5 Really Strange Things that Kinda Smell Like Weed

#5 makes no sense whatsoever...

We often think that marijuana has a distinctive, even unique scent. It is common for both users and non-users alike to get a smell akin to Mary Jane and immediately suspect cannabis use nearby, ceasing all action to try and determine the source of the dankness. In states where it is illegal, this may even result in a phone call to the cops.

However when the cops do arrive, it’s entirely possibly that there could be no weed anywhere in the vicinity. Here are 5 super unusual items that share an eery (but gloriously similar) smell to pot:

1 – Spider Flower

Better known as Cleome, Spider Flower not only smells like weed, but it kind of looks like it as well! It is a large flower capable of growing to six inches in height, though, you shouldn’t mistake Cleome for marijuana when it is in full bloom, as it has three different shades of pink at full maturity (even in the most vibrant marijuana strains in the world, you won’t find much pink).

If you get close enough, to the Spider Flower, you will get a smell akin to mint-flavored cannabis. Also, like we said the leaves of the Cleome look eerily similar to what you’ll see on a marijuana plant. So much so in fact that you must be wary when growing it in a state where weed is illegal, as there’s a possibility that a nosy neighbor will report you to the authorities – at which point a long (and certainly awkward) encounter is almost guaranteed!

2 – Caucasian Crosswort

marijuna smell

This attractive looking plant doesn’t resemble marijuana in the same was as Cleome, but it certainly smells like it!

Over in England, in fact, an elderly couple endured a terrifying ordeal when a group of masked men smashed down their door in the small village of Winford with the belief that property was a special growing house for cannabis. As it happened, though, the couple was simply growing Caucasian Crosswort in their front garden! (And unfortunately, the thugs ended up stealing money from the couple and ran away once they realized their mistake).

When the police arrived, they initially found it difficult to determine the source of the smell. In fact, they only learned about the plant after contacting a local horticulturalist named Alan Down, who explained that Caucasian Crosswort is easy to grow and makes for excellent ground cover. Usually, though, it thrives in hot and dry climates, which is why its existence in a UK garden was so unusual.

3 – Lynx Axe Body Spray

We’ve all been there – after a nice smoking session in our bedroom, it is time to destroy the evidence. One of the most popular ways to mask getting high is to blow the smoke out a window through a spoof, which is basically a homemade tube. Other common tactics include spraying Febreze, blowing the smoke out of the window, or relying on an exhaust vent. However, when you haven’t adequately prepared for the mission, the quick and easy method is to spray the room with a pungent deodorant.

Incredibly, one of the most popular deodorant brands, Lynx Axe, not only fails to get rid of the weed smell, but it actually adds to it!

In fact, it seems as if the entire ‘Touch’ line of deodorants from Lynx has a marijuana-like scent. We have no idea if this is deliberate by the company or if it is just an unfortunate coincidence. Whatever the case, there are hundreds of message boards dedicated to this phenomenon so if you’ve ever thought to yourself “damn, does this deodorant smell like weed?”, you are NOT alone!

4 – Body Odor

what does weed smell like

Have you ever been overwhelmed by the scent of weed in your immediate vicinity, only to look down and realize that it’s coming from you? It turns out that there is a scientific reason!

Research by Dr. Matam Shelomi looked at studies that broke down human sweat and marijuana into individual chemicals to see if they shared any compounds, and incredibly, there were 11 matches!

Also, did you know that there are different kinds of human sweat? Apocrine sweat is clumped around the genitals and armpits and is most active during stressful periods (and sex), while eccrine sweat is the clear and watery kind you’re familiar with after exposure to heat. It helps cool the body down, but generally has mild scent. In any case, it appears as if the weed scent comes from apocrine sweat.

Another theory suggests that terpenes are present in sweat. As terpenes are fat soluble and work with compounds such as THC, they could be stored in our fat cells and released during exercise. Therefore, if you are a heavy smoker and also like to workout, the sweat you produce may very well have a strong marijuana smell. Crazy, right?!

Furthermore, strains such as Orange Bud and Blueberry Cheesecake are the most likely to cause your sweat to smell like pot.

It’s worth mentioning though that this doesn’t happen to everyone – you have to be genetically predisposed to oozing out weed-scented sweat, as body odor is caused by bacteria that dwell in the skin and break down molecules into volatile compounds, which eventually evaporate into smells.

5 – A Skunk

There’s a reason why one of cannabis’ many nicknames is ‘skunk’! Once again, the answer lies in terpenes which are responsible for the variety of odors that come from weed.

As you know, skunks are famous for producing a foul-smelling odor from their backsides as a means of warding off predators. Their scent glands produce the appalling spray, which is a mixture of chemicals that contain sulfur and a class of organic compounds called thiols.

Ultimately, it is a bit of a coincidence that some of the 120+ terpenes found in marijuana also smell like thiols. Therefore, you’ll only get that ‘skunk’ smell from pot if it contains a large number of terpenes that are chemically similar to thiols.

Final Thoughts on Weird Weed Smelling Items

Hopefully, this article has shown you that when it comes to marijuana’s smell, things aren’t always what they seem. If you walk past someone’s garden and are overcome by a strong Mary Jane scent, it is probably a Cleome or Caucasian Crosswort plant, and NOT a grow house — so don’t try to rob the place!

Also, if you have a heavy “moonshot” session, don’t use Lynx Axe body spray to hide the scent, as you’ll probably only supplement it! Moreover, be wary when exercising soon afterward getting baked, lest you smell like Howard Marks. And finally, the smell of certain strains genuinely smells like the pungent odor produced by a skunk, so don’t assume your weed has ‘gone off’ in an effort to keep natural-borne predators at bay!

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