Is Marijuana the Solution for Today’s Stressful Rat Race?

Stress at work is a major issue for most people and especially Americans. Did you know that according to a study from the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health1, 40% of workers surveyed claimed that their jobs were very or extremely stressful? Furthermore, according to the survey, 25% viewed their jobs as the number one issue that causes stress in their lives.

And who can blame them?

Today’s workplace is like an emotional roller coaster. Long hours, tight deadlines and ever increasing demand – And that’s unfortunately classed as the norm.

A recent study found that U.S employees spend 2.8 hours per week dealing with work conflicts. Add on the fact that most people spend 1 year of their lifetime traveling to work, squashed face to armpit on trains and stuck in traffic jams.

It’s not too surprising why 70% of U.S. Employees hate their job.

Sure, we all know that to accomplish something in life, we all have to work hard, but when you’re heading every day into a rat race that constantly throws back at you never-ending negative experiences, who doesn’t want to turn to alternative solutions for help.

According to Havard-trained positive psychologist Shawn Achor, 25% of success at work is predicted by I/Q, the remaining 75% is predicted by optimism, social support and the ability to see stress as a challenge rather than a threat.

But…who can be optimistic when for many of us work has become an endless chore.

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Is Cannabis The Solution?

Heavens No!

That surprised you, right?
Well, it isn’t the solution, but it is a helpful treatment.

According to a recent study2, a team of experts from National Institutes of Health (NIH), University of Calgary and The Rockefeller University,” Cannabis and its derivatives have profound effects on a wide variety of behavioral and neural functions, ranging from feeding and metabolism to pain and cognition. Epidemiological studies have indicated that the most common self-reported reason for using cannabis is rooted in its ability to reduce feelings of stress, tension, and anxiety.”

Further studies have shown that THC can reduce anxiety in patients with anxiety disorders.

Marijuana has always been regarded as an effective stress reliever as it effects the endocannabinoid system located in our brains. According to scientists, it may not be the best way of targeting the endocannabinoid system, but it hits the spot, releasing chemicals that help to treat stress and anxiety.

Should You Smoke Weed to Combat Stress at Work?

According to current laws, marijuana is classed as a Schedule 1 Drug and is considered illegal on a Federal level. While some states permit people to use it, most companies, even ones in recreational states do not tolerate people smoking on the job.

Fortunately, most companies don’t require their employees to take a drug test, allowing users to go unnoticed.

Stoner Mouse

According to a recent survey3 conducted by Mashable, 9.74% of Americans have gone to work under the influence of marijuana, and over 80% of the sample group admitted to getting their hands on the drug illegally. Prescription drug takers were much more frequent, with 28.28% of people saying they’ve gone to work after taking prescribed medication. However, about 7.28% say they took these drugs for recreational purposes, rather than medicinal purposes. Unlike the marijuana users, about 95.36% legally acquired the drugs through a doctor’s prescription.

Does it Really Help?

While researchers are still studying the field, findings suggest that Cannabis could help regulate stress levels. Sure, it may be inconclusive, but it seems to be a better solution than many other poisoning “solutions”. In a 2009 study4, it was reported that some 40 million American’s took pharmaceuticals, such as Xanax, to help alieve symptoms of anxiety.

If it’s Illegal, What’s the Solution?

In today’s hectic world, we all need to puff puff pass from time to time to reduce the stress. There are plenty of things you can do to reduce your overall stress levels and lighting a joint is one of them. Unfortunately, until Marijuana isn’t legalized, we’ll all have to rely on different solutions or simply go unnoticed.

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