create your plan of action:

Here are the steps to the Marijuana Weight Loss Program

1. Consuming Marijuana:

Go to your local dispensary and pick up one of the energizing, motivational and appetite reducing strains listed above. There are others of course that produce the same performance, but be sure to ask your trusted budtender before purchasing. Smoke or consume this cannabis to get yourself going, preferably before workouts or any physical activities. Be sure your fridge is stocked up with healthy snacks, just in case you do get the munchies.

2. Get Moving:

Try to work out for 40 minutes-1 hour everyday. The correct marijuana strains will help with this, and likely you’ll notice yourself desiring movement, rather than detesting it. Be sure to smoke or consume marijuana prior, and snack on something healthy during a break or afterwards.

3. Drink Up, but We Don’t Mean Alcohol:

Alcohol makes you gain weight, so try and avoid it. Attempt to feel satisfied with the good ol’ buzz of Mary Jane, instead of the headiness of beer and liquor. Alcohol is packed full of calories, an especially bad situation for your weight loss program. Instead, stick with raw cannabis leaf juice. Pick off the fresh green leaves from your marijuana plant and push them through a juicer. You might need quite a few of them, but this drink is literally being called nature’s magic cure-all juice, due to its insane health benefits. Be sure to drink a glass of water before and after, and drink your juice at least once a day.

4. Stick to the Marijuana Weight Loss Program:

At the end of your day, it’s important to keep with your program. This means relax, get rid of all that stress, take a deep breath, smoke a little weed and make yourself a healthy dinner. You don’t have to sacrifice flavor to stay healthy, and likely after all the good stuff for your body you did all day, you probably won’t be craving junk food. Try to keep away from processed food, as well as flour and sugar. By sticking to wholesome, nutritious ingredients such as, whole grains, vegetables, fruits, and plain meats or seafood, your body is going to be thanking you in the long run.

Conclusion About Marijuana and Weight Loss:

Be sure to continue this program until you’ve decided you’ve reached the weight you wanted to attain. If you can’t commit to all of these steps, try and choose at least 2 and work gradually from there. Most importantly, know that the right strains of marijuana are there to help you throughout the process, so don’t feel like you’re going through this alone.

It’s important to remember that the consumption of cannabis is the sole responsibility of the user and discretion should be taken. You should also consider taking medical advise from a professional before engaging in any weight loss plan whatsoever.

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