Pros and Cons of Having a Medical Marijuana Card

Know exactly what's involved
MarijuanaBreak Staff MarijuanaBreak Staff / Updated on June 15, 2017

Pros and Cons Medical Marijuana Card

If you’ve arrived on this page, then you’re probably thinking of getting a medical marijuana card. You’ve probably heard tons of buzz words around the topic including “MMJ Card, Medical Card, 420 evaluation” and more…

The question is, do you REALLY need one?

In this guide, we are going to explain to you what all the fuss is about, and give you the low-down on whether or not you really need one.

Ever since the state of California legalized access to medical marijuana through Prop 215 in 1996, physicians have been given permission to grant their patients access to medical marijuana by writing “recommendations” for its use. Other states have also followed California’s path and currently 29 states can now issue medical cards for specific medical conditions.

Do all doctors give medical marijuana recommendations?

Unfortunately not, not all doctors;

a) Believe in using marijuana as a form of medication.
b) Are willing to write recommendations, especially as marijuana is still classed as a schedule 1 drug.
c) Are permitted by their state to give medical recommendations.

So, what’s the solution? What should you do if you need a medical marijuana card?

The first step is to understand whether or not you really need one. Furthermore, what does having a medical marijuana card implicate. To understand more about the pros and cons of having a medical marijuana card, continue this reading this post below.

If you are fully aware all the aspects of having a medical card don’t understand the exact process. Feel free to contact us for assistance.

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Pros of Having a Medical Marijuana Card

1) Gives you Extra Protection

We are not saying that it is your get out of jail free card, but it will give you that extra layer of protection. As of now, Cannabis is listed as a Schedule 1 Controlled Substance in the United States. This means that on a federal level smoking pot is illegal. Even if you live in a state that has legalized the plant you are still breaking Federal laws by consuming it in any form whatsoever.

Having a medical marijuana card can sometimes mean the difference between “deep shit” and a simple “let you off with a warning.” Furthermore, in most states, you will be afforded full legal protection under the state’s medical marijuana laws if the law harasses you.

2) You’ll Save Money

Depending on the state you live in, some states have established tax benefits for those with medical marijuana cards. This means that you’ll be able to purchase weed at a much cheaper price than recreational marijuana. Sometimes even a two-thirds of the price. If you smoke on a regular basis, it all adds up. At the end of the day, by having a medical marijuana card, you’ll be saving quite a few bucks.

3) You can Grow Your Own

Obviously, different states have different laws, but some states allow you to grow your own medicine once you have a medical marijuana card. The state of California allows any valid MMJ patient to have up to 6 mature plants growing at one time. Growing is not only fun but will save you quite a lot of money down the road.

4) Choice

Another pro of having a card is “choice.” No longer will you have to rely on your shady dealer that provides you with one specific strain, or whatever is in-stock. You can simply walk into any registered dispensary and pick up some weed from a variety of different plants. You can even choose if you want Sativa or Indica.

5) Access to Variety

If you live in a recreational state, then this really isn’t an issue, but if you don’t, then this reason is definitely one to take into consideration. By having a medical marijuana card you can walk into any dispensary and pick up a variety of products include; edibles, concentrates and more…

Cons of Having a Medical Marijuana Card

1) You Can’t Hold a Firearm

One of the major disadvantages of having a medical marijuana card is that you give up your 2nd amendment, meaning you can’t purchase firearms. So, if you are into guns you’ll have to choose what’s more important to you; healing yourself or protecting yourself.

2) You Might be Frowned upon

According to recent statistics, 60% of the U.S. think that marijuana should be legal, that means that 40% doesn’t. In specific communities, you might be frowned upon or judged by people that don’t agree with the use of marijuana.

3) You’ll Have to Renew it Once a Year

Not sure if this is a downfall, but it is pretty annoying. Most medical card providers or doctors will issue you a recommendation that is valid for 1 year. Even if you don’t live in the state of California, you’ll still be required to apply to your state’s Board of Health for your renewal. New cards or renewals can range per state anywhere between $50-$200.

4) Applying for a Government Job.

If you are aiming for a government career, then think twice about obtaining a medical marijuana card. Depending on the state you live in, and whether or not you need to apply to your state’s Board of Health to obtain your card, your details will go on record. For example, when applying for a medical card in California, there is no need to go through the state’s Board of Health, and therefore your details are legally sealed, and no one has them except you and your medical marijuana doctor. It’s 100% percent confidential. But if you are applying for a card in a state which has tougher rules then it is a different story. When applying for government positions, you could be frowned upon as government departments might have the right to ask that information.

5) The Bureaucracy Involved

This is sometimes a real bitch! If you live in a state that has permitted Telehealth or some other service which conveniently allows you to get your recommendation online, then the process is pretty straightforward and shouldn’t take more than 30 mins to get sorted. But if you don’t then the process can be pretty long and tiring. You’ll have to go to a doctor to get your medical records, receive a recommendation and then apply to the state for a card. The process can take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks.

Final Thoughts

As far as we are concerned the pros outweigh the cons, but the choice is obviously up to you. Need any more assistance or urgently need a medical card? Let us help by Starting Here.

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  1. Mary Richardson
    Choose Wisely

    The biggest flaw, that I experienced with a MMC, was that you are supposed to buy a fixed minimum amount of weed from the dispensary every year. If you do not do so, you are fined or the card is confiscated. And that proves really expensive if your requirement of the strain is low. So consider your options wisely before you decide to go for a card.

  2. Jason
    No weed where i live

    I live in Arkansas just got my med card and still no dispensarys. I just want to know Howcan they prove i got it from the street or a dispensary?

  3. E

    Just have your spouse get the MMJ card and you dont have to give up you rights to bear arms. In my case give up my dear, hog and bird hunts. But most importantly to be able to protect my family. I dont smoke. Never tried it. But it’s natural and better then the rest of that garbage out there. Nature gave us everything we need. Let’s use it. But use it wisely!

  4. Kat

    Can you lose your health insurance if you apply for a mmj card. ?? My Dr. Recently asked for a urine test, never asked before. We were discussing mmj benefits, & she agrees it is better than pharma meds,but I think she asked for a test, to see if I’ve tried it?? I have emphysema & can’t afford to lose my health care, I’m 67

  5. john
    Not worth the price. never will be

    NOPE. I dont care what you all say. Its cheaper to just buy it rec.
    200+ to just get an appointment?? thats over a half of weed right there gone.. Plus another 50 every year to get it ready for a new year? thats a 1/4 right there. so i am throwing away lil less then an ounce of weed just to have a card.. and sed card takes away ALOT of my freedoms as an American..

    I feel that if you medicate yourself with weed you cant have a firearm is so dumb on another level.
    But you can get drunk and own a gun all day long… Stupid country

  6. Terra
    Sorry for the length

    I have so many questions…. I live in Oklahoma. I struggle with BPD, depression, insomnia, anxiety, ring of fire ADHD, and PTSD, among other health issues including a enzyme mutation and an eating disorder. I have really been trying to put off having to get a card. I don’t use right now, but nothing works prescription wise for me. I have done the million and one med treatment plans. I have tried so many pills/dosages and I just constantly have to up my meds dosages. Truthfully, the side effects are the worst for me. On top of all of that I still have to take sleep aid to sleep more than 2 hours at a time. It’s been 4 years like this… My job is super high activity, so I have to take the max amount of ibuprofen every day I work and I’m still in pain. Reasons why I struggle so much with getting it done is:

    1) I love my second amendment. The MMJ card to could interfere with that, but from what I’ve heard through the grapevine, most people just get put on a list so if the government wants to pick on you, they got you providing your own damning paperwork to forfeit your right to buy/own guns. By getting the card, it is proof that you are breaking federal law and consuming a federally recognized illegal drug.

    2) I’m a single mom with two kids. I don’t want this to be something that can be used against me in a custody case or something of that nature. (If I got my MMJ card I would stick to edibles and lock them in my safe to keep them safe.) Not to mention, my kids get state insurance, the one and only assistance I can get currently, could this be used against me down the road and make it impossible for me to get assistance for the kids in the future?

    3) My family would NEVER understand. My family are great upstanding members of society. They didn’t do drugs, none of my siblings has ever done drugs, just me. With my very brief past history (9 years ago may I add), they may think I’m manic again and loose their shit.

    4) Most importantly, I must always be employable. It’s terrifying to think that I could get passed over for a job, just because I think that this could be the healthiest and effective treatment plan for me. I don’t have insurance, so I’ve been off my meds due to their cost. I honestly haven’t really needed them until recently. Just some old shit being stirred up and I really need to keep a clear mind.

    So, it’s a really tough decision for me right now and I don’t really have anyone to at minimum discuss it with.

  7. Chris
    Law changes in Florida

    The truth in Florida after recent law changes is that you may not get a concealed permit foe weapon IF anyone who resides with an MMJ cardholder who has a recommendation due to any diagnosed mental issues, including PTSD.

  8. Mike
    misdemeanor charge -vs- 2nd amendment/ keep your card and I'll keep my guns.

    how can such a grey area, of a misdemeanor of law, have such huge constitutional backlash?
    bottom line, do you keep your 2nd amendment right and keep the right to protect your family. or do you protect your family by saving a few bucks on weed. I’m all for criminal enterprise vs loosing your right to bear arms.

  9. Puddintain
    Too many unanswered questions

    Well, This is ridiculous! Alcohol and other heavy hallucinogenic prescription drugs are not preventives to purchasing firearms or losing concealed weapons permits are they? Nor are they cause to lose your federal job or federal contractor job, are they? Would I lose the right to keep the weapons I already own? Oh, Hell NO! Yet the fear and speculation runs rampant regarding what happens if someone needs and gets a MM card. I’m in FL and suffer from chronic migraines and back pain. I’ve tested out Mary-J and have confirmed it does relieve my pain. Getting a card on the other hand freaks me out – will it cause me to lose my job when they renew my background check? Would I have a problem getting a concealed weapons permit? Would I lose my VA benefits? ( Yes, I’m a Marine Veteran – Semper Fi!) Too many unanswered questions… and seems to me that because there are no blatant answers and rules out there, the answers must be out there for a fight.

  10. Echo

    I have my card,but how do I find out if my state (PA) allows me to grow a certain amount ?

  11. anon

    If I get a medical card & I am drug tested at my job, can I show them proof I have the card & pass the test? Obviously it’ll be positive for marijuana, but if I have the card are they allowed to fire me?

    1. Mass Vocals
      wake up protect your rights or you will lose them

      drug testing does not test impairment ,for cannabis as well , Any employer and union who asked their employees to be drug tested , without probable cause violates your civil rights . this is why such zealots asked for wavers so they will not be sued when offering a job , I tell you this no amount of money is worth being drug tested when the test does not test the correct element which impairment is reason . urine test test for THC .COOH NO measurement of THC Cooh can measure impairment drug testing for cannabis by this way can not show what the employer is asking for and there is no level establish as to being impaired , to effect your cognitive acts Cannabis delta 9 thc evaporate.s form the body in 2-3 hours Please being law suit to all who partake in this practices as for gun rights getting a permit for gun is waver you have a establish constitutional right , no one can take that right without due process so therefore getting a permit with a restriction over cannabis is foolish ,

    2. dd

      if its not a government job it all depends on your employer in my experience, just don’t get stoned at or before work lol

    3. Adam

      It depends on your state and also if they are aware that you are using medical cannabis. The laws are a bit conflicting on this. Which state do you live in?

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